Bill Simpson   (June 2002)
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Dear Sellers cousins and friends,

        I need to find someone who knows about Alabama Sellers.  I am
stumped at my great-grandfather, James Cicero Sellers.  He was a sometime
schoolteacher (I am told) and wrote a column for the Mobile newspaper.  His
sons went into the newspaper business in Lucedale, Mississippi and Bonifay,
Florida.  I am incuding what descendancy I have for him.

                                   DESCENDANCY CHART

     1-- James Cicero SELLERS-1276 (1831-1893)
      sp-Mary TOLITHA-1066 (1833-1897)
         2-- Alice V. SELLERS-974 (1859)
         2-- Lucius Garnet SELLERS-979 (1863-1937)
          sp-Annie Maria DUNN-943 (-1956)
             3-- James Cicero II SELLERS-1118 (1894-1897)
             3-- Annie Vera SELLERS-1087 (1897)
              sp-Joseph DRIVER-1090
              sp-Elmer M. SMITH Dr.-1068 (1897-1935)
             3-- vELMA Lucille SELLERS-643 (1900)
              sp-James Monroe KENNEDY-646
                 4-- Kathryn Lucille KENNEDY-2311 (1919)
                 4-- Annie Fern KENNEDY-2312 (1921)
             3-- Lucius Earl SELLERS-1091 (1902)
              sp-Grace MCIVAR-1014
                 4-- James Earl SELLERS-2313 (1926)
                 4-- Charles Eugene SELLERS-553 (1926)
             3-- Ernest Garnet SELLERS-647 (1904)
              sp-Bernice MORGAN-1013
                 4-- Veras Louise SELLERS-552
                 4-- Oscar Ganet "Buddy" SELLERS-2314
         2-- Ida Adell SELLERS-746 (1863-1930)
          sp-John William SIMPSON-731 (1869-1930)
             3-- Lillian SIMPSON-493 (1900-1989)
              sp-Robert Hardee CARPENTER-972 (1894-1978)
                 4-- Frances Wynona CARPENTER-495 (1931)
                  sp-Dallas M. "Mac" MCELROY-1135 (1925)
                     5-- Robert Dallas MCELROY-945 (1952)
                     5-- Sharon Anne MCELROY-938 (1959)
                      sp-Eddie ZIEMAN-457
                         6-- Emily Adell ZIEMAN-923 (1981)
                         6-- Ross Palmer ZIEMAN-924 (1984)
                 4-- Robert Hardee Jr. CARPENTER-1136 (1935)
                  sp-Eva Anita "Anne" HEARN-2236 (1937)
                     5-- Suzanne Hearn CARPENTER-3509 (1963)
                      sp-George Edwin III PITTINOS-4210 (1940)
                     5-- Lori Anne CARPENTER-3510 (1967)
             3-- Ruby Viola SIMPSON-456 (1902-1970)
              sp-Henry MURPHY-524
                 4-- Patsy MURPHY-1130 (1928)
                 4-- "Sonny" MURPHY-523
                 4-- Delores MURPHY-1035
             3-- William Carl SIMPSON Sr.-729 (1904-1988)
              sp-Nocie Edna BARNES-730 (1909-1979)
                 4-- Edna Carlyn SIMPSON-1286 (1933)
                  sp-Leonard Lyman HOWELL-1287 (1929)
                     5-- Andrew Paul HOWELL Rev.-1288 (1953)
                      sp-Margaret LAW-1310 (1953)
                         6-- Kimberly Virginia HOWELL-1311 (1981)
                         6-- Andrea Leigh HOWELL-1312 (1982)
                         6-- Nathan Andrew HOWELL-1313 (1986)
                         6-- Jason Mark HOWELL-1314 (1985)
                     5-- Mark Anthony HOWELL-1289 (1955)
                      sp-Carla Marie BALWICK-1028 (1957)
                         6-- David Asher HOWELL-2679 (1991)
                         6-- Lacey Christine HOWELL-3910 (1994)
                 5-- Timothy Scott HOWELL-1290 (1963)
                      sp-Constance Marie STACEY-1315 (1962)
                         6-- Marilyn Joy HOWELL-1316 (1985)
                     5-- Jonathan Carl HOWELL-1291 (1965)
                      sp-Beverly Joan SCUDDER-1317 (1964)
                         6-- Jonathan Carl HOWELL II-1318 (1985)
                         6-- Christopher Dale HOWELL-2682 (1991)
                 4-- William Carl SIMPSON Jr.-1 (1944)
                  sp-Betsy Ann JOHNSTON-2 (1945)
                     5-- Rebecca Ann SIMPSON-701 (1966)
                      sp-Mark Ray MEACHAM-2683 (1967)
                         6-- Sophia Ray Simpson MEACHAM-7123 (1995)
                     5-- William Carl SIMPSON III-702 (1978)
                     5-- David Albert Hamilton SIMPSON-703 (1981)
             3-- James Franklin SIMPSON-1036 (1906-1910)
         2-- Ada Idell SELLERS-978 (1866-1930)
          sp-Thomas R. JAMES-944
          sp-Samuel Marcus MCCLANAHAN-1029
         2-- Maud SELLERS-910 (1868-1952)
          sp-Henry OWENS-4188
         2-- Wilber "Bud" SELLERS-911 (1872)

