Miles E. and Mary J. Sellers

I am at a deadend with the family listed below.  Miles E. and Mary J.
died sometime after 1880 and I have not been able to locate where.  I have
double checked census records for 1880 in IL and MO along with the
cemetery records in Pike Co IL and Gasconade Co MO and have not been able to locate

Family stories have it that Miles and Mary died about the same time due to
some type of epidemic.  Their daughter Anna survived and was sent back to
Pike Co IL to be raised by relatives.  Anna had said she remembered her
parents so I would presume she had to be at least 5 years old.  The
in Pike Co IL around 1880 were possibly Miles brothers as Anna had called
several of them her uncles.

Miles E. Sellers was born before 1852. Miles died about 1880 location

He married Mary J. Kinnamon in Pike Co IL, July 17, 1869. Mary was born
before 1852. Mary died about 1880 location unknown.

Miles E. Sellers and Mary J. Kinnamon had the following child:

Anna Lucretia Sellers was born in Herman, Gasconade, MO
04/16/1877. Anna died 12/29/1961 in Pittsfield, Pike, IL, at 84 years of
age. Her body was interred December 31, 1961 in New Canton, Pike,
IL, Shearer Cemetery. She married Francis "Frank" Phillip Saxbury in
Cincinnati, Pike Co, IL, August 16, 1896.  Francis was born in Cincinnati
Twp, Pike, IL March 27, 1869. He was the son of Benjamin Francis Saxbury
and Martha A. Brackley. Francis died November 3, 1934 in Cincinnati Twp, Pike,
IL, at 65 years of age. His body was interred November 1934 in New Canton, Pike, IL,
Shearer Cemetery.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Have a great evening,
Barbara Freeman

             Re: Miles E. and Mary J. Sellers


I am going to try to respond to some of your questions.  ;-)

<<IF YOU can't find in 1880 (YES, sometimes, we complete lose these
AND must follow their kids thru their states, etc
OR follow the Brothers/Sisters thro =>>

I have the line on their only known child - Anna Lucretia Sellers - as she
is my gg grandmother.  I have not yet determined who Miles parents were or
determined his siblings.  I must admit, my focus on the search has been in
trying to locate their last residence.

<<But, You have One child and Any Others in MO?>><<Did a  Child stayed in

Anna's birth in 1877 is the only event I have in MO for this family and
upon the death of her parents she was sent back to Pike Co, IL to be raised by
family members.  I have asked my grandfather on several occasions however
he does not know which family raised her.

<<There is a MARY J. KINNAMAN married 1869 PikeCo, Il to MILES E. SELLERS
ANY relation?>>

This is the marriage of my Miles and Mary Sellers.  They married July 17,
1869 in Pike Co IL.  I have a copy of their marriage license.

<<Need the 1850/60 CENSUS on this family - do you have, can you send ?
We have ( I believe only one township posted)>>

I have checked with and GenealogyLibrary and none show a
Miles Sellers.  I have not however, checked the actual census records in Pike Co
IL for 1850, 1860 or 1870.  I will do that Saturday at the State Historical
Society of Missouri.  I have also checked the actual soundex records in IL
and MO twice for the census year 1880 with no luck.

My thoughts on this is that Miles E. and Mary J. Sellers may not have had
any family members in the area they were residing when they died.  It seems to
me that if there were family members with them, one of them would have taken
Anna in instead of sending her back to Pike Co IL to be raised by family

Any other thoughts are always appreciated.

Have a great evening,
Barbara Freeman

BARBARA - Thanks! - some of Pike Co, IL seems to be connected to SCHUYLER
CO,IL from TN=

That is Why Birth Info is So Important and Census INfo= shows ages and
birth state-

            Wed, 26 Dec 2001 17:30:02 EST

It has been quite a while since I posted so I thought I would
throw a few names out there for you again.  Marie has the info set up on a
page somewhere and I am sure she will send the URL thru as soon as she reads

I am looking for Miles E. and Mary J. (Kinnamon) Sellers sometime
around 1880 with a child named Anna Lucretia.

