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MARCH 2004

         PERFECT.                  Hi, Marie   This is my family.Starting with me;

Beverly Hoback Flitton dau of Lawrence Esterly Hoback and Trula E. Revelle. Lawrence b. in MO went to Kansas and then WA

He is son of Laura Belle Sellers and William Henry Hoback.

 Lawrence b. 12 Aug 1905  Mar. 25 Nov. 1925  Died 31 Oct.1978 Marysville, WA


Laura is dau of Amos Jones Sellers and Margaret Ann Renfrew (Renfro).

Laura b. in Ill 1870  Mar. 17 Feb 1897 in Kansas  Died 16 Jun 1931 Stielacome.WA


Amos J is son of Leonard Sellers and Elizabeth Charlton Lock.   Amos b. 28 May 1843 PA    Mar. 8 Feb 1866    Died Mar 1922 in Elma, WA

  As I understand Amos has 10 children:

1. William Leonardb. 15 Apr 1867  FortWayne, Indiana  d. ?

2. James Franklin  b. 4 Jun 1868  Fort Wayne, On.d.?

3Laura Belle

4.Maurice Boyd   b 3 Oct 1871  Ill

5.Harry Jones   b. 18 Dec 1872  Ill

6Catherine Ann  b. 12 May 1874   Ill

7. Reo Hughes  ab. 20 Apr 1876    ?

8. Mary Emma  b. 27 Jun 1880  Ill

9. Lillie Pearl  ba. 29 Dec 1882  Nevada, MO

10. Jeremiah Edward  b. 2 Apr 1885  Nevada, MO

  Does this help?      Thank you for letting me share.  Can you help me further?

Bev of WA    p.s.  I have Leonard b as 30 Nov 1812.

BEV, thanks. we need ages and places. 

AND we would like a small chart on the child you connect to = married whom and went where.


WE may have some SELLERS in our discussion group that can help. I don't know if we have proven this Leonard 1813 to a certain family for sure? maybe someone can fill us in . 



381 839 840 Sellers, Leonard 47 Farmer 1100 Pa.
382 839 840
Sellers, Elizabeth 46 Md.
382 839 840 Sellers,
Rebecca 22 Pa.
382 839 840 Sellers,
Amos 17 Farm Laborer Pa.(ck PIATT CO, IL/MARION IN
382 839 840 Sellers,
Mary 15 Pa.
382 839 840 Sellers,
Charles 13 Pa.
382 839 840 Sellers,
Leonard 10 Pa.
382 839 840 Sellers,
James 7 Pa.


They appear to be in ST THOMAS twn. if they owned land, those records may show some relation.

Thanks for sharing SELLERS.

marie, iowa 

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Hello Mari,    I am looking for any info regarding Leonard Sellers married to Elizabeth Lock.                I am ggdau to Amos Jones Sellers Margaret Ann Renfrew  or Renfro. I have heard both.   Can you help me?     Thanks.            Bev or WA