Becky Carden,

APRIL 21, 2003
I just joined the Sellers group a few minutes ago, as I've just received information in the mail, today, that I believe, I descend from a James Sellers, and his wife Charity!

This info came from a Bible, that belonged to a John M.?? Pearson  The date on the Bible, is 1822.

Some of the info in the Bible, lists the children of a James
Sellers, and his wife Charity, and the children that are listed are as follows:

Sarah born Dec. 12, 1782
Eunice, born, March 1, 1784
Micah, born, Jan. 12, 1786
Mary, b. looks to be, July 21, 1787

I believe I descend from the Eunice, who married a Pearson.

My GGGrandmother was a Clarissa Pearson, and she is also listed in this Bible, and she married a William Ward, and their son, James Micah Newton Ward, is also listed in it!

The other
Pearson children listed are:
Solomon b. 1803
Selathe E. b. 1808, she married a Samuel Burdette
Clarissa Pearson, b. 1807 married William Ward
James Sellers  b. 1810
Thomas b. 1812
Sarah, b. 1814

It is believed, my Clarissa Pearson, may have been born in Burke Co. N.C.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Becky Carden,

Hello Marie,
I saw a message you posted on the Sellers email group at rootsweb, and you mentioned a Eunice Person or Pearson. 
Do you know the name of the Pearson man, she married.
I believe I descend from her!
I received in the mail today, information from a family Bible, that belonged to a John Pearson, dated 1822, and it states that Eunice, was a Sellers, and her parents were a James and Charity Sellers.
I have that Eunice Sellers Pearson/Person, was born in 1784.
My GGGrandmother was a Clarissa Pearson, married to a William Ward, and I have info, that states her mother was a Uney, but believe this to be a nickname for Eunice.
I believe, Eunice had a brother by the name of Micah, and Clarissa Pearson, named one of her sons, James Micah Newton Pearson.
On Clarissa's tombstone, it states she was born in Burke Co. N.C.
Any help you might be able to give me, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Becky Carden,


BECKY, thanks.

THANK YOU for sharing.
 We Need a copy or Picture of these bible pages.
BUT, it does appear to connect to documents we have.

NEED, this info which you may have = SEND what you can.

Your/Our EUNICE SELLERS 1784? was  married to a PEARSON by/before 1826 (sister to Cain Sellers will posted below)

DID she stay in Burke Co, NC with her mother?
WHEN did she come to TN?
DID she join the TN church when her mother did?
WE may Not have extracted PEARSON names, sorry. Did You?

WHAT was her HUSBAND'S NAME = must be in bible?

WHEN and WHERE any of her kids born?
WHERE is ANY of this family in 1850?

WHERE is she in 1850?
NEED the WHEN and WHERE on ANYONE you know.

PLEASE share what you can.
Thank You. marie, iowa

Contributed by>

 Will of Cain Sellers

 Will of Cain Sellers - Roane Co. TN - October 1826
in the name of God Amen. I Cain Sellers of the County of Roane and the
 of Tennessee being very low Tho
 of as in perfect mind & memory calling into mind the Mortalities of life
 knowing that it is appointed once for
 all men to die, I do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament
 principally, and first of all I give and
 recommend my Soul into the hand of God who gave it, and my body I
 to the Earth to be buried in a
 decent Christian manner in the discretion of my Executors nothing
 but at the General Resurrection I
 shall receive the same by the mighty power of God, and as to my worldly
 Estate I give and dispose of the same in
 the following manner and form. Item, I will that all my Just Debts be
well  and Truly paid out of my Estate.
Item, I will to my loving brother William Sellers or heirs the sum of Five
Item, I will to my loving Sister
 Eunice Pearson
the sum of five Shillings.
Item, I will to my loving
brother  Mich Sellers, the sum of five Shillings.
 I will to my loving sister Mary Thompson the sum of Ten dollars in Trade
of  my Estate.
Item, I will to my loving
 brother James Sellers the sum of five shillings.
Item, I will to my loving  brother John Sellers the sum of Tenn
 dollars of cash.
Item, I will to my loving brother Isaiah Sellers have
all  the ballance of my Estate Except Ten
 dollars to Sampson Sellers in trade, the Balance of my Estate. I will
that  Isaiah Sellers shall have Including two
 tracts or parcels of land in the High Wassey District. One being a
preferance  that I bought of Jacob Helm.
The  other tract joining the said before named tract which sd. land I have
 employed Micah Sellers to enter lying in Ray
 County on the waters of Seiva. One tract whereon Jacob Helm now lives.
The  other joining sd. quarter, both
 tracts which contain Two hundred acres or more if that property Enter
moore  of sd. quarters of land. Also one
 horse, five head of cattle with other moveable property Including the
whole  of my Estate both real and moveable
 property, by him the said Isaiah Sellers to be freely possed & Injoy.
And I  do hereby disallow, Disannul and
revoke all and every other former Testaments, wills Legaries Bequeaths
and  Executors by me in any wise before
 named willed and bequeathed rattifying this and no other to be my last
will  and Testament. In witness whereof I
 have hereunto set my hand and seal this 13th day of June in the year One
 Thousand and eight hundred and
 twenty six - I appoint Isaiah Sellers and Capt. John Wilson Executors to
my  last will and Testament.
 Cain Sellers
 Signed Sealed and pronounced by The said Cain Sellers as his last
 will and Testament in the presence of,
 Jas. Dearmond    -   Holston Todd.

