From= Billy G. Freeman

 > Isaac Gurley Sellers Sr. (1802-1898) NC and Ala.  Is  most often =
    > referred to as simply=20
    > Gurley Sellers as evidenced by the inscription on his gravestone
Blue =
    > Creek Cemetery in Tuscaloosa County Ala.  Others have referred to
as =
    > Gurley H. Sellers with the suggestion that the "H" was for

    > Gurley Sellers Sr. had a son named Isaac Gurley Sellers Jr.  =20
    > My great grandfather George William Sellers was the informant on
    > death certificate of his father John S. Martin Sellers  son of
"Gurley =
    > Sellers".  G.W. provided the first name Isaac as the father of
on =
    > the death certificate recorded in Limestone County Texas in 1925.

    > Could someone shed some light on the various versions of  Isaac
Gurley =
    > Sellers Sr.'s name?

    > Billy G. Freeman

    > Hello. =20
    > =20
    > My husband, Billy G. Freeman, is a decendant of Gurley Sellers (b.
1802 =
    > Nash Co. NC, d. 1898 Jefferson Co AL, m Delila Wyatt/Watt Nash Co. =
    > 1826).  We have been attempting to find information on his parents
and =
    > siblings.
    > =20
    > We believe that one of his brothers is Manuel or Emanuel Sellers.
Here =
    > is information that I have found regarding him:
    > =20
    > 1.  Emanuel Sellers (age 85) was living with his son, Allison (age
45) =
    > and his wife, Margaret (age 40) and their 10 children in Jefferson Co
AL =
    > in the 1880 census (Soundex).  The children are James (26), Fannie
(24), =
    > Sarah (19), Altice (17), Wm (16), Geo. (14), Mary (12), Allen (10), =
    > Henry (10) and Ellen (6).
    > =20
    > 2.  Allison, his wife and 7 children lived in Jefferson Co in the
1870 =
    > census (p. 375).  I can't find any mention of Emanuel.  The children
in =
    > this census are listed as James H., F. L., S. L., ACPA, W. H., G. W.
and =
    > M. I.
    > =20
    > 3.  The 1860 Shelby Co AL census index indicates that Allison and =
    > Emanuel are listed on page 416.  I haven't had a chance to look this
up =
    > yet.  I don't see either of them listed on  the 1850 AL census index.
    > =20
    > 4.  The NC marriage list says:  Manuel Sellers married Fanny Rogers =
    > 6/1/1825 in Franklin Co, Al
    > =20
    > 5.  Emanuel Sellers is listed on the 1830 Franklin Co NC census
(#360).  =
    > I haven't looked this up either.
    > =20
    > I hope some of this info is useful to you.  We have extensive =
    > information about Gurley Sellers' decendants, if any of it is of =
    > interest to you.  We would appreciate any info that you have
regarding =
    > Emanuel's parentage, etc. =20
    > =20
    > Keep on searchin',         Landereth Freeman;  Mexia TX 

Here is more information regarding my request of 12:08 this morning:

     Born 1/17/1802 (Nash Co. NC??)
     Married 1/31/1826 to DELILA WYATT in Nash Co. NC
     1850 Tuscaloosa Co. AL census.  (Birthplaces of his
         children on this census indicate that they moved
         to AL about 1835.)
     1860 Tuscaloosa Co. AL census lists him under the
         name Gurley "Cellars"
     On the 1870 Jefferson Co. AL census he is "Girley
     Family records suggest that he had a brother named
         Manuel that came to AL also.  There is an Emanuel
         Sellers in NC and AL censuses.
     Born l795
     Married 6/1/1825 to Fanny Rogers in Franklin Co. NC
     1830 Franklin Co. NC census
     1860 Shelby Co. AL census he living near Allison
     1880 Jefferson Co. AL census, Emanuel Sellers, Age 85,
          is living with son, Allison, and his family

We would appreciate receiving information on any of these three people and
their siblings and parents.`

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plain text format.  Sorry for the inconvenience created by this problem.

Billy G. Freeman