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Dedicated To

My Parents      and Grandparents

Father  William Riley Sellers and

Elisha Sellers  wife Louise Clemmons

Mother  William Thomas Stallings
Theodocia V. Stallings  and wife Penina Simmons

        Great Grandparents

         Elisha Sellers and wife
            Elizabeth Sellers

        James Simmons and wife
             Becky Holden

         Tim Clemmons and wife
         Mary Caison Clemmons

        Great Great Grandparents
        William Holden and wife
              Ann Ivey

         Benjamin Simmons and
           wife Ann Simmons

gathered and written by L. Berlyn Sellers Lancaster, Supply, North Carolina,
Brunswick County. June 26. 1957.

Descendants of William Riley Sellers, son Elisha Sellers and wife
Elizabeth Sellers, and wife Louise Clemmons Sellers, daughter
of Tim Clemmons and wife Mary Caison Clemmons.

Ann Eliza Seller        born March 8, 1856, died January 10, 1901
Thomas Sellers          born ......1854, died………
Riley Sellers           born .....………died………
Emma Jane Sellers               born June 26, 1866, died November 9 1929
Ellie Sellers           born February 18, 1862, died February 24, 1938
Charles H. Sellers      born August 8 1859, died December 3 1934
S. Peter Sellers                born February 17, 182, died July 19, 1946
Elisha Sellers          born July 1, 1869, died April 7 1935
Lilly Sellers           born October 30, 18, died June 13, 1906
Amanda Sellers          born November 9, 1868, died February 26. 1910
Rebecca Sellers         born February 14, 1874, died April 17, 1950
Ida Sellers             born July 5, 1879 died July 6 1907

Thomas Sellers married Kren Benton.
Emma Jane Sellers married William Clemmons.
Ellie Sellers George Gray.
Charles H. Sellers married 1. Mary Emma Clemmons, 2. Lou Smith.
Elisha Sellers married 1. Theodocia V Stallings, 2 Leah Stevens.
S. Peter Sellers married Ann Marie Brown
Lilly Sellers married Jehu Sermons. 1st wife.
Amanda Sellers married Samuel Phelps, 1st wife.
Rebecca Sellers married Jehu Sermons. 2nd wife
Ida Sellers married Tim P. Evans.
Riley Sellers died single.
Ann Eliza Sellers died.

Thomas Sellers and wife Kren Benton Sellers' family, children:

Amanda Sellers married Albert Inman.
Willie R. Sellers married Rosa Mintz.
2 infants died.
Sons of Willie R. Sellers and wife Rosa Mintz Sellers:
John Sellers and Ike Sellers.

Amanda Sellers Inman and husband Albert Inman's family, children:
Floyd Inman married Maggie Babson
Geneva Inman married Newman King.
Jean Inman married 1. Wesley Todd, 2. Roland Harrington.

Amanda Sellers Phelps and husband Samuel E. Phelps' family. children:
Harry L. Phelps married 1. . . 2.     3. Ann?
Austin R. Phelps married Nora Dubose
Vadie Phelps married Jasper Murrell.
Ralph L. Phelps married Ida Johnston.
Walter G. Phelps married Thelma Hewett.
Robert Phelps married Mary Ann Sullivan.

Emma Jane Sellers and husband William Clemmons' family children:
Henry B. Clemmons married Laura Wright children:
Helen, Betty Jean, Henry, Jr.
Lola Clemmons married John Batson,
children: William, Talmage, Ann, Marqarite.
Mittie Clemmons married Eugene Gray.
Maggie Clemmons married Walter Leonard, 1 infant died.
Walker Clemmons married 1st Eliza Smith. 2nd Viola Donnell
Bascom Clemmons married Janie Gray.
Rebecca Ann Clemmons married Marion Brown.
Winnie Clemmons married David Caison.
Leah Clemmons married Alex Hipps, children:
William, Robert Hipps.
Dennis Clemmons married IVQ I. Carroll. children

Our Family by L. Berlyn Lancaster - Brunswick County, NC

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This document is generously provided by the family of Mrs. Berlyn
Lancaster to aid in genealogical research.  Many of the families have
grown since the information was first published in 1957; however, the
data may be useful in providing a direction for research.


Our Family

                            Dedicated To

                     My PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS

                       by L. Berlyn Lancaster


Dedicated To

My Parents      and Grandparents

Father  William Riley Sellers and
Elisha Sellers  wife Louise Clemmons

Mother  William Thomas Stallings
Theodocia V. Stallings  and wife Penina Simmons

        Great Grandparents

         Elisha Sellers and wife
            Elizabeth Sellers
        James Simmons and wife
             Becky Holden
         Tim Clemmons and wife
         Mary Caison Clemmons

        Great Great Grandparents
        William Holden and wife
              Ann Ivey
         Benjamin Simmons and
           wife Ann Simmons

This information gathered and typed in the years 1956 and 1957. The family
records are incomplete, but will be added as they are available.

Gathered and written by L. Berlyn Sellers Lancaster, Supply, North Carolina,
Brunswick County. June 26. 1957.

Descendants of William Riley Sellers, son Elisha Sellers and wife
Elizabeth Sellers, and wife Louise Clemmons Sellers, daughter
of Tim Clemmons and wife Mary Caison Clemmons.

Ann Eliza Seller        born March 8, 1856, died January 10, 1901
Thomas Sellers          born ......1854, died………
Riley Sellers           born .....………died………
Emma Jane Sellers               born June 26, 1866, died November 9 1929
Ellie Sellers           born February 18, 1862, died February 24, 1938
Charles H. Sellers      born August 8 1859, died December 3 1934
S. Peter Sellers                born February 17, 182, died July 19, 1946
Elisha Sellers          born July 1, 1869, died April 7 1935
Lilly Sellers           born October 30, 18, died June 13, 1906
Amanda Sellers          born November 9, 1868, died February 26. 1910
Rebecca Sellers         born February 14, 1874, died April 17, 1950
Ida Sellers             born July 5, 1879 died July 6 1907

Thomas Sellers married Kren Benton.
Emma Jane Sellers married William Clemmons.
Ellie Sellers George Gray.
Charles H. Sellers married 1. Mary Emma Clemmons, 2. Lou Smith.
Elisha Sellers married 1. Theodocia V Stallings, 2 Leah Stevens.
S. Peter Sellers married Ann Marie Brown
Lilly Sellers married Jehu Sermons. 1st wife.
Amanda Sellers married Samuel Phelps, 1st wife.
Rebecca Sellers married Jehu Sermons. 2nd wife
Ida Sellers married Tim P. Evans.
Riley Sellers died single.
Ann Eliza Sellers died.

Thomas Sellers and wife Kren Benton Sellers' family, children:

Amanda Sellers married Albert Inman.
Willie R. Sellers married Rosa Mintz.
2 infants died.
Sons of Willie R. Sellers and wife Rosa Mintz Sellers:
John Sellers and Ike Sellers.

Amanda Sellers Inman and husband Albert Inman's family, children:
Floyd Inman married Maggie Babson
Geneva Inman married Newman King.
Jean Inman married 1. Wesley Todd, 2. Roland Harrington.

Amanda Sellers Phelps and husband Samuel E. Phelps' family. children:
Harry L. Phelps married 1. . . 2.     3. Ann?
Austin R. Phelps married Nora Dubose
Vadie Phelps married Jasper Murrell.
Ralph L. Phelps married Ida Johnston.
Walter G. Phelps married Thelma Hewett.
Robert Phelps married Mary Ann Sullivan.

Emma Jane Sellers and husband William Clemmons' family children:
Henry B. Clemmons married Laura Wright children:
Helen, Betty Jean, Henry, Jr.
Lola Clemmons married John Batson,
children: William, Talmage, Ann, Marqarite.
Mittie Clemmons married Eugene Gray.
Maggie Clemmons married Walter Leonard, 1 infant died.
Walker Clemmons married 1st Eliza Smith. 2nd Viola Donnell
Bascom Clemmons married Janie Gray.
Rebecca Ann Clemmons married Marion Brown.
Winnie Clemmons married David Caison.
Leah Clemmons married Alex Hipps, children:
William, Robert Hipps.
Dennis Clemmons married IVQ I. Carroll. children:
Elaine, Wayne Clemmons.
Ashley Clemmons married Roy Bell Simmons, children: Douglas, Kathleen.

Willie Clemmons married ..      ?
Burriss Clemmons drowned when about 20 years old.
Atwell Clemmons single.

Walker Clemmons and 1st wife Eliza Smith Clemmons' family, Children:
Dan Russell Clemmons died Maybell Reynolds.
Irene Clemmons married Walter Nickolas.

Walker Clemmons and 2nd wife Viola Donnell Clemmons' family, children:
Carey and Wayne Clemmons
Mittie Clemmons Gray and husband Eugene Gray's family children:
Lina Gray married Robert Hawes, children:
Rachel, Rebecka, Murrell Gray Hawes.
Leon Gray married Doris Sing. sons, Barry and Eugene Gray.
Homer Gray married Gloria Finch. children:
Lynda, Roy Eugene, Bruce Gray.
Clarence Gray married Violey Marie McLaughlin.
Elbert Gray single.
Rebecka Ann Clemmons Brown and husband Marion Brown's family, children:
Edith, Minnie, Myrtie, Kathleen, Allen Henry Brown.
Bascom Clemmons and wife Janie Gray Clemmons' family, children:
Carnell Clemmons married Lacy Brown.
Mildren Clemmons married Elmo Rogers.
Bascom Jr. Clemmons married Ruby Scarborough.
Billy Gray Clemmons married ...........?

Winnie Clemmons Caison and husband David Caison's family, children:
Howard Caison married Pearlie Clemmons
Charlie Caison married Lena Mintz. children:
Annett, Maurice, Donald Caison
Shafter Caison married Elizabeth Smith.
Emma Caison married Roland Robinson.
Estelle Caison married           ?
Ellie Sellers Gray and husband George Gray's family, children:
Don Gray married Ada Peterson.
Three children died young.
Edna married Rodney Turner.
Carrie Gray married Jake Hewett.
Senia Gray married Nick Lee.
Herman Gray married Josie Dixon, no children.
Winston Gray married Lillian Hewett, 2 children.
Rudy Gray married Retha Swain.
Ava Gray married Willie Bellamy.
Hobson Gray married Ester Bellamy.
Raleigh Gray married Velma Gore, no children.
Henry Gray died single.
Willie Gray died young.
Charles H. Sellers and 1st wife Mary Emma Clemmons Sellers' family,
Kate Sellers married David Woodside.
Rosa Sellers married Everett Reynolds
Minnie Sellers married Charles Hickman.
Elnora Sellers married Harry Hewett, no children.
Emma Sellers married Eugene Benton.
Lilly Sellers married 1st Mell Singletary, 2nd Harry Davis.
Luther Sellers married 1st Nettie Tharp. 2nd Lena Hewett.
Harry Sellers marred Buleah Lewis.
Hoover Married Pearl Atkinson.
Eliza Sellers and husband's family, children:
Bryant Hewett married 1st Annie Lewis, 2nd Flossie Hewett.
Bartley Hewett drowned at about 20 years old.
Mary Sellers married Oliver B. Sellers.
John W. Sellers married Milie Sellers.
Brady R. Sellers married Earnestine Dosher.
Lillie Sellers Sermons and husband Jehu Sermons' family, children
Jabe Sermons married Elneda Holden, daughters, Herridge and Betty Ruth.
Murdic Sermons married Vara Robinson children:
Sylvia and H. M. Sermons.
Rob Sermons died single.
Jabe Sermons and wife Elneda Holden Sermons' family, children:
Harridge Sermons married Ed Lincous, 3 sons.
Betty Ruth Sermons married Fred Parker, 2 children.
Ida Sellers Evans and husband Tim P. Evans' family, children:
Floyd Evans married Cretia Clemmons.
Alton Evans married Evaline Hewett Brown, no children.
Linzie Evans died single.

Floyd Evans and wife Cretia Clemmons Evans' family, children:
Odis Evans married Lucian Moore.
Ida Bell Evans married Burgwin Sellers.
Gadi Evans married       ?
Mack Evans married      .
Murray Evans married.      ?
1 son died at 3 years old.

Carrie Gray Hewett and husband Jake Hewett's family, children;
Charles S. Hewett married Lydia Fulford.
Hoyle Gafford Hewett married Ersell Lewis.
Rudy Hewett married Mildred Jones.
Malcolm Hewett married Betty      ?
Christine Hewett married Burleigh Bullard.
Plenny Hewett married Charlotte      ?
Rifton Hewett married Vervie Anderson.
Ivey Hewett married Dusty Rhodes.
Winfred Hewett married Vada Simmons.

Charles S. Hewett and wife Lydia Fulford Hewett's family, children:
Betty Jean Hewett married Harry John Jablonski.
Barbara E. Hewett married Maxton Gore.
Bernice Hewett married William Johnston.
Beaman Hewett married Nelda Jean Reynolds.
Charles S. Jr. Hewett married      ?
Carol Faye married      ?
Gene Aaron Hewett married       ?

Ava Gray Bellamy and husband Willie Bellamy's family, children:
William E. Bellamy Jr. married Irene Hewett.
Frances Gray Bellamy married Claude McCall Jr.
Roderic Bellamy married      ?
Hubert Hyat married Othelia Whaley
Margaret E. Bellamy married William R. Gibson.
Edward Maitland Bellamy married Gold Delani Milliken.
Robert Lionel Bellamy married      ?
Kenneth T. Bellamy        ?

Hobson Gray and wife Ester Bellamy Gray's family, children:
Louise Gray married Alton D. Lee.
Joan Gray married      ?
James Gray married       ?
Janette Gray        ?

Rudy Gray and wife Retha Swain Gray's family, children:
Pose Marie, Gwendolyn, Clara, Mark Gray
Senia Gray Lee and husband Nick Lee's family, children:
James Linwood Lee married Jennie Mae       ?
Larry Elmo Lee married Lettie Catherine       ?
Grace Thelma Lee married Henry E. Watts.
Maybelle Lee married Jack Donald Wells.
Henry Hoyt Lee married Maggie      ?
Hazel Lee married 1st Fielding, 2nd Charles Stossel.
Wendell H Lee married       ?