At 08:44 PM 12/7/97 -0600, you wrote:
>BILL - thank you -WHERE were JAMES CICERO SELLERS 1831/1893 children
>born?(where James Cicero SELLERS born(state) and died(co/state) will help also!
>Thanks, marie, iowa
>we don't have much on Mobile Co.Al - but, perhaps close or where they went may

James Cicero Sellers and his wife lived in Chuchulla, AL, just north of
Mobile.  Their children were born in Mobile.  I heard my father say that
there was a Whitehead in Mobile who was a cousin.

I have a death certificate on Mary Tolitha from Mobile, but it contains
little useful information.

Thank you for your help.  I am familiar with this census.  Actually, I
remember Aunt Maude, who was 12 in 1880.  She died around 1952.

A curious thing... Ida Adell was my grandmother.  She died in 1930.  On her
tombstone it says she was born in 1870.  When I discovered this particular
census you have given here, I asked my father.  He said, "She was sixty when
she died."  I protested and indicated she was 67. "Oh no," he said, "we all
knew she was sixty. We put that on her tombstone."  The fact was that my
grandfather was sixty in 1930.  She had shaved seven years off her age so
people would not know she was older than he!

>Is he the one that went to MS or FL?

Lucius Garnett did go to Lucedale, MS and became a newspaper publisher.
I remember his wife and have met all his family.  We all know each other,
but we don;t know where James Cicero Sellers came from or his parentage!

Again, thanks for your help.

Now, I would like to include James Cicero's siblings.  I was able to get
this information from Mobile census records, etc.

                                    DESCENDANCY CHART

     Unknown Sellers - born NC
      Unknown spouse
         2-- A. B. "Missy" SELLERS-(1828)
          sp-Dave BARTON-(1807)
             3-- M. C. BARTON-(1845)
             3-- Walter BARTON-(1852)
             3-- J. S. BARTON-(1854)
             3-- C. C. BARTON-(1859)
         2-- Artemesia SELLERS-(1829)
          sp-John WHITEHEAD-
             3-- John WHITEHEAD-(1857)
         2-- James Cicero SELLERS-(1831-1893)
          sp-Mary TOLITHA-(1833-1897)

        -- descendants of James C. & Mary T. Sellers shown in listing above

         2-- Lamantha "Babe" SELLERS-(1836)
          sp-Adam ECKERT-(1835)
             3-- Delia ECKERT-(1857)
              sp-Nicholas TEW-
                 4-- Mattie TEW-
                  sp-Frank STRINGER-
                 4-- Nicholas Jr. TEW-
                 4-- Daisy TEW-
             3-- Claude ECKERT-(1858)
             3-- Lula ECKERT-2240
Please read/send info from census which probably relate- marie, iowa
1850 MOBILE CO, AL =

1860 MOBILE CO, AL =

Dear Marie,

        Thank you fo your note.  Yes, I have checked those sources, but I
appreciate all interest and all suggestions.  Because you are the what
seems like a leading repository for Sellers information, by separate e-mail I am
sending you additional information I have.  It may pique someone's interest
or curiosity.  Who knows, it may develop new information.

                Bill Simpson

Dear Carol,

         My great-grandfather was James Cicero Sellers (1833-1891), a
schoolteacher and part-time newspaper man in Citronelle, just north of
Mobile. He has sisters "Missy" or A.B. who married Dave Barton, Artemesia
who married John Whitehead, Lamantha who married Adam Eckert.  Any of this
ring a bell?

        Dave Barton and A. B. (Annie Belle?) Sellers had M.C., Walter,
and C.C. Barton.  I was always told that Barton Academy a famous Mobile
school was built on land donated by this family.  Then Artemesia Sellers
John Whitehead  had a son, John Whitehead.  Lamantha Sellers and Adam
had children: Delia (who married Nick Tew and had Mattie, Nick, Jr. and
Daisy Tew), Claude Eckert and Lula Eckert.

