I'am researching the Sellers name.  My line starts with John Sellers born
Jan. 19, 1782 born in S.C. and died Jan 22, 1844 in T.N.  He was married to
Henretta born Nov. 4, 1784 in N.C. and died July 24, 1866 in T.N.  Their
Was Isaac P. Sellers.  Do you have any information on that line?


BOB - will send thru our SELLERS DISCUSSION GROUP - We have a few working
this line and they can bring us uptodate. Don't know if we have proof of
all of
John and Hendrietta's kids or not.
Do you have Isaac's family and who married and kids and who they married
Went to?
Would appreciate
A member did send us Hardy SELLERS will from SC naming his kids, which was
Great Help!
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

Sent the following letter earlier in the day but the address was off by one
letter.  Oh well here goes again.  Attached are 3 family group sheets.
you can use this information.  Would appreciate letting me know if the
information was useful and that I was able to send the attachments
 Hoping to hear from you about our family.


BOB - Thanks - Now, with the Info Norma sent us - You can really add on to
chart -
YES, your info will help SELLERS connect others and SomeWhere who is
looking for
child can find you!

We post SELLERS documents and families per county/states linked to the
that have contributed info on their families
This is how it works - click on this hilited link and follow the other
links and use your Back
button to return.
Will try and get your page finished up to show Isaac P. SELLERS children,
etc -
You don't have that on a page you can copy/paste to me , do you - then I
can do
the same for our SELLERS members, etc - as we can't send attachments thro
Rootsweb discussion group. If Not - okay, will get it linked to your page.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa