BENTON CO, AR (made in
lays next to





1900 OK


1850 BENTON CO, AR =
MARY H. 27 IND (married when/where?msh)
J. H. ROS 48 TN
and kids TN

1860 BENTON CO, AR =
J. H. SELLERS 47 , TN,  (born ca 1813,msh)  PAGE 302 BEATIES
MARTHA 19 MO (born ca 1841 , dau as above? msh)
AND kids AR

W C Sillers 42TN (ck Moniteau, Missouri,msh)
Elizabeth Sillers 40
Thomas Sillers 18 TN
John Sillers 16 MO
Lafayette Sillers 14 MO
Mary Sillers 7
Cora Sillers 5
Martha Sillers 2

MARRIAGE = 1861?

Sellers, Lafayette Confederate Infantry 15th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Northwest) (ck 1860 Benton Co., AR)
Sellers, William W. Confederate Infantry 15th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry (Josey's)

If my memory serves me correctly, you will find Joel Sellers in Benton County, Arkansas census in 1870.

Joel Sellers/SETHERS, age 57, Male white, farmer, Tennessee, PAGE 331, ROUND PRAIRIE TWN
(the parents birthplaces got cut off the page I printed)
Martha Sellers, age, 29, female, white, housekeeper, Missouri
Mitchell Sellers, age 22, male, white, farmer, Arkansas (his name would be Strather Mitchell Sellers)
Ambrose Sellers, age 19, male, white, Arkansas
Mary Sellers, age, 14, female, white, Arkansas
William Sellers (misspelled as Willaim), age 9, male, white, Arkansas
Hugh Sellers, age 7, male, white, Arkansas
Robert Sellers, age 5, male white, KANSAS
James Sellers, age 2, male white, Arkansas
LAFAYETTE 26M TN (ca1844,msh) ck Wise Co., TX,msh

WM CELLE, PAGE 227, 1ST TWN = is this BENTON CO, AR? or BENTON CO, MO? msh

       Tue, 9 Apr 2002 21:32:11 -0600
       "chickflet" <>

I only extracted Joel Sellers and William Sellers from the 1870
Benton County, Arkansas.

Here is what I have so far in 1880 Benton County, Arkansas, and I have only
done half of Round Prairie Twp.:

Robert Sellars, white male, age 50 farmer, Tennessee (again the page I
printed cut off the parents birth places)
Elen Sellars, white female age 51, wife, Tennessee
Charlie Sellars, white male, age 15, son, Missouri
Nellie Sellars, white female, age 13, daughter, Missouri
Robert Sellars, white male, age 11, son, Missouri
Rossa Sellars, white female, age 9, daughter, Missouri

Marquis Sellars, white male, age 34, grocer, birth places got cut off,
(this would be Marquis de Lafayette Sellars)
Laura Sellars, white female age 23, wife, housewife
Bennie, white male, age 1, son
William C. Sellars, white male, age 62, father, clerk in grocery store
Jefferson D. Sellars, white male, age 27, brother, has lemonade stand
On January 6, 1878, M. D. Sellars, groom, age 31, married L. A. Pearsons,
age 19, in Benton County, Arkansas
  (My question is - Is this William C. Sellers the William Carroll Sellers that is the son of Laird Sellers and Annie Hackney?

Georgia Georgia Fletcher [])

Mary A. Sellars, white female, age 30, head of household
John W. Sellars, white male, age 15, son, clerk in -----
Ida Sellars, white female, age 13, daughter
Leona Sellars, white female age 11, daughter
Myrtle Sellars, white female, age 4, daughter

William T. Sellars, white male, age 38, retail grocer
Sarah L., white female, age 34, wife
Izora A. Sellars, white female, age 13, daughter
Mollie Sellars, white female, age 11, daughter
James W. Sellars, white male, age 8, son,
Rosa L. Sellars, white female, age 6, daughter
Birtha L. Sellars, white female, age 8/12 months, daughter

I'm sorry but I did a print screen of the actual census from Ancestry and it
cut off the places of birth - even though it was showing on my screen.  I'll
try to print landscape next time.