James Linwood Lee and wife's children:
James Bennett, and Betty Jean Lee,
Larry E. Lee and wife's children:
Thomas P., Pressly, Larry Sarah C. Stephens,
Grace Thelma Watts and husband's children:
Delbert, Pearl, Jean Watts.
Maybelle Lee Wells and husband's children:
J. Donald, Kenneth, Robert, Shyrell Janett.
Henry H. Lee and wife's children:
Ann Elizabeth, Patricia Elaine Lee.
Hazel Lee and husband's children:
Sandra and Leonard Fielding, Carrol Stosel.

Bryant Hewett and wife Annie Lewis Hewett's family, children:
Leo Hewett married Rosa Phelps, 1 daughter, Freda Phelps.
Walker Hewett married Viola Fulford, 1 daughter, Toylaine Hewett.
Mantie Hewett married Doris Etheredge.
Hazel Hewett married David Sellers.
Nellie Hewett married Harlee Sellers.
Gracie Hewett married Gordon Holden.
Bartley Hewett single.
John W. Sellers and wife Milie Sellers' family, children:
John Dewey Sellers married Reba Evans, no children.
Roland Sellers married Bell Odum.
James Sellers married Eunice Tipton.
Riley Sellers married Ellen Warrener.
Warren Sellers married Polly Lewis.

Brady Sellers married Ernestine Dosher, family, children:
Walter Sellers married Thelma Singletary, sons, Mell and Gene Sellers.
Frances Sellers married Paul Crisco.
Eliza Sellers married John Nance.
Dorothy Sellers married Anthony Hewett.
Brady R. Jr. Sellers married Julie Brown.

Mary Sellers and husband Oliver B. Sellers' family.
See Kelly Sellers' family.

Peter Sellers and Ann Marie Brown Sellers' family, children:
Edward J. Sellers married 1st Hester White, 2nd Gladys Aaron.
Addie E. Sellers married 1st Arthur Hewett, 2nd Neil Russ.
Nettie F. Sellers married H. W. Wright. sons, W. H. Jr. and Lewis Wright.
Lilly Alene Sellers married O. M. Lane, son, Jimmy Lane.
Ruby C. Sellers married 1st Gene Brannon 2nd      ? Gardner, child,
Betty Jean Brannon.
Hiram L. Sellers married Maxine McNew,
son Hiram Jr. married Margaret Sullivan.
Roddie D. Sellers married Deltie Hewett.
Lacy Sellers married Elizabeth Carroll.
Charlie Sellers married Claudia Hilton, daughters, Diane, and Donna Sue.
Twin boys died infants.

Addie E. Sellers and husband Arthur Hewett's family, children:
Blanche Hewett married Clyde Lowrey.
Gertie Hewett married 1st Harvey Lowrey, 2nd James McElroy

Edward J. Sellers and 1st wife's children: Ralph, Forest Jim, Martha Jean.

Roddy Sellers and wife Deltie Hewett Sellers' family, children:
Geraldine Sellers married Roy Kirby, children:
Roy Wainright, Junella, R. D. Jr., Earline Sellers.

Charles H Sellers and 1st wife Mary Emma Clemmons Sellers' family,
daughter Kate Sellers Woodside and husband David Woodside's children:
Willie Woodside married Gertie Hewett.
Theo Woodside married Willie Sawyer.
Mary Lee married Edgar Ballard.
Lillie Woodside married Jim Carter.
Alvia Emily, Rob, and Dennie Woodside

Rosa Sellers Reynolds and husband Everett Reynold's family, children:
Nellie, Dorothy and Bertha Reynolds.
Emma Sellers Benton and husband Eugene Benton's family, children:
Willamina, Mary Emma, Eunice, Don, Gene Benton.

Harry Sellers and wife Buleah Lewis Sellers' family, 1 son, Clyde Sellers.

Hoover Sellers and wife Pearl Atkinson Sellers' family, children:
Elois Sellers married Elwood Gore, sons, Freddy and Philip Michael Gore.
Elsie Sellers married Clyd H. Hurray, children:
Clyd H. Jr., and Deborah Lane.
Edwin Sellers married Margaret Holden
Lynda Mae married Durbin Varnum.
Thelma Sellers married Hubert Leonard, daughter, Jean Leonard.
Minnie Sellers Hickman and husband Charlie Hickman's family, children.
Dallie Hickman married      ?
Hazel married Sam Watts.
Daisie Hickman married Johnston.
Evelyn Hickman married Joe Lewis.
Elnora Hickman married Herman Rogers.
Margie married      Hicks.
Woodrow Hickman married Gladys      ?
Charles Hickman married Jean       ?
Geneva Hickman married Roland Walton.
Mary Elizabeth Hickman married Henry Potter.
Lettie Hickman married      ?
Luther Sellers and Nettie Tharp Sellers' family, children:
Josephine Sellers married 1. Bill Aldredge, 2. Boats Steward,
3. J. E. Mansfield.
Levi Sellers married Thelma Harper.
Ivie Sellers married June Paine.
Adrain Sellers married Vada       ?
Rudolph Sellers married        ?
Herman Sellers married Ada       ?
Benny Sellers married       ?
Victor Sellers drowned young.

Lillie Sellers Singletary and 1st husband Mell Singletary's family,
Linnie Singletary married Ray Spencer.
Mary Singletary married J. Eldredge McKeithan, son, J. E. Eldredge Jr.
Ruby Singletary married Richard Musslewhite.
Thelma Singletary married Walter Sellers, sons Mell and Gene Sellers.
Louise Singletary married Junius Clemmons.

Linnie Singletary Spencer and hub;3nd Ray Spencer's family, children:
Pat, Charlotte, Cary, Spencer.

Lillie Sellers Davis and 2nd husband Harry Davis'
son Jimmy Davis married Maxine Dosher.

Amanda Sellers Phelps and husband Samuel E. Phelps' family, children:
Harry L. Phelps and wife, no children.

Austin Phelps and wife Nora Dubose Phelps' family children:
Riley Phelps married      ?
Louise Phelps married Harold Holden.
Elizabeth Phelps married      ?

Vadie Phelps Murrell and husband Jasper Murrell's family, children:
Milton Murrell Married Virginia Gegory.
Edward Murrell married Ila Mae Watkins.

Charles H. Sellers and 2nd wife Lou Smith Sellers' family,
l Son Howard Sellers married Norma Willis

Ralph Phelps and wife Ida Johnston Phelps' family, children:
Inez Phelps married Jesse Mathis.
Ralph Jr. Phelps married Joyce Inman.
Bernice Phelps married Andreth Troll

Walter Phelps and wife Thelma Hewett Phelps' family, children:
Kenneth Phelps married Eloise Wells. Ronald Phelps married       ?

Robert Phelps and wife Mary Ann Sullivan Phelps' family, children:
Margie Phelps married Lester Edwards, sons, Lester Leo and Robert Leslie
Margaret Ann Phelps married Roland Padric, son, Roland Padric Jr.
Elizabeth Phelps married      ?
Robert Jr. Phelps.

Children of Elisha Sellers and wife Theodocia V. Stallings Sellers.

Linnie A. Sellers married 1st Fletcher Clemmons, 2nd Potter Robinson
3rd W. Jarvis Sellers

Craven L. Sellers married Lelia J. Sellers

Ronie T. Sellers married John W. Hewett

L. Berlyn Sellers married John N. Lancaster

Herbert T. Sellers married 1st Ruth Dilsaver, 2nd Ethel Phelps

Oran T. Sellers married John W Lancaster, Sr.

Retha Dare Sellers married Ben K. Caison

Vara Clyde Sellers married Thomas Sisson

Rifton E Sellers married Naomi Swain

Odell Yates Sellers married Sarah - C. Hewett

Descendants of Elisha Sellers and wife Theodocia V. Stallings Sellers

Linnie Sellers Clemmons and husband Fletcher Clemmons' family, children:
Myra Clemmons married Alton Hewett.
Janie Louise Clemmons died at 3 months old.
Albert B. Clemmons died at 4 months old

Myra Clemmons Hewett and husband Alton Hewett's family, children:
Alberta Hewett married Cleo McCraine, children: Earl and Lynda Sue.
Margaret Hewett married 1st Lester Burgett, 2nd John McCraine,
daughter Martha Ray Burgett.
Louise Hewett married Guy Bolen.
Gladys Hewett married Clyde Stanley.
Clinton Hewett died at 6 years old.

Linnie Sellers and 2nd husband Potter Robinson's family, children:
Calder Robinson married Qudell Tyndall, no children.
Theo Robinson married Jack Drew.
Zara Robinson married Norman Milliken
Samuel E. Robinson married Evelyn Phelps, daughter, Carolyn Robinson Talmage Robinson married 1st Eliza Streeter, 2nd Ruth Jones, daughters. Diane and Linnie Lee. James Herbert Robinson married Sally Thompson. Nina Dare Robinson married Linzie Piggott. Curtis Robinson died an infant.

Nina Dare Robinson Piggott and husband Linzie Piggott's family, children:
Barbadine Piggott married Paul McLamb, daughter, Kathy McLamb.
Jackelyn Piggott married       ?

Zara Robinson Milliken and husband Norman Milliken's family, children:
Elbert, Edna, Norma Dare, Samuel, James Milliken.

Theo Robinson Drew and husband Jack Drew's family, children:
Wilma Lee Drew married James Arthur Hitt.
Gene Curtis, Dora Mae Mary Elaine, Jack Bertram and Gloria Denise Drew.

Herbert T. Sellers and wife Ruth Dilsaver Sellers' family, 1 son,
Hiram Thomas Sellers married Bera Elizabeth Arnold.
Children: Ruth Carroll, Maralyn and Terry Lynn Sellers.

Craven L. Sellers and wife Lelia J. Sellers' family, children:
Susan Evelyn Sellers married Robert Carson, daughter, Kathy Carson.
Thelma Vashti Sellers married William Dunn, sons, Stephen and      ? Dunn.
William R. Sellers married Ruby Suggs,
children of William R. Sellers and wife Ruby Suggs Sellers,
Lynda Louise, Cynthia Susan, and William Ridell Sellers.

Ronie T. Sellers Hewett and husband John W. Hewett's family, children:
Elton B. Hewett married Alice Jones, no children.
Clyde Hewett married Clara Reed.
Veona Hewett married Andris Blake Pope, daughter, Terri Pope.
Warren D, Hewett married Evelyn C. June, sons, Warren D. Jr., and
John Hewett.
Carrie Hewett married 1st      ? Goff, 2nd Winfred Medlin, daughter,
Judy Goff.
John W. Jr. Hewett married Doris Stevens, sons, John Anthony, Joseph
Loraine Hewett married Clinton Bellamy, children:
Susan and Johnny.
Kinny Hewett not married.
Layton and William T. died in infancy.

Clyde Hewett and wife Clara Reed Hewett's family, children:
Gladys Marie Virginia, Mae Freaces, Clyde L. Jr., Carol Sue Hewett.

Rifton E. Sellers and wife Naomi Swain Sellers' family, children:
Helen Sellers married       Raynor, son, Robert Earl.
Lois Sellers married Herbert Morgan, children: Wayne and Cynthia.
Avis Sellers married Chester Earl Miller.
Rifton E. Sellers Jr. married Bobby Mooney, daughters, Gloria, Patty,
Sarah Kay.
Jo Ann Sellers not married.

Oran Thelma Sellers Lancaster and husband John W. Lancaster's family,
John William Lancaster Jr. married 1. Mayo Hires, 2. Nadine Cumbee.
Victoria Lancaster married Harold Aldredge, daughter, Maralyn.
Jessie Lancaster married Dan Walker, sons, David, Danny, Paul.

John W. Lancaster Jr. and wife Nadine Cumbee Lancaster's children:
Robert Dayne, Carolyn Daphine, Terry Diane Lancaster.

John W. Lancaster and 2nd wife Susie Clemmons Lancaster's daughter,
Geraldine Lancaster.

John W. Lancaster, Sr. son of Jesse Layfette Lancaster and wife
Victoria Holden Lancaster, grandson of W. Alonza Lancaster and wife,
great grandson of Jesse Lancaster and wife Celia Jane Nelson Lancaster.

Retha Dare Sellers Caison and husband Ben K. Caison's family, children:
Clara Louise Caison married William Varney Hanchey.
Rita Dare Caison married Frank Weatherly.
Lena R. Caison married Murrell Hawes, daughter, Danni Lynn Hawes.
Benny Kelly married Archie Peterson, son, Danny Kelly Peterson.

Louise Caison Hanchey and husband W Varney Hanchey's family, children:
William Varney Carroll Jr. Darlene and Robert Hanchey.

Rita Dare Caison Weatherford and husband's family, children:
Barbara, Frank Lee, and James Stephen.

Vara Clyde Sellers married Thomas Sissom June 11, 1926, died May 4, 1927,
son born May 4, 1927, died May 4, 1927.

Odell Yates Sellers and wife Sarah C. Hewett Sellers' family children:
Edith C. Sellers married J. C. Chadwick. children: J. C. Jr.. Thomas E.,
Mary E.,
Quentin O. Sellers married Leona Gore.
Elva Gray Sellers married Wardell Crawford, daughters, Mary Ann and      ?
Nellie Sue Sellers married Hubert Avant, daughters, Lorile and Julie.
Annie Ruth Sellers married Robert Bracken.
Berta Vashti not married.
Garland Sellers not married.
Stacy O. Sellers married Jo Ann Gore.
1 infant died.