NEED  when and  where Clarissa Pearson was born and married =
NEED when and where any of her kids born and married =
AND went to.

Thanks for Sharing.
 marie, iowa

1850 =

MARCH 2006

I'll have to get my info out, to see who all of their children were.

I descend from their daughter, Eunice Sellers, who married a Charles Pearson.

The left Burke Co. N.C., and went to Fayette Co. Ga., and a terrible tragedy happened to Charles.

Their daughter, Clarrisa Pearson, married a William Ward, and Eunice, and Clarissa, and William, ended up in Randolph Co. Al.

Clarissa had a sister named Seletha? or something like that, and she married a Burdette, and they were also were in Fayette Co. Ga., and they ended up in Chambers Co. Al., which adjoins Randolph.

I also descend from the Burdette's, in Chambers Co. Al.

I'll have to see who the other children were, as its been awhile, since I looked at this group.

Becky []


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I'm talking about the James Sellers that was married to a Charity, and I believe were in Burke Co. N.C.

I think he's the one they say is the son of the Robert Sellers.

His daughter, Eunice that I descend from was born in in 1784.

I'm trying to find out all the names of their children, especially if they had a son named Sampson.

The Sampson was suppose to have been born about 1799.

Someone listed that the children for James and Chairty were:

1. Cain
2. Isaih
3. Eunice, mine
4. Mary
5. John
6. Micah
7. Sampson C.
8. William
9 James

I also have that they had a daughter Sarah, but she was not listed on here.

The name Newton seems to be very prominient in this family.

I looked and my Clarissa Pearson Ward, daughter of Eunice Sellers, and Charles Pearson, named one of her sons, James Micah Newton Ward!

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> Becky: Which James Sellers are you talking about? Is he the James
> Sellers, Jr. that came to Pike Co., AL about 1825 with his son, Joseph
> Sellers? What location is pertinent to your James Sellers and wife
> Charity? Thanks, Lynda Green
> Quoting Becky <>:
> > Hi everyone,
> > I haven't posted much lately, but I may have discovered some new
> >
> > I'll repeat my info again, in case some of you missed it or need to
> > refresh your memory.
> >
> > I descend from the James Sellers, and his wife Charity.
> >
> > Then, I descend from their daughter, Eunice Sellers, who married
> > Charles Pearson.
> >
> > I then descend from their daughter, Clarissa Pearson, who married
> > William Ward, in Fayette Co. Ga.
> >
> > What I would like to know is, does anyone know who all of the
> > children were for James Sellers and Charity?
> >
> > The info I have came from a Bible, and these are the one's that were
> >
> > Sarah, b. 1782
> > Eunice b. 1784
> > Micah b. 1786
> > Mary b. 1787
> >
> > These are all the children that I have for them.
> >
> > Does anyone know if they had a son named Sampson?
> >
> > I have been in touch with someone, and they state they descend from
> > a Sampson Sellers, who was the son of James and Charity.
> >
> > I'm wondering, if I'm missing some children for them?
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Becky Carden


BECKY, thanks for sharing. We have talked before.
HELP me on some questions here =

THE BIBLE = no info after 1787? Wonder why?
Someone died and someOne else continued later?
LAST record =

HOW did this BIBLE descend = Who had and went to who and who has now = Names and dates.= What is ALL info inside bible cover etc. Can you take a photo = use a camera up close and send to me and will share with our SELLERS members for ideas. I sometimes practice with a digital camera under bright lite and see what I have. Save and enlarge on photo program. OR perhaps someone has better experience?

IF someone sends you info on a child = SAMPSON = send cc to SELLERS. He is listed as an heir on Cain SELLERS will and quite possibly brother, just NOT proven in stone as the other kids are, which equals the kids you list below

IF someone sends you info on a child SARAH , send info to our SELLERS, several are working on these kids and can maybe help. These people/members can help clear up errors and keep them from spreading?

I don't show her, maybe died before Cain's will, etc.And perhaps, more info we don't have. Please send.

ON his (JAMES SELLERS) 1790 census he would HAVE 3 daus and one son per Bible info. Which census is he on?

1790 BURKE CO, NC= looks good
JAMES SELLERS -1 male over 16 = bef 1774 (died 1820 and some family to Roane, etc Co., Tn?, msh)
1male under 16 = 1774/1790
4 females (wife and 3 females before 1790, msh)
Which is one more female than we/I have AND not in Cain's will. Did she die OR marry and die before his will in 1826?

Others have worked on this family also and probably have more posted than I do. But, this is where you must start and continue on.

1800 = daughters may Not all be home? =
Micah Sellers 1786 should be?

Which one are we?
JAMES SELLARS, page 0794
Males 0- 9 - 2
Males 10-15 - 1 (is this Micah 1786?)
Males 26-44 - 1
Females 0- 9 - 4
Females 10-15 - 2
Females 26-44 - 1

JAMES SELLARS, page 0791
Males 0- 9 - 4
Males 10-15 - 2
Males 16-25 - 1 (this doesn't appear to be Micah 1786 , if same as 1790? Msh_ males 26-44 - 1
Females 10-15 - 2
Females 16-25 - 1
Females 26-44 - 1

What are we/me missing?
Ideas welcomed.

I started this a few days ago and just now sending!

Thanks, best wishes, marie, iowa