Sellers in Arkansas

     Indians had free reign in Arkansas until after the United States
negotiations with the French for the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  Prior to
several French explorers came to the region with their parties in search of
loot they could find.  None ever stayed for long periods of time.

     When the land came under the ownership of the United States, it was
opened for settlement at attractive low prices.  The new opportunities
thousands of earlier settlers of the mideast and southeast sections of the
States.  The first comers were mainly of English, Irish and Scottish
descent.  Many 
came from nearby Kentucky and Tennessee.

     What is now Arkansas became part of the Missouri Territory in 1812. In
1819, when 
Missouri applied for statehood, Congress created the Arkansas Territory and
what is now Oklahoma.  On 15 Jun 1836 Arkansas became the twenty-fifth
state in the 

     The Panic of 1837 drained most settlers in the older southern and
eastern states, 
many of them set out for the newly created state in the west to make a new
start in 
life. The rich lands between the Arkansas and White Rivers attracted large
groups of 
south European emigrants.  Many came directly from Poland to establish
themselves in 
Pulaski County.  Italians were attracted to the northwest section of the
state where 
they engaged in fruit raising.

     Lawrence County, in the northeast corner of the state, and Arkansas
County, in the 
southeast corner, were settled before most of the other counties in the


1820 Clark County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
1829 Sheriff's State Census
  p. 06: Nancy Silars
  p. 11: William Silars
  p. 12  Isaac Silars


1830 Clark County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
  David Saliers
  William Saliers

1830 Chicot County, AR - created 1823 out of Arkansas County.
1831 Tax List: Jacob Seller

1830 Hot Spring County, AR - created 1829 out of Clark County.
  Nancy Saliers

1830 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
1838 Tax List: Dutch Celler

1830 Union County, AR - created 1829 out of Hempstead and Clark Counties.
1838 Tax List: Isaac Seliers


1840 Benton County, AR
1841 --- -- - Joel F. Sellers immigrated to Arkansas from Warren Co., TN in
1841.  In 
1857 he married Martha Smith, the daughter of Clark and Mary Smith, who was
born 13 Oct 
1840 in Bates Co., MO.  Joel F. and Martha Smith Sellers had seven children
all living 
in 1889, to wit: William C., Hugh A., Robert L., James H., Emma D. , Fannie
B. and John 
F. Sellers.  Hugh A. Sellers, at the age of 23, married Amanda Williams,
[born and 
reared in Franklin Co., AR] daughter of John Williams.  Hugh and Amanda
Sellers had one  son, David C. Sellers. [Goodspeed NW Arkansas]
1840 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
  # 115 Andrew Sellers


1850 Ashley County, AR - created 1848 out of Chicot, Union and Drew
p.040:212  Bastrop Twp:
   Silor,       Jacob                   40 M PA Bastrop Township
                Martha                  30 F SC
                James                     9 M LA
                Jonas                     6 M AR
                Henry                     5 M AR

1850 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington county.
#047, Beatie Township
   Sellers,     J. F.                   38 M TN Joel F. Sellers [married #2
Martha Smith in 

                Mary H.                 27 F IN
                Martha                    9 F MO
                Anne E.                   3 F AR
        Strather M.               1 M AR
                Catherine               2/12 F AR

1850 Chicot County, AR - created 1823 out of Arkansas County.
#181, Louisiana Township
   Cela,        Moses                   23 M Germany

1850 Hempstead County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
#212, Ozan Township
  Siler,        Jacob N.                30 M Maine

1850 Independence County, AR - created 1820 out of Lawrence and Arkansas
Dwelling #936; Ruddell Twp.
       Dixon Sellers married Rebecca Johnson 08 Aug 1827, Maury Co., TN;
see 1830 Maury 

Co., TN; 1840 Yalobusha Co., MS
   Sellers,     Dickson                 45 M NC                        1860
Lawrence Co., 

AR; 1870 Independence Co., AR
                Rebecca                 40 F TN nee Johnson
     **         Elizabeth A.            20 F TN
                Priscilla T.            18 F TN
                Charles D.              15 M TN
                William G.              13 M MS
                Nancy F.                11 F MS
                Thomas W.                 7 M MS
**the son born circa 1829 is missing,

1850 Ouachita County, AR - created 1842 out of Union County.
#022, Franklin Twp.
   Sellers,     Thomas C/E              23 M AL
                Hony                    26 F AL
                M. I.                     3 F TN
                John H.                   1 M AR

1850 Phillips County, AR - created 1820 out of Arkansas and Hempstead
#173:04, Planters Township
  Sellers,      J. N.                   38 M KY physician; $3,000
                Marcia J.               30 F KY
                James                     4 M AR
                Zack                      2 M AR
  Thompson, George W.                   38 M VA

           William B. Sellers married Martha Journey 28 Jun 1836, Maury
Co., TN
           William B. Sellers married Mahala J. Estes 23 May 1839, Maury
Co., TN
#153:42, Richland Township
  Sellers,      W. B.                   35 M TN William B. Sellers; William

Sellers from Maury Co. TN
                H. J. ['Hala J.]        29 F TN nee Estes
                William                 12 M TN Martha Journey mother?
                Martha                    9 F TN
                Mary                      8 F TN

1858       William B. Sellers, testator [Inventory & Settlement Book G:126]

1850 Pope County, AR - created 1829 out of Crawford County.
1858 Jan 14 - Daniel R. Sellars, 24, married Rosana Pitts, 33, in Pope Co.,
AR; by 

James Hickey, J. P.