Story behind this couple:
Miles and Mary were married Jul 1869 in Pike Co IL.  From there
they traveled to an unknown location and had Anna Lucretia in April of 1877**.
Oral history from Anna (my gg grandmother) to my grandfather has it
that Miles and Mary passed away around the same time from an epidemic or disease
and that Anna was sent back to Pike Co to live with other members of the
Sellers family.  Anna has stated that she remembered her parents so I
would think she must have been at least 5 years of age as most don't remember much
before that age.  I have yet to locate this family in an 1880 census.

**  The birthdate of April 1877 for Anna Lucretia Sellers is from
my grandmother submitted to LDS along with a birth location of
Gasconade Co, MO.  I have been unable to find anything to show
where my grandmother obtained this birthdate/location.

I am unable to find any further information on Miles and Mary
Sellers after their marriage and have exhausted all resources I can think of in
Pike Co IL and Gasconade Co MO to locate them.

If anyone runs across a stray Miles and Mary Sellers in this time
frame I would greatly appreciate it if you could drop me a note.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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MARY, thanks. A couple things you may want to work on =

 Census Place: Canaan, Gasconade, Missouri
 Source: FHL Film 1254686  National Archives Film T9-0686
Page 332C
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Davis SAWERS Self M M W 65 KY Occ: Farmer Fa: KY Mo: KY
David SAWERS Other M S W 31 MO Occ: Works On Farm Fa: KY Mo: KY
Nancy SAWERS Dau F S W 27 MO   Fa: KY Mo: KY
Anna CELLERS Other F S W 3 MO   Fa: IA Mo: IA

IF you find out Who/What this marriage is - advise
IF SHE was born in Hermann, etc. have we checked the
cemeteries or death records there?
14  50   50  SELLERS        MELISSA        45   F
 15  50   50  SELLERS        ANDREW         20   M
 16  50   50  SELLERS        LEROY          18   M
 17  50   50  SELLERS        GEORGE         15   M
 18  50   50  SELLERS        MARY           13   F
 19  50   50  SELLERS        ALBERT         8    M
 20  50   50  SELLERS        MELISSA        5    F
# This boy was named Miles Albert SELLERS
Most of these SELLERS were from TN to IL early.

I JUST found out my 1870 cd's won't work on my NT! that my
son set up for me!
I didn't check the 1880 census. But, I believe this boy
married someone else?
YOU did locate Mary and Miles original marriage certificate?
YOU checked for bondsmen?
YOUR page with links =
marie, iowa

           Re: Miles & Mary Sellers - Long!

                 Thu, 27 Dec 2001 20:41:54 EST

Thank you Marie!

I was able to find a little more information and thought I
had a plausible theory figured out but with what you sent now I am not so
sure.  Lets review the census I copied below and then I will detail my

What I was looking for was:
Miles E. Sellers (born before 1852)
Mary J. (Kinnamon) Sellers (born before 1852)
Anna Lucretia Sellers (born about 1877)

1880 Pike Co IL
Census Place:   Milton, Pike, Illinois [Actually this is
Martinsburg Twp, not Milton]
    Source: FHL Film 1254243  National Archives Film T9-0243
Page 528D

    Relation    Sex Marr    Race    Age Birthplace
Lucretia SELLERS    Self    F   W   W   55  OH  Occ:
Keeping House   Fa:
VT  Mo: OH
Curtis SELLERS  Son M   S   W   29  IL  Occ:    Laborer Fa:
OH  Mo: OH
Franklin SELLERS    Son M   S   W   27  IL  Occ:    Laborer
Fa: OH  Mo: OH
Park SELLERS    Son M   S   W   21  IL  Occ:    Laborer Fa:
OH  Mo: OH
King SELLERS    Son M   S   W   18  IL  Occ:    Laborer Fa:
OH  Mo: OH
Mary SELLERS    Dau F       W   14  IL  Occ:    At School
Fa: OH  Mo: OH
Mary SELLERS    GDau    F   S   W   11  IL  Occ:    At
School   Fa: OH  Mo: OH
Miles SELLERS   Son M   M   W   25  IN  Occ:    Farmer  Fa:
OH  Mo: OH


Census Place:   Barry, Pike, Illinois
    Source: FHL Film 1254242  National Archives Film T9-0242
Page 387D