1880 Benton County, Arkansas

Round Prairie Township

enumerated on 08 June 1880


Marquis Sellers, W, M, 36, grocer,  MO, TN, TN

Laura Sellers, W, F, 23, wife, keeping house, MO, TN, TN

Bonnie Sellers, W, M, 1, son, AR, MO, MO

William C. Sellers, W, M, 62, father, clerk in grocery store, TN, NC, NC

Jefferson D. Sellers, W, M, 17, brother, has lemonade stand, AR, TN, TN



1880 BENTON CO, AR =

           [SELLERS] Joel Sellers, 1880 Benton County, AR
            Wed, 10 Apr 2002 20:55:03 -0500
           "chickflet" <>

I finally found Joel Sellers in the 1880 Benton County, Arkansas census.
The Sellers Arkansas page for 1880 census lists his as Joseph Sellars but
unless the reader had a much better copy of the census than Ancestry
delivers, his name is not readable past the J for Joel - even the last name
is difficult to read.  The film is very faint and difficult to read even if
you know what to look for.

Here is how I interpret the 1880 Benton County, AR census:
Batie Township (I think should be Beattie)
Joel Sellars, 67 TN
Martha Sellars, wife, 38 MO
Willy Sellars, son, 18, AR
Robert Sellars, son 15 KS (this is definitely Kansas and was Kansas in 1870)
Emmy Sellars, daughter, 12, AR (I think Emmy is listed as a twin to Jane)
Jane Sellars, daughter, 12, AR (I think Jane is listed as a twin to Emmy;
definitely listed as a female)
Fanny Sellars, daughter, 8, AR
John Sellars, son, 6, AR
There were brackets linking Emmy and Jane together with a notation that I
think said twins but it was very difficult to read.

In 1870 Benton County, AR Census:
Joel Sellers, 67 TN
Martha Sellers, 29, MO
Mitchell Sellers, 22, AR
Ambrose Sellers, 19, AR
Mary Sellers, 14, AR
William Sellers, 9, AR
Hugh Sellers, 7, AR
Robert Sellers, 5, KS
James Sellers, 2, KS

I don't know where James is in the 1880 census.  Emma is not 12, I would say
she was probably born in 1870 but not born before the census.  Did she have
a twin named Jane or is that James listed as a son?  James should be 12 in
the 1880 census.  Where is Hugh in 1880 census - he was only 17 years old.
Possibly he and James are living with relatives.

That's my best shot.

GEORGIA, thanks, Appreciate All differences, etc

Now the 1880 soundex  film T736-39 1880 ARKANSAS by  AGLL (copies made from LDS? )
1880 BENTON CO, AR, =
JOSEPH SELLERS 67 TN, BATIE TWN (very plain handwriting on his name,msh)
MARTHA 38 MO, wife
ROBERT 15 KANSAS, SON (very plain hand writing on state of birth ,msh)
JOHN F.? ??AR, SON (can't read age, maybe 5/6?, msh)
The 1880 ARKANSAS PAGE =  LDS cd roms)
WE will LIST BOTH now!
It all helps,
We have to post it as We See it Or on document!
marie, iowa

           Sun, 7 Apr 2002 13:33:42 -0500
      From: GEORGIA
           "chickflet" <>

1840 Benton County, AR

1841 --- -- - Joel F. Sellers immigrated to Arkansas from Warren Co., TN in
1841. In 1857 he married Martha Smith, the daughter of Clark and Mary Smith,
who was born 13 Oct 1840 in Bates Co., MO.
Joel F. and Martha Smith Sellers had seven children all living in 1889, to wit: William C., Hugh A., Robert
L., James H., Emma D. , Fannie B. and John F. Sellers. Hugh A. Sellers, at
the age of 23, married Amanda Williams, [born and reared in Franklin Co.,
AR] daughter of John Williams. Hugh and Amanda Williams Sellers had one son,
David C. Sellers. [Goodspeed NW Arkansas]

1850 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington county.
#047, Beatie Township
Sellers, J. F. 38 M TN Joel F. Sellers [married #2 Martha Smith in 1857]
Mary H. 27 F IN
Martha 9 F MO
Anne E. 3 F AR
Strather M. 1 M AR
Catherine 2/12 F AR

