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I ma trying to fill in the gaps of the Henry Brown family late of

Here is what I have now.

 Generation One

1.  HENRY1 BROWN was born circa 1767 at Virginia  (Age estimated from 1850
census, Washington County, Kentucky). He married Rebecca Noel, daughter of
Thomas Noel and Drucilla Sellers, on 18 Jan 1796 at Lincoln County,
Kentucky. His estate was probated on 21 Apr 1851 at Washington  County,
     He left a will on 25 Mar 1848 at Washington  County, Kentucky
(Abstract Washington Co., Kentucky I 112::  Leg: Wife Rebecca; Sons:
Stephen, Henry, William, Thomas and children of son James Brown, deceased.;
Daughter Sarah Farr, her husband Major Farr to  have no control over her
portion. Son in law, William R. Gibbins, Granddaughter Martha Brown, d/o
Wesley dec'd and his other children; Grandson Elijah Stephens, s/o of my
daughter Nancy Stephens and grandson Henry Stephens.
Ex: Sons Henry and William  Wit: Robert S. Mitchell and William Sweeney).
Washington Co Will Notes:

Henry Brown Ex/Set 20 Mar 1854 Ex. Henry and William Brown
Heirs: Sally Farr, late Brown, Wesley Brown's heirs w/guardian Thomas
Calvert, Nancy Stephens, Edward Brown, Betsy Gibbins, William Brown, Henry
Brown, Stephen Brown, James Brown's heirs, Thomas Brown, John L. Brown,
Martha J. Brown, Elijah Stephens, Catherine Brown, Jamima Ann Brown, and
Parris Brown.  J 11

Henry Brown, Heirs no date. Gdn/Sett - Gdn. Wm. H. Brown late ward, Mary
Jane Brown, departed this life. J 372

Kitty Ann Brown Gdn/adm/sett 15 Jun 1857 Gdn  late Wm. H. Brown 5 heirs
unnamed J 590

John C. Brown Gdn/Sett 15 Jun 1857  Gdn: Wm. H. Brown John C. Brown s/o
James Brown. Mentions ward's interest in estate of Henry Brown, Mary J.
Brown and Elizabeth Brown J 591

Brown, Kitty Ann Gdn/Sett 15 Jun 1857 Gdn: Wm. H. Brown She was d/o James
Brown - mentions same interest as on J 591

Rebecca Brown d/o James Brown Gdn/Sett 15 Jun 1857 Gdn; Wm. H. Brown J 593

John C. Brown  Gdn/Sett 17 Jan 1859 Gdn: William Brown Same for Rebecca
Brown   K 173
 on 25 Jul 2000.
     Children of Henry1 Brown and Rebecca Noel were as follows:
       i. EDWARD2; b. circa 1797 at Kentucky; m. Anastasia Worland 12 May
1816 at Washington  County, Kentucky.
      ii. THOMAS; b. circa 1800 at Kentucky; m. Maria Berry 22 Jan 1821 at
Washington  County, Kentucky.
   2.  iii. JAMES, b. circa 1805 at Mercer County, Kentucky; m. Catherine
      iv. WILLIAM.
       v. SARAH; b. circa 1804 at Kentucky; m. Major Farr 18 Jan 1826 at
Washington County, Kentucky.
      vi. STEPHEN; m. Polly Ann Cassity 9 Mar 1841 at Washington County,
   3.  vii. ELIZABETH, b. circa 1810 at Lincoln County, Kentucky; m.
   4. viii. WESLEY, b. circa 1821 at Washington  County, Kentucky; m. Betsy
   5.   ix. NANCY, m. Henry J. Stephens.
       x. HENRY.