    Relation    Sex Marr    Race    Age Birthplace
George SELLERS  Self    M   M   W   45  PA  Occ:    Farmer
Fa: PA  Mo: PA
Sarah C. SELLERS    Wife    F   M   W   37  IL  Occ:
Keeping House   Fa: KY  Mo: VA
Abraham D. SELLERS  Son M   M   W   19  IL  Occ:    Works On
Farm   Fa: PA  Mo: IL
Edgar E. SELLERS    Son M   S   W   14  IL  Occ:    Works On
Farm   Fa: PA  Mo: IL
Robert F. SELLERS   Son M   S   W   12  IL  Occ:    Works On
Farm   Fa: PA  Mo: IL
Lenore SELLERS  Dau F   S   W   9   IL  Occ:    At Home Fa:PA  Mo: IL
Alberta SELLERS Son M   S   W   2   IL  Occ:    At Home Fa:PA  Mo: IL


Census Place:   Barry, Pike, Illinois
    Source: FHL Film 1254242  National Archives Film T9-0242
Page 386B

    Relation    Sex Marr    Race    Age Birthplace
Hommer SELLERS  Self    M   M   W   29  IN  Occ:    Farmer
Fa: PA  Mo: OH
Rebeckah J. SELLERS Wife    F   M   W   26  VA  Occ:
Keeping House   Fa:
VA  Mo: VA
Anna V. SELLERS Dau F   S   W   3   IL  Fa: IN  Mo: NY


In the first census, finally, Miles shows up but he is too
young to have married in 1869 and I do have a copy of his marriage
certificate.  Since he didn't appear in other census indexes with this family I
checked the actual census.  Miles Sellers is listed last as shown above in this
family unit however his name has a line thru it along with a line thru
the other information for him.  Ok, that would explain why some
transcripts do not list him as part of the family.  It was thought that he died
around 1880.  My thoughts were that since the census taker was to record
anyone who was part of the household since June 1 even if they had passed away
that possibly they listed Miles then realized he passed before June 1 and
scratched him out?
The other interesting thing on the actual census is that
there is something written in the column for "illness" though it is smeared as
if they tried to erase it so I am unable to determine what it is.  Checking
the age column I realize that whoever transcribed his age as 25 was just
guessing.  The only thing that is definate is that the age is made up of a 2, 3,
5, 6, 8, or 0.  He is listed as married but where is his wife Mary?  It is
thought that they passed away at about the same time from the same illness.
So she passed before Miles?  Then why is he listed as married instead of
widowed?  Now, on to Miles birthplace.  All of the other boys are listed as
born in Illinois however Miles is definately shown as born in Iowa.  I
definately feel that this has to be the correct Miles as Anna had indicated that
King and Park Sellers were her uncles and on the census above they are all
listed as sons of Lucretia.

Now on to Anna.  On the 3rd census noted above there is an
Anna Sellers age 3.  What stood out (and I verified with the actual census
image) is that while she is listed as Hommer and Rebeckah's daughter it
also indicated that Anna's mother was born in NY while Rebeckah is listed as
born in VA.  I still do not know where Mary J. (Kinnamon) Sellers was born or who
her parents are so I am unable to connect her to a NY birth.

My theory on the information I had above.  Mary had passed
away before Miles.
 Miles was living with his mother and she cared for him
during his illness.
Knowing Miles would pass away (or he was unable to care for
a young child) he had already passed on Anna to another family member.

As for a burial location in Pike Co IL I have yet to find
him there and doubt that I ever will.  It is also noted in our oral family
history that the Sellers had a parcel of land near some woods in which they
buried family members and they did not use headstones or markers.


Now, with your findings of an Anna Cellers age 3 in Canaan,
Missouri I am not so sure on the above.  We did personally
visit and search the records at the courthouse in Hermann, Gasconade Co, MO
and were unable to find any death records or anything else to indicate that any
Sellers were in the area.  It is definate that at some point Anna was
returned to Pike Co and according to Anna she was a very young child at the time
though my grandfather does not recall who she said raised her - only
that King and Park Sellers were her uncles.  The 1890 census would have told us
this but she was already married at the time of the 1900 census.

As for the Sawers that Anna is listed as living with I have
no names in my files that would even come close.

As I stated earlier, I have no information other than my
grandmothers notations, that my Sellers family was ever in Gasconade Co
MO.  My grandmother (being Morman) did turn this information in to
FHL so Anna's birthdate and place of April 16, 1877 in Hermann, Gasconade
Co, MO will show up in their records.  I just have nothing to substantiate
this claim.

Have a great evening!

