I would appreciate information about the following:

Gurley H. Sellers - born 17 Jan 1802 Nash county, NC, died 26 Oct 1898,
Jefferson County, Alabama.  Buried Old Blue Creek Cemetery, Tuscaloosa
County, Alabama,
married Delila (Wyatt) 31 Jan 1826, Nash County, North
Family history has it that she was a Cherokee Indian.

Betty Sellers
Tallahassee, FL

 b 17JAN1802 Nash County, North Carolina
 d 26 OCT 1898 Jefferson County, Alabama - buried Old Blue Creek Cemetery,   
                         Tuscaloosaa County, Alabama
  m Delila (Watt) 31JAN1826 Nash County, North Carolina - Cherokee 
        Indian     ( marriage witnessed by Larry Brantley)
   b 24 APR1805 North Carolina
   d 03 JUL 1899 Jefferson County, Alabama

  Issue:      1. Hartney Sellers
                  2. Simon 'Sime' Sellers
                   3. Polly H (Mary) Sellers
                    4. William 'bill' Jackson Sellers
                     5. John Sellers
                      6. Robert Jemison or RJ/Jim/James Sellers
                       7. Levinia Sellers
                        8. Gurley Sellers, Jr.

b 21MAY1835 in North Carolina
d 30AP1915 burial Old Blue Creek Cemetery, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama
m 1. Cynthia Caroline (Lawson) 08NOV1857 Jefferson county, Alabama by 
             John G. Gowan, JP      

         b 25APR1839 Alabama
         d 23NOV 1910   burial Old Blue Creek Cemetery, Tuscaloosa County,         
  Issue:    1. Martha M. Sellers   b 09OCT 1858    d 31OCT 1873
               2. Mary P. Sellers       b 09OCT1860     d 07APR 1916
                                                 m J.M. Tucker 27NOV 1887
                                                  Issue:  George Wellington Tucker (Wed)
                                                                  l.  m Nannie Abernathy (died) then
                                                                   2.  m Mrs. Bertha Wise 
                                                              Oscar Tucker
                                                                         m Miss Eastis (no Children)

               3. Susan M. Sellers  m R.E.W. Thompson 24OCT 1878
               4. Frances E. Sellers
               5. Margaret M. Sellers
               6. Simon L. Sellers
               7. R. J. Sellers m Mary Murray 03JAN 1895
                          Issue: 1. Marie  b 09APR1897
                                        m Clarence Donahoo
                                             Issue:  1. Jimmy m Margaret Faye Bryant
                                                                       m Mildred Smitherman
                                                        2. Clarence Jr.
                                                        3. Johnny
                                                         4. Billy
                                     2. LeRoy Sellers m Frances Shell

                      R.J. Sellers married Belle Curby after the death of Mary Murray on January 3. 1904.  They had one son, Ralph Lacy Sellers, born 2 Dec 1910.  He married Edna Adcock.  They had only one son whom they named Johnny Bob.    

               8. William Emery Sellers m Carrie Norbit 28NOV 1900.
                             d 05 Aug 1904
               9. Benton Issac 'Ike' Sellers*
              10. Oley Wellington Sellers d 17JAN 1931
                       m. Lizzie Mae Duun 20 JAN 1907  b 30sept 1891 d 23MAR1973
                        Issue:  6 children
                (*) First given name Benton per census   

  Simon Sellers then married Mrs. Mary E. Harkey on November 16, 1911

This is the unproven informtion concerning the Sellers family. 
It was given to me by the son of Oley Wellington Sellers and Elizabeth Mae Dunn in 1985.  

Betty Spivey Sellers


The papers that I have are difficult to read and I hope it is clear.  I
received this in 1985.

My husband is Robert Phillip Sellers, son of Oley Wellington Sellers, Jr. and
Chloe Phillips Sellers.  His grandfather was Oley Wellington Sellers, Sr. and
grandmother r was Lizzie Mae Dunn.  There is some confusion there because
when O.W. Sellers, Sr. died Lizzie Mae Dunn Sellers married Simon Isaac
Sellers (her husband's brother)  according to Roy Tom Sellers (brother of
Oley Wellington Seller, Jr.) but some of my records have the Benton Sellers
mixed up in this.  I am not real clear on it but Roy Tom Sellers should know
because he was of good mind when this was written.  

Betty Sellers
Tallahasse, FL