L. Berlyn Sellers and husband John N. Lancaster's family,
John N. Lancaster, son of William A. Lancaster and wife Nancy Lancaster,
Velma Lancaster married Hamilton Robinson, son, Harold C. Robinson.
Snowd W. Lancaster married Bonnie Holden.
Alene B. Lancaster married Lennell W. Hewett.
Nelda L. Lancaster married Rosco D. Humphrey. daughter, Rossie Humphrey.
John N. Jr. Lancaster married Vuena Robinson.
Lacy L. Lancaster married Wardie Hewett, son, Linwood Lancaster.
Theodocia Lancaster married Edwin S. Clemmons.
Betty Lancaster married Wilson C. Jones, son, Wendell Jones.
Doris C. Lancaster married George Earl Thompson.
Charles Lancaster died single July 4, 1943.

Velma Lancaster Robinson and husband Hamilton Robinson's family, son,
Harold C. Robinson married Selene Register their son, Allan C. Robinson.

Nelda L. Lancaster Humphrey and husband R. D. Humphrey's family, daughter,
Rossie L. Humphrey married Floyd Allen McLaurin.

Snowd W. Lancaster and wife Bonnie Holden Lancaster's family, children:
Norma Jean Lancaster married Edgar Lynn Maness.
Joyce Lancaster married Eldred Robinson.
Philip Lancaster not married.

John N. Lancaster Jr. and wife Vuena Robinson Lancaster's family, children:
Mary Ann Lancaster married Purcell Barnes.
Lou Ellen Lancaster not married.

Doris C. Lancaster Thompson and husband George E. Thompson's family,
children: Wayne Earl, George Kurt, Berlyn Sue Thompson.

Theodocia Lancaster Clemmons and husband Edwin S. Clemmons' family,
children: Gwendolyn, Stewart, Elaine, Juliette and Edwina Clemmons.
Alene B. Lancaster Hewett and husband Lennell W. Hewett's family,
children: Louberta Hewett married Hugh Clemmons.
children, Hughlaine and Tommy.
Mary Catherine Hewett married James Clemmons.
Eva Mae Hewett married Arnold Melvin, children:
Donna Lee, Teresa, Gregory Allen.
Janice Hewett married Sheldon Earl Piggott, sons, David and Bobby.
Ruth Hewett Died young.

Mary Catherine Hewett Clemmons and husband James Clemmons' family,
James Weston, Catherine Diane, Gary Mark, Charles Gerold,
Cheryl Ann died young.

Elisha Sellers, son of Wm. Riley Sellers and wife Louisa Clemmons Sellers.
2nd marriage to Leah Stevens, their family, children:
Elisha Sellers, Jr. married Mary S. Williams, son, Michael J. Sellers.
Mary Lou Sellers married Harry White. children: Diane, Harriet, and
Robby White.

Velma Lancaster born May 13, 1909

Snowd W. Lancaster      born October 31, 1910

Alene B. Lancaster      born October 23, 1912

Nelda L. Lancaster      born August 29, 191

John N. Lancaster Jr.   born October 18, 1917

Lacy L. Lancaster       born October 13 1919

Charles Lancaster       born April 7 1921

Theodocia Lancaster     born August 14, 122

Betty Lancaster born February 7, 192

Doris C. Lancaster      born December 26, 1925

Elisha Sellers Sr.      born July 1, 1869, died April 7, 1935

Theodocia Stallings     born November 20, 1867, died March 20, 1922

L Berlyn Sellers Lancaster      born January 5, 1893

J N. Lancaster Sr.      born July 27. 1888

Brother of William Riley Sellers
Elisha Sellers I and Wife Elizabeth Sellers' Family

Kelly Sellers married Harriett Hewett.
Elisha Sellers II married Mary Elizabeth Price.
Mary Amanda Sellers married Levi Swain.
William Riley Sellers married Louisa Clemmons.
John Sellers married Elizabeth Piggott.

Elisha Sellers II and wife Mary Elizabeth Price Sellers' family, children:
Mary Anna Sellers married Zade David Williams, she died 1926, he died 1910.
Guilford Sellers married Mary Williams.
Burgwin Sellers married 1st Rosa Lennon, 2nd Hattie Hewett.
Alice Sellers married Badger Clemmons 1st wife.
Hatridge Sellers married Badger Clemmons 2nd wife.

Mary Anna Sellers Williams and husband Zade D. Williams' family. children:
William Elisha Williams married Docia Jacobs, died 1955.
Cora Blanche Williams married J Hiram Long, died 1910, no children
Mattie Williams married H. R Pridgen, no children.
Luther David Williams married Elizabeth Frances Joyner.
Hattie Williams died in infancy.

Elisha Williams and wife Docia Jacobs Williams family 1 daughter,
Cecil Jewell Williams Married Homer L Bellamy, children: James R., Linda.

Luther David Williams and wife Frances Joiner Williams' family, children:
Mary Wynne Williams married Raymon E. Whitshire.
David Williams married Mary Elizabeth Townsend.
Clarence D. Williams married Belva Morse

Mary Wynne Williams Whitshire and husband Raymon E Whitshire's family.
children: Raymon E. Whitshire III, Jonathan D. Whitshire, Elizabeth
Whitshire, Nancy Whitshire.

David Joyner Williams and wife Elizabeth Townsend Williams' family,
children: David Joyncr Williams III. and Wynne Townsend.

Clarence D. Williams and wife Belva Morse Williams' family. children:
Sherry Lynn Williams and Clarence D. Williams II.

Luther David Williams a minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Church.

Gilford Sellers and wife Mary Williams Sellers' family. children:
Alpha Sellers married Alex Robinson. both died in 1957, .
John Wesley married Myrtle Leonard. She died December 21 1957.

Alpha Sellers Robinson and husband Alex Robinson's family. .children:
Lila Ruth Robinson married E. A. Thomas;.
Mary Lou Robinson married Lee Winters.
Norma Dare Robinson married T. E. Spencer.

John Wesley Sellers and wife Myrtle Leonard Sellers' family. children:
Christabel Sellers married Eugene F Wilson.
Viola G. Sellers married John S. Wilton.
John Wesley Sellers II married Geraldine Hooks.

Christabel Sellers Wilson and husband Eugene Wilson's family.
son Eugene Wilson II.

John W. Sellers II and wife Geraldine Hooks Sellers' family children:
John W. Sellers III.

Alice Sellers Clemmons and husband Badger Clemmons' family.
1 son: Fletcher B. Clemmons married Linni A. Sellers. Children:
Myra Clemmons married Alton Hewett.
Janic Louise died at 3 months.
Albert B. died at 4 months.

Hatridge Sellers Clemmons and husband Badger Clemmons' family. children:
Lizzie Clemmons married Edgar E. Sellers Sr.
Lindon Clemmons married Stella Clemmons.
Olie Clemmons died single.

Lindon Clemmons and wife Stella Clemmons' family. children
Susie Clemmons married John W. Lancaster daughter Geraldine Lancaster.
Edwin S. Clemmons married Theodocia Lancaster
Clifton Clemmons married 1st Inez Mitchell, 2nd               ? 3rd Ruth                ?

Clyde Clemmons married Alice Thompson.

Wright Clemmons, son of Clifton Clemmons and wife Inez Mintz Clemmons.
Becky Clemmons. daughter of Clifton Clemmons and wife Ruth Clemmons.

Elisha Sellers II, born April 1, 1825 died April 8. 1888.
Mary E. Price Sellers born February 22, 1832, died October 18, 1888.

Edwin Clemmons and wife Theodocia Lancaster Clemmons, see Sellers family.

Burgwin Sellers and 1st wife Rosa Lennon Sellers' family, children:
Willie Sellers married 1st Ernestine Bowers, 2nd Edna Johnston.
Oscar Sellers married Letha Clemmons.
Chesley B. Sellers married Ruth Dobson.
Florence Sellers married Homer Peterson.
Earl Sellers married 1st Nina Windham, 2nd Opie Clemmons.

Earl Sellers and wife Nina Windham Sellers' family, children:
Burgwin Sellers married Ida Bell Evans, children:
Larry and Allen Earl Sellers. J.
Paul Sellers married Gene Johnson.

Earl Sellers and 2nd wife Opie Clemmons Sellers' family, children:
Earl Leo Sellers married    ?
Nina Bell Sellers married Wallace Bryant.

Oscar Sellers and wife Letha Clemmons Sellers' family children:
David Sellers married Hazel Hewett.
Stacy Sellers married Florrie Watson.
Letha Mae Sellers married Max Huber.
Elmer Sellers married Ocie Mae Smith.
Jane Sellers married Otto Clemmons.
Mary L. Sellers married Charles Ellis Walker.
Harlee Sellers married Nellie Hewett.
Lois Sellers single.
Chesley Sellers and wife Ruth Dobson Sellers' family, children:
Chesley B. Sellers Jr. married Lora Mae Conner, children, J. Michael,
Cynthia Eunice.
Edith Sellers married E. M. Cox.
James Cecil Sellers single.

Willie Sellers and 1st wife Ernestine, Bowers Sellers' family, children:
Betty Sellers married Edward Junker, children: Edward and Gregory Junker.
Karen Sellers married          ?

Willie Sellers and 2nd wife Edna Johnston Sellers' family, children:
Leona M. Sellers married  ?

Florence Sellers Peterson and husband Homer Peterson's family. children:
Velma Peterson married Carl Fennell, son, Billy Fennell II.
Rosalee Peterson married Cleo Adams, sons, Bobby, Billy, Jimmy Adams.
Evelyn Peterson married Robers Jenkins, child, Larry and Betty Jenkins.
Lillian Peterson married Ebern Rains, children Patsy, Freddy, Clifton,
Richard. Robert H. Peterson married Grace Coppage, son, Walter Peterson

2nd marriage of Burgwin Sellers and wife Hattie Hewett Sellers, children:
Annie Bell Sellers married 1st George Fulford, 2nd Orbie Sellers,
no children.
Hobson Sellers died single at about 19 years old.

Brothers of William Riley Sellers

Kelly Sellers and wife Harriett Sellers' family, children:
Jefferson Sellers married Caroline Hewett.
Washington Sellers married 1st Clementine Hewett, 2nd Arnetta Stallings.
Simpronius Sellers married Martha Jane Hewett.
Lorenzi Sellers married Amanda Simmons.
Lucinda Sellers married 1st Joe Daniels, 2nd Robert Caison.
Adaline Sellers married John Julius Hewett.
Fanny Sellers married David DeVaun.
Emler Sellers married Robert T. Simmons.
Marinda Sellers never married.

Jefferson Sellers and wife Caroline Hewett Sellers' family, children
Jefferson Ray Sellers married 1st Alice Muse, 2nd Elizabeth Ann Phelps.
Dona Sellers married Sam Clemmons.

J. Ray Sellers and 1st wife Alice Muse Sellers no children.

. Ray Sellers and 2nd wife Elizabeth Ann Phelps Sellers' family, children:
Orbie Sellers married Annie Bell Sellers, no children.
Maomi Sellers married Sarkis Babson, no children.
Stella Lee Sellers married 1st Willie Varnum, 2nd Davis, 3rd          ?

Children of Stella Lee Sellers and husband Willie Varnum,
Margerie Varnum married       ?
Benny Varnum married          ?

Dona Sellers Clemmons and husband Sam Clemmons' family, children:
Elijah Clemmons married Linnie Hewett, daughter, Ella Mae Clemmons.
Loyd Clemmons married Ada Hester.
Lyda Clemmons married Joe McDonald.
Ralph Clemmons married Agnes     ?
Macie Clemmons married 1st Tim P. Evans, 2nd Willie Griffin.
Oliver Clemmons, Lacy Clemmons and Florence Clemmons died young.
Washington Sellers and 1st wife Clementine Hewett Sellers' family,
Annie Florence Sellers married Eugene Parker.
Oliver B Sellers married 1st Mary Sellers, 2nd Ella Gore Inman.
Dora Sellers married William Phelps.
Bell Sellers married Norwood Clemmons.
Ada Sellers married Lucian Phelps.
Berta Sellers married Henry Hewett.
Grover R. Sellers married Rebecca Jones
Hewett W. Jarvis Sellers married Linnie Sellers, no children.
Edgar E. Sellers married Lizzie Clemmons.
Maggie Sellers married T. F. Cumbee, no children.

Annie F Sellers Parker and husband Eugene Parker's family, children:
Grace Parker married Leslie Harold.
Margaret Parker married Hazel Hatchell.
Emma Parker married Murdic Holden
Juanita Parker married James Dillon.

Dora Sellers Phelps and husband William Phelps' family, children
Geneva Phelps married John Sing.
Ethel Phelps married Herbert T. Sellers, 2nd wife, no children.
Elbert Phelps married Anzie Gertie Fulford.
Lansing Phelps married Dola Hewett.

Ada Sellers Phelps and husband Lucian Phelps' family, children:
Homer Phelps married Glenn Robinson.
Ruby Phelps married Henry McCall.
Hetty Phelps married Tine Ward, 2nd wife.
Scarboro (Tebo) Phelps married Buena Varnum.

Bell Sellers Clemmons and husband Norwood Clemmons' family, children:
Lilly Clemmons married Lawrence Robinson, daughter, Martha Rae Robinson.
Cretia Clemmons married Floyd Evans.
Vera Clemmons married Clyde Simmons, 2nd wife.
Opie Clemmons married Earl Sellers, 2nd wife.

Opie Clemmons Sellers and husband Earl Sellers' family see Burgwin Sellers
and wife Rosa Lennon Sellers' family.

Floyd Evans and wife Cretia Clemmons Evans' family, children:
Odis Evans married Lucian Moore.
Ida Bell Evans married Burgwin Sellers.
Gadi Evans, Mack Evans.
1 son died about 3 years old.

Oliver B. Sellers and wife Mary M. Sellers' family, children:
Pearlie P. Sellers married Sloan Peterson, son, Sloan Peterson Jr., died
Jewell C. Sellers married John Dilsaver.
Oliver B. Sellers married Charlotte Longee.
Beatrice Sellers 1st          2nd              3rd      ?
Early Sellers died young.
1 infant son died.

