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Subject: Reuben Barrett - South Carolina

Descendants of Reuben Barrett

1 Reuben Barrett b: Abt. 1755 d: 03 Mar 1814 in Greenville, SC
Burial: Tyger Baptist
Church Cem., Greenville Co., SC
. +Hannah ? b: Abt. 1764 d: Abt. 1811 Burial: Tyger Baptist Church
Cem., Greenville Co.,
..... 2 Mary (Polly) Barrett b: 13 May 1779 in VA or SC d: 12 Aug
1843 in Greenville Co.,
SC Burial: Tyger River Baptist Church Cem., Greenville Co.,
......... +David Jackson m: 05 Dec 1795 in Fredericksburg, VA b: 27
Jul 1773 in VA or
Scotland d: 04 Feb 1863 in Highland Township, Greenville
Co., SC
..... 2 John Barrett b: 1784 in SC d: Jul 1853 in Hall Co., GA

......... +Emily Rebecca Chastain m: Bef. 1809 Father: Abraham
Chastain d: Abt. 1809 in
..... *2nd Wife of John Barrett:
......... +Rebecca Stanton m: Aft. 1809 in SC Father: Christopher
Stanton Mother: Judith
Robinson b: 1785 d: May 1857
..... 2 Joseph Barrett b: 1784 in Greenville Dist., SC d: 1840 in
Neshoba Co., MS
......... +Amelia Unknown b: Abt. 1790 d: Bet. 1822 - Nov 1824 in
Tuscaloosa Co. AL
..... *2nd Wife of Joseph Barrett:
......... +Rutha Cabiness Moore m: 06 Nov 1826 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL
b: 1796 in VA d: 27
Jul 1855
..... 2 David Barrett b: 22 Feb 1786 in Greenville Dist., SC d: 10
Apr 1845 in Houston Co.,
TX Burial: Houston Co., TX
......... +Elizabeth Whitten m: 16 Aug 1807 in Greenville Dist., SC
b: 08 May 1789 in
Greenville Dist., SC d: Oct 1855 in Houston Co., TX
..... 2 Margaret (Peggy) Barrett b: 23 Sep 1788 in Greenville Co.,
SC d: 11 Feb 1859 in
Greenville Co., SC Burial: Tyger Baptist Church Cemetery,
Greenville Co., SC
......... +Henry Berry Prince m: Bef. 30 Nov 1821 Father: Henry Berry
Prince Mother: Janet
McAlhaney b: 18 Aug 1790 d: 22 Aug 1853 in Greenville
Co., SC Burial: Tyger
Baptist Church Cemetery, Greenville Co., SC
..... 2 Reuben Barrett b: 1793 in Greenville Dist., SC d: 14 Jan
1858 in Neshoba Co., MS
......... +Sarah (Sally) Miller m: Abt. 1810 b: 1798 in SC
..... 2 Nancy Sulur Barrett b: 1794 in Greenville Co., SC d: Aft.
......... +James Sellers m: Bef. 1810 in SC b: Bet. 1790 - 1800