1850 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
#357, Little Rock
  Cellars,      Andrew                  54 M Germany; carpenter
                Mary C.                 53 F Germany
                Leander                 21 M Germany; printer
                Rosana                  18 F Germany
                Emily                   12 F AR
                Josephine                 5 F AR

1860 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.
  p. 301   Beaties Township
       Sellar,  J. F. [Joel F.]         47 M TN
                        Martha                  19 F MO nee Smith, daughter
of Clark and Mary 

                        Ambrose                   8 M AR these children are
by Joel F.'s 

first wife
                        Mary                      4 F AR

  p. 313  W. D. Sellars; Flint Township

1861 Mar 31 - Joel F/T Sellers, 48, married Martha M. Smith, 20, by C.
Coats, J. P., in 

Benton Co., AR.
1868 Nov 05 - W. C. Sellers, 50, married Mary Ann Fair, 30, by I. Cook, J.
P., in 

Benton Co., AR.

1860 Calhoun County, AR - created 1850 out of Dallas and Ouachita Counties.
  p. 631  Nancy Sellers; Jackson Township
  p. 631  Thomas Sellers; Jackson Township

1860 Crawford County, AR - created 1820 out of Pulaski County.
  p. 602  Jason Sellars; city of Van Buren

1860 Fulton County, AR - created 1842 out of Izard County.
  p. 415  John W. Sellers; Franklin Township

1860 Hot Spring County, AR - created 1829 out of Clark County.
1862      F. F. Sellers, testator [Administration Book A:72]

1860 Jackson County, AR - created 1829 out of Woodruff County.
  p. 682  Mary Sellars; Bayou Cache Township
  p. 683  Sarah Sellers; Bayou Cache Township

1860 Johnson County, AR - created 1833 out of Pope County.
  p. 1060 Ned Sellers; Shoal Creek Township

1860 Lawrence County, AR - created 1815 out of New Madrid, MO.
p. 201: Washington Township
  Cellars, Dickson              54 M NC $1,000/225      [see 1830 Maury
Co., TN; 1840 

Yalobusha Co., MS;
           Rebecca              48 F TN nee Johnson     1850 Independence
Co., AR; 1870 

Independence Co., AR]
           Thomas W.            16 M MS

1860 Madison County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.

p. 405: Richland Twp:

#412  Boatright, James H.       41 M TN
                 Susan                          30 F TN
                 John                           10 M TN
                 Elizabeth                7 F AR
                 William                  4 M AR
                 James H.                 2 M AR
                 Moody                  4/12 M AR
                 Dick Johnson   4/12 M AR
      Sellers,   Elizabeth              20 F KY

#418  Johnson, Isaac                    50 M TN
               Elizabeth                46 F TN
      Ham, James T.             12 M TN

#423  Boatright, C. H.                  62 M VA Missionary Baptist Minister
             Louisa                             59 F TN
             C. Taylor                  26 M TN
             Martha                     23 F TN
             Edney A.                   19 F TN
             Eliza V.                           16 F TN
  Evans, Joseph                   8 M AR
  Keeney, Mary E.               21 F TN
             Roena A.                     4 F AR
             Susan                        2 F AR
  Bell,   Isaac                         30 M AR
  Johnson,   Nancy K.                   21 F TN
             Mary                         2 F AR
             James O.                     1 M AR
  Boatright, J. W.                      65 M VA  school teacher

1860 Phillips County, AR - created 1820 out of Arkansas and Hempstead
p. 352:555,  Richland Township
      Sellers, Mahala                   40 F TN $8,000/6,000; widow of
William B. Sellers
               Martha                   20 F TN
               William                  22 M TN Mahala's stepson

1860 Pope County, AR - created 1829 out of Crawford County.
  p. 817:764 Allen Township
  Cellars, Richard                      26 M AL Daniel Richard Sellers
           Rosana                       37 F MO formerly Pitts
  Pitts,   David L.                     13 M AR
           John A.                        9 M AR
  Sellars, William                        1 M AR

1860 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
 City of Little Rock
  p. 24:165 Sellars,  Fred L.           31 M Germany; printer [repeated as
Leander Sellers 

                   Elizabeth O.         24 F AR
                   George A.              8 M AR
                   Julia                          6 F AR
                   Don Juan               4 M AR
                   Anna                   1 F AR
            Farley, Mary E.             17 F AR

  p. 24:169 Moore, James                36 M Ireland; grocer
                   Roseanna             26 F Germany; nee Sellers; daughter
of Andrew 

Sellers and Mary C.
                   William H.             5 M AR
                   Emma                   3 F AR
                   Fannie                 1 F AR
          Sellers, Josephine            16 F AR daughter of Andrew Sellers
and Mary C.
          Sellers, Mary                 52 F Germany [mother-in-law]; widow
of Andrew 

          Cline,   Frederic             25 M Germany

  p. 49:322 Sellers, Leander            30 M Germany; printer; son of
Andrew Sellers and 

