Sellers, Benjamin and Sellers, Philip

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I am looking for information on two seperate SELLERS families.

1)  Benjamin Sellers who lived in Edgecombe Co. North Carolina.
    He married a Sarah (possible last name Hickman).
    They had a daughter, Mary Penelope Sellers b. abt. 1747 in
    Edgecomge Co., NC She married Arthur Robbins in 1764 and died
    April 2, 1822 in Brunswick Co., NC

2)  Philip Sellers who married a Barbara.  They had a daughter named
    Catherine b. in Leigh Co., PA.  Catherine married Abraham Dirstine.

Any info on either of these families would be appreciated.

Becki Watters 

 BECKI, thanks, WE can use info on MARY PENELOPE SELLERS , dau of
We have a couple children of hers listing, but NO one has connected a
child to her-
HOPE you can link a child  and their  child and WHERE they went=
PLEASE send a small chart= names/ages, etc=

DERSTINE/DARSTINE's are something else-
show them in the BUCKS CO, PA history early -

PHILIP SELLERS dau Catherie married ABraham DERSTINE, but NO follow up
(I believe this family listed under BUCK CO,PA history, also)

YOUR child  connected---- WENT where/when=?

WE have a lot of PA interest,
but, we need these people to post info/census/history/FAMILY INFO  they
have ,
SO, others can connect to these families!
I may have census info to post - IF I know where they went-

BUT, probably need family info,(another child in this family )
brother/sister  /cousin=
a HISTORY in county they went to=
a WAR record in county they went to=

HELP us get started in a COUNTY/STATE with dates/names-

THANKS for sharing SELLERS, Becki
marie, iowa 

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             Watters <>
Here's what I know about this Sellers line.

Philip Sellers m. Barbara

They had a daughter Catherine Sellers who was the 2nd wife of Abraham
Dirstine.  Abraham was b. 1745 in Rockhill Twp, PA.  He died March 26,
1817 in Hilltown Twp., PA  They were married 1769

They had 14 children:

1) Maria: b. 1769
2) Sarah: b. Oct. 9, 1771 m. Valentine Thorman Jan. 9, 1804
3) Jacob: b. April 3, 1773 Rockhill Twp.  d. Aug. 25, 1825 Westmoreland
Co PA. m. Barbara Overholt 1798
4) Hannah: b. Jan. 12, 1775 Hilltown Twp. d. Aug. 27, 1848 m. Christian
Meyer May 5, 1799
5) Michael: b. July 11, 1776 Hilltown Twp. d May 27, 1841 Hilltown Twp.
m. Anna Rosenberger Nov. 12, 1807
6) Elizabeth: b. March 3, 1778 Hilltown Twp. d. Dec. 31, 1840 m. Jacob
7) Maria: b. April 21, 1780 Hilltown Twp. d. June 1853 Bedminster Twp.,
PA m David Hill Jan. 28, 1819
8) Catherine: b. may 16, 1782 Hilltown Twp., d. April 18, 1855 Hilltown
Twp. m HEnry Hunsberger
9) Agnes: b. Dec. 3, 1783 Hilltown Twp. d. young
10) Anna: b. Dec. 26, 1784 Hilltown Twp. d. June 6, 1847 m. Henry
Rosenberger April 16, 1805
11) Abraham: b. Dec. 16, 1787 Hilltown Twp. d. Dec. 11, 1853 Blenheim
Twp., Oxford Co, Ontario Canada m Maria Polly Rinker Jan. 3, 1815
12) Susanna: b. Nov. 11, 1789 Hilltown Twp. d. Sept. 24, 1861 Breslau,
Ontario Canada m Jacob Clemmens Aug. 21, 1810
13) Rachel: b. Nov. 15, 1791 Hilltown Twp., d. Dec. 3, 1864 Breslau,
Ontario, Canada m.Abraham Clemens May 19, 1812
14) Samuel: b. 1793 Hilltown Twp. d. young.

I do have info on the Dirstine line most of which is from a book
entitled "Our Father's Lamp and Mother's Light--Ten Generation of the
Dierstein Family in North America" by Joy Harris.

I do not know if her book is still available.  It was published in 1981.
I cannot quote her book her--it is copyrighted, but I would be willing
to look up a specific name for someone if they'd like.

Becki Watters

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             Watters <>

Here's what I have on Benjamin Sellers (this info has come from other
researchers, I have not verified it):

He died in 1761 in Edgecombe Co., North Carolina
He married Sarah Hickman (dtr of Nathaniel Hickman and Sarah). She died
abat. 1816 in Edgecombe Co. NC

They had seven children:
1) Elisha: b. bef. 1740 d. 1801 Brunswick Co., NC m 1st Sarah unk, 2nd
Mary Willits
2) Benjamin: b. bef. 1740 in Edgecombe Co NC d. 1817 Brunswick Co NC m.
1st Unk. Bryant, 2nd Letitia Unk.
3) Matthew: b. 1743 d. 1807 Livingston, KY m. Ann Corbett
4) Joel: b. abt. 1745 d. abt. 1780 m. Amelia
5) Jeconias:  b. abt. 1746 d. 1813
6) Mary Penelope: b. abt. 1747 in Edgecombe Co NC d. April 2, 1822 in
Brunswick Co., NC m. Arthur Robbins April 14, 1764
7) Simon:  b. abt. 1748 d. 1817 in Brunswick Co., NC m. Winney Baker

Mary Penelope and Arthur Robbins had 9 children:

1) Elizabeth: d. in Brunswick Co m. to Henry Willits
2) Arthur JR.: d. 1765 d. April 1, 1814 Brunswick Co NC m. Rebecca
3) Daniel
4) Jonathan: b. 1774
5) Penelope: b. 1783 m. Joel Reaves
6) Unk Female:  m. Michael Ward
7) Benjamin: b. 1765 Edgecombe Co., NC d. 1831 Cooswada, Autauga Co.,
Alabama. m. Sarah Wells 1788 in Brunswick Co
8) William Absolom: b. 1775 d. March 3, 1828 m. 1st Eliza Pridgen, 2nd
Drucella Murrell
9) Joel: b. 1790 d.Sept. 1821 Brunswick Co., NC m. Mary Reaves