        My great grandfather, James Cicero Sellers, married Mary Tolitha

                Alive V.        - died unmarried
                Lucius Garnet (1863-1957) who became editor of George Co.
                                        in Lucedale, MS and had five
                                        one who was editor of this paper
                                        whose son is current editor), and
another who was editor of paper in
Chipley, FL.
                Velma Lucille - who married James Monroe Kennedy and lived
in                                         Panama City, FL and had two
                Ida Adell - who married John William Simpson, my
                                        and lived in Mobile.
                Ada Idell - who married Thos. R. James (no children)
                Maud - who married Henry Owens (no children)
                Wilber "Bud" Sellers - who did not marry.

        Carol (or anyone reading this), does any of this seem familiar?  I
am stumped!

                                Bill Simpson

BILL, The census I saw your James Sellers on showed him born GA ca 1833
Maybe we should >be reading the 1850 census of GA for a son this age? Did he say where his
parents born on >the 1880 census? marie, iowa


        I think I have done that, but I will go back and do it again.  I
have an 1870 census with him in Mobile.  None of the neighbors help... they
are his siblings.  It is a true puzzle!


BILL - Conrad SELLERS 1820 NC wife's name was ARTEMESIA Prince
(But, they married 1839 and Bill's Artemesia was Born 1829!!!)
>They are in HABERSHAM CO, GA 1850/60 census - We have some info posted,
but, maybe Not All
>- There is an Abraham also. Please study. Perhaps we need more census,
marriages and >neighbors - There were Bartons there in 1850?  marie, iowa

WOW!  The first real clue I have had in years.  Here is a big cyber kiss!
Anyway, I will look and see what I can dig up.  My "unsolvable" problem may
have a solution after all!

Yes, there were Bartons there.  Barton Academy, a local school was built in
the 1850's... used in Civil War (excuse me... the War of Northern
as a hospital.  It is now school baord ofices in Mobile.

                        Thanks for the encouragement,


             Bill Simpson <>
  Dear Marie, Don et. al.,

        I am going to ring in on this one.  I will be very interested in
contacting Ernest Sellers.  We have that same name in my branch of the
family. I am still looking for James Cicero Sellers.  Frustrated for
I am about to mount another intensive search.  I was at the point of
up on my Sellers line.  For all these months I have been reading the mail,
and this is a potential lead.  The geograpical area certainly fits.

        Incidentally, I believe I have the will of the Calvin Collins
Sellers from Wilcox County, one of those items I collected years ago.  If
I lay my hands on it, I will post it for anyone interested.


                  Bill Simpson

p.s.  Don, if there is a connection between Earl Sellers of Chipley (or is
it Bonifay) and this Ernest Sellers, then I have hit paydirt.  Earl
(newspaper editor) is my father's first cousin.

             "Don Sellers" <>
Earl was from Chipley. He was owner of "Washington County Post". I believe
that I sent you the information about a year ago.

        Run Up the Flag
        Bill Simpson <>

First, I want to comment on this Sellers Bulletin Board Project.  Thanks to
Marie and others, this is the finest and most active board I have seen.
Frankly, it generates so much material it is hard for me to assimilate it
all!  WONDERFUL!!!

I have posted this in times past, but there is so much more activity now
that I want to list it again.  These are Alabama Sellers.  I run up the
flag to see if anyone salutes!  I am stumped!!!

BILL - I just NOW noticed this was addressed to the REQUEST address and
probably did Not GO thro the SELLERS group.
SORRY, I didn't notice before, I have been thinking of you/it and ran
back thro Mobile Co, AL notes, etc
BUT, We do NOT have the answers - SO All I can do is Ask Questions!

WE had two ? kids married here in Mobile Co, AL in 1840's?
SO, we had to live close -
Do we have copy of these Licenses? - sometimes gives, witness,
securities, etc

I know you may not want to do this, But, I have found People This Way
and You have other relation there you may want to know, etc.
TAKE the original (hand written, book form, is easiest) go thro Each
Line and Look with a family with A different name that has kids these
Mother may have remarried or died and someone else raising kids.

WE also Need a list of the Civil War Soldiers in Mobile Co, Al -

WOULD someone order/send  - You may be able to ask for a Look up on
Some of the counties are listing their own regiments now, and makes it
much easier - I didn't see when I took a Fast Look - They had colored
troops listed and I didn't take time to look - Check this out also -
They were different colors,etc.