Mary C.
                     Elizabeth          24 F AR
                     George S.            8 M AR
                     Julia R.             6 F AR
                     Don Duan             4 M AR
                     Anna                 1 F AR
            Farley,  Ellen              16 F AR

  p. 127:379 Belcher, James             51 M MS
                      Henrietta         42 F TN
                      Ambrose S         15 M AR
                      Harry C.          12 M AR
                      Emily I.                  14 F AR
                      Robert J.         10 M AR
                      Josiah N.            8 M AR
                      Henrietta           5 F AR
                      James               3 M AR
             Sellers, Henry V.          23 M OH; school teacher

Civil War Veterans buried at National Cemetery in Little Rock:
Brigham Sellers, 1st Missouri Calvary, Company L, Section 7, Grave 4663.
John W. Sellers, 4th Arkansas Calvary, Company M, died June 8, 1865. Buried
in Section 

2, Grave 539.  National Cemetery records do not list him.
John W. Cellors, Private, 4th Arkansas Calvary, Company M.  Enlisted 20 Feb
1864 at age 

of 21 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Born in Maury Co., Tennessee.  Buried
Section 1, 

Grave 539.  [This is probably the same as John W. Sellers listed above]

1869         Fred K. Cellars, testator [Probate Court Book H:299]

1860 Sebastian County, AR - created 1851 out of Scott, Polk, Crawford and
Van Buren 

Lafayette Township, Sugar Loaf PO:
p. 985:178  Sellers, James H.           41 M AL
                     Mary                       40 F NC
                     Nancy              13 F AL
                     Augustus           11 M AL
                     Hanford            10 M LA
                     James                8 M LA
                     Sarah                6 F TX
                     John                         4 M TX
                     Alfred               2 M AR

p. 985:179  Woolsey, James              22 M MO merchant
                     Elizabeth          19 F TN
                     James W.             1 M AR
                     William            28 M IL
                     Lucy Ann           24 F AL nee Sellers?
                     Nathan                4 M AR
                     Lucy Ann             2 F AR
            Anderson, A. D.             26 M MO
            Sellers, Robert             25 M AL

1860 Union County, AR - created 1829 out of Hempstead and Clark Counties.
  p. 372  E. W. Sellers; Franklin Township

1860 Washington County, AR - created 1828 out of Crawford County.
  p. 757  W. Seller; Brush Creek Township

John Sellers, 3rd Iowa Calvary during the Civil War is buried at National
Cemetery at 

Fayetteville.  Section 2, Grave 60.

1867 Jun 03 - Sarah Sellars was among the members of the Fayetteville

Presbyterian Church that reorganized  themselves into a new church.


1870 Arkansas County, AR - created 1813 as an Original county.
p. 105 Henry Seler, Silver Lake

1870 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.
p. 227 John Celle, Flint Twp.
p. 227 William Celle, Flint Twp.
p. 350 William Sellars, Round Prairie

1871 --- -- - Mary Ann Sellars, consort of  W. C. Sellars, died, leaving an
infant son, 

Robert Lee Sellars, who died within  a few months.  Both are interred at

Cemetery at Spavinaw.  Mary Ann Sellars was the daughter of  Ellis Fair,
who was born 

at Cheraw, S. C. in the year 1805.  He immigrated to East Tennessee and in
the year 

1832 was married to Nancy Hamilton Easley, daughter of Stephen and Hannah
Easley of 

Sullivan Co.,  East Tennessee.  To them were born nine children to wit:
Mary Ann, 

Harvey Cummins, Stephen Thomas,           Edwin Franklin, John Dickson,
George Fanning, 

Joseph Asbery, Sarah Edna and Nathan Fair. Harvey Cummins Fair and John
Dickson Fair 

died in childhood.  Ellis and Nancy Hamilton Easley Fair moved  from
Tennessee to 

Benton Co., AR in 1859.  Ellis Fair, the father, was cruelly murdered by
"Pin Indians"  

on 07 May 1864. [Goodspeed NW Arkansas, Benton Co., AR]

1871 Oct 04 - W. C. Sellers, 53, married Louisa Hart, 50, by A. J. Cole, M.
G., in 

Benton Co., AR.
1873 Feb 20 - W. C. Hardcastle married Cora Sellers by J. B. Whiteside, J.
P., in 

Benton Co., AR.
1875 Dec 08 - Ambrose T. Sellers, 24, married Mary E. Ball, 16, by S. D.
Leonard in 

Benton Co., AR.

1878 Jan 06 - M. D. Sellars [groom], 31, married L. A. Pearsons, 19, by J.
W. Maddox, 

M. G., in Benton Co., AR.
1878 Feb 28 - Joseph Sellars, 21, married Malinda Burrow, 21, by A. G.
Williams, M. G., 

in Benton Co., AR.

