ASA SELLERS 1827/1904


I believe that I have found the proof that will
make the connection with this Asa, and the Sellers of Green County Pa.
(Namely to being the son of Christain and ELiz. Sellers, and the grandson of George Sellers, who is listed in his 1837 Will.) And at the same time confirm or validate the story, that Frank Sellers related to us, of the information that was handed down from his family about this Asa Sellers. ( date sent to
us from Frank S. Feb, 29, 2000). Before confirming this, I will give you a run down on what I have found about this Asa Sellers. From his military records, I found that he married Josephine Hamilton in Bates County, MO.
April 3, 1856. Josephine was age 19, she and her family were living in
Montgomery Co... Ill. and at sometime moved to Bates County, MO. Her family
had sometime later, move back to Montgomery Co. Ill. Asa was age one month
shy of being 29. According to general affidavit one sign by Josephine
year 1904, and another by her brother, same year. ( made out for Josephine
Sellers pension papers). that they had both known Asa Sellers from
and that he had never married before, marrying there sister. I next find
Sellers name listed in Bond County Ill. for June 1858, In Bond County
Genealogical Society publications, it has from the date mention, in Bond
County News Paper, a list of people that have failed to pick up there mail
the post office, and Asa Sellers name is on said list. Next is Bond Co.
Census, listing Asa Sellers with family, this census is the same type as a
census would be before 1850. (no information on family names or where they
were born). I have not found the 1870 Bond County Census, but the 1800
has Asa from the state of Pa. Sometime between 1800-1900 this family moved
Montgomery Co. Ill. In said census it list Asa age 73, and from the state
Pa. Asa Sellers died in this County, date Aug, 17, 1904. It list his age as
77-2-23= born May 26, 1827.------ On Asa Sellers Military Records, "Muster
and Descriptive Roll." It has listed on the top of this page, ( Nativity)
Town, County, and State. For Asa it has Town left blank.-- County (This is as clear as can be Green), for State this is hard to make out, either Penn, or Tenn. In the fall of 1998 I drove to the town of Hillsboro, which is the county seat for Mont. Ill. I was permitted to look at the death record books.
( This will confirm Frank Sellers family history about Asa Sellers.) I
found these listed, ( I can't recall if these were on the same page. ) Asa Franklin
Sellers, died Aug, 17, 1904. age 77-8-15 from W.V. lived in Ill. 46 tears, which is correct = 1858. died at Coffeen Ill. ( Mont. Co.) Grave yard Trayler
I also found same pg. or another?- A.- ( either N. or M. or W.) Sellers, died
Aug, 17, 1904. Age 77-2-23. Died at Coffeen Ill. grave yard Walnut Grove. I drove to Trayler Cemetery, and found the family plot. ( With what I thought was a bunch of  contradictory information I laid all this information aside.)
I never saw Asa Sellers death Cert. until I received his Military Record.
Asa's wife must had made the corrections that was needed, not only for the state of Ill, but also for her Pension. This Death Cert. is dated Oct, 4, 1904. ( It doesn't have Asa Franklin Sellers.) But A.- M. or W. Sellers, ( it looks more as a -M.- and if it is a -M.- then Asa was named after his Uncle Asa M. Sellers). It has his age 77-2-23. Death Aug, 17, 1904, Place of Birth.
Pa. lived in Ill. 43 years Burial Walnut Grove. ( Frank Sellers informs us
that Traylor Cemetery was also known as Walnot Grove Cemetery.)  Of all the
Military Records, or Affidavit's or Census, none list a middle Initial, nor a middle name for Asa Sellers. I believe that the name Franklin was a nick name
that Asa went by. Surely wife Josephine, in order to get Asa's Pension, would put down all the correct information, name and place of birth, and age. It is true as Frank Sellers points out, that son William, puts in his Mothers
obituary, Josephine Sellers wife of Asa F. Sellers. For I imagine this is what everyone knew him by.------- So Marie, what do you think.? His place of birth, Military Record has Green County, and I imagine that the Government had him listed as from Pa, as Josephine put down on his death certificate
which was sent to the government, that she might receive her pension money as soon as possible. The Illinois Census has him from Pa. And someone at first
listed his birth on the death record books as W.V. Which again confirms the story of what Franks family had written down. When you get the chance, let me
please know just what you think. IF you like, you may send this information on to Jim. S.
     fdh.  Dennis. H.
P.S. We also don't want to forget about Middle Island, being in W.V.