Barbara (Saxbury) Freeman

THanks, just a quick note.
I AM almost sure  ILLINOIS has an 1885 STATE census.?
I tried to get one about 10 yrs ago and it wasn't published/available, etc?yet,
but, would be?

1900 CENSUS on her would give month/year/state of birth =
1925 CENSUS on her would give parents names=
advise, marie,iowa





           Fri, 28 Dec 2001 00:25:42 EST

I do have an obit for Anna Sellers Saxbury on my site at:
Note - this obit shows Anna's birth year as 1879 instead of

As for a state census for Illinois according to IRAD the
latest one they have
is 1865.

I don't know if I will make it but I am going to try to go
to the Pike Co
Courthouse tomorrow and see if I can't dig up some estate or
records - it is 3 hours away and I am not sure if I can get
out of town in
time but I will give it a try.  I had a listmember visit
there a few weeks
ago and she found a room in the basement that is filled with
cobwebs, dust
and a goldmine of estate and other records that haven't been
touched in
years.  The only problem is that I am related to half the
darn county so I
get easily sidetracked when I go there.

Barbara (Saxbury) Freeman

Mrs. Anna L. (Sellers) Saxbury 1879-1961

    Quincy Herald Whig - Pittsfield IL, December 29th 1961 - Mrs. Anna L. Saxbury, 83,
    of Pittsfield, died at 11:30 Friday morning in Illini Hospital where she had been a
    patient for a week.

    Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 in the Baptist church with the
    Reverand Wesley Hunt officiating. Burial will be in Shearer Cemetery at New Canton,

    Mrs. Saxbury was born at Herman Missouri April 16, 1879 a daughter of Miles and
    Mary Kinnamon Sellers. She was married to Francis Phillip Saxbury of Pike Co. who
    preceded her in death 27 years ago.

    Surviving are two daughters, Dorothy Saxbury at home and Mrs. Irene Seba of
    Hannibal MO and a son Ben Saxbury of Hull IL, seven grandchildren and ten great

Hannibal = Marion Co, Mo

   BARBARA, thanks.
Yes, Pike Co, Il could have copies of guardianship records!
AND unrecorded records - you won't come home!

Also, if born 1879 she would have been 17? when married - does that agree with license?
WHO were witnesses, security, etc?

Some towns have city directories late 1880/90's - at the library is where i have seen. Does Pike Co, IL?
Have we check CW records for Miles?
Do we have 1870 census on him?
THANKS for sharing, marie, iowa

           Fri, 25 Jan 2002 21:30:59 EST

I found probate records on Miles Sellers and also found a
few more children that I was unaware of.  At this point I am not sure what
became of them as I understood Anna (Sellers) Saxbury to be an only child based
on verbal information she passed on to my grandfather who in turn
passed on to me.

Please add the following information to my page when you get
a chance.  Thank you!!!


Miles E. Sellers and Mary J. Kinnamon - married 1869 in Pike Co, IL
Daughter Anna Lucretia Sellers, born 1877 Gasconade Co, MO,
died 1961 Pike Co, IL
It appears from probate records that there were also two
other children I was unaware of:
Ellen Sellers, born about 1871
George Sellers, born about 1873

           Sun, 17 Mar 2002 21:44:32 EST

Just received this information from my mother:
"Grandpa remembers Geo. Sellars.  calls him Uncle George.  He lived around
Conway, AR.  and Grandpa says he was still living around 1950.  Geo. had a
son named Herbert but Grandpa gets sidetracked when you get him talking
about it."

The George Sellers (b. abt 1873 in either Pike Co IL or Gasconade Co MO) we
are trying to find is the son of Miles Sellers and Mary Kinnamon (both died
Feb 1880) as well as his sister Ellen Sellers b. abt 1871.  He would have
actually been a great-uncle to my grandfather.  Does this ring a bell with

Two pictures of George Sellers can be found at:
They were taken in December 1947 in Pike Co IL.

There are no outside links to this page yet but it is a timeline mostly in
Franklin and Gasconade Co MO in an attempt to sort some of this out.