1879       W. A. Sellers, testator [Probate Book C:428]

1870 Calhoun County, AR - creatd 1850 out of Dallas and Ouachita Counties.
p. 082:571 Jackson Twp.
 Sellers,  Thomas            45 M AL
           Charlotte         46 F AL
           Mary              11 F AL
           James              9 M AL
           William            6 M AL
           John H.           20 M AL
           Annie             18 F MS
           John H.            3 M AR
 Wood,     Fannie            14 F AR
           George            14 M AR
           William           12 M AR

1870 Conway County, AR - created 1825 out of Pulaski County.
p. 033 A. Cellars, Hardin Twp.
p. 033 Rachel Cellars, Hardin Twp.
p. 108 James Cellars, Welbam Twp.

1870 Crawford County, AR - created 1820 out of Pulaski County.
p. 252 Thomas Seller, Van Buren Twp.
p. 282 Nancy Sellars, 2 W Van Buren
p. 283 J. B. Sellers, 2 W. Van Buren

1870 Desha County, AR - created 1838 out of Arkansas and Chicot Counties.
p. 495 Benjamin Sellerse, Mississippi Twp.
p. 517 William A. Sellers, Red Fork Twp.

1870 Fulton County, AR - created 1842 out of Izard County.
p. 181 Sarah Sellers, Union Twp.

1870 Hot Spring County, AR - created 1829 out of Clark County.
p. 570 James A. Cellars, Prairie Bayou

1870 Independence County, AR - created 1820 out of Lawrence and Arkansas
p. 095 Thomas W. Sellers, Green Briar [son of Dixon Sellers]
p. 114 Charles D. Cellers, Jefferson Twp. [son of Dixon Sellers]
p. 118 Dixon Sellars; Jefferson Township

1870 Perry County, AR - created 1840 out of Conway County.
p. 396 Elizabeth Sellars, Famher Lafon
p. 408 Isom Sellars, Perry Twp.

1870 Phillips County, AR - created 1820 out of Arkansas and Hempstead
p. 012 William Sellers, Big Creek Twp.
p. 086 John Sellers, Richland Twp.
p. 125 John S. Sellers, Spring Creek

p. 133:319 Sellers, Green C.          39 M TN merchant; $4,000

                    Elizabeth         37 F NC
                    Jemason           10 M AR
                    Anna               2 F AR

1870 Pope County, AR - created 1829 out of Crawford County.
p. 341 Daniel R. [Richard] Sellars, Dover Twp.

1870 Prairie County, AR - created 1846 out of Pulaski and Monroe Counties
p. 495 Sallie Sellers, White River Twp.
p. 496 F. M. Sellors, White River Twp.
p. 503 J. M. Sellars, White River Twp.

1870 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County.
p. 125 E. Sellers, Caroline Twp.
p. 243 Annie Cellars, 2 W. Little Rock
p. 301 Wesley Cellar, 3 W. Little Rock

1870 Union County, AR - created 1829 out of Hempstead and Clark Counties.
p. 529 Letha Sellars, Garner Twp.

1870 Washington County, AR - created 1828 out of Crawford County.
p. 226 Sallie Sellars, Fayetteville

1870 White County, AR - created 1835 out of Pulaski, Jackson and
Independence Counties.
p. 366 Record Seler, Jackson Twp.
p. 375 B. Selus, Kentucky Twp.

1870 Woodruff County, AR - created 1862 out of Jackson and St. Francis
p. 456 George W. Sellers, Augusta Twp.
p. 481 Sarah E. Cellus, Deview Twp.
p. 482 William Cellers, Deview Twp.
p. 506 Look B. Sellars, White River Twp. [same as Luke B. Sellers 1850
Lewis Co., TN?]

1870 Washington County, AR - created 1828 out of Crawford County.
p. 222 Joseph Cellah, Fayetteville


1880 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.
1880 Benton County Mortality Schedule:
  Wesley A. Sellars, white male, 44 years old, TN, TN, TN; died August.

1883 Jan 28 - John Sellars, 26 , married Martha Gholson, 20, by I. R. Hall,
M. G., in 

Benton Co., AR.
1886 Mar 16 - G. W. Chappel, 40, married Frances Sellars, 38, by J. W.
Maddux, M. G., 

in Benton Co., AR.

1887     Will of Joel F. Sellers [Probate Box 21]

1880 Calhoun County, AR - created 1850 out of Dallas and Ouachita Counties.
1880 Calhoun County Mortality Schedule:
  Thomas Sellers, white male, age 6 years, AR, AR, AR; died July.

1887     T. E. [Thomas] Sellers, testator [Probate Book C:130]

1880 Franklin County, AR
1881 --- -- - Capt. and Mrs. William W. Baily moved to Altus in Franklin
Co., AR, from 

Ripley, MS.  William W. Bailey was  born in Tippah Co., MS, near Springhill
on 27 Jun 

1834, the son of Edmund I. Bailey and Lydia D. Mullins,  who were natives

of North Carolina and Tennessee, and had married in Giles Co., TN.  William
W. Baily 

was taken to be reared by Hon. John W. Thompson, a warm personal friend of

father's.   After serving in the Civil War, William W. Bailey returned to
Ripley, MS, 

where he studied law under  Judge John W. Thompson and was admitted to the

bar in 1866.  On 14 Sep 1864, he married  Ruth E. Sellers, who was born in

Co., NC  on 27 Sep 1839.  She was a  niece of Judge Thompson's  and was
reared by him. 