Grover R. Sellers and wife Rebecca Jones Sellers' family, children:
Grover R. Sellers Jr. married Elizabeth Kermon, son, Donald Sellers.
John W. Sellers married Annie Ruth Griffin, son, John Michael
Lucile Sellers married H. B. Lewis, son, Benjamin O'Neal Lewis.

Berta Sellers Hewett and husband Henry Hewett'8 family, children:
Sarah Clementine Hewett married Odell Yates Sellers--see Elisha Sellers.
Alton Hewett married Myra Clemmons. --see Sellers family.
Iredell Hewett married Mary Hewett.
Ethel Hewett married Coby Hewett.
Coyet Hewett married Hugh B. Gray.
Dempsey L. Hewett married Odessa Holden.
Edgar E Sellers and wife Lizzie Clemmons Sellers' family, children:
David Sellers married Myrtie Hilburn, children:
David H. and Betty Joyce.
Hateridge Sellers married Winfred Morgan
Vernie Sellers married Glenn Carpenter.
Edgar E. Sellers, Jr. married Mary Lee Clemmons.
Viona Sellers married William R. Reynolds.
Alpha Sellers. Rufus died single.

Hateridge Sellers Morgan and husband Winfred Morgan's family, children
Patricia Ann, Elizabeth and Walter Morgan.

Vernie Sellers Carpenter and husband Gleml Carpenter's family. children:
Elizabeth Ann, Glenn Elbert and Thomas Edgar Carpenter.

Edgar E. Sellers, Jr. and wife Mary Lee Clemmons' family, children:
Wanda, Nancy D., Terri Lee Sellers.

Jewell Sellers Dilsaver and husband John Dilsaver's family, children:
Floyd Dilsaver married 1st      ? 2nd Helen Fulcher, son Jerry.
Margaret, Roy, John Jr., Edwin, Betty Ruth Virginia and David Dilsaver.

Oliver B. Sellers Jr. and wife Charlotte Sellers' family, children
Edward Gail. Bobby, Mary Joan, Joe and Jerry Sellers.

Homer Phelps and wife Glenn Robinson Phelps' family, children.
Laverne Phelps married Virginia Roach.
Lelia Mae, Alice Fay and Loretta C. Phelps.

S. Pernell Phelps and wife Buena Varnum Phelps' family, children
David and Landis Phelps.

Hettie Phelps Ward and husband Tine Ward's family, children Alpha, V.
Pernell Phelps.

Ruby Phelps McCall and husband Henry McCall's family, children:
Franklin McCall married 1st Juanita Holden, 2nd Dosher Hewett.
Hilda McCall married Carson Hewett.

Elbert Phelps and wife Gertie Fulford Phelps' family, children:
Shelby Jean Phelps married Rudolph Simmons.
Wilma Fay Phelps married Bert Edward Robinson.

Lansing Phelps and wife Dola Hewett Phelps' family, children:
Burriss Lanair Phelps married Barbara Dickerson,
children, Gregory, Maralyn and Legrand Phelps.

Geneva Phelps Sing and husband John Sing's family, children:
Thomas Sing married Elois Sellers, children, Dianne and Cathy Sing.
Mary Sing married Rob Piggott. children, Patricia Ann and Robert Piggott.
Doris Sing married Leon Gray, sons, Barry and Gene Gray.

Ethel Phelps Sellers and Herbert T Sellers, no children.

Military Information

William Riley Sellers, Co. G., 36th Regt., private, enlisted August 2. 1863,
Brunswick County, detailed. Vol. 11, page 734.
William Thomas Stallings, Co. K., 36th Regt., private, enlisted July 19 1862,
Brunswick County detailed. Vol. 11, page 743.
Information in Moore's Roster of North Carolina Troops.

Craven Ledrue Sellers, U. S. Army, 1917-1919 World War I., 81st, Wildcat.
Div. France and Germany.
Herbert T. Sellers, U. S. Army, 1917-1919, World War I. 42nd, Rainbow,
Div., France and Germany, discharged May, 1919 home May 13.
William R. Sellers, son of C. L. Sellers and wife Lelia J. Sellers. U. S.
Army World War II, Northern France Rhineland, D Ardennes and Central
Europe. Hg. Co. 78th Armored Med. Bn., Tech. 5th Grade. Discharged Ft.
Bragg September 28, 1945. Enlisted August 9, 1940. 5 years, 1 month, 20
Elisha Sellers Jr. U. S. Coast Guard, World War II, On Destroyer Escort
Convoy Duty. Served 5 months during 1951 On Destroyer duty in U. S. Navy.

Emma Parker Holden and husband Murdic Holden's family, children: Peggy Ann
Holden married 1st Otto Clemmons, 2nd Ramon Lewis. Eugenia Holden married
Albert Dosher.

Simpronius Sellers and wife Martha J. Hewett Sellers' family, children:
Lelia Jane Sellers married Craven Ledrew Sellers.
S. Bell Sellers never married.

See family of Elisha Sellers and Wife Theodocia Stallings Sellers for
family of C. Ledrue Sellers and wife Lelia J. Sellers.

Lorenzi Sellers and wife Amanda Simmons Sellers' family, children Rosa
Sellers married Tom Clemmons 1st. wife, no children.
Hattie Sellers married Tom Kirby.
Roxanie Sellers married Oliver Simmons.
Roena Sellers married John Swain.
Cora Sellers married 1st Ephriam Dale, 2nd ..? 3rd Bevell no children.
Ida Sellers married 1st Frank Lana, 2nd Tom Clemmons, 2nd wife, no children.

Hattie Sellers Kirby and husband Tom Kirby's family, children:
Janie Kirby married Preston Parker, no children.
Horace Kirby married Ray Rivenbark Smith, no children.

Roena Sellers Swain and husband John Swain's family, children:
Alma Swain married Annie Fryer.
Rockwell Swain married Lyda Danford.
Rudolph Swain married Mary White.
Leon Swain died single.

Roxanie Sellers Simmons and husband Oliver Simmons' family, children:
Gertie Simmons married Joe Phelps.
Janie Simmons married Bob Phelps.
Olive Simmons married Vance Phelps, no children.
Bruce Simmons married Lola Long.
Ethel Simmons married 1st        ? Smith 2nd Bill Hinson.

Lucinda Sellers Caison and husband Robert Caison's family, children:
Lettie Caison married John Atkins
Mattie Caison married Duff Atkins.
Georgia Caison married Roland Stone, sons, Jesse, Roy and Wilton Stone.
Ben Kelly Caison married Retha Dare Sellers, see Elisha Sellers family.

Adeline Sellers Hewett and husband John J. Hewett's family, children:
John Julius Hewett, II married Ida Brown.
Becky Hewett married Whitt Arnold, sons, Fred and John Arnold.

Fanny Sellers DeVaun and husband David DeVaun's family children:
Bertha DeVaun married William Grissom, no children
Ollie DeVaun married Dan Bender, no children.
Charles Y. DeVaun married Janie Russ.

Charles Y. DeVaun and wife Janie Russ DeVaun's family, children:
Ida Leta and Miram Elease DeVaun died early.
Charles Y. Jr. and Fanny Reba DeVaun.

Becky Hewett Arnold and husband Whitt Arnold's family, children:
John Julius Arnold married 1st Madge Cook, 2nd Myrtie Atkinson.
Fred Arnold drowned when young man.

Sons of John J. Arnold and wife Myrtie Atkinson Arnold.
Fred and John Reid Arnold.

John J. Hewett II and wife Ida Brown Hewett's family, children:
Lennell Weston Hewett married Aline B. Lancaster.
Murphy Hewett married Effie Hewett.
Dennis (Rev.) Hewett married Mary Louise Lennon.
Ivey Hewett died young.
1 infant died.

Lennell W. Hewett and wife Aline B. Lancaster Hewett's family, children:
Louberta Hewett married Hugh Clemmons.
Mary C. Hewett married James Clemmons.
Eva Mae Hewett married Arnold Melvin.
Janice Hewett married Shelton Piggott.
B. Ruth Hewett died young.

Murphy Hewett and wife Effie Hewett's family, 1 son, Burness Hewett married Loretta Royal, daughter, Delana Hewett

Dennis Hewett and wife Mary L. Lennon Hewett's family children: Elizabeth Hewett married Jim Henry Williams. Wilbur, Donald and Annette Hewett.

Sister of William Riley Sellers

Mary Amanda Sellers Swain and husband Levi Swain's family, children:
Ephriam Swain married Delanie Holden.
Levi Swain married Frances King.
George Swain married Susan    ?
John Swain married       ?
Annie Mae Swain married           ? Robins.
Charley Swain married     ?
Marshall B. Swain married Mary Johnston
Daniel L. Swain married Clara Gilbert Swain ( Swain was maiden name. )

Ephriam Swain and wife Delanie Holden Swain's family, children
Amanda Swain married Isaac Milliken.
Blantie Swain married William Holmes.
Levi Swain married Laura Jane Hewett.
Loyd Swain married Ida Sutton.
Rosie Swain died young.
Amanda Swain Milliken and husband Isaac Milliken's family, children:
Ethel Milliken married John Stone, son, John Ivan Stone.
Ray Milliken married Idell Simmons.
Clarence Milliken married Alice Williams.

Blantie Swain Holmes and husband William Holmes' family, children:
William Holmes II married Mildred Long, son, William Holmes III.
Hubert Holmes married Margaret Sellers, children, Delanie, Sharon, Rachel,
Teresa and Hubert Holmes.
Harold Holmes married           ?

Annie May Holmes married Hoyle J. Henson, children,
Jacky and Sylvia Henson.

Levi Swain and wife Laura Jane Hewett Swain's family children,
Susie Kate Swain married William Teachey.
Warren Swain married Lucile Bennett.
Lennon Swain married       ?
Annie Lauri Swain married      ? Halm.
Wingate (M. D. ) Swain married       ?
Peggy Swain married      ? Bowers.
Sigmond Swain married Virginia Edith Bowers.
Dwight Swain died single.

Levi Swain I, born February 24, 1823, died October 28, 1876.
Mary Amanda Sellers Swain born February 22, 1822, died March 5, 1864.

Information of Swain family given to me by Morris Glenister Swain,
son of Daniel Lennon Swain and wife Clara Gilbert Swain, now living in
Thomasville, Ga.
Morris G. Swain is a grandson of Levi Swain I. and wife Mary Amanda Swain.

Daniel L. Swain and wife Clara Gilbert Swain's family children:
Pearl Arden Swain married Joseph Godwin, 3 children.
Ruby Oree Swain married Beasley Ryals, 2 children.
Morris G. Swain married Dorothy Mae Thomas, 2 children.
Vivian, Alma C. and Kermit Swain.

George Swain and wife Susan Swain's family, (Green Cove Springs, Fla. )
children: Harry and Levi Swain.

Levi Swain and wife Frances King Swain's family, (Claxton, Ga.) children:
Ellis, Elmer, Carrie, Annie, George and Lester Swain.

Annie Mae Swain Robins and husband family (Swainsboro, Ga.) children:
Earnest and Henry Robins.

Charlie Swain and wife's family, (Lyons, Ga.) children:
Burt Swain and others-names not available.

Marshall B. Swain and wife Mary Johnston Swain's family (Waycross, Ga.)
children: John, George Davie, Mary, Jessie, Lilly and Susan Swain.

Morris G. Swain and wife Dorothy M. Thomas Swain's family. children:
Ann and Nann Swain.

Great Aunt Amanda Sellers Swain died in the Civil War, leaving eight
children, the youngest, only about six weeks old her husband a soldier
stationed at Fort Caswell, (probably a prisoner of war at the time) she
determined to go to see her husband, there was no way of transportation,
except to walk. She walked, carrying her baby in her arms, the neighbors
caring for the other seven children. The Baby was Daniel Lennon Swain.
The distance was about 25 miles from her home in Shallotte to Fort Caswell.
Returning, night overtook her, she stopped near Supply. to spend the night
with Mrs. Llewellyn Leonard, suffered a severe headache, died before
morning, only 42 years old. Her husband lived 12 years after her death.

For Ephriam Swain and wife Delanie Holden Swain's family see Theodocia
Stallings' parents.

Great Uncle John Sellers served in the Civil War, and died a prisoner of
war, in Virginia. The prison was an enclosure, or fenced in place with no
roof or protection from the weather, he was stricken with pneumonia and
died. He married and settled in the Village Point near Shallotte, his
widow and children continued to live there. His home that was built before
the war, is in perfect condition, having been kept in good repair, and
constantly lived in, his great grandson. and family live in the house now.
The granddaughter remembered that her grandmother told her about the shell
that came from a ship in time of war, came over the house and fell in the
back yard, making a large hole.

Brother of William Riley Sellers

John Sellers and wife Elizabeth Piggott Sellers' family, children:
Richard W. (Dick) Sellers married 1st Elizabeth Hawes, 2nd Lula Holden.
Mary Elizabeth Sellers married David Williams.
Nancy Sellers married Warren Piggott.
Maggie Sellers married Allen Moore.

Richard W. Sellers and wife Elizabeth Hawes Sellers' family children:
Hilliard Sellers married Maud Long, son, Howard Sellers married Mildred Hill.
Oscar Sellers married Kate Leonard, son, Oscar, Jr. and daughter Elizabeth
(Mrs. Willie Hewlett)

Richard W. Sellers and wife Lula Holden Sellers' family, children:
Berta Sellers married Carey Worthington, son, Carey Worthington, Jr.
Beaman Sellers married Sadie Chadwick.
Ethel Sellers married Elbert Milliken, daughter, Norma Milliken married
Fred Griffith.
Lottie married Harry Chadwick.
Ivey Sellers married Claud Gore.
Zora Sellers married 1st Odis Parker, 2nd A. W. Newkirk.
Marvin Sellers single.

Beaman Sellers and wife Sadie Chadwick Sellers' family, children:
Talmage Sellers married Dorothy Sasser.
Carol Ann Sellers married Herman Stanland, Jr. and Robert Sellers.

Ivey Sellers Gore and husband Claud Gore's family, children
Betty Jo Gore married Shelton Wood.
Emma Lou Gore married Wayne Hewett.
Anna and Nancy Gore.

