I was looking through a gen site and came upon your name. I see you are
already in contact with Cousin Cindy Mc Laughllin in Texas. I am the
great-grandaughter of the same man, Elijah son of William, son of Micah. I
have worked on Elijah for a long time, and have the stories that my
grandmother told about him. He is a very colorful fellow. If you are
interested, let me know. I would also like to know where we connect.

ATTILA - Thanks, Welcome. I'm sure our SELLERS discussion group , which has several connected to the family of MICHAEL SELLERS, would Really Enjoy hearing your stories of Grandma!
Please send us a small name, date, place chart on the child you connect to of Elijah's and where any of them went. Thanks for Sharing, marie, iowa

Elijah had several children:
Georgia,  Ella, William, James, John, Lillian, Henry and Ira. However it is his daughter Mary Wilson
(Mayme) Sellers that I am related to. She married John Nordyke Sr, their son John Nordyke Jr was my
father. Georgia, her spouse and 3 of their children, Ella and her spouse, Lillian's husband, Elijah and his
wife Martha, Henry, Mayme and John Nordyke are all buried in Brooking Cemetery in KCMO.

The men are all named after men Elijah rode with during and after the Civil War. Of all the children only
Lillian, Georgia, Mayme, and James Henry had any children. Ira died as a child and Henry died of
appendicitis at 21.

I had to  use my work email. The is still the best, because I can get it at home as
well as work. Right now, the computer with the AOL access is frozen.

Let me know if you are interested in more.

Sharron Swanberg
180 Claremont
Branson, Mo 65672

We have a Small Link of info on Jackson Co, MO =
IF you click on this above and click on ALL the HiLited Names, I believe you can See , how we do our SELLERS web pages - IF Questions, Ask.

AND , I Kinda Think, you will have Cousins to Help explain!

BUT, if you send the Town or County/STATE  that ELIJAH SELLERS is in ca 1850/60 MO?=CASS CO, MO (Thanks,Cindy)
WE can link your email to same and people can contact you if they do a search on that county/state!
I believe we have, I just don't have time to LOOK up everything = Please Send . AND will Add.
WE Kinda Like to go back to one of the original towns and link the kids ON to Where they Went = Helps Us All Follow the family and where went And if we have other SELLERS there=May be a lead to Original family.
AND, YES, we expect You to send the SELLERS discussion group copies of contact!
Hope you understand me And Thanks for Sharing, marie, iowa

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I visited the website. I see my cousin Cindy has put in a lot of our information (we are both great-grandfathers of
Elijah Sellers.)

I have been in contact with an historian from Roane County. He found "loose papers" in the county court house
that give Micah H. Sellers' middle name as Henry. It had always been assumed his middle name was Henderson.
William Pleasant Sellers brought his family to Missouri around Elijah's 7th year. That would be 1842. When
William died in 1847, Elijah became the farmer. He was 12. That is the way he listed on the census. Although
William lived in Cass Co, there is no record of his burial there. At this time, I am researching Pettis Co records to
see if he is buried there.

GEN 1)Elijah Matheny Sellers b.30 Nov 1835 d.8 Feb 1916 (of a stroke)
17 Nov 1869 marr Martha Jane Melton b.11 Mar 1843 d.6 Mar 1924
both are buried in Brooking Cemetery, Raytown, Mo
GEN 2)their children: Georgia Lee b.10 Jul 1865 d.14 Nov 1851 marr Henry Pierce Buckles b.9 Oct 1857 d.1911 both are buried in Brooking Cemetery. Their children

    GEN 3) Willard Sherwin Buckles b.3 Dec 1891 d.Dec 1972 marr Clara Buckles both are buried in
    Brooking cemetery.They had no children.
    GEN 3) Fred Leon Buckles-have info coming on his family
GEN 2)Ella M Sellers B.1867 d.1953 marr. 1)Earl Fleak 2) William De Hart-no children with either. De Hart and Ella are both buried in Brooking.

GEN 2)William A Sellers b. 9 Jan 1869 d. 26 Dec 1939 marr 1898 Ida M Thomas-no children both are buried at Brooking Cemetery

GEN 2) James Henry Sellers b.8 Oct 1871 d.19 Dec 1926 marr 1)Florence Reid 2)Etta Court
         These are Cindy Mc's relatives.
GEN 2) John Flannery Sellers born 1874 date of death unknown. According to grandma Mayme, he disappeared out west and left no known children

GEN 2) Lillian Sellers b.1876 d. after 1970 marr 1)Arthur Lake (buried at Brooking)they had a son Jack and a daughter name unknown 2) Richard Blankenship-no children

GEN 2) Henry Brooking Sellers b.19 Oct 1878 d.9 Mar 1904 of appendicitis-his headstone is shaped like a tree trunk and was a gift of the Masonic Lodge. He is buried at Brooking Cemetery

GEN 2) Ira Sellers b 1885 d 1885
GEN 2 Mary Wilson (Mayme) Sellers b Jan 15 1882 d Oct 20 1881 marr 1)Booth one son 2)18 Mar 1908 John F Nordyke b.18 Nov 1872 d 9 Jun 1960 Both she and John are buried at Brooking. Mayme never acknowledged
Booth or their son.

    GEN 3) John Nordyke, Jr b 3 Jan 1914 d. 12 Aug 1976 marr 1)Dorothy Meyers 2) Madeline Plewes one
daughter-Nancy Ann Born June 1943 3) Shirley G Peabody b 26 June 1924 d 21 May 1998. Shirley and John were
my parents.Sharron Ann born 21 Dec 1950 and Dianna Sue born 14 Aug 1952.

Elijah named his male children after the men he rode with-William Quantrill, Henry Clay Brooking, Jesse and Frank James, and John Flannery.

This is long enough.

Sharron Swanberg
180 Claremont
Branson, Mo 65672

SHARON - Thank You. will try and get you linked.
WOULD be Very Interested in obtaining a copy of this 'loose paper of Roane County" showing MICAH'S middle name as Henry.  Evidently, must be in a deed, document, etc? CAN you have them send OR do you have a Copy of same? OR, advise names, etc and I will order, if you are busy, etc
marie, iowa


SHARRON/ATTILA - Thanks, Very Important and THANK YOU for sharing, marie, iowa

dds-sharron wrote:

I logged on to and emailed one of the historians there. I don't recall their name, even if it was a man or woman. I try to save all of the papers. I will go through and see it I can find it.

Sharron Swanberg