William W. Baily and Ruth E. Sellers had three sons: Edmund I., George S.
and  John W. 

T. Baily.  They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and staunch

[Goodspeed NW Arkansas]

1880 Miller County, AR
1880 Miller County Mortality Schedule:
  Mr. Sellard, white male, 38 years old, died December.

1880 Phillips County, AR - created 1820 out of Arkansas and Hempstead
1880 Phillips County Mortality Schedule:
  J. F. Sellers, white male, age 19 years, AR, AL, NC; died March.

1880     G. C. [Green C.] Sellers, testator [Inventory & Settlement Book

1880 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County
1884 Jun 07 - Dennia Barnett, 23 married Mollie Sellers, 21 in Pulaski Co.,

1880 Randolph County, AR - created 1835 out of Lawrence County.
1880 Randolph County Mortality Schedule:
  James Cellars, white male, 26 years old, born Alabama, died February.

1884     William H. Harper and R. V. Harper, brothers, were accused of the
murder of 

John Sellars;  all three men had been  residents of Mayfield (Graves) KY.

1880 Washington County, AR
1880 Washington County Mortality Schedule:
  James F. Sellers, white male, age 19, born Arkansas; died April.

1880 White County, AR - created 1835 out of Pulaski, Jackson and
Independence Counties.
1880 White County Mortality Schedule:
  Ellen Sellers, white female, 36 years old, AL, NC, VA; died October.

1886      John Sellars, testator [Will Book B:169]

1880 Woodruff County, AR - created 1862 out of Jackson and St. Francis
1889      L. B Sellars, testator [Probate Book D:625]


1890 Independence County, AR - created 1820 out of Lawrence and Arkansas
1890 Personal Property Tax Assessment:
  Washington Twp:
    I. M. Sellars
  Greenbrier Twp:
    J. D. Sellars, a minor
    J. H. Sellars
    W. J. Sellars

1890 Lawrence County, AR - created 1815 out of New Madrid, MO
1890 Personal Property Tax Assessment: D. W. Sellers, Duty Twp.

1890 Logan County, AR - created 1871 out of Pope, Franklin, Johnson, Scott
and Yell 

1891 Feb 04 - Tax List:
                 p. 15 Mrs. M. J. Sellers, 80 acres
                 p. 18 Mrs. M. J. Sellers, 40 acres
1891 Apr 09 - Tax List:
                 p. 15 E. B. Sellers, 80 acres
                 p. 18 E. B. Sellers, 40 acres

1890 Pope County, AR - created 1829 out of Crawford County.
1899 Sep 01 - D. R. [Daniel Richard] Sellars died.  Applied for a Civil War
pension but 

was rejected; Co I, Reg 22,  AR C 1862-64;  Widow Rosana Sellars #670
applied 05 Aug 



1900 Polk County, AR - created 1844 out of Sevier County.
1900 circa  - Luther Sellers was a Board Member of the Mountain Fork School
District in 

Polk Co., AR.
1901 Apr 09 - William Sellers died; served Civil War Co H, Reg 19, AR V
1863-65; widow 

Mary E. Sellers #9377 applied for a  
                pension 13 Aug 1903.

1900 St. Francis County, AR created 1827 out of Phillips County.
1905 Aug 12 - T. S. Sellers applied for a Civil War pension #11002; Co K,
Reg 1 AL I 



1910 Hot Spring County, AR - created 1829 out of Clark County.
1915 Aug 28 - R. T. Sellers applied for a CSA Civil War pension #23099; AL
I, 1864-65.

1990 Ashley County, AR -
1997 May 25 - Eugene Sellers, Jr., 65, of Crossett, AR, died Sunday, May
25, 1997.  

Funeral services are Saturday, May 31, 1997, at 1 p.m. at Union Baptist
Church in 

Wilmot, AR.  Burial will be in Warner Grove Cemetery under the direction of

Funeral Home of Hamburg, AR.  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 30 May 1997 p. 4B,
c 3)

1990 Bradley County, AR -
1994 Jun -- - Edwin "Red" Sellers was a candidate on the Democratic Ticket
for Bradley 

County Judge.

1990 Chicot County, AR
1994 Nov 20 - Rayborn Clark Sellers, 59, died at Lake Village.  Survivors
are one son, 

Bobby Sellers, Dallas;  one daughter; Jerry Lynn Benson, Lake Village; one

William "Bill" Sellers, Lake Village.   Graveside service will be 2 p.m.,
November 23, 

at lake Village Cemetery under the direction of   Steele Funeral Home.

1990 Cleveland County, AR -
1992 Nov 20 - Joy Anna Brown Sellers, 69, of Rison, died.  Graveside
service will be 2 

p.m. November 21 at Macedonia  Cemetery.  Arrangements are by Buie Funeral

Survivors are a son, Vance Boehn of Tucson, AZ;  a daughter, Ruth Ann
Parker of Rison; 

a brother, Willard Riley of Paragould; a sister, Patsy Wilson of  Rison;

grandchildren and a great-grandchild. (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 21 Nov
1992 p. 7B)

1990 Columbia County, AR
1996 Feb 09 - Services for James Maurice Sellers, 65, of Magnolia will be

February 11, 1996, at 2 p.m. at Lewis Chapel, burial in Emerson
Presbyterian Cemetery 

under directions of Lewis Funeral Home.  Mr. Sellers died Friday at
Magnolia City 

Hospital  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 10 Feb 1996, p. 4B, C. 3)

1990 Conway County, AR -
1994 Feb 27 - Max Sellers, of Morrilton, had a lifetime contribution of
$5,300 to the 

Razorback Foundation of the University of Arkansas, to qualify for
basketball season 

tickets at the new Bud Walton Arena in  Fayetteville.