..... 2 Hannah Barrett b: 1798 d: Abt. 1850 in MS
......... +Sudduth Toles m: 14 Jan 1827 in Tuscaloosa Co., AL
..... 2 Aurther Barrett b: 1798 in Greenville Co., SC d: 26 Jun
1874 in Neshoba Co., MS
Burial: Mt. Sinai Cemetery, Neshoba Co., MS
......... +Mary Caradine m: Abt. 1820 in Pendleton Dist., SC b: 1797
in SC d: Bef. 25 Jan
1878 in Neshoba Co., MS Burial: Mt. Sinai Cemetery,
Neshoba Co., MS
..... 2 William R. Barrett b: 1803 in Greenville Co., SC d: Bef.
1860 in Pickens Co., AL
......... +Nancy Berry m: 12 Oct 1825 in Tuscaloosa, AL b: 1796 in
GA d: in Pickens Co.,
..... 2 Prudence Plumley Barrett b: 1804 in Greenville Co., SC d:
Aft. 29 May 1866 in
Leake Co., MS Burial: Leake Co., MS
......... +William J. Ward m: Abt. 1826 in Greenville Co., SC b:
Abt. 1801 d: Aft. Aug 1850
Burial: Fryer Cemetery, Leake Co., MS
..... 2 Elizabeth Wilson Barrett b: 11 Jun 1806 in SC d: 21 Jun
1883 in Forsyth Co., GA
......... +Pendleton Isabell Hutchins m: 19 May 1830 in Hall Co., GA
b: 29 May 1811 in TN
d: 31 Mar 1881 in Forsyth Co., GA
*2nd Wife of Reuben Barrett:
. +Thompson Prince m: Jun 1813 Father: Henry Berry Prince Mother:
Janet McAlhaney
d: 29 Aug 1856 Burial: Tyger Baptist Church Cemetery, Greenville
Co., SC


The descendants of Reuben Barrett will have a reunion in Neshoba Co., MS
June 10-12, 2005. Please contact me for additional information

Jim Barrett
Bedford, TX
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Most of my research is on the descendants of Reuben's son John. Nancy
is in Reuben's will as Nancy Sulur, which I had read as first name
middle name, but I now believe it was first name married name, with the
married name misread. I'm looking at a typed copy I received from
Greenville Co., SC.

A source with additional information is
lers/nancybarrettsellers.html This is a LONG link and may require you
to copy and paste. It should end with .html. The woman who did this
page isn't active at this time, but it does provide some additional

If you have any additional information on this family I would like to
have a copy.


Jim Barrett
Bedford, TX


Last Will and Testament Of Reuben Barrett

In the name of God, amen, I Reuben Barrett of South Carolina, and Greenville District, being low in body, but of sound mind and memory; and calling to mind that all men have to die and after that to judgement, do make this my last will and testament, that is I first of all give my soul to God that give it to me, my body to be buried in Christian burial nothing doubting but that at the last day I shall receive it again by the mighty power of God. As to my worldly estate that God has pleased to bless me with in life. I give, bequeath and bestow in the following manner, first of all I give and have believer to my daughter, Peggy, her bed and furniture, and her saddle, two cows and calves, in the presence of my son Reuben; also, I give to my son Reuben, one horse colt, by the name Philip, and saddle; to Hannah, my daughter, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, and a fourteen dollar saddle to be bought for her when she marries or before if convenient; the balance of my estate, all my lands, three negros - by name - Dick, Paul and Lucia, my stock, household and kitchen furniture, wagon and gun, after my debts are paid, to be kept together on my land for the support of my two sons, Arthur and William and Prudence Plumblay and Betsy Wilson, my two youngest daughters and their education and when Betsy, my youngest daughter comes of age, all of the estate to be sold and divided amongst my loving children, except that they make a friendly divide amongst themselves, and that Arthur and William, my two youngest sons and Prudence P. Barrett and Betsy Willson Barrett my two youngest daughters, I give 50 dollars more in the divide than I do to Joseph Barrett, John Barrett, David Barrett and Reuben Barrett my other loving sons, as also fifty dollars more than my loving daughters Mary Jackson, Peggy Barrett, Nancy Sulur and Hannah Barrett, as I think they have received to that amount each or more, so it make the youngest children equel with them after they are raised and educated. I further that my brother Arthur Barrett and son of my sons will administrate this will annext to support it as witness my hand and seal this twenty fifth day of April 1812.