Barbara (Saxbury) Freeman

Wonder who this is on the SS death index - sorry for the format. marie, iowa
                         24 Dec
                                          Little Rock, Arkansas

           Mon, 18 Mar 2002 15:15:09 EST

That would definately be close.  I checked the SSDI last night but obviously
missed this one.  The birthdate is about right and living to the age of 98
definately fits in with our family.  I will need to send off for his
application as well as find a map of AR and see what locations and distances
I am looking at.  I am going to visit my grandfather this weekend and
hopefully can get a little more information from him.  I had asked before if
Anna Sellers had any siblings but until I provided him with a name he was
unable to remember so I am not sure what I can get from him.  He is not
doing well and I am afraid we don't have much time left with him.

Thanks Marie!!

           Sat, 13 Apr 2002 00:51:35 EDT

I found a little more information on one of my Sellers and am hoping someone
here can find some connection.

George B. Sellers - b. Mar 23, 1873 to Miles and Mary (Kinnamon) Sellers in
Gasconade Co. MO.  After the death of his parents in 1880 George (as well as
his sisters Ellen b. 1871 and Anna b. 1877) was sent to live with - unknown
-.  Still have found no further record of Ellen Sellers.  Per my grandfather
George had sons named Herman and Paul therefore I was able to match them
the following:

1899 Pike Co IL marriage records
George V Sellers to Eliza E. Angle, January 10, 1899

1920 Census, Barron Twp, Jackson Co, AR
George Sellers - head - 46 - b. MO
Eliza Sellers - wife - 36 - b. IL
Paul Sellers - son - 14 - b. KS
Herman Sellers - son - 12 - b. KS
Mis*** Sellers - daug - 9 - b. MO
Marie Sellers - daug - 7 - b. MO

Oak Grove Cemetery, Conway, Faulkner Co, AR
Sellers, Eliza E. - Jan 27, 1883 - Aug 3, 1957
Sellers, Eula Mae - Aug 25, 1908 - Jan 18, 1960
Sellers, George B. - Mar 23, 1873 - Oct 11, 1957
Sellers, Paul - Jan 16, 1906 - Jun 5, 1957

I am curious to find what happened to these individuals to cause their
so close together.  Will try to locate obits or death notices from AR.  Is
Eula Mae Paul's wife?

Also, where did George go after the death of his parents in 1880 when he was
only 7 years old?  From what I can determine George and his two sisters were
all sent to live with different relatives.  It appears George moved around
he was born in Gasconade Co MO, married in Pike Co IL, had first 2 children
somewhere in KS then back to somewhere in MO to have his next 2 children
on to Jackson Co AR for the 1920 census and then Faulkner Co AR finds their
burial records.  Were there other Sellers in KS around 1900 to 1910?  If so,
which counties and/or townships?  I would like to find them on a KS census
but have no clue where to start looking.

Barbara (Saxbury) Freeman

BARB, I didn't see them on soundex 1900 or 1910. I didn't see them on FTM
1900. I went kinda fast.

I may have seen his uncle, dads brother? Geo born  ca 1849 IA in PIKE CO,
MO, just across the river from PIKE CO, IL.
1900 PIKE CO, MO
MATTIE 25 MO, DIL, married 0 yrs, no kids

Did we ever get/post the 1860/70 census on this family?
This George has a brother PARK SELLERS. (yes, listed on 1880 Pike Co, Il census, msh)

DID we check CW for Miles or his family?
The obits may give more clues on WHERE these kids born, so you know where to

WW 1? on George SELLERS or his kids? sometimes gives birth place.
WW2? has 1910 without an index
Thanks for keeping us up to date.
marie, iowa

Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:54:37 EDT
I just talked with my grandfather again and was able to get a little more
information on Herman Sellers, son of George Sellers (b. MO 1873, d. AR
and grandson of Miles E. Sellers (b. IA abt 1847, d. MO 1880) and was able
to determine he is the following:
HERMAN SELLERS, SSN 352-01-5414, Residence: 62060 Madison, Madison, IL, Born
 Jan 8, 1908, Died Jul 1987

As well as:
Herman's wife was Lillian, he had a boy called but not named "Sonny" as well
as two daughters though he couldn't recall their names.   One girl attended
a religious college, became a teacher and moved to Rapid City SD with her
husband.  My grandfather recalled Herman's address as 2024 Beckwith Street
in Madison IL.  Herman worked in roofing in Granite City as early as 1940 when
my grandfather worked with him one summer.

Is anyone connected to this family?

Barbara (Saxbury) Freeman