1990 Dallas County, AR -
1996 Mar 21 - Jaynie "Jay" Mosley Sellers, 65, of Virginia Beach, VA, died
in Virginia 

Beach.  Survivors include two sons, Raymond Sellers, Staunton, VA, and Mark

Sellers, Louisville, KY; two brothers and five grandchildren.  Graveside
services are 4 

p.m., March 23, Oakland Cemetery, Fordyce [Dallas] AR.  Benton Funeral Home
is in 

charge of arrangements.  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 23 Mar 1996 p. 6B, c.

1990 Drew County, AR -
1997 Sep 03 - Hazel Andrews Sellars, age 75, on Monticello died Wednesday,
September 3, 

1997,  at Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Pine Bluff.  Graveside
services will be 

Saturday, September 6 at Hilo Cemetery in Bradley County, Arkansas.
Arrangements by 

Frazer's Funeral Home in Warren.  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 06 Sep 1997)
1990 Faulkner County, AR -
1994 Feb 12 - Verna Mae Sellers, 84, of Conway died.  She was a member of
Pickles Gap 

Baptist Church and a housewife.   Survived by 2 daughters, Helen Olles and
Patsy Fuller 

of Conway; 3 grandchildren.  Funeral will be 3 p.m.,  February 15 at

Chapel.  Burial will be in Macedonia Cemetery.    (Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette 14 Feb 

1994 p. 4B)

1995 Jan 26 - Mildred Sellers, 69, of Mayflower, died.  Survivors are sons,

Sellers, Jack Sellers,  Merle Sellers Jr., Allen Sellers and Richard

daughters, Patricia Burgin and Sharon Friedlund;  brothers, Herbert Hoover
and Floyd 

Hoover; 22 grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren.  Service will be
January 29, at 2 

p.m. in Dwire Funeral Home Chapel with burial in Mayflower Cemetery.

Democrat-Gazette 28 Jan 1995 p. 6B)

1996 Aug 22 - Grady Sellers, 85,  of Conway, died Thursday, August 22,
1996.  Survivors 

are wife, Margaret Sellers; sons, Jim Sellers and Ancel Sellers; daughters,

Osler and Sherrie Jones; step-daughters, Frances Padgett and Thelma
Betzold; several 

grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Services are 2 p.m. Sunday, August
25, at Dwire 

Funeral Home with burial in Macdonia Cemetery.  (Arkansas Democrat Gazette
24, August 

1997 Aug 3 - Amber Nicole Sellers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Merle W.
Sellers Jr. of 

Mayflower, and Chad Thomas Collins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins of

announced their engagement with a wedding date of September 20, 1997.

1997 Aug 31 - Wanda L. Sellers, 63, of Conway died Sunday, August 31, 1997.
She was a 

retired office clerk and a Methodist.  Graveside services will be at 2
p.m., September 

2 at Crestlawn Memorial Park by Roller-McNutt of Conway.  (Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette 02 

Sep 1997, p. 4B, c. 4)

1990 Garland County, AR
1992 Dec 16 - C. Ralph Sellers, 85, of Hot Springs, a retired baker for C.
J. Paterson 

Co., died.  Funeral will be at  2 p.m., December 18, at Hot Springs Funeral

Burial will be in Greenwood Cemetery.  Survivors are   his wife, Betty
Whitney Sellers; 

a daughter, Judy Johnson of Tulsa, OK; a stepson, John Lambert of  Hot
Springs; three 

step-daughters, Margaret Kenny of Lakeland, GA, Beverly Dean of Hot Springs
and  Dixie 

Woodall of Seattle, WA; 13 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

Democrat-Gazette 17 Dec 1992, p. 6B)

1993 Apr 07 - William Dewey Sellers, 73, of Hot Springs, died.  Funeral
will be at 10 

a.m., April 9, at Gross Funeral  Home.  Burial will be in Crestview

Memorials may be made to the American Diabetes Association.  Survivors are

daughters, Judy Smith of Olive Branch, MS, Suzanne Carleson of Orlando, FL,
and  Karol 

Ann Sellers of Hot Springs; two brothers, Joe Sellers of Memphis, TN, and
William B. 

Sellers of  Hot Springs; two sisters, Jane Lynch of Hot Springs and Bobbie
Evans of 

Fayetteville, PA; and two grandchildren.  (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 08
Apr 1993, p. 