JAMES CICERO is prime age for Civil War in 1861/1864!

When I went thro Mobile Co, Al page today Fast = I saw a Cross Creeks?
section which I believe is Monroe and Conecuh Co's right above Mobile
and evidently  creeks connect these SW counties of AL?
There was a C.C. SELLERS wit, sec to weddings in 1842 in this area.
Don't know why this was on the Mobile Page, except to tell us something?

marie, iowa

BILL - Thank You - remember discussing same - And You were going to Find and You Did!
Believe We should share info if we can Send -
Do you have Extractions?

OR can you send to me and anyone else and I'll make extractions to Share-
AND as ALWAYS - WE ALL Need to Research and Recheck the Info Ourselves

THIS was on a Southern County? I'm Sure Many in this County/Area will Appreciate
THANK YOU for Remembering Us-
DO you have on your computer?
marie, iowa

Bill Simpson wrote:

For anyone who is interested, I have just found in my files a copy of "The
Genealogy of Daniel B. and Margaret Parker Selers" by Edith S. Odom.  This
may have been around so long that many of you have copies, but I will be
happy to supply anyone a copy of this 12-page booklet.

                                        Bill Simpson

Dr. William C. Simpson, Jr.
1218 Edgewood Ave.
Burlington, NC  27215

Bill Simpson wrote:

> I am running this query one more time...  Surely it must
ring a bell for > someone!
> My great-grandfather was James Sellers, born 1831,
Alabama, died 1 January
> 1893, Chunchulla, Mobile, Co., AL.  He was a schoolteacher
and part-time
> columnist for the MOBILE NEWS ITEM.  We think his middle
name was
> Cicero.  My great-grandmother was Mary Tolitha (according
to death
> certificate in Mobile).  She was born about 1833 and died
25 Aug
> 1897.  Both are buried in northern Mobile County.
> James Sellers appears to have been the third child.  I do
not have his
> parents' names.  But he had two older sisters: (1) A.B.
was married to Dave
> Barton and had M.C., Walter, J.S. and C.C. Barton, born
between 1845-1859
> in Mobile.  (2) Artemesia Sellers, his second sister,
married John
> Whitehead.  He had a younger sister, Lamantha, b. 1836,
who married Adam
> Eckert and had Delia, Claude, and Lula.
> James and Mary T. Sellers had Alice V. (1859); Lucius
Garnet (1863) who
> became a newpaper editor and owner of the George County
Times in Lucedale,
> MS; Ida Adell (22 Aug 1863), my grandmother who married
John William
> Simpson; Ada Idell (1866-1930) who married Thomas R.
James; Maud Sellers
> (1868-1952) who married Henry Owens and livedd in the
Toulminville area of
> Mobile; and Wilber "Bud" Sellers (1872).
> I would be most interested in sharing any information with
persons who know
> about this family!
Bill Simpson

           Fri, 04 Jan 2002 20:00:46 -0600
           marie sellers hollinger <>

BILL, thanks, this mayNOT have went thro SELLERS list the
FIRST TIME as it was
rec'd from
SELLERS-L-request@rootsweb = like where you subscribe. Will
send it on to
SELLERS-L@rootsweb = where we send and read letters for
Ideas, help, etc.

NOW, these kids were born ca 1829 and 1833 and 1836 GEORGIA.
SOME of the gals married 1854  and 1856  MOBILE CO, AL
SO they lived here between those dates?
Could be here in 1850?
Probably here in 1860?

IS there an 1855 AL CENSUS?  kinda think so from memory?

WITH a remarried mother? or guardian or relation?
IF they were here in 1850 they could be listed UNDER another
the 1850 census would be easiest to read NAME by NAME for
these first names.
1860 census = second choice.
I checked out the SARAH HUNT born ca 1800 GA wife of H
(Henry?) HUNT and the
our/your kids are NOT LISTED in 1850 census.
WE need a Mother born in GA living in AL where these kids
OR other relation they are living with?

JAMES SELLERS states his father born NC and his mother GA
His sisters = proven how?
Did they state same as birth of parents?

ARTIMISA SELLERS makes me think of ONLY the SELLERS in
Habersham Co, GA? I

WE have several working on the Documents there - Did anyone
die ca 1836?

DID you find  any CIVIL WAR info on JAMES SELLERS in MS, FL
WE NEED WHERE BORN in GA to go forward.

THANKS for understanding and sharing.
marie, iowa