a picture of Asa with his wife Elizabeth (Timberline) Sellers. Asa was born Green County Pa. Sept, 1843.
As a young man he enlisted in the Ohio 51st Vol. out of Coshocton Ohio. Year
of  this picture.? Taken in Peoria, Ill.        fdh.   Dennis. H.

Enlisted in the Fifty-first Regiment of Ohio Vol. Choshocton Ohio on the Eleventh day of Sept.1861. Nineteen years of age, Five feet Eleven inches high. Florid complexion, Hazel eyes, and Red hair.

I found ASA # 2 obituary, and my sister sent me my copy of
ASA's # 2 son Thomas J. obituary. So I will send them on to you. To remind
you, ASA # 2 was my Great Great Grandfather, the son of ASA # 1 and Eleanor
(White) Sellers. Both of these ASA's were born in Green Co... PA.  # 1
1805, and # 2. Sept, 1843. This Thomas J. Sellers was my Great Grandfather
son of ASA # 2 and the son of Elizabeth (Timberline) Sellers.
                    Peoria Journal  Star News. Dec, 20, 1912.==died on the

Sellers ASA M.  A well known resident of Peoria, he died at Deaconess
Hospital at 8 o'clock last night age 69. Mr. Sellers had lived in Peoria
nearly 50 years.- Having come to Illinois from Ohio after the Civil War in
which he served. He was a member of the Bryner Post of the G. A. R.  of
city. My Sellers is survived by four sons,- T. J.  Sellers, Fred, George,
Justin all of this city. And two daughters, Mrs. William Morris of Peoria,
and Mrs. Ella Walkins of Pittsburgh Ks.----- Springdale Cemetery
 (Married Elizabeth Tomberlin 1865 in Mc McDonough County Illinois. She
also survived ASA.)

                  Peoria Journal Newspaper-April 5, 1920
                     Thomas J. Sellers.

For 30 years a prominent Real Estate man and Contractor in Peoria died
at 7;05 P.M. in his 51st year.--------------------.  Born in Fisher,
Illinois, Aug, 14, 1869 and subsequently lived in Pittsburgh and Girard Ks.
At the latter place he married to Margaret E. Hillier, and came to Peoria
30 years ago.--------------------------------------------.
Mr. Sellers is surveyed by his wife, and 2 sons, Frederick M. (My
 of Detroit and Thomas Jr., Peoria. And one daughter ( Fay) Mrs. Lamont
Temple of San Juan, Texas. And 2 brothers and sisters-Fred and George of
Peoria and Levy Morris of Peoria, and Mrs. Louise Watkins of Pittsburgh
Mr. Sellers was well known thoughout the State in the Masonic Circle Lodge.
His body will lay in state at the Shrine Temple.--- Springdale Cemetery--Peoria, IL.----------
( Born in Fisher Ill.?? ASA came to McDonough Co. Ill. 1863-married in said
County 1865-as far as I know that they lived in said county until moved to
Peoria County 1870 Census.) ( Fisher is in Champaign County Ill. I know
his brother George was born in said Co. in 1872.)     fdh.   Dennis