Generation Two

2.  JAMES2 BROWN (Henry1) was born circa 1805 at Mercer County, Kentucky.
married Catherine Cunningham, daughter of William Cunningham and Polly
<---------->, on 26 Feb 1826 at Mercer County, Kentucky  (James BROWN to
Catharine CUNNINGHAM with Beverly CURRY as surety 16 Feb 1826.
Consent of Polly CUNNINGHAM for the bride witnessed by Joseph CUNNINGHAM
Beverly M. CURRY). He died before 25 Mar 1848 at Washington  County,
Kentucky, death was noted in father's will.
     Children of James2 Brown and Catherine Cunningham were as follows:
   6.    i. THOMAS J.3, b. circa 1827 at Mercer County, Kentucky; m. Nancy
      ii. WILLIAM H.; b. circa 1828 at Mercer County, Kentucky.
     iii. MARY JANE; b. circa 1835 at Washington  County, Kentucky; d. 25
May 1854 at Washington  County, Kentucky  (Kentucky Vital Statistics
Washington County, Kentucky, Compiled by Faye Sea Sanders 1981; page 91,
Brown Mary J. age 19, female, resided and born Wash. Co. died May 25, 1854
of pneumonia, daughter of Catherine Brown).
      iv. REBECCA FRANCES; b. circa 1836 at Mercer County, Kentucky; m.
S. Ruby 29 Oct 1863 at Washington County, Kentucky  (Minister, David
married at Wm. Brown's home; Witnesses: Mayfield Hays and Thomas Atkerson;
B: John R. Smith  Bk 5-70).
   7.    v. JOHN CALVIN, b. 29 Aug 1841 at Washington County, Kentucky;
m.(1) Ruan M. Ruby; m.(2) Paralee Baker.
      vi. ELIZABETH; b. circa 1844 at Washington  County, Kentucky.
     vii. CATHERINE ANN; b. circa 1846 at Washington  County, Kentucky.
     She also went by the name of KITTY ANN BROWN.
3.  ELIZABETH2 BROWN (Henry1) was born circa 1810 at Lincoln County,
Kentucky. She married William Gibbons on 26 Feb 1830 at Washington County,
     Children of Elizabeth2 Brown and William Gibbons all b. at Washington
County, Kentucky, were as follows:
       i. THOMAS J.3; b. circa 1831.
      ii. REBECCA F.; b. circa 1833.
     iii. MARY H.; b. circa 1838.
      iv. HENRY A.; b. circa 1840.
       v. GEORGE D.; b. circa 1842.
      vi. WILLIAM B.; b. circa 1844.
     vii. ELIZABETH C.; b. circa 1849.
4.  WESLEY2 BROWN (Henry1) was born circa 1821 at Washington  County,
Kentucky. He married Betsy Peter on 18 Jun 1832 at Washington County,
Kentucky. He died before 1848 at Washington County, Kentucky.
     He appeared on the census of 1840 at Washington  County, Kentucky
(1840 BROWN WESLEY Washington County KY 101 No Township Listed Federal
Population Schedule KY 1840 Federal Census Index KYS4a344389).
     Children of Wesley2 Brown and Betsy Peter were:
       i. MARTHA J.3.
      ii. PARIS3
      iii. JAMIMA ANN3
      iv. JOHN L.3
5.  NANCY2 BROWN (Henry1) married Henry J. Stephens at Washington County,
     Children of Nancy2 Brown and Henry J. Stephens were as follows:
       i. ELIJAH3.
      ii. HENRY.

Generation Three

6.  THOMAS J.3 BROWN (James2, Henry1) was born circa 1827 at Mercer County,
Kentucky. He married Nancy Noe on 9 Dec 1849 at Washington County, Kentucky
(Minister: Joel Gordon Bk 3-149).
     Children of Thomas J.3 Brown and Nancy Noe were as follows:
       i. NATHANIEL E.4 Linda Frakes
Searching for any information on Thomas J. Brown. Marr: Nancy Noe Dec 9
in Washington Co. Ky. Who were his parents. In 1870 Census of Ohio Co. Iky
Thomas and Nancy have six children. Nathaniel E (my GGGrandfather) Chas:
Lucora: Isaac: Sarah: Mary E. Any information would be greatly appreciated
am willing to share what I have Thanks in advance.

      ii. CHARLES.
     iii. LUCORA.
      iv. ISAAC.
       v. SARAH.
      vi. MARY E..
7.  JOHN CALVIN3 BROWN (James2, Henry1); (1850 US Census Washington County,
Kentucky - page 257; Brown, Catherine age 43 b KY; Thomas 23 b KY *
within the year); Nancy 22 b KY *; William H. 22 b KY;Mary J.15 b
14 b KY*;John 9 b KY; Elizabeth 6 b KY; Kitty A. 4 b KY.

1860 US Census Washington County, Kentucky - page 248 Brown, William H. age
31,  Eliza A. 30,  Sally J.  5, Henry W. 2, John C. 19

1880 US Census  Washington County, Kentucky -  Hendren District 8 Dwelling
no. 279  Brown, John C. 38,  James  12 ,                 Mary S. 5

Will filed for probate 24 Apr 1922 in Washington Co., KY Court WB No. 33,
Page 564) was born on 29 Aug 1841 at Washington County, Kentucky. He
Ruan M. Ruby, daughter of John Ruby and Permelia <---------->, on 25 Aug
1864 at Washington County, Kentucky  (Photocopy of original license and
marriage certificate in my possession.  Married by George W. Dungan.
Witnesses: Dr. Preston Peter, William Ferril and Len Lea). He married
Paralee Baker, daughter of James Baker and Eliza Sturgis, on 25 Nov 1880 at
Willisburg, Washington  County, Kentucky. He died circa 1921 at Washington
County, Kentucky.
     Children of John Calvin3 Brown and Ruan M. Ruby both b. at Washington
County, Kentucky, were as follows:
       i. JAMES W.4; b. 1868.
      ii. MARY IDA; (In her father's will she is shown with a married name
but it is unreadable and is started with a C); b. 1875  (Age 5 in the 1880
     Children of John Calvin3 Brown and Paralee Baker were as follows:
       i. ELIZABETH CATHERINE4; m. Andrew Votaw; b. Nov 1883 at Washington
County, Kentucky.
      ii. MYRTLE M.; m. <----------> Bell; b. 13 May 1890 at Washington
County, Kentucky; d. 23 Jan 1985 at Mount Vernon, Knox County, Ohio, at age
     iii. REBECCA FLORENCE; b. 8 Nov 1892 at Willisburg, Washington
Kentucky; m. Harry Carl Bonham, son of Fielden Mattison Bonham and Clara
Alvinia McDaniel, 17 Nov 1912 at Willisburg, Washington  County, Kentucky;
d. 16 Jan 1981 at Marengo, Morrow County, Ohio, at age 88.
      iv. MARTHA E.; b. Aug 1896 at Washington County, Kentucky.
       v. TOMIE PEARL; m. <----------> Ribor; b. Jan 1899 at Washington
County, Kentucky.