Hi Mary, this report was sent to you from Frank Sellers. This is the Asa Sellers that I am sure is the son of Christian and Elizabeth Sellers= This Christain is the son of George and Mary Sellers of Green County Pa ( See George Sellers 1837 Will)  This Asa was born in Green County Pa. year 1827 , according to his Army Record. Also in George’s 1837 Will it has this son of C & E.= Asa a minor living on or near Middle Island= What is now Tyler County W.V.

My own family knew the family of Asa Franklin Sellers. Asa, who lived in
, and died in , told the elders in my family
that he came to Illinois from West Virginia. His Civil War service was
Bond Co., IL. He was a private in Co. F, 117th Infantry, from Bond County.
He mustered in Sept. 19, 1862 and mustered out Aug. 5, 1865. He is buried
Traylor Cemetery, also known as Walnut Grove Cemetery, in East Fork
Montgomery Co., IL.
His daughter Carrie told my family members that Asa's parents had died when
Asa was young. She said Asa was age 2 or 3 when his father died, and 4 or
when his mother died. He was then raised by his mother's grandparents.
Another of Asa's children, Curt Sellers, always said his father had been
in Pennsylvania. Asa Sellers received a total disability pension of $100 a
month from his Civil War service.
This is Asa Franklin Sellers death certificate as filed at the
 courthouse in Hillsboro, IL:
Died: August 17, 1904
Occupation: Farmer
Marital Status: Married
Age: 77 years, 2 months, 23 days
Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
Length of Residence: 43 years in Illinois
Place of death: Coffeen
Cause: Paralysis
Buried: Walnut Grove
"Suffered 39 years of chronic diarrhea."
 The first Asa Sellers was born about 1805, place Center Twp, Green County. You will find him in the 1830-40 Census of Green County Pa. He is the son of George and Mary Sellers. You will also find him in George’s 1837 Will. Next this Asa and family can be
found in 1850 Coshocton County Ohio Census. Hear it is reported that Asa died soon after this census was taken, age of his death 46.------------------------------------------------

The next Asa, is this Asa’s son born in Green County Pa. Date Sept, 1843. You will find him listed in the 1850 Coshocton County as age 8. He enlisted in the Army in the year 1861 in said county. He died in Peoria, Ill. Dec, 18, 1912.
  fdh Dennis

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Hi again Marie. Again I just visited the Sellers of Montgomery County Illinois Web Site. I do want to thank you not only for putting up with
me, but for fixing  that Asa Sellers Page. It sure looks nice, and there is no chance that one could be confuse about which Asa Sellers is which.
Now may I ask you for another big favor? Could you, or would you place the icing on the cake for me concerning this Asa Sellers born 1827.
You will find with this e-mail an attachment. This is from Lisa Thorn of Tyler County = Craig Cemetery and the information she found on
Elizabeth Sellers Grave Stone. Could you place this attachment with this Asa Sellers 1827 page. I know that anyone reading said information
and then reading the 1837 Will of George Sellers  of Green County Pa  Will not have a doubt that this young Asa Sellers is the same who is
listed in Bond and Montgomery County Illinois. --------

Also Marie, about Atkinson Sellers of Clark County Missouri, Another son of George and Mary (Sherman) Sellers of Green County Pa. Who is
also listed in said Will.  I am now working on proving that he did enlist in the Army from Clark County Missouri. For I have found on the web
site of Clark County = "Clark County Mo. 1883 Pensioners on the Roll. It list Elizabeth Sellers Certificate no 93292 cause for pensioned a
Widow. PO address Peakesville Twp.  and that she was receiving $8.00 a month and that she sign up for said pension April 1867.  I will pass
on to you more information as I receive it. Thanks again. Have a good weekend. FDH. Dennis. 

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MARCH, 2003

 I know that this Amanda E. ( Sellers ) Sanderson listed below  is the daughter of Asa Sellers  for we find her in the 1860 census of Bond County listed with said family. But I have no listing of a daughter Asa born to this family, or what ever happen to her.