1860 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.
p. 301 Beaties Township
Sellar, J. F. [Joel F.] 47 M TN
Martha 19 F MO nee Smith, daughter of Clark and Mary Smith
Ambrose 8 M AR these children are by Joel F.'s first wife
Mary 4 F AR

p. 313 W. D. Sellars; Flint Township

1861 Mar 31 - Joel F/T Sellers, 48, married Martha M. Smith, 20, by C.
Coats, J. P., in Benton Co., AR.

1868 Nov 05 - W. C. Sellers, 50, married Mary Ann Fair, 30, by I. Cook, J.
P., in Benton Co., AR.

1870 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.
p. 227 John Celle, Flint Twp.
p. 227 William Celle, Flint Twp.
p. 350 William Sellars, Round Prairie

1871 --- -- - Mary Ann Sellars, consort of W. C. Sellars, died, leaving an
infant son, Robert Lee Sellars, who died within a few months. Both are
interred at Bethel Cemetery at Spavinaw. Mary Ann Sellars was the daughter
of Ellis Fair, who was born at Cheraw, S. C. in the year 1805. He immigrated
to East Tennessee and in the year 1832 was married to Nancy Hamilton Easley,
daughter of Stephen and Hannah Easley of Sullivan Co., East Tennessee. To
them were born nine children to wit: Mary Ann, Harvey Cummins, Stephen
Thomas, Edwin Franklin, John Dickson, George Fanning, Joseph Asbery, Sarah
Edna and Nathan Fair. Harvey Cummins Fair and John Dickson Fair died in
childhood. Ellis and Nancy Hamilton Easley Fair moved from Tennessee to
Benton Co., AR in 1859. Ellis Fair, the father, was cruelly murdered by "Pin
Indians" on 07 May 1864. [Goodspeed NW Arkansas, Benton Co., AR]

1871 Oct 04 - W. C. Sellers, 53, married Louisa Hart, 50, by A. J. Cole, M.
G., in Benton Co., AR.

1873 Feb 20 - W. C. Hardcastle married Cora Sellers by J. B. Whiteside, J.
P., in Benton Co., AR.

1875 Dec 08 - Ambrose T. Sellers, 24, married Mary E. Ball, 16, by S. D.
Leonard in Benton Co., AR.

1878 Jan 06 - M. D. Sellars [groom], 31, married L. A. Pearsons, 19, by J.
W. Maddox, M. G., in Benton Co., AR.

1878 Feb 28 - Joseph Sellars, 21, married Malinda Burrow, 21, by A. G.
Williams, M. G., in Benton Co., AR.

1879 W. A. Sellers, testator [Probate Book C:428]

1880 Benton County, AR - created 1836 out of Washington County.

1880 Benton County Mortality Schedule:
Wesley A. Sellars, white male, 44 years old, TN, TN, TN; died August.

1883 Jan 28 - John Sellars, 26 , married Martha Gholson, 20, by I. R. Hall,
M. G., in Benton Co., AR.

1886 Mar 16 - G. W. Chappel, 40, married Frances Sellars, 38, by J. W.
Maddux, M. G., in Benton Co., AR.

1887 Will of Joel F. Sellers [Probate Box 21]

Hopes this helps

           Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:52:37 -0500
      From: GEORGIA
           "chickflet" <>

After looking at Warren County, Tennessee in 1820, 1830 and 1840, I would
surmise that Joel F. Sellers is the son of Flynn Sellers that appears in
1820/1830/1840 Warren County, Tennessee and died there in 1841.  He is the
only Sellers that I see that had a son in the right age group to be Joel
(Flynn?) Sellers.  Flynn Sellers also had 3 daughters in those census
records being born 1811-1825.

The person researching this line needs to get the will of Flynn Sellers
dying in Warren County, Tennessee in 1841.

The Hugh Sellers married to Manda (nee Williams) in the 1900 Indian
Territory Census Cherokee Nation would be the son of Joel F. Sellers and a
brother to John F. Sellers. (per Goodspeed record in Northwest Arkansas)