Maggie Sellers Moore and husband Allen Moore's family, children:
Betty Moore married Charlie Leonard.
Kate Moore married Lennox Gore.
John Moore married Addie Moore, children:
Guy and Lucile Moore.
Agnue Moore, Ada Moore died single.

Betty Moore Leonard and husband Charlie Leonard's family, children:
Grace, Margaret, Earnest, Burriss, Newman Leonard.

Kate Moore Gore and husband Lennox Gore's family, children:
Avis Lee Gore married 1st Amos Watts, 2nd Frank Higdon.
Ada Ruth Gore married Stetson Robinson.
Moore Harris and Dillon Gore.

Oscar Sellers and wife Kate Leonard Sellers' family children:
Elizabeth Sellers married Willie Hewett.
Oscar Sellers Jr.

Mary E. Sellers Williams and husband David Williams' family, children:
1 son, Harry Williams married Annie Ludlum, 1 son.
Erman Williams married Mildred Andrews, son, Delbert Williams.
1 daughter, Mildred Williams married Douglas Hawes, children:
Douglas Hayes and David Hawes.

Nancy Sellers Piggott and husband Warren Piggott's family, children:
John Piggott married    ? Andrews.
Lee Piggott married Sadie Hewett.
Martin Piggott marred Lilly Ludlum.
Lewis Piggott married Etta Cannady.
Ira Piggott married       ?
Harvey Piggott married Queenie Gore.

Martin Piggott and wife Lilly Ludlum Piggott's family, children
Lucile Piggott married Burness Russ.
Madeline Piggott married Eddie Dalton.
Annie Merrell Piggott married Jimmy Piner.
Estelle Piggott died single.

Lee Piggott and wife Sadie Hewett Piggott's family, children:
Elbert Piggott married Alene Hickman.
Robert Piggott married Mary Sing, children:
Patricia Ann and Robert Piggott.

Penia Simmons Stallings, daughter of James Simmons and wife
Becky Holden Simmons married William Thomas Stallings,
original home in Suffolk, Va.

Children: John Thomas Stallings married 1st Timmy Faulk, 2nd Minnie
McGowan, 3rd Amanda Coward.
Theodocia V. Stallings married Elisha Sellers.
Arnetta V. Stallings married Washington Sellers.
Sarah Adaline Stallings died single.

Theodocia V. Stallings and husband Elisha Sellers' family, children:
Linnie A. Sellers married 1st Fletcher Clemmons, 2nd Potter Robinson
3rd W. Jarvis Sellers.
C. Ledrew Sellers married Lelia J. Sellers.
Ronie T. Sellers married John W. Hewett.
Leslie B. Sellers married John N. Lancaster.
Herbert T. Sellers married 1st Ruth Dilsaver, 2nd Ethel Phelps.
Oran T. Sellers married John W. Lancaster, Sr.
Retha D. Sellers married Ben K. Caison.
Vara Clyde Sellers married Thomas Sisson.
Rifton F. Sellers married Naomi Swain.
Yates Sellers married Sarah C. Hewett.
1 infant died at birth.

For descendants, see W. Riley Sellers and Louisa Clemmons Sellers family.

Arnetta V. Stallings Sellers and husband Washington Sellers family
Minnie Stallings married Gilbert Brown.
Bessie Stallings married Carl Hewett.
Milie Sellers married John W. Sellers.
Hancy Sellers married Fred Fulford.

Minnie and husband Gilbert Brown's family, children:
Estelle Brown married Estel Longworth, 1 daughter, Virginia Longworth.
Wilber Brown married Louise Wood, no children.
Milton Brown married Fanny Williams, daughters Shirley and Nancy Jane Brown.
Newland B. Brown died young.

John Thomas Stallings and 1st wife Timmy Faulk Stallings' family, children:
Amanda Stallings married Tom Weatherly.
Rebecca Stallings married 1st Tom Barber, 2nd Charlie Scott.
Alberta Stallings married Millard Laviner.
Columbus Stallings married Charlie Worrell.
Lizzie Stallings married Clinton Brown
McKinzie Stallings died young.
William T. Stallings died young.

2nd marriage to Minnie McGowan, no children.

3rd marriage to Amanda Coward, children:
Lauda Mae Stallings married Arthur W. Crossland.
John T. Stallings married Lizzie Ready.

John T. Stallings and wife Lizzie Ready Stallings' family, children:
John T., Ronald, Hugh, Connie Stallings.

Lauda Mae Stallings Crossland and husband Arthur W. Crossland's family,
Arthur W. Crossland Jr. killed in France in World War II.
Paul Dillard Crossland.

Amanda Stallings Weatherly and husband Tom Weatherly's family, children:
Rufus Weatherly and Douglas Weatherly.
grandchildren: Sarah Fay, Betty Lou, John Hugh, Rufus Earl Weatherly.

Rufus Weatherly and wife Rose Weatherly's grandchildren:
Keith Kenny, Ricky, Karl, Dorla Weatherly. Ricky and Randy Maxwell.

Lizzie Stallings Brown and husband Clinton L. Brown's family, children:
Clinton L. Brown II James E., Jimmy, Mary Lynn, Jerry, Carolyn Elizabeth.

Alberta Stallings Laviner and husband Millard Laviner's family, children:
Arthur, Oscar, R. B., Beatrice, T. C., Mae, Jack, L. Laviner.
Grandchildren: Willie Frank, Leo, Charles, Willie Mae, Annie Ruth, Charles.
Kenny, Hilbert, Harold, Kate, Doll, Charlie, Peggy, Leland, Dorothy, Gene,
Sarah, Frances Laviner. Lewis and Kenny Pate, Myrtle Easterling.

Rebecca Stallings Barber and husband Tom Barber's family, children:
 1 son, Osborn Barber married         ?
grandchildren: Richard and Jeanie Barber.

Columbus Stallings Worrell and husband Charlie Worrell's family, children:
Charlie Worrell Jr. and Richard Worrell.
Charlie Worrell and wife's children: Jo Ann and Martha Worrell.
Richard Worrell and wife's children: Joycelyn, Barbara, Sharol, Jerroll

Bessie Stallings Hewett and husband Carl Hewett's family, children:
Alice Hewett married Vance Hedgecock, sons, Carlton and Joseph Hedgecock.
Lina Hewett married Hobert Ray Nicholas, no children.
Natalee Hewett married Charles P. Jordon.

Natalee Hewett Jordon and husband Charles P. Jordon's family, children:
Gary Wayne, Annett,      ?      Jordon.

Milie Sellers and husband John W. Sellers' family; see William Riley
Sellers family.

William Thomas Stallings husband of Penina Simmons Stallings, came to
Brunswick County when a young man, from Suffolk, Va. His father was dead,
his mother married to a Mr. Nichols, had a sister named Milie Stallings,
he fought in the war between the states.

William Thomas Stallings born, Sept. 9, 1830, died, May 29, 1901. Penina
Simmons Stallings born, Feb. 26, 1837, died March 11, 1911.

Copy of old Bible Records written by James Simmons.
New Testament, published by The American Bible Society,
Daniel Fanshaw, Printer, No. 20 Sloat-Lane.
Stereotyped by E. and J. White.

This New Testament was owned by Theodocia Vashti Stallings. Now in
possession of her daughter, Berlyn Sellers Lancaster.

Copied from old Bible as written by James Simmons, grandfather of
Theodocia V. Stallings.

Benjamin Simmons born Sept. 22, 1738 died Jan. 12, 1810.
Ann Simmons born Jan. 15, 1738, died May 30, 1819.
James Simmons born Sept. 16. 1778, died.
Thomas Simmons born March 25, 1801.
Thomas married Sabrey.
Benjamin Simmons born July 4, 1802.
Mary Simmons born Dec. 11, 1803.
Mary married Jysee Grissett.
John Simmons born March 2, 1805.
James Simmons born April 28, 1806.
James Simmons married Becky Holden, mother of Penina Simmons Stallings.
Solomon Simmons born Jan. 6, 1808.
Simeon Simmons born May 19, 1810
Stephen Simmons born Dec. 29. 1810.
William Simmons born March 15 1812.
Mary Jane, daughter of Mary and Hezekiah Hewett, born June 9, 1826--Dec.
10, 1826.
Gehennah Simmons died Sept. 23, 1821.
Edward, son of Sabrey and Thomas Simmons, born Dec. 6, 1818.
Daniel Simmons born Jan. 6, 1821.
Helen Simmons born Nov. 12, 1824.
Elizabeth Simmons born April 29, 1827, daughter of Thomas and Sabrey.
Elizabeth Ann Simmons born 18, 1825.

Copied from Old Gravemarkers.

Penina Simmons Stallings        born Feb. 26, 1837, died March 11 1911.
William Thomas Stallings        born Sept. 9, 1830, died May 29, 1901.
Arnetta Stallings Sellers       born Feb. 15, 1865, died March 2, 1920.
Theodocia Stallings Sellers     born Nov. 26, 1867, died March 20, 1922.
Sarah Adaline Stallings born Jan. 30, 1873, died April 5, 1950.
John Thomas Stallings   born 1862.

Ancestors of Theodocia V. Stallings Sellers
Wife of Elisha Sellers
William Holden and Ann Ivey married in England
Soon came to America and Reared Family
In Brunswick County, North Carolina

Daughter Becky Holden married James Simmons, son of Benjamin Simmons I and

Becky Holden and husband James Simmons' family, children:
Margaret (Peggy) Simmons married Benjamin Simmons II.
Abbie Simmons married 1st      ? 2nd Elijah Hewett.
Penina Simmons married William Thomas Stallings.
Adaline died single.

Peggy Simmons and husband Benjamin Simmons' family. children:
Sally Simmons married Asa Leonard.
Lewis Simmons married Hannah Clemmons see Louisa Clemmons Sellers' family.
Caroline Simmons married George Gray
Amanda Simmons married Lorenzi Sellers, .see Sellers' family
Elizabeth Simmons married Jehu Sermons.
Asbury Simmons married Lydia Hewett.
Maulsey Simmons. married 1st. Llewellyn Leonard; 2nd Peter Stanland
Moses Simmons killed in Civil War.

Abbie Holden Hewett and husbands Holden       ? and Elijah Hewett's family
Wesley Holden married Beady Elvis Price
Lucretia Holden married John Clemmons
Becky Holden married Nathaniel Hewett.
Millie Hewett married Lorenzi Hewett
Annie Hewett married Jeremiah Hewett.

Sally Simmons Leonard and Asa Leonard s family children:

George Leonard married Susan Swain
Lottie Leonard married Alvin Smith.
Fanny Leonard married Abner Coleman.
Henry Leonard married Lucy McKeithan.
Jesse Leonard married Lilly Ann McKeithan.
Alice Leonard married Forest Smith

Caroline Simmons Gray and husband George Gray's family, I son,
George Gray married Blanche Lancaster 2 children, Hugh B. Gray.
George William Gray died at 3 years old.

Hugh B. Gray married Coyet Hewett 2 children:
Billy Hugh and Betty Lou Gray.

Lewis Simmons and wife Hannah Clemmons Simmons family. children:
Lewis Simmons II married Georgianna Gainey
Riley Simmons married Julia Sellers.
Charley Simmons married Lilly Douglas.
Anson Simmons married Becky Gainey.
Viola Simmons married Alonza Willetts.
Caroline Simmons married 1st Jim Singletary 2nd Bill Gainey
George Leonard and wife Susan Swain Leonard's family, children:
Becky Leonard married Reuben Hewett ll.
Lilly Leonard married Sam Danford.
Kate Leonard single.
Vallie Leonard died single.

Viola Simmons Willets and husband Alonza Willets' family, children:
Mary Lela Willets married John Bryant Riggs
Leona Willets married Martin Willets.
Ella Mae Willets married Lee Tyson.
Tyler Willets married Louise Garvey.
Olie Willets married 1st Garvey, 2nd Winters, 3rd Pikamous.

Lewis Simmons II and wife Georgianna Gainey Simmons' family children:
Lovie, Carrie Charlie, John Thomas Simmons.

Anson Simmons and wife Becky Gainey Simmons family. children:
Mary, George Ben, Amanda, Odie Simmons.

Charlie Simmons and wife Lilly Douglas Simmons' family, children:
Hattie, Pearl Edward, Woodrow Simmons.

Caroline Simmons and husband Jim Singletary's family, children:
Alice Singletary married Dexter Mintz.
Lilly Singletary married Henry Willets.
Mary Emma Singletary married John Gainey.
Linzie Singletary married          ?
George Singletary died single.

Caroline Simmons and 2nd husband Bill Gainey's familv, 1 daughter,
Eliza Gainey married      ?

Maulsey Simmons and husband Llewellyn Leonard's family, children;
Mary Lee Leonard married Nelson Hewett.
Lilly Leonard married Dick Gray, large family.

Amanda Simmons Sellers and husband Lorenzi Sellers' family, see Kelly
Sellers' family.

Asbury Simmons and wife Lydia Hewett Simmons family children:
Maulsey Simmons married William Clemmons died at 20 years 2 babies also
with diphtheria.
Nanny Simmons married Bob Stanley.
Tom Simmons married Roena Lennon.
Ella Simmons married Elwell Long.

Nannie Simmons and husband Bob Stanley. 1 daughter, Annie Stanley married
Charlie Melvin.

Elizabeth Simmons and husband Jehu Sermons' family, children:
Kizzie Sermons married Dudley Jones.
Jehu Sermons married 1st Lilly Sellers, 2nd Rebecca Sellers.
John Sermons died single.

Jehu Sermons and wife's family, see W. Riley Sellers' family.

Descendants of Abbie Holden Hewett and husband's family.

Wesley Holden and wife Beady Elvis Price Holden's family, children:
Sam Holden married Josephine Hewett.
Delanie Holden married Ephriam Swain.
Lois Holden married Randall Hewett.
Henry Holden married Tamer Hewett.
Richard Holden killed in Civil War.
Winthrop Holden killed in Civil War.