Household Record     1880 United States Census

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 Name     Relation    Marital Status    Gender    Race    Age    Birthplace    Occupation    Father's Birthplace    Mother's Birthplace
 Robert W. SANDERSON      Self      M      Male      W      34      ILLINOIS      Farmer      AL      AL
 Amanda E. SANDERSON      Wife      M      Female      W      28      MO      Keeping House      PA      IL
 Martha SANDERSON      Dau      S      Female      W      8      IL            IL      MO
 Emma L. SANDERSON      Dau      S      Female      W      7      IL            IL      MO
 Maima E. SANDERSON      Dau      S      Female      W      7M      IL            IL      MO
 Benjamin A. SANDERSON      Nephew      S      Male      W      15      IL            IL      IL
 Asa SELLERS      SisterL      S      Female      W      16      IL            PA      IL

Source Information:
     Census Place    Cottonwood Grove, Bond, Illinois
     Family History Library Film      1254175
     NA Film Number      T9-0175
     Page Number      155A

march 2003
Hello Marie and Frank. I now believe that I have discovered the mystery of who was this Asa Sellers female age 16 ( Born 1864 in ILL.) listed as a sister in law living in the house hold of Robert and Amanda Sanderson 1880 census of Bond County ILL. She ( Asa ) was the kid sister of Amanda E. (Sellers) Sanderson born 1856 in Mo./Her given name was not Asa, it was Addie, and she was born May 25, 1864, in Bond. County.
( I had her listed in my notes as a daughter of Asa & Josephine Sellers born 1864 but never knew where she fit in, for she wasn't listed with this family in the 1860/80 census) I received this information from one of the Thacker's from his family genealogy tree. Addie Sellers married a Mr. Fielder Summer Thacker DEC, 25, 1889 in Bond County. She died March 19, 1895, and is buried at Ticky Point Cemetery (I'm not sure if this is Bond or Montgomery County ILL. maybe Frank can help out here.)
 The information listed says, that it is strange that on her tombstone her husband name is not listed but her parents are./ Listed on her tombstone is daughter of Asa & Josephine Sellers. According to Asa's Military Records, he and Josephine Hamilton were married April 03, 1856, at Bates County Missouri. In the 1860 census of Bond County ILL. it list as children of Asa & Josephine Sellers
# 1.  Amanda E.  female age 04 born in Missouri. And
# 2.  Erasta male age 7/12 also born in Missouri. ( this boy might had died young) for he is not buried in the family plot in Montgomery County.
# 3. A son William Curtis born April 23, 1863, & died DEC, 12, 1940 he is I believe buried in the family plot.
# 4. Addie female born May 25, 1864, ( listed above ).
# 5. A son born year 1866 according to the 1880 Bond County census, age 14 named Earnest. And according to his tombstone, if I read it correctly he died March 2, 1884 age 17 y, 4 m. & 6 days which would bring his birth about 1866. ( family plot ).
# 6 Frederick C. born 3, 25, 1869. died 2, 11, 1899 buried in family plot.
# 7 Nattle or Mattella according to information given by Frank Sellers, was born 1870, married an Albert A. Hittle, marriage 11, 11, 1909. her death?
#8. Sherman A. born 9, 25, 1874. Died 10, 3, 1926 died in Montgomery County.( not found in family plot).
# 9. Carrie or Katie was born according to the Thacker family tree & Frank Sellers, born May 02, 1877, in Coffeen Twp. Montgomery County, she married Christopher C. Thacker Nov, 11, 1894 in Coffeen Twp. Her first husband Christopher died Sept, 30, 1939. Katie married a second time to a Richmond. Carrie or Katie died Oct, 11, 1968 and buried at Traylor Cemetery which is also where the family plot lies for Asa & family.

 Frank and Marie with this e-mail I am sending an attachment of Asa Sellers Death Certificate information given by his wife to the state of Illinois.

We know that Asa was known as (A. F.) = Asa Franklin Sellers to all his friends, I'm not sure if the Franklin was a nick name but on his D.C. it list him as A. M. Sellers. Which if you recall, I believe he was named after his Uncle, My Gr. Gr. Grandfather Asa M. Sellers. And in which also he named his son Asa M. my Gr. Grandfather. I do have some information on the names of the Thacker children of Carrie & Addie if someone needs them. FDH. Dennis 

1900 THACKER FAMI LY census =