I don't know if this is the correct census for this family? check the other families listed on the 1880 link above, msh)
1880 Census Place: Batie, Benton, Arkansas
 Source: FHL Film 1254038  National Archives Film T9-0038     Page 294A
 Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Joseph SELLARS Self M M W 67 TN
 Occ: Farmer Fa: SC Mo: SC
Martha SELLARS Wife F M W 38 MO
 Occ: Keeping House Fa: MO Mo: MO
Willy SELLARS Son M S W 18 AR
 Occ: Works On The Farm Fa: TN Mo: MO
Robert SELLARS Son M S W 15 AR (KS on soundex film)
 Occ: Works On The Farm Fa: TN Mo: MO
Emmy SELLARS Dau F S W 12 AR
 Occ: Works At Home Fa: TN Mo: MO
Jane SELLARS Dau F S W 12 AR
 Occ: Works At Home Fa: TN Mo: MO
Fanny SELLARS Dau F S W 8 AR
   Fa: TN Mo: MO
John SELLARS Son M S W 6 AR (ca 1874)
   Fa: TN Mo: MO

1880    Census Place:   New Hope, Izard, Arkansas

            Source: FHL Film 1254047  National Archives Film T9-0047     Page 341C    

            Relation            Sex      Marr    Race    Age      Birthplace

James CELLARS         Self      M         M         W        38        TN

            Occ:     Farmer Fa: TN Mo: TN

Mary CELLARS          Wife     F          M         W        18        AR

            Occ:     Keeping House Fa: GA Mo: GA

John CELLARS           Son      M         S          W        9M       AR

                                    Fa: TN Mo: GA


1880    Census Place:   New Hope, Izard, Arkansas

            Source: FHL Film 1254047  National Archives Film T9-0047     Page 343D    

            Relation            Sex      Marr    Race    Age      Birthplace

Charles CELLARS       Self      M         M         W        45        TN

            Occ:     Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC

Malinda CELLARS      Wife     F          M         W        36        KY

            Occ:     Keeping House Fa: KY Mo: KY

Jane CELLARS           Dau      F          S          W        9          AR

                                    Fa: TN Mo: TN

John CELLARS           Son      M         S          W        2          AR

                                    Fa: TN Mo: KY

Dixon CELLARS         Father  M         M         W        75        NC

            Occ:     Farmer Fa: NC Mo: NC

Rebecca CELLARS     Mother F          M         W        69        TN

                                    Fa: NC Mo: NC

William C Sellers Lidia G Beatie, Benton, Arkansas Apr 1861 Arkansas White Head
William C Sellers 39 AR, DAD TN, MOM IN
Lidia G Sellers 37 KS, WIFE, DAD MASS, MOM KY
Margarett C Peppers 68KY, MIL,
Bessie M Douglas 18 AR, SERVANT

Willie Wells 35 Emma D Wells 32 Fannie E Wells 8 Maud Wells 6 Victor R Wells 4 Myrtle M Wells 1 Martha Sellers 59 MO, MOTHER, DAD PA, MOM IN, Eli McCallister 60M, OHIO SERVANT

S* [Srawtha M SellersSellers Marth J Beatie, Benton, Arkansas Jul 1848 Arkansas White Head, DAD TN, MOM IN
S* Sellers 51 Marth J Sellers 44 Clabe Sellers 11 Carson R Sellers 7 Jay Sellers 5




History of Benton County, Arkansas

 Mrs. Martha Sellers,the daughter of Clark and Mary Smith, was born October 13, 1840, in
 Bates County. Mo. The father was born and reared in Pennsylvania, and immigrated from that
 State to Missouri when quite a young man. He settled in Bates County, purchased land, and
 devoted his time exclusively to farming and stock raising. The mother was born in Bartholomew
 County, Ind., and when a young woman emigrated westward with her father. They first settled in
 Cole County, Mo., but later removed to Bates County, of the same State, and finally settled in
 Benton County, Ark., where she passed her last days. The father died in Louisiana. Grandfather
 and Grandmother Smith were from Pennsylvania, and moved to Bates County, Mo., where they
 were living when they received their final summons. The majority of their children went to
 California during the gold excitement of 1849. Mrs. Sellers continued to live with her mother and
 relatives until about seventeen years of age, when she was married to Joel F. Sellers, a native of
 Warren County, Tenn., who immigrated to Arkansas in 1841.
To this union were born seven  children, all now living:
William C.,
Hugh A.,
Robert L.,
James H.,
Emma D.,
Fannie B. and
John  F.
After marriage Mr. and Mrs. Sellers settled on the farm where she is now living, and here Mr.
 Sellers occupied his time in tilling the soil until his death. Mrs. Sellers is now conducting the farm
 with the assistance of her sons who are living at home. The farm consists of 240 acres, 140 acres
 under cultivation. Hugh Sellers, Mrs. Sellers' second son, continued to live with his mother until
 his marriage. He received a fair education in the common schools, and at the age of twenty-three
 married Miss Amanda Williams, daughter of John Williams, who is one of the oldest settlers of
 Benton County, having removed from Missouri to Arkansas when a boy. The daughter was born
 and reared in Franklin County, Ark., and by her marriage to Mr. Sellers became the mother of
 one child, David C. Since marriage Mr. Sellers has been engaged in business for himself, and is
 now occupied in farming in this county. He is a strong Democrat in his political views, not for
 policy, but from principle and his own honest convictions. 