Millie Hewett and husband Lorenzi Hewett's family, children:
Mamie Hewett married Abram Danford.
Jim Hewett married Phenie Holden.
John Paul Hewett married Simi Dosher Hewett.

Henry Holden and wife Tamer Hewett Holden, one daughter
Rebecca Ann Holden married 1st John Henry Hewett, 2nd Arrell Hewett,
no children.

Lois Holden Hewett and husband Randall Hewett's family, children:
1 son, Alvie Hewett married 1st Lou Blanton, 2nd Goldie Hewett.

Alvie Hewett and wife Lou Blanton Hewett's family, children:
Annie Hewett married Bertie Davis.
Burleigh Hewett married Joseph Waller
Gordon Hewett married Alma Gray.
Maidie Hewett married Peter Hewett.
Dewey Hewett married Reba Robinson.
Erbin, Luzette, and Richard Hewett died young.

Children of Alvie Hewett and wife Goldie Hewett:
Chandler, Ruby, Rutherford Hewett

Lucretia Holden Clemmons and husband John Clemmons, see Louisa C. Sellers

Delanie Holden Swain and husband Aphriam Swain's family, see Amanda
Sellers Swain family.

Sam Holden and wife Josephine Hewett Holden's family, children:
Beady Holden married Haynes Clemmons II.
Minnie Holden married Jim Hardy Hewett.
Phenia Holden married Jim Hewett.
Bessie Holden married John D. Evans.
Retha Holden married Clarence Cumbee.
Richard Holden married Dora Dilsaver.
Everett Holden married Jane Long.
Rockwell married Kate Clemmons.

Annie Hewett and husband Jeremiah Hewett's family. children:
Harriett Hewett married Kelly Sellers.
Jefferson Hewett married Nancy Danford.
Dudley Hewett married 1st Alice Sellers, 2nd Mary Kirby.
Maranzi Hewett married Bill Henry Rabon.
Saphira Hewett married (Bill) William Clemmons.
Robert Hewett married Mary Jane Russ.
Martha Ann Hewett married Lorenzi Hewett (Millie).
Eliza Hewett mother of Lilly Hewett, Tom Hewett's wife.
Clementine Hewett married Washington Sellers.

Becky Holden and husband Nathaniel Hewett's family. children:
George Holden married 1st Caroline Caison, 2nd Nancy Hewett, 3rd Lizzie
Amanda Jane Hewett married Bill Henry Rabon, 2nd wife.
John Coleredge Hewett married Sarah Simmons.
Alvanie Hewett died single.
Lizzie Ann Hewett died single.

George Holden and 1st wife's family, children:
Pinkney Holden married, 1st George Henry Hewett, 2nd Haywood Clemmons.
Jessie Holden married 1st Evie Lewis, 2nd Olivia Hewett. 3rd Rosie Clemmons.
Willie H. Holden married 1st Glenn Lewis, 2nd Ruby Hewett.
George Holden and wife Lizzie Phelps Holden's family, children:
Lottie Holden married John Robinson, 2nd wife.
Martha Holden married John Clemmons.
Mary Holden married Roney Hewett.
Linnie Holden married John Robinson, 1st wife.
Lydia Holden married Clyde Hewett.
Carrie Holden married Fitchue Lovett.
Gordon Holden married 1st Lilly Phelps, 2nd Grace Hewett.

John Coleredge Hewett and wife Sarah Simmons Hewett's family, children:
Lettie Hewett married John Isaac Hewett, son Sidney Hewett.
Kate Hewett married Asa Johnston.

Pinkney Holden and 1st husband George Henry Hewett's family, children
Rosalie Hewett married Raleigh Hewett.
Pearl Hewett married Archie Evans.
Ethel Hewett married Covington Hewett.
Carrie Hewett married Charlie Hewett.
Bertie Hewett married 1st Robert Lee Hewett, 2nd Claud Turner.
Lovie Hewett married Napolian Benton.

Pinkney Holden Hewett and 2nd husband Haywood Clemmons' family, see Louisa
Clemmons Sellers relatives.

Richard Holden and wife Dora Dilsaver Holden's family, children:
Bonnie Holden married Snowd W. Lancaster, see Elisha Sellers family,
Odessa Holden married Dempsey L. Hewett, see Kelly Sellers family,
Theodore Holden married Verta Mae Faircloth.
Juanita Holden married Lawson Long.
Shirley Holden married Sherwood Simmons.
Sidney Holden married Cindy Evans.
Richard W. Holden married Betty Kennimer.
Kenneth Holden married Alene Smith.
Eldredge Holden married Louise Schuck.
Dora O'Neil Holden married Ray Calhoun.
Nelva Holden married Linwood Brown.
Patricia Holden married Stanley John Moczulski.

Bessie Holden Evans and husband John Evans' family, children:
Lula Evans married Elder Hewett.
Lloyd Evans married Janie        ?
Virginia Evans married Sidney Hewett.
Cecil Evans married Marvin Fulford.
Ralph Evans married Kitty       ?
J. Herbert Evans married Elizabeth Lovett.
Isaleen Evans married Jenkins Robinson.
Elberta Evans married Charles Faircloth
Del Margaret Evans married Remernt Cook.
Doris Evans married Harold Thompson.
Susie Evans married Robert Buckham.

Brothers and Sisters, Half-Brothers and Sisters of Louisa Clemmons
Sellers, wife of William Riley Sellers, daughter of Tim Clemmons and
wife Mary Caison Clemmons.

Brothers and sisters:
Sally married Anthony Arnold, born 1817, died Aug. 11, 1861.
Patsey married Julius Hewett, born March 18, 1817, died Feb. 8 1893.
Betsey married (Jeems) James Hewett.
Jane married Haynes Clemmons.
Ellie married Joel Rabon.
Hannah married Lewis Simmons.
Mary married Joel Phelps.
Cilla married Uriah Hewett.
Mary Jane married Jim Cheers.
George married Katherine Ann Gause ( Kitty Ann ) .
John married Lucretia Holden. William
(Bill) married Saphira Hewett..

George Clemmons and wife Kitty Ann Stanley Clemmons' family, children:
Lockwood Clemmons married Lundy Lewis.
Dunbar Clemmons married Malissa Arnold.
Davis Clemmons married 1st Kitsey Ann Clemmons, 2nd Erma Edwards.
Jim Henry Clemmons married Elizabeth Evans.
Tom Clemmons married Rosa Sellers, 2nd Ida Sellers.
Lana Baxter Clemmons married Tessie Hickman.
Ben Clemmons married Leona Holden,
Washington Clemmons married Alwilda Cumbee.
Lydia Ann Clemmons married Ephriam Holden.
Roena Clemmons married John Clemmons.
Mary Emma Clemmons married Charles Henry Sellers.

John Clemmons and wife Lucretia Holden Clemmons' family, children:
John Thomas Clemmons married Glennie Blanton.
Norwood Clemmons married Bell Sellers.
Mary Clemmons married Hedrick Phelps.
Emma Clemmons married Coy Hewett.

John Thomas Clemmons and wife Glennie Blanton Clemmons' family, children:
Carl Clemmons married Ida Brown.
Bartley Clemmons married Ella Brown
Taft Clemmons married Ruby Cumbee.

Norwood Clemmons and wife Bell Sellers Clemmons' family, children:
Lilly Clemmons married Lawrence Robinson, daughter
Martha Gray married Fred Matthews.
Cretia Clemmons married Floyd Evans.
Vera Clemmons married Clyde Simmons.
Opie Clemmons married Earl Sellers, see Sellers family.

Mary Clemmons Phelps and husband Hedrick Phelps' family, children:
Lester Phelps married 1st Emma Skipper, 2nd Virginia Williams.
Preston Phelps married Georgianna Lewis.
Adrian Phelps married Talitha Rabon
Bascom Phelps married Evelyn Turner.
Florence Phelps died at 14 years old.

Carl Clemmons and wife Ida Brown Clemmons' family, children:
Clifton Clemmons married Lyda Galloway, daughter, Lois Clemmons.
Zora Clemmons married John Kostrub, son John Kostrub Jr.
Hugh Clemmons married Louberta Hewett see Lancaster family.
Jimmy Clemmons married Phoebe Benton, son.
Mary Lee Clemmons married Edgar E. Sellers, see Sellers family.
Harold Clemmons married       ? Bobby Clemmons married           ?

Taft Clemmons and wife Ruby Cumbee Clemmons' family, children.
Thelma Clemmons married Bryant Henry.
Margie Clemmons married.

Bartley Clemmons and wife Ella Brown Clemmons' family, children:
Darnell Clemmons married Billy Brown, children: Billy, Lynda.
Dallas Clemmons married Charles Tatum, sons, Robert and Richard Tatum.
Jacky Clemmons married          ?

Cretia Clemmons Evans and husband Floyd Evans' family. see W. Riley Sellers

Vera Clemmons and husband Clyde Simmons' family, children:
Rudolph Simmons married Mary Emma Fulford.
Deo Simmons married Mary Virginia Clemmons.
Gladdys Simmons married       ?

Emma Clemmons Hewett and husband Coy Hewett's family, children:
Johnny Hewett married Eliza Danford.
Hobson Hewett married Viola Hewett, no children.
Dillard and Addie Hewett single.

Johnny Hewett and wife Eliza Danford Hewett's family, Children:
Mary Lou Hewett married Lenox Long.
Mina Hewett married Junior Smith.
Craven, Boyce and Nelda Hewett.

Mary Emma Clemmons Sellers and husband Charles H. Sellers family see
William Riley Sellers family.

Jim Henry Clemmons and wife Elizabeth Evans Clemmons' family. children:
Rebecca Ann Clemmons married Bill Fulford
Mollie Clemmons married Ephriam Cumbee.

Dunbar Clemmons and wife Malissa Arnold Clemmons' family, children:
Daughtridge Clemmons married 1st Florence Reynolds, 2nd  Lena Haar Spencer.
Horace Clemmons married Margaret      ?
Garfield Clemmons married Minnie Holden.
Lucy Clemmons married David Wigner.
Bessie Clemmons married Zade Williams.
Hinton Clemmons married Ina        ?

Lydia Ann Clemmons Holden and husband Ephriam Holden's family. 1 daughter

Clara Holden married Tom Davis, no children.

Ben Clemmons and wife Leona Holden Clemmons' family, children:
Vera Clemmons married Sam Privett, son Benny Privett.
Mae Clemmons married Connie Lupton, daughter, Mary Elizabeth Lupton.
Etta Clemmons married Floyd Henry.
Ioda Clemmons married Willie Miles
Orena Clemmons married Willie Henry.
Benny Clemmons married Berta Futch.

Baxter Clemmons and v if e Jessie Hickman Clemmons' family children:
Buleah Clemmons married John Thompson.
Dorothy Clemmons married Willie Brown.
Lillian Clemmons married Willie Hewett.
Ruth Clemmons married Wyman Joy.
Hortense Clemmons married Charlie Hewett.
Edna Clemmons married Oscar Williams.
Zadie Clemmons married George Talmage.
Lofton Clemmons married Lena Clemmons.

Lockwood Clemmons and wife Lundy Lewis Clemmons' family, children:
Thurston Clemmons married Lena Danford.
Ralph Clemmons married Dorothy Kirby.
Catherine Clemmons married Joe Vaught.
Jewell Clemmons married Cleveland Swain.
Myrtle Clemmons married 1st Claud Swain, 2nd John Cox.
Dewey Clemmons married Marie Todd.
Allard Clemmons married Hope     ?
Viola Clemmons married 1st Ellis Troxler, 2nd            Moore.
Eloise Clemmons married       ?
Everett Clemmons married Vaden         ?
Quincey Clemmons married Annie      ?
Carrie Clemmons married       ?

Roena Clemmons and husband John Clemmons' family, children:
Lloyd Clemmons married Grace Clemmons.
Covie Clemmons married Ellen Beck.
Empie Clemmons died single.

Patsie Clemmons Hewett and husband Julius Hewett, no children,
Patsie died soon after marriage.

Davis Clemmons and 1st wife Kitsey Clemmons' family, children:
Lettie Clemmons married Tom Brown.
Julius Clemmons married Rhoda Phelps, daughters, Helen and Evelyn Clemmons.
Elwood Clemmons, married Georgia Mae Arnold, no children.
Riley Clemmons married Ruby Clemmons, daughter, Kathleen married Albert
Letha Clemmons married Oscar Sellers, see Burgwin Sellers family.
Ophelia Clemmons married Wilson Smith Olivia Clemmons married Orren Smith.

Davis Clemmons and 2nd wife Erma Edwards Clemmons 1 daughter.
Viva Clemmons married Alvie Lewis.

John Clemmons and 2nd wife (Doll) Ethel Hewett Clemmons' family, children:
Willie Clemmons married Betty Wigner
Alvin Clemmons married Margaret Williams
Lena Clemmons married Lofton Clemmons.
Ida Ruth Clemmons married John Ray, children:
Sylvia Ann and David Wayne
Ozalia Clemmons married Albert Phelps,
Albert Clemmons married     ?
Letriss Clemmons married Clayton McDowell.

William (Bill) Clemmons and wife Saphira Hewett Clemmons' family children:
Becky Clemmons married Daniel Hewett
Nathan Clemmons married Maggie Williams.
Ann Clemmons married John Cheers Hewett
Sarah Clemmons married Robinson          ? McDowell      ? Clator       ?
Becky Clemmons Hewett and husband Daniel Hewett's family, children:
Emma Hewett married Hosea Long.
Daniel Hewett married Lilly Sullivan.
Ethel (Doll) Hewett married John Clemmons.
Bill Hewett married Lula Sullivan.
David Hewett married 1st Buleah Flowers, 2nd Annie Mae Sullivan.
Herbert Hewett married Edna Lewis.
Buleah Hewett married Pearl Cullom.
Alice Hewett married John Ballard.

Sarah Clemmons and husband's family, children:
Lewis Robinson married Ellie Hewett.
John Robinson married 1st Linnie Holden, 2nd Lottie Holden.
Fred McDowell married Stella Hewett.
Joe McDowell married Lyda Clemmons.
William McDowell married Amanda Hewett.