1990 Greene County, AR
1997 Oct 05 - The engagement was announced of Melissa Kaye Sellars,
daughter of Dr. and 

Mrs. John R. Sellars of Paragould, and Spencer Allen Pratt, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Eugene 

Pratt of Dyer, Tennessee.  A wedding date has been set for November 8,
1997.  (Arkansas 

Democrat-Gazette 05 Oct 1997)

1990 Independence County, AR
1993 May 29 - Photographer Barney Sellers will hold his 17th annual
"Barney's Barns ... 

and Rural Scenes" exhibition from  9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the cafeteria of
Black Rock High 

School [Lawrence Co.].  The exhibition consists of  Photographs of scenes
from the 

Ozarks and other Southern locales.  Sellers, a native of Walnut Ridge
[Lawrence Co.] 

and a graduate of Arkansas State University, was a staff photographer for

Commercial Appeal" in Memphis for 36 years before his retirement in 1988.
He now lives 

in Batesville. [A telephone interview with Barney Sellers born 1926 in
Batesville says 

his father was Johnnie Clay Sellers born 1901, grandfather was Robert E.
Lee Sellers 

married to a Lizzie, who lived in Paducah, KY, and later Missouri.  Barney
Sellers, 40 

Kyle St., Batesville, AR 72501 in 1993;  Phone: 501/793-4552; says a cousin
Ima Louise 

Sellers Johnstone living in Springfield, MO, knows about Sellers.]

1990 Izard County, AR
1992 Dec 25 - Elvie Mae Barnes Sellers, 87, of Melbourne, died.  Funeral
will be at 2 

p.m., December 28, at Fairview Baptist Church in Violet Hill.  Burial will
be in Violet 

Hill Cemetery by Crouch Funeral Home.  Sellers was the widow of George M.

Survivors are a daughter, Earlene Walker of Melbourne;  two sisters, Elda
Campbell of 

Brockwell and Zelma Billingsley of Overland Park, KS; four grandchildren,
10 great-

grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren.  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
27 Dec 1992 

p. 6B)

1990 Jefferson County, AR
1995 Dec 02 - Arthur Sellars, 52, of Pine Bluff, died at Little Rock.
Funeral at 11 

a.m., Saturday, December 9, at Mt. Nebo Missionary      Baptist Church.
Burial in 

Cypress Memorial Gardens by Christian Way Funeral Home.

1990 Lee County, AR - created 1873 out of Phillips, Monroe, Crittenden and
St. Francis 

1992 Oct 20 - Roxie Sellers, age 101, of Rondo, died.  She was a Baptist.
Funeral will 

be at 2 p.m. October 22 at Rondo Baptist Church by Rev. James Wilcox and
Rev. David 

Cook.  Burial will be in Sunset Memorial Park. Survivors are a son, James
Sellers of 

Rondo; two daughters, Patsy Fant of Rondo and Lavina Wooten of  Oak Forest;

grandchildren, 47 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren.

1994 Jan 04 - Services for Frances V. Sellers, will be January 6 at Rondo

Church.  Mrs. Sellers, 72, died January 5 at the Helena Regional Medical

Survivors are husband, James Sellers, Rondo;  five daughters; three sons;
one sister; 

14 grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren.  Interment in Sunset
Memorial Park 

under the directio of Edwards Funeral Home, Marianna.

1990 Pike County, AR
1995 Feb 24 - John P. Seller, age 74, of Pearcy, formerly of Golden,
Colorado, died.  

Memorial services will be held at 2 p.m., February 27, in the First Baptist
Church of 

Glenwood under the direction of Davis-Smith Funeral Home of Glenwood.

Democrat-Gazette 25 Feb 1995, p. 7B, c. 1)

1990 Pope County, AR
1993 Sep 18 - Mark Givan Sellers, age 38, of Pottsville, died.  Memorial
service will 

be at 2 p.m., September 23, at the Humphrey Chapel under the direction of

Funeral Service.  The body was cremated.   (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 22
Sep 1993, p 

6B, c.4)

1993 Dec 23 - Marie Sellers, 100, of Russellville, widow of Henry Sellers,
died.  The 

body was cremated.  Graveside  memorial services will be at 10:30am,
January 4, 1994, 

at Mr. Carmel Cemetery at Cabot [Lononke Co.] by  Shinn Funeral Service of 

Russellville.  She is survived by a nephew and a niece.  (Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette 02 

Jan 1994 p7B, c. 1)

1990 Pulaski County, AR - created 1818 out of Arkansas County
1992 Dec 09 - Robert Sellers, 38, and Gina Burks, 40, both of North Little

applied for a marriage license.

1993 Feb 21 - Sam Sellers, the 25-year old press secretary for Rep. Tim
Hutchinson, R-

Ark, is highlighted in an article about Arkansasans getting settled in
Washington, DC.  

When Tommy Robinson made his unsuccessful bid for overnor of Arkansas in
1990, Sellers 

worked on his behalf.  Sellers also worked on the unsuccessful 1990
campaign of Asa 

Hutchinson, the congressman's brother for state attorney general.  It was
during  Asa 

Hutchinson's 1990 campaign that Sellers met not only his future boss, but
his future 

wife,  Holly Carnahan of Springdale.  Carnahan is a student at Bob Jones
University in 

Greenville, SC but will  finish school in the Washington area after the
couple marry in 

August.  Sam Sellers studied political science at the University of
Arkansas at Little 

Rock and is a Little Rock native.  Sellers hopes to use the hands-on
experience he is 

gaining to establish his own career in politics.  (Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette 21 Feb 

1993, p. 12A)

1993 Mar -- - U. S. District Court Filings: Ella Mae Sellers vs. Stevens
Funeral Homes, 

an Arkansas Corportion.     #H-C 93-038.