History of Benton County, AR
 page 295
 The Fayetteville Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a part [p.295] of the Arkansas Presbytery.
 Its early records were destroyed during the war, so that reliable information of the pre-war
 period is very meager.
A Rev. Feemster is given as one of its earliest preachers. On June 3, 1867, the following members reorganized themselves into a church:
Samuel H. Buchanan, E. H.
 Buck, M. G. Bonham, L. F. Graham, J. D. Henry, Dr. James Stephenson,
Sarah Sellars,
M. S. Bonham, Esther Crockett, L. M. and A. E. Routh, Adeline Graham, M. J. Reif, Margaret Calfee,
 Sarah Hodges, Martha Stephenson and L. A. Henry. Since 1867 the pastors have been as
 follows: Revs. Samuel H. Buchanan (now Dr.), John Buchanan, F. R. Earle (now D. D. and
 president of Cane Hill College), S. S. Patterson, J. L. Dickens, Rev. E. E. Morris, G. A.
 Henderson and J. T. Molloy, the present pastor. Dr. Earle was recalled three different times after
 his first pastorate. The largest accessions to the church have been made under Rev. A. M.
 Buchanan, R. G. Pearson, an evangelist, and Rev. Molloy, the total membership now being 114.
 Their first building was of brick, erected at a cost of $2,500. Their present church edifice is a
 frame structure, built during the centennial year. Two ladies' societies, the Aid and Foreign
 Missionary, are in a flourishing condition.

 History of Benton County
 page 834
 Stephen Thomas Fair,the subject of this sketch, a farmer and teacher residing near Center Point
 Church House, near the “McKisick Spring,” in Benton County, Ark., is the second son of Ellia
 and Nancy H. Fair, was born in Sullivan County, East Tenn., in the year 1836, and came to
 Arkansas in the year 1859. His father, Ellis Fair, was born at Cheraw, S. C., in the year 1805.
 and there received an education common to those of that time and place. He immigrated from
 there to East Tennessee, and in the year 1832 was married to Miss Nancy Hamilton Easley,
 daughter of Stephen and Hannah Easley, of Sullivan County, E. Tenn., and to them were born
 nine children, to wit: Mary Ann, Harvey Cummins, Stephen Thomas, Edwin Franklin, John
 Dickson, George Fanning, Joseph Asbery, Sarah Edna. and Nathan Easley. Two of these
 children, to wit, Harvey Cummins and John Dickson, died in childhood, and one of them, viz.,

 Mary Ann, who became consort of Mr. W. C. Sellars, of Benton County, Ark., died in the year
 1871, leaving an infant son, Robert Lee, who in a few months also died, and its remains were
 interred by those of its mother in Bethel Cemetery, on Spavinaw.