Ann Clemmons and husband John Cheers Hewett's family, children:
Vance Hewett married     ?
Evelyn Hewett married       Cribb?

Nathan Clemmons and wife Maggie Williams Clemmons' family, children:
Lewis Neil Clemmons married Mattie Hall, 5 children 5 grandchildren.
Stella M. Clemmons married Dan Barton, 2 children, 5 grandchildren.
William E. Clemmons married Ruth Eaton, 8 children, 7 grandchildren.
Nathan C. Clemmons married Gussie McClan, 2 children 1 grandchild.
Mary Clemmons married John Clark Smith, 3 children, 8 grandchildren.
Daisy Clemmons married Willie Wolf, 4 children, 4 grandchildren.
Woodrow Clemmons married Grace       ?
Julian Clemmons married Ruth       ?
Robby Clemmons married 1st Helen       ? 2nd Eleen       ?
Louise Clemmons married William Chandler, 1 child.

Lewis Robinson and wife Ellie Hewett Robinson's family, children:
Zettie Robinson married Clarence Simmons.
Lilly Robinson married Rob Galloway.
O'Dee Robinson married Adrian Long.
Vuena Robinson married John Newman Lancaster Jr.
Letha Robinson married Edgar Caison.
Novie Robinson married Harry Galloway.
Vance Robinson married Annie Smith.
John B. Robinson married Effie Galloway.
Taft Robinson single.
Sally and husband Anthony Arnold's family, children:
Dempsey Arnold married Susan Davis.
Malissa Arnold married John White.
Drusilla Arnold married Alex Simmons.
Kizzie Arnold married Charles Brown.
Mary Arnold married William Phelps.
Betsey Arnold married Ned Hewett.

Dempsey Arnold and wife Susan Davis Arnold's family, children:
Malissa Arnold married Dunbar Clemmons.
Mamie Arnold married Meadway Hewett.
Lizzie Arnold married Jesse Robinson.
Jabe Arnold married 1st Georgia White, 2nd Bera Frink.
Mack Arnold died single. also Starling, Oliver and Carrie Arnold died

Drusilla Arnold Simmons and husband Alex Simmons' family, children:
Willard Simmons married Maggie Willets.
Oliver Simmons married Roxanie Sellers, see Kelly Sellers family.
Fanny Simmons married John P. Hewett.
Mary Simmons married 1st Marsden Mooney, 2nd Michael Royal.
Dallas Simmons married 1st Joel Phelps III, 2nd Eudoris Holden.

Dallas Simmons Phelps and husband Joel Phelps, 1 son, Albert Phelps.
Albert Phelps married Elizabeth Piggott, 2 sons, 1 daughter. sons:
Linwood Phelps married Edna Hewett 7 children.
Raleigh Phelps married Eunice Chadwick, daughter, Ruby.
Addie Phelps married Clyde Platt.

Betsy Arnold Hewett and husband Ned Hewett's family. children:
Amanda Hewett married Henry Hewett.
Mary Ann Hewett married Samuel Phelps.
Ephriam Hewett married Eliza Jane Rabon.

Kizzie Arnold Brown and husband Charles Brown's family, children:
Aaron Brown married Maud Holden.
Gilbert Brown married Minnie Stallings.
Ida Brown married John J. Hewett.
Ann Marie Brown married S. Peter Sellers.
Dora Brown married John McDowell.
Kate Brown married John Stokely.
Rilla Brown died single.

Malissa Arnold White and husband John White's family. Children:
Mary Alice White married Allen Milliken.
Bell White married John Stanley.
Ann White married Bill Gore
Janie White married Bascom Stanley.
George White married       ?
Martin White married       ?
Grant White married Lettie Jones.
Henry Tom White died single.

Mary Arnold Phelps and husband William Phelps' family, children:
Susan Phelps married Jim Reynolds.
Lizzie Phelps married George Holden.
George Ray Phelps married Tina Hewett
Sam Wright Phelps married Cornelia Holden.
Henry T. Phelps married Eddie Bellamy.
Vance Phelps married Olive Simmons.
Hedrick Phelps married Mary Clemmons.
Dixon Phelps married     ?
Rebecka Phelps married       ?
Maggie Phelps single.

Fanny Simmons Hewett and husband John P. Hewett's family, children:
Olivia Hewett married 1st Gilford Hewett, 2nd Jesse Holden.
Harry Hewett married Elnora Sellers.
Tilman Hewett married Annie Stanley.
Braddy Hewett married Annie McRoy
Bessie Hewett married Starling Hewett.
Effie Hewett married Murphy Hewett.
Janie Hewett married Julius Hewett.
Victoria Hewett died single.
Mary Clemmons Phelps and husband Joel Phelps' family, children:
Samuel Phelps married Mary Ann Hewett.
William Phelps married Mary Arnold.
Jacob Phelps married Maulsey Caison.
Tim Phelps married Rebecka Hewett.
Joel Phelps III married Virginia Dallas Simmons.
Joseph and Jane Phelps died single.

Jane Clemmons and husband Haynes Clemmons' family, children:
Haynes Clemmons Jr. married Beady Holden.
Charlie Clemmons married Ellie Hewett.
Sam Clemmons married Dona Sellers.
Frank Clemmons married Henrietta Hewett.
Haywood Clemmons married 1st Jane Hewett, 2nd Pinkney Holden Hewett.
Mary Clemmons died single.

Haynes Clemmons II and wife Beady Holden Hewett's family, children:
Lawrence Clemmons married Ruby Holden.
Rosie Clemmons married Jesse Holden.
Cora Clemmons married Dennis Hewett.
Thelma Clemmons married John McCall.
Olen Clemmons married Martha Cheers.
Sprunt Clemmons married 1st Lucile Clemmons, 2nd Ruby Hewett.
Enoch Clemmons married Opal Rhodes
Alton Clemmons married Delma Clemmons.

Haywood Clemmons and 1st wife Jane Hewett Clemmons' family, children:
Lee Clemmons married Lizzie Hogan.
Kate Clemmons married Bill Reedy.

Haywood Clemmons and 2nd wife's family, children:
Linnie Clemmons married Andrew Hogan.
Gladys married Floyd Hewett.

Charlie Clemmons and wife Ellie Hewett Clemmons' family, children:
Melvin Clemmons married Dorothy Hewett.
Janie Clemmons married Morton Holden.

Sam Clemmons and wife Dona Sellers Clemmons' family, see Kelly Sellers

Frank Clemmons and wife Henrietta Hewett Clemmons' family, children:
Mary Clemmons married Frank Potter.
Albert Clemmons married Lula Hewett
George Clemmons married Vic Hewett.
John Clemmons married 1st Martha Holden, 2nd Ruth McCall.
Evvie Clemmons married Albert Hewett.

Mary Simmons and husband Marsden Mooney's family, children:
Mayham G. Mooney married Mary Royal.
Roseman Mooney married Gertie Frink.
Elmer Mooney married Clausie Lee Phelps.
Mae Mooney married Rob Cumbee.
Oleta Mooney married 1st Willie Clemmons, 2nd Woodyard.
Lovie Mooney single. Twins infants died.

Willard Simmons and wife Maggie Willets Simmons' family, children:
Harry Simmons married Leona Willets.
Clyde Simmons married 1st Sudie Phelps, 2nd Vera Clemmons.
Chancey Simmons married Elizabeth Evans.
Willard Simmons married Docia Reynolds.
Ruth Simmons married Daniel Caison.

Henry Hewett and wife Amanda Hewett's family, children:
Daniel Hewett married Arminta Cumbee.
Coy Hewett married Emma Clemmons.
Charlie Hewett married Cornelia Milliken.
Isaam Hewett married Gertie Hewett.
Goodman Hewett married Elneda Hewett.
Lizzie Hewett married Jim Simmons.
Sarah A. Hewett married Robert Cheers.
Maulsey Hewett married Rufus McCall.
Simi Dosher married John Paul Hewett.

Emma Jane Hewett and husband Ephriam Hewett's family, children:
Nancy Hewett married George Holden, sons: George and Jesse Holden.

Mary Ann Hewett Phelps and husband Sam Phelps' family, children:
Sam E. Phelps married 1st Amanda Sellers, 2nd Effie Williams.
William Phelps married Dora Sellers, see Kelly Sellers family.
Becky Ann Phelps married Oliver Paton Holden.
Lucian Phelps married Ada Sellers, see Kelly Sellers family.
Bob W. Phelps married Naomi Hewett.

Sam E. Phelps and Amanda Sellers family, see W. Riley Sellers' family.

Jabe Arnold and wife Georgia White Arnold's family, children:
Wilson Arnold married Annie Inman, son, Thomas Arnold.
Charlie Arnold married Musette Wilkerson.
Georgia Mae Arnold married Elwood Clemmons.

Jabe Arnold and 2nd wife Bera Frink Arnold's family, children:
Bera Elizabeth Arnold married Hiram T. Sellers.
Armilda Arnold married Layfette Inman.
Kerman Arnold married Mary Ivey.
Henderson Arnold married Lynn Smith.

Lizzie Arnold Robinson and husband Jesse Robinson's family. Children:
Cromwell Robinson married Ruth Roach.
Vara Robinson married Murdic Sermons.
Mary Robinson married John Shytle.
Beatrice Robinson married Dorsey Williams.
Olinda Robinson married G. V. Thompkins.
Irene Robinson married Ken Milliken.
Stetson Robinson married Ada Mae Gore.
Boyd Robinson married Esther Prevatt.
Delma Robinson married Clarence Varnum.

Ellie Clemmons and husband Joel Rabon's family, children:
Bill Henry Rabon married 1st Maranzi Hewett 2nd Amanda Jane Hewett.
Tamer Rabon married Henry Holden.
Eliza Jane Rabon married Ephriam Hewett.
Tom Rabon married Em Hewett.

Hannah Clemmons and husband Lewis Simmons' family, children:
Lewis Simmons. II married Georgianna Gainey.
Riley Simmons married Julia Sellers.
Charley Simmons married Lilly Douglas.
Anson Simmons married Becky Gainey.
Viola Simmons married Alonza Willets
Viola died at 90 years old. Oct. 1957,
Caroline Simmons married 1st Jim Singletary.
2nd Bill Gainey. For their families. see Peggy and Ben Simmons'

Cilla Clemmons and husband Uriah Hewett's family, children
Isaac G. Hewett married Lydianna Cheers.
Annie Hewett married Jim Walker Hewett.
Henry Hewett married Amanda Hewett.
Stephen Hewett married 1st Mary Clemmons. 2nd Sylvania McCall.
Lexious Hewett married Elizabeth Peterson.
Edie Hewett married Joe Hewett.
Rebecka Hewett married Tim Phelps.
Dred Hewett died young.

Lexious Hewett and wife Elizabeth Peterson Hewett's family, children:
John Lexious Hewett married Callie Caison.
Dempsey Hewett married Becky Hewett.
Emma Jane Hewett married Marshall Nance.

Meadway Hewett married 1st Mamie Arnold, 2nd Fanny Bellamy.

Edie Hewett and husband Joe Hewett s family children:
Georgianna Hewett married George Holden.
Bob Hewett married Lizina Robinson. son, Gilford married Olivia Hewett.
John Hewett married Fanny Simmons.

Stephen Hewett and 1st wife Mary Clemmons and 2nd wife Sylvania McCall's
family. children:
David Hewett married Alice McCal1.
Jim Hardy Hewett married Minnie Holden.
Ellie Hewett married Charlie Clemmons.
Mary Hewett married Jim Thomas Hewett.
Dunbar Hewett died single.

Jim Walker Hewett, son of Jeems Hewett and Betsey Clemmons Hewett,
married Annie Hewett. children:
Julius Hewett married Janie Hewett.
Dennis Hewett married Cora Clemmons.
Horry Hewett married Vera Ludlum.
Gaston Hewett married Vera Holden.
Vic Hewett married George Clemmons.
Becky and Valla Hewett died young.

Georgianna Hewett Holden and husband George Holden's family, children:
Nancy Holden married Daive Clemmons.
Maud Holden married Aaron Brown.
Cornelia Holden married Sam Wright Phelps.
Florry Holden married Lee Galloway.
Rosie Holden married Willard Varnum.
Richard Holden married Zadie Rabon.
Frank Holden married Dewey Clemmons.
Georgianna Holden died single.

Nancy Holden Clemmons and husband Davie Clemmons' family. children:
Bartley Clemmons married Nancy Hewett.
Eddy Clemmons married 1st Sarah Reeves, 2nd Lizzie Reeves, no children.
Erman Clemmons married Lonnie Varnum.
Ada Clemmons married John Fulbright, daughter, Marie, married Obbie Holden.
Jesse Clemmons married Kate Hewett.
Lillie Clemmons married J. Herbert Royal.
Clarence Clemmons married Hazel Milliken.

Maud Holden Brown and husband Aaron Brown's family, children: Ida Brown married Carl Clemmons. Ronie Brown married Herman Arnold, son, Willie Lee Arnold. Ella Brown married Bartley Clemmons. Herbert Brown married Lillie Hewett. Jesse Brown married Blanche Galloway. Almond Brown married Evaline Hewett. Elneda Brown married Derlee Bowens. Harvey Brown single.

Information on others in family, not available.

David Hewett and wife Alice McCall Hewett's family, children:
John Paul Hewett married Lillie Chadwick.
Mary Hewett married Isaiah Fulford.
Elneda Hewett married Goodman Hewett.
Flossie Hewett marred Bryant Hewett
Willie Cross Hewett died in War Overseas.
Claud McCall Hewett Died in War Overseas. married Lundy Frink, son,
Claud Jr.
John Paul Hewett and wife Lillie Chadwick Hewett's family, children:
Wardie Mae Hewett married Lacy Lancaster, son, James Linwood Lancaster.
Max Hewett married Charlotte White, 2 sons.
Susie Hewett married Earl Jones, 3 children.
Juanita Hewett married Delmore Smith, 3 children.
Rob and Herbert Hewett.