1993 May 20 - John Sellers, 23, and Jennifer Mercer, 20, both of Little
Rock, applied 

for a marriage license in  Pulaski County.

1993 Aug 14 - Holly Lin Carnahan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Carnahan of

[Washington Co.] married Samuel Aaron Sellers, son of Laura Sellers of
Little Rock and 

the late Mason Sellers.

1993 Nov 23 - Delinquent Pulaski County Personal Property Taxpayers for
                        Booker Sellars               $167.30
                        Barry/Rhonda Sellers         $172.36
                        Brian C. Sellers             $122.41
                        E. C. Sellers Jr.            $175.31
                        Sellers Electric Inc.        $190.61
                        Hughlie N. Sellers            $18.22
                        Michael Sellers              $113.78
                        Michael S. Sellers            $77.02
                        Pamela S. Sellers             $16.10

1994 Feb 01 - Paul and Tammy Sellers of Little Rock had a baby boy born at


1994 Jun 09 - David Luttmer, 43, and Tammy Sellers, 34, both of Maumelle,
applied for a 

marriage license in  Pulaski County.

1995 Sep 17 - Samuel A. Sellers, 28, an insurance sales agent for
Cornerstone Financial 

Resources, is a candidate for Pulaski County School Board.  He has a
bachelor's degree 

in political science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  His
wife, Holly, 

is a clerical employee at Arkansas Children's Hospital.  He attends Parkway

Church.  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 17 Sep 1995)

1995 Nov 14 - 1994 Delinquent Tax Payers of Real Estate for Pulaski County:
        E. C. Sellers Jr., Hwy. 367     $1,444.96

1995 Nov 14 - 1994 Delinquent Tax Payers of  Personal Property for Pulaski
        Brian C. Sellers                $      70.71
        Laura J. Sellers                $     105.49
        Michael  S. Sellers             $      168.18 
        Pamela S. Sellers               $        14.82
        Rick Sellers            $     137.10
        Samuel Sellers and H. Carnaham  $       99.03

1996 Jun 25 - Linnie G. Sellers, 91, widow of William F. Sellers or North
Little Rock, 

died Tuesday, June 25. 1996.  She is survived by a daughter and a
son-in-law, Myreda 

and George Tilley of North Little Rock; sister, Leona Fiddler of Ward;
grandson, Eddie 

Tilley and grandson and granddaughter-in-law, Tommy and Katie Tilley; and
two great-

grandchildren.  Funeral services will be 10 a.m., Friday, June 28, at

Funeral Home with Rev. Ben Scott and Rev. Jackie Brown officiating.  Burial
will be in 

Cypress Valley Cemetery at Vilonia .  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette  27 Jun
1996, p. 5B, 

c. 1)

1990 Sharp County, AR - 
1997 Jul 30 - Jimmie Victoria Sellers, 61, of Cherokee Village died
Wednesday, July 30, 

1997, at her home.  Funeral services will be at 10 a.m., Friday, August 1,
at the Tri-

County Cherokee Chapel.  Visitation from 6 to 8 p.m., July 31, at the
funeral home.  

Arrangements by Tri-County Cherokee Chapel of Hardy.  (Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette 31 Jul 

1997, p. 6B, c. 4)

1990 White County, AR -  created 1835 out of Pulaski, Jackson and
Independence Counties

1994 Sep 25 - Curtis J. "Johnny" Sellers, age 70, of McRae, died.  He was a
member of 

the Lighthouse Pentecostal Jesus  Name Church and a Veteran of World War
II.  Funeral 

service is 2 p.m., September 28, at Lighthouse Pentecostal Jesus Name
Church with 

burial in Beebe Cemetery by W. L. Westbrook Funeral Home of Beebe.
(Arkansas Democrat-

Gazette 27 Sep 1994 p. 4B, c. 4)

1996 Mar 23 - Jewell Sellers, 77, of Judsonia died.  Survivors, husband,

Sellers; sons, Charles Sellers, Jimmy Sellers, David Sellers, Donald
Sellers; daughter, 

Jo Ann Covington; three brothers and one sister; 20 grandchildren and 20

grandchildren;  Services at 2 p.m., March 26, Clearwater Baptist Church.
Burial in 

White County Memorial Gardens by Powell Funeral Home.  (Arkansas
Democrat-Gazette 25 

Mar 1996, p. 2B, c. 3)

1997 Jul 16 - Deral Claude Sellers, 66, of Bald Knob, died Wednesday, July
16, 1997.  

Survivors are son, Robin Sellers, Bald Knob; daughter, Amy Sellers,
Jonesboro; brother: 

James H. Sellers, Cave City; sister, Marie Spencer, Memphis, TN; Services
at 10:30 

a.m., Friday, July 18, at Powell Chapel, Bald Knob.  Burial in Shady Grove

Powell Funeral Home, Bald Knob-Judsonia.  (Arkansas Democrat-Gazette 18 Jul
1997, p. 

6B, c. 2)