> I have a Jeff Boatner as another son of Elias and Lucinda (Cellars) Boatner,
> born 1851.  Is this an error?  Was James the only son of Elias?  Elias is my
> gguncle. His sister, Mary Winnie (Boatner) Woodiel ,born 1845 in Tuscaloosa
> County, Alabama, was my ggrandmother.  I would love to exchange data on the
> Alabama and S.C. Boatner that connect with John Boatner, born 1801 in S. C.
> and his wife Nancy.

jan 2012

My son is Elias Jude Boatner. He is named after someone in my family that was married to a Lucinda (Cellars). My great grandfather Roy Julius Boatner paid someone to look into our family history and around the time my son was born (9 months ago) my father gave me those papers. The Boatner name comes from the German name Bottner. Pronounced the same but spelling was changed to keep the same pronunciation. My family and I live in McAlester Oklahoma. The person my great grandfather paid to find information came across a diary by someone in my family that tells the story of the family as far back as she could remember.

Elias Boatner born 1829 south Carolina died 1854 Tuscaloosa co. Alabama. Maried 1854 to Lucinda cellars born 1832. Parents John and nancy Boatner. Born 1800 and 1815 respectively. Children James Isaiah (dock) Boatner. Married to Matilda Jane perry. Children John, Annie, Clara, Walter, abner, and Thomas. John died at a young age. No info on Annie other than born 1872. Clara louvina married James Hiram Franklin and had 8 children. Walter William married 1 Cordie Ann wheeler and 2 Josie vanderberg. 2 children by both. Abner Dudley married Laura almeda wright and had 6 children. Thomas Elias married Marcy Alice Irvin and Lillie Williamson. 4 children by Mary and 7 by Lillie.

John Boatner, Elias father was had children Elias, elvina, amilia, Ezekiel, Winnie, Solomon, William all of which children and families were not traced because they were not in my family line. My line reads as such. Travis Boatner son of Steven clark Boatner son of Phillip clark Boatner son of Roy Julius Boatner son of Walter William Boatner son of James Isaiah "dock" Boatner son of Elias Boatner son of John Boatner. That is just on the Boatner side if you are interested I can send you photo of the papers. I also have the papers of Roy's mother.

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