Jim Thomas Hewett and wife Mary Ellen McCall Hewett's son,
Herman Hewett married Mollie Evans.

Isaac G. Hewett and Lydianna Cheers married Jan. 28, 1865.
Mary Jane Clemmons born April 25, 1822.
Isaac G. Hewett born Feb. 18, 1815.

Meadway Hewett and 1si wife Mamie Arnold Hewett's family, children:
Albert Hewett married Evie Clemmons.
Sebray Hewett married 1st Lilly Piggott, 2nd Lena Andrews.
Everett Hewett married Lilly Fulford.
Raleigh Hewett married Rosalie Hewett.
Mattie Hewett married Hendrix Phelps.

Meadway Hewett and 2nd wife Fanny Bellamy's family, children:
Waldo Hewett married Erbie McCall.
Roney Hewett married Mary Holden.
Agnes Hewett married Daily Robinson.
Lula Hewett married Albert Clemmons.
Linnie Hewett married 1st Elija Clemmons, 2nd Arthur Hewett.
Essie Hewett married Joseph Shaw.
Joseph Hewett.

Lydianna Cheers Hewett and husband Isaac G. Hewett's family, children:
Mary Hewett married David Fulford
Annie Hewett married Jim Walker Hewett.
Jim Thomas Hewett married Mary McCall.
Tooper Hewett married Florrie Lewis.
George Henry Hewett married Pinkney Holden.
John Isaac Hewett married Lettie Hewett.

Mary Hewett Fulford and husband David Fulford's family, children:
Rosie Fulford married Raymon Bellamy.
Lydia Fulford married Charles S. Hewett.
Gertie Fulford married Elbert Phelps.
Isaiah Fulford married Mary Hewett.
Henry Fulford married Lillian Holden.
Samuel Fulford married Mattie Hewett.
Lucian Fulford married 1st Lizzie Roach, 2nd Margaret Fulford.
Lela Fulford married Hoyle Varnum.
Della Fulford married Earl Piggott.
Ethel Fulford married Jesse Cheers.
Bessie Fulford married Everett Galloway.
Elneda Fulford married John Holden.
Cecil Fulford married Zettie Lou Long.

Mary Jane Clemmons Cheers and husband Jim Cheers' family, children:
Henry Cheers married Lude Evans.
John Cheers married Becky Ann Clemmons.
Lydianna Cheers married Isaac G. Hewett.
Elizabeth Cheers married John Hewett, 1st wife.
Gatsie Cheers married John Hewett, 2nd wife.

Elizabeth Cheers, 1st wife and Gatsie Cheers, 2nd wife of John Hewett,
Jim Allen Hewett married 1st Emma Jane Hewett, 2nd Sarah Jane Gainey.
Henrietta Hewett married Frank Clemmons.
Sam Peter Hewett married Alice Lewis.
Murdic Hewett married Ida Register
Willie Hewett married Nora Johnston.
Bridget Ann Hewett married Sonny Evans.
Nettie Hewett married Fred Gainey, son, John Gainey married Rhoda Robinson.
Viola Hewett married Jim W. Flowers.
Fletcher Hewett married 1st Stella Register, 2nd Amanda McCall.
Lucian Hewett drowned when a young man.

Jim Allen Hewett and wives' families, children:
Charlie Hewett married Oneda Chadwick.
Johnny Hewett married Mary Wescott Cox.
Lizzie Hewett married Wesley Johnston.
Evvie Hewett married Charlie Walton.
Lillie Hewett married Oscar Fulford.
Pearl Hewett married Troy Caison.
Allen Hewett died young.

Bridget Ann Hewett Evans and husband's family, children:
Archie Evans married Pearl Hewett,
John D. Evans married Bessie Holden.
Wesley Evans married Bertha Hewett.
Martha Evans married Henry Hewett.
Mollie Evans married Herman Hewett.
Willie Evans married Leah Danford.

Henry Cheers and wife Lude Evans Cheers' family, children:
Robert Cheers married Sarah Amanda Hewett.
Luther Cheers married Lonie Blanton.
Claud Cheers married Zell Hogan.
Joe Cheers married Minnie Milliken.
Mollie Cheers married 1st John Bozeman, 2nd Bill White.
Roney Cheers 1st Lena Gray, 2nd Madie White.
George Cheers married Ettie Mooney.

Washington Clemmons and wife Alwilda Cumbee Clemmons' family, children:
Esther Clemmons married Joe Singletary. 1 daughter.
George M. Clemmons married Lonie Todd.
Crayton Clemmons married Olivia Todd .

George M. Clemmons and wife Lonie Todd Clemmons' family, children:
David Clemmons married Kathleen Jones.
Beatrice Clemmons married Pete Lockett.
J. T. Clemmons married Katherine Hewett.
Alton Clemmons married Betty Lou Hewett.
Ed Willis Clemmons married Shirley Pridgen.
Robert Lee Clemmons married Vesta Mae Jones.

Crayton Clemmons and wife Olivia Todd Clemmons' family, children:
Barbara Ann, J. C. and Buddy Clemmons.

The Phelps family is so closely connected with my grandmother Sellers'
family, that I find it difficult to trace unless we pursue the Phelps
family further. This is the Phelps family as it begins in Brunswick
County though it is not complete, it can be easily traced further.

Joel Phelps I married Margaret Freeman, children:
Mary Phelps married Daniel Evans.
Betsey Phelps married       ? Hill, lived at Waccamaw.
James Phelps married      ? Hill, lived at Waccamaw.
Joel Phelps II married Mary Clemmons, sister of Louisa Clemmons Sellers.
Dorcas Phelps married mother of Lemuel Phelps.

Joel Phelps II and wife Mary Clemmons Phelps' family, children:
Samuel Phelps married Mary Ann Hewett.
William Phelps married Mary Arnold.
Jacob Phelps married Maulsey Caison.
Tim Phelps married Rebecka Hewett.
Joel Phelps III married Virginia Dallas Simmons, son, Albert, married
Elizabeth Tripp
Susan Phelps married Jim Reynolds.
Rebecka Phelps married      ?
Mary Phelps married Archie McNiel.
Joseph Phelps died single.
Jane Phelps died single.

Samuel Phelps I and wife Mary Ann Hewett Phelps' family, see Betsey Arnold
and Ned Hewett's family.

Jacob Phelps and wife Maulsey Caison Phelps' family, children:
Edward R. Phelps married Merlie Woodard, son, Ivan Phelps
Lula Phelps married Quincy Atkinson.
Mattie Phelps died single.

Tim Phelps and wife Rebecka Hewett Phelps' family children:
Caldonie Phelps married Bill Bellamy.
Lovie Phelps married Fulton Robinson.
Henry Early Phelps married Serelia Cumbee.
Rosalie Coyet Phelps died single.
Hendrix Phelps married Mattie Hewett.

Susan Phelps and husband Jim Reynolds' family, children:
Ada Phelps married Tine Ward, 1st wife.
Mary Phelps married Archie McNeil.
Idella Phelps married       ?
Irene Phelps married     ?

Caldonia Phelps Bellamy and husband Bill Bellamy's family, children:
William E. Bellamy married Ava Gray.
Raymon Bellamy married Rosie Fulford.
Ester Bellamy married Hobson Gray.
Ada Bellamy married John Fulford.

William Phelps and wife Mary Arnold Phelps' family, see Arnold family.
Joel Phelps II and V. Dallis Simmons' family, see Arnold family,
children of Linwood Phelps and wife Edna Hewett Phelps:
Jerry, Rebecka, Doris Ann Frances, Lane, James, David Phelps.

Lizzie Phelps and husband George Holden's family, children:
Lottie Holden married John Robinson, 2nd wife.
Martha Holden married John Clemmons.
Lydia Holden married Clyde Hewett.
Linnie Holden married John Robinson, 1st wife.
Carrie Holden married Fitchue Lovett.
Mary Holden married Ronie Hewett.
Willie H. Holden married 1st Glenn Lewis, 2nd Ruby Hewett.

Henry T. Phelps and wife Eddie Bellamy Phelps' family, children:
Rhoda Phelps married 1st Julius Clemmons, 2nd       ? Lewis.
Flaxie Phelps married Willie Mills.
Rosa Phelps married Leo Hewett.
Victoria Phelps married John Albert Norris.
Rexie Phelps died young.

Rebecka Phelps and husband's family, children:
Mary Phelps married Tom Hayes.
Bell Phelps married Jim Fowler.

George Ray Phelps and Tina Hewett Phelps' family, children:
Guthrie Phelps married Mary Norton.
Empie Phelps married Ethel Coble.

Rosie Phelps married James Ray Davis.
Robie Phelps married Ruby Leach.
Ballard Phelps married Ella King.
Melvin Phelps married Evelyn Shepherd.
Jessie Phelps married John Collins.
Macie Phelps married Norris Herman.
Gordon Phelps single.

Robie Phelps and wife Ruby Leach Phelps' family, children:
Dan E. Phelps married Alice Caison.
Evelyn Phelps married Sam E. Robinson.
Frances Phelps married Jack Cook.
Billy Phelps married Betty Fields
Lynda Phelps married     ? Long,
Jean and Charles H. Phelps.
Samuel E. Phelps and 1st wife family, see W. Riley Sellers family.

Samuel E. Phelps and 2nd wife Effie Williams Phelps' family, children:
Lilly Phelps married Gordon Holden.
Lottie Phelps married Jerome Long.
Grace Phelps married Herbert Coleman.
McNeil, Vernie Madeline, Emma and Lucile Phelps.

Rebecka Ann Phelps Holden and husband Oliver Paton Holden's family,
Edgar L. Holden married Woodie Long.
Elneda Holden married Jabe Sermons.
Murchison Holden married Mollie Gore.
Murdic Holden married Emma Parker.
Neil Holden married Gladis Russ.

Lemuel Phelps and wife Eliza Lewis Phelps' family, children:
George Phelps married Bertha Clemmons.
Joe Phelps married Gertie Simmons.
Bob Phelps married Janie Simmons.
Elizabeth Ann Phelps married J. Ray Sellers.
Rosie Phelps married Isaac Clemmons.
Jim Phelps married Mary Edwards
Molly Phelps married Hans Carrol daughter Velma Carrol married Ivory Lewis.

Rosie Phelps and husband Isaac Clemmons' family,. 1 daughter Oleta Clemmons
married Layton Bennett, no children.

George Phelps and wife Bertha Clemmons Phelps' family, children:
Vivian Phelps married Homer Phelps
Warren Phelps married Loraine Fernsides.
Lillian Phelps married Woodrow Batson.
Flossie Phelps married Jimmy Clemmons.
Charlie Phelps married Ethel       ?
Floyd H. Phelps married       ?
Cecil Phelps married Ruth Lee Grissett

Joe Phelps and wife Gertie Simmons Phelps' family, children:
Delmar Phelps married Orilla Ward.
Herman Phelps married Louise Atkinson, daughter, Lynda Phelps.
Talmage Phelps married Etheline Hewett.
Aldreth Phelps married Annie V. Russ.
Edward Phelps died young.
Elton Phelps single.

Elizabeth Ann Phelps Sellers and husband J Ray Sellers' family see Kelly
Sellers family.

Bob Phelps and Janie Simmons Phelps family children
Albert Phelps married Ozalia Clemmons.
Homer Phelps married Vivian Phelps.
Bonnie Phelps married Mary Clemmons.
Audie Phelps married Doris Marlow.
Coolige Phelps married Bobbie Maness.
Dorothy Phelps married Jimmy West.
Evelyn Phelps married Clarence Little.
Margaret Phelps married Jimmy McLoud.

Jim Phelps and wife Mary Edwards Phelps' family, They lived at Waccamaw.
Raymond Phelps married Smithie Cain.
Melvin Phelps married Pearl       ?
Ada Phelps married Charlie Hammonds.
Pearl Phelps married Jack Deaver.
Sidney, Ruth and Bessie Phelps.


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The Booklet is named "OUR FAMILY" and was written in 1957 by Leslie Berlyn
Sellers Lancaster b. January 5, 1893, Supply, NC - d. July 22,  1833 in
Supply, NC.  Buried in Galloway Cemetery, West, Supply,NC
William Riley Sellers was born March 18, 1833 - d July 19, 1908 in Supply, NC.
He is buried in Riley Sellers Cemetery off Turnpike Road, Supply, NC.
Louisa Clemmons, b. April 9, 1833, wife of William Riley is also buried in
the Riley Sellers Cemetery.
William Riley Sellers and Louisa Clemmons were paternal grandparents of
Leslie Berlyn Sellers Lancaster.

Her parents:  Elisha Sellers, Sr., b. July 1, 1869 -  d. April  7, 1935,
Southport, NC
                    Theodocia Vashti Stallings b. November 26, 1867 - died
                    NC.  Both are buried at Galloway Cemetery, West, Supply,

This is my family, William Riley and Louisa are my Great Grandparents.
Elisha and Theodocia are my paternal grandparents.
Elisha and Theodocia's youngest child, Odell Yates Sellers b. Feb 21, 1907 in
Supply, NC, d. Nov. 23, 1950 in Columbus County, NC, married Sarah Clementine
Hewett b. September 6, 1908 - d. March 9, 1976 in Wilmington, NC,, are my
parents.  Both are buried in Galloway Cemetery West, Supply, NC.

This booklet has a great deal of information but is very difficult to read
even when you are familiar with all the families!  Aunt Berlyn kept all this
information written down on a pad of paper and in 1957 she learned to type
and typed the information to have it printed.  Since this booklet covers my
paternal and maternal families,  I am trying to rework the booklet and put
it in proper order.  This is a work in progress and it is my hope to bring it
up through 2000.  This would cover about 200 years or more if I can prove the
earlier Sellers and Stallings families.  I have found some, not much, but
some incorrect information.  Our family is indebted to Aunt Berlyn for
keeping all this family information to pass on to us.

Anne Bracken