During the Mexican War the  father of these children volunteered, but his company was not called into service. In the year  1859 these parents, in order to secure good homes for their children, sold out in Tennessee, and
 with their family immigrated to Benton County, Ark., bought lands and were prospering at the
 breaking out of the Civil War, in which, though opposed to the war, the five sons, before its
 close, became members of the army of “The Lost Cause,” the father, mother and daughters
 remaining on the farm and managing to raise and retain enough of its products to support and
 clothe themselves, notwithstanding they were frequently robbed of everything that could be
 carried away by lawless bands of plunderers, who made it their primary object to scour the
 country for individual booty. On the 7th day of May, 1864, the father, on returning from his
 labor, was met by an enraged posse of “Pin Indians,” and, notwithstanding his age and inoffensive
 life, was by them cruelly murdered. The mother and her two daughters, assisted by the good
 women of the neighborhood, managed to make a rude coffin and to bury his remains in the yard
 near the residence, where it rested till after the close of the cruel war, when it was disinterred and
 suitably re-interred in Bethel Cemetery, the Rev. Martin Thornsberry conducting the funeral
 services from the text: “Be ye, also, ready.” This funeral was largely attended, and it is believed
 by all who are acquainted with Mr. Fair that at the last day, on the resurrection morning, his
 remains will, at the sounding of the first trumpet, come forth to life immortal. Edwin F., the third
 son, married Miss Sarah Jane, daughter of Dr. Samuel and Mrs. Mabala Martin; is a successful
 farmer and a Methodist class leader; resides in Scott County, Ark., and has ten children, to wit:
 John, George, Maud, Lewis, Albert, Samuel, Nancy, Ellis. Ann and —. George F. married Miss
 Martha Elizabeth Beard, of Yell County, Ark., is an itinerant minister of the Methodist Episcopal
 Church, South. and resides at Sipe Springs, Comanche County, Tex. The names of their children
 are Nancy R., Mary E., Emma B., Ellis N., Floyd and Ennis Lee. Joseph A. married Miss
 Martha Ann Russell, of Benton County, Ark.; is a successful farmer and a local minister of the
 Methodist Episcopal Church, South; resides in Benton County, Ark.; has nine children, to wit:
 Elija Ellis, Harvey Dickson. Lovic Pierce, Joseph Clark, Sarah Altha, Commodore Vanderbilt,
 Wiley Oicero, Hugh Lancing and Oma Pear. Sarah E. married Mr. Wiley C. Sitton, of Georgia,
 and resides in Benton County, Ark. They have no children. The mother, Nancy H. Fair, now
 seventy-six years of age, lives with this, her youngest, daughter. Mr. Sitton is a successful farmer,
 and is now serving his second term as justice of the peace of Decatur Township. Nathan E., the
 youngest son, [p.834] married Miss Amanda hamilton, of Yell County, Ark., is a minister of the
 Methodist Episcopal Church. South, and teacher in Belleville Academy. Yell County, Ark. They
 have five children, to wit: Laura. Loula. Miunie, Grace and Pearl. Stephen T. was educated in the
 common schools of Sullivan County and at Jefferson Academy, in Blountville, E. Tenn. After
 leaving the Academy he taught several terms in the public schools of his native county, and then
 came to Benton County, Ark., where he resumed the business of teaching, in which he continued
 till in the summer of 1861, when he joined the Fourteenth Arkansas Regiment, Confederate
 States Army, in which he served, first as teamster, second as commissary-sergeant, third as
 forage master. fourth as wagon-master, and after the battle of Pea Ridge, fifth as hospital
 steward, until, overcome by fatigue and exposure, he was left by his command at the point of
 death, near Little Rock. Ark. After partly regaining his health, he returned to his home in Benton,
 where he remained about two months, and then joined General Standwatie's Indian command,
 under Maj. Joel Bryant. In this command he served, first as company clerk, second as
 quartermaster-sergeant, and third as adjutant of Col. William Penn Adair's Second Cherokee
 Regiment, Confederate States Army. He was in the battles of Sherley Ford. Newtonia, Fort
 Wayne, Honey Springs, Mazzard Prairie and a number of other minor engagements. At the time
 of the surrender of the Confederate States army his command was at Boggy Depot, I. T., from
 which place he went to Northwest Texas, where he remained about a year, and then returned to
 Benton County and resumed the business of teaching. On the 22d day of March, 1868, at Center
 Point Church, Benton County, Ark., in the presence of a large congregation, he was united in the
 bonds of matrimony with Miss Agnes Julia Ann Womack, the Rev. Martin Thornsberry
 officiating. Mrs. Fair is the daughter of Mr. Richard and Mrs. Matilda Lee Womack, who moved
 from Wilson County, Tenn., in the year 1855. She was born in Wilson County, Tenn., in 1851.
 There have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Fair ten children, to wit: first, William Wallace, who died
 in infancy; second, Mary Ann; third, an infant son, deceased, without name; fourth, Ellis
 Hamilton; fifth. Richard Lee; sixth, Martha Edna; seventh, Stephen Thomas; eighth, Cora Ethel;
 ninth, Emma Vivian; tenth, Edwin Claudia. Mr. Fair still follows teaching in the public schools of
 the county, holds a