Aurthur Barrett, Caswell Barrett, Rebekah Barett {x-her mark} Reuben Barrett (Seal)

Recorded in Will Book A - Page 233

File 1 - File #44

Witness for probate 17 March 1814 - D. Goodlett (Seal)


Nancy Barrett Sellers

Nancy Barrett was born in 1794 in South Carolina to Reuben Barrett and his wife Hannah. She was already married by the time her father died in 1814 as she is mentioned in her Fathers will as Nancy Sulers, which we believe to be misspelled. Other records indicate that she was married to James Sellers.She is mentioned in court documents surrounding her fathers will as Nancy and David Sellers. David wrote a letter during this time to David Jackson his brother in law and hopefully I will be able to get a copy of this letter to put on this webpage.

In 1815 April 2, James Sellers recieved on his note at sale 2.00; Certified copy of First Years Returns of the Estate of Reuben Barrett dec. by David Barrett, Febu & Apl 1823 M. Choice; rEcorded in Book A. pg 34 & 35 the 17th Feb 1825 by M. Choice.

I checked the census for 1750 through 1820 in Greenville County, SC and did not find them. Supposably they moved to Henry County, GA. I did find a James Sellers there in 1830 Index # GAS3a1639244 pg 210 no township listed,and again in 1840 census pg 281 42nd district.

They are not listed in Henry County, GA in 1850 but did find a Nancy Sellers in Appling County in 1850 although I am not sure if it is her.

James Sellers was in the CSA Co. F. 11th batallion GA Vol Infantry Appling Rangers James M. Sellers, PVT March 4 1862 Transferred to Co F 47th Regiment GA Infantry on May 12, 1862. Roll for Oct 31, 1862 shows him present.; from Footprints in Appling Co.,GA page 90.

James Sellers along with several other men petitioned the court for their release from the local milita because they claimed to have been drafted illegally in the Confederate States Army of America. They were discharged from the said illegal confinement in Aug. 1863; Footprints in Appling Co.,GA page 78.

"They moved to Henry Co. Georgia, and in 1833 James wrote a scathing letter to David Jackson (husb of oldest sister Mary Barrett) concerning the division of the land that was left in the Reuben Barrett estate. " from Karen Hett

This is about all we know so far on the daughter of Reuben Barrett, Nancy Barrett Sellers. If you have any information on her descendants please contact Janet Barrett Walker , Karen Hett or Dina McBride.

I have never been able to find any descendants of Nancy Barrett Sellers, below information is what I have found and what has been sent to me from other Sellers Family Reseachers. I really need help from other Reuben Researchers to fill in this page, maybe together we can piece this family line together.

If you are a descendant of Nancy Barrett and James Sellers Please contact me we have been looking for you for a long time!

Nancy Barrett and James Sellers had these children:
Note: We have not found any children yet.


JIM, thank you Very Much.
may help .

Just a fast glance = I see
J. SALLORS,70SC, PAGE 297, 42ND DIST  (born ca 1780 SC)(Read his 1840/1860 census)
M. 68F SC (reread and see if M or N? msh) ck BARRETT family also, msh)
L. 26F SC (ca1824) = where 1860?
L. WRIGHT 17M GA (1833)

N. 23F GA
J.M.C. 1M GA

J. SELLARS,37SC, PAGE 281 42ND DIST (born ca 1813 SC)
S. 41F GA
S.A. 15M GA (ca1835 - is this Simon/Sin?)ck Ran Co, Al)
C.E. 12F GA
M.E.10F GA
O.A. 8F GA
H. 5 F GA
S. 2 M GA

T. 28F GA
M.J. 5F GA
S.C. 3F GA
M.A. 2F GA
We have an early James SELLERS here IN 1821/COURT records
We have a James SELLERS here in 1830 and a John SELLERS here in 1827.
Cherokee Land Lottery 1838
John Sellers
No. 304
26th District, Third Section, Cherokee
Residence: Loven's
County: Henry
1830 HENRY CO, GA= need ages!


the Civil War info doesn't seem to connect to his age/county, but, you have to check out all, as CW enlisted several areas.
We had several 1790? NC SELLERS in Appling that are Not proven to this area.YET

BUT, we may have HENRY CO, GA civil war =?
marie, iowa