Fri, 11 Jan 2002 17:23:31 EST

Hello Mari,
  I found your name on a grouping of Sellers web pages and
thought I'd write directly to you since you seemed so knowledgeable about

  Dorcas Sellers, b ca 1812, possibly in SC was married to
Philip Arthur, b 1806, GA?, d 1863 in Claiborne Parish, LA..  She died some
years later, also in Claiborne Par.  My interest in trying to locate
information on Dorcas Sellers is to hopefully locate more information on Philip
Arthur and his brother, Col. Thomas Richard Arthur, my gg gf.  Philip and
TR were both in Dale Co. AL from about the mid 1830's to the early 1850's,
then both moving to LA.  Most of their children were born in Dale Co. AL.

  If possible, I'd like to know who her parents were, her
actual date of birth and where born,  siblings,  where and when she married
Philip and etc.
I would certainly appreciate any leads or web-sites that
have information on this lady.

  Thank you in advance for any information you may be able
to supply.
Incidentally, there was a pretty good clan of Sellers in my
home county of  Smith Co. TX, some buried in the Lindale Cemetary.  A
complete listing is available on the Smith Co genweb page  I've been away from
there for years and do not know if any are still there.

Bob Arthur, Houston, TX

BOB, Are they  in 1840 DALE CO, AL?
didn't see them.
Was their son's name BOSEMAN? where is he in 1880?
OR where did any of the kids go?
I did see them in 1850 DALE CO, AL and 1860 Claiborne
Parish, LA
WE have at least two SELLERS/BOZEMAN marriages in Brunswick?
Co,NC and many of these families came to AL. DID some go thro or stop in SC?

WAR records = 1835 Indian? war could be checked and see if
anyone was in it OR
if you can find Where they owned land = I didn't see on Dale
Co, Al page, but, don't know if complete.
OR if boys in CW might  give exact place of birth.

WILL  send thro our SELLERS discussion group and see if
anyone knows where these SELLERS came from.
ITS possible from various spellings we were here in 1830/40?

BUT, some of them may have been in GA? some kids born GA.

PLEASE send what you can on your ARTHUR/SELLERS family.
THANKS   for sharing. marie, iowa

       Sun, 13 Jan 2002 17:33:18 EST

Answering hurriedly from memory.  I know I shouldn't do
that, but seem to have a lack of patience on ocassion.
I think the Boseman was actually Roseman.  Seems I read in
some of the e-mails that he was called "Rosey" as an infant/child.

I have copies of some of the land patents from the GLO web
pages (about 8 or 10) for TR, Philip, JP and James Arthur in Dale Co.  Seems
they were there as early as 1830's.  I can't locate them right this minute.

GG GF TR Arthur, who I have thought was named Thomas
Rhodes/Rodes Arthur, apparently was named Thomas Richard.  I found a tintype
after my fathers death that was captioned Col. Thomas Richard Arthur.  I
wonder where the "Col" came from.  My rudimentary high school American
History doesn't inform me of all of the Indian wars going on at the time.  I'm more
of a civil war reader.

If you'll allow, I'll try to get all of this into a more
concise and correct posting, in the near future.

I think that Philip was born GA, in 1806, not Dale Co. as
your subject line indicates.

My inclination is to think that the Arthur boys were from
VA, thru SC to GA to to AL to LA and then to TX, starting in the 1870's.  One
of Philips sons moved to Erath Co. TX in 1871.

Many thanks for your reply and the "discussion group" info,
Bob Arthur