BOB EVANS, This is the SELLERS discussion group and I am sending a copy to a
Michael SELLERS who may be able to help you separate any families.
(don't know if same one you were referring to?)

WE have a PETER SELLERS born ca 1755 that went to Greene Co, TN.
have extracted some documents =

WHICH child do you connect to? and when/where born and went to?
WE need Any and All documents we can find on this family.
and will be glad to Link you to the pages you connect to.
Thank You for sharing SELLERS.
marie, iowa

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For Michael Sellers,

You wouldn't happen to have a Peter Sellers, b circa mid 1700's in your file
would you? He would have moved to Tenn. late in the 1700's.

Bob Evans

Thanks for the reply.

My wife is descended from Margaret Sellars(Sellers), daughter of Peter Sellers and Margaret Armentrout. Margaret was born circa 1785 and married Thomas Stevens. They lived in Washington County Tenn. Late in life they also spent some time in northern Arkansas. Their son Henry (b 1818) moved first to Arkansas, then to Texas. The rest of their children would wind up staying home, or in Arkansas, or in the Asheville, N.C. region.

Other than what was recently put on this net, I have no other names of Margaret Sellers siblings. Any help you can give would be appreciated.


BOB, thanks for sharing.
Are you related or  same as BOB STEVENS?, We have a Few notes from him
connected to this HENRY  STEVENS, but, they didn't return info, but his old
email is there.

IF you have a TIMECHART on Margaret Sellers/Sellars ARMENTROUT and when they
went to TN.
OR first child born = Could use the info/document.

We have a PETER SELLERS here in 1812 GREENE CO, TN,
 Which we  believe to be from Rock/Aug Co, VA

And we have =
2 MALES U 5 = 1825/30
2 MALES 30/40=1790/1800 (did we go to CA?)
1 MALE 80/90=1740/50 (is this Peter Seller/Zeller?msh)
1 FEMALE 20/30=1800/10
1 FEMALE 60/70=1760/70

I don't think we have a page of ARMENTROUT history.
Seems we had another ARMENTROUT/SELLERS marriage here in  1865/WA CO, TN
Did they come from VA? =
haven't extracted that name for records. if you have, will add contributed
by you.

I don't Know what has been posted on the Aug , VA board = what you are
referring to?
Some of our Old notes from Zellers/Sellers may be Updated now, but, if we
add the ARMENTROUT page, it will contain that until corrected.

DO you have Names of THOMAS and MARGARET'S SELLERS STEVENS kids?
I see a HENRY STEVENS died ca 1801 WA, Tn here, his family?

SHARE what you think will help PROVE any kids from VA to TN and we link
those names, etc.
THANKS for sharing.
that will also link you to the tnwash.htm page
marie, iowa

Tue 9/17/2002 7:58 AM
I have not done any research on the Sellers and Armentrout lines, as I have been busy with other lines. The Stevens came from Asheville, Buncombe county, N.C. before they moved to Washington county, Tenn.
Thomas moved there before 1800, with his father Henry Stevens.
Thomas' mother, Margaret Foster was b. 1760 in Botetourt county Va.
I do know that the Stevens usually married cousins, especially the Dillinghams. Two of Thomas' daughters married "triple" first cousin Dillingham.
I am not sure ezactly what a triple first cousin is, but I assume that Thomas and Margaret Sellers were first cousins, and that one of Thomas sisters (Nancy or Elizabeth) must have married a Dillingham.
This Dillingham must have been a cousin to Margaret Sellers. Anyway here are Margaret Sellers and Thomas Stevens children, as I have them:

William Stevens, b 1816 Washington, Tn.
       I do not have his wife, but he moved to Marion county Ar.and presumbably died there.

Henry Ward Stevens, b 23 Dec 1818 Washington, Tn
                               d. 12 Jan 1912 Bandera, Tx
                               b Bandera Cemetary, Bandera, Tx
                               m Mararet Adams 1849, Marion, Ar.

Foster Stevens         b 1820 Washington, Tn
       I suspect Foster died before reaching adulthood

Elizabeth Stevens     b 1822 Washington, Tn
                               m Andrew Taylor (I think a first cousin)

Lydia Stevens          b 1823 Wahsington Tn
                               m Jonathan Taylor (I think a first cousin)

Harriet Stevens         b 1824 Wahsington Tn
                               m David Taylor (I think a first cousin)

Polly Jane Stevens   b 1825 Washington, Tn
                               m John F. Dillingham (triple first cousin)

Delilah Caroline Stevens b 1826 Washington, Tn
                                     d 26 Sep 1863 Big Ivy, Buncombe, NC
                                      buried Dillingham Cemetary, Big Ivy, Buncombe, NC
                                     m Alfred Burton Dillingham

Peggy Ann Stevens b 1827 Wahsington, Tn
                               m J Warren Sams

Catherine Eliza Stevens  b 1829 Washington, Tn
                                     married three times.
             The first marraige was annulled, after the birth of two sons, in 1847
                                     2. David Hudspeth (killed in civil war)
                                     3. Alfred Burton Dillingham, after death of Deliliah Stevens.

Henry Ward Stevens is my wifes ancestor. If you desire further information, I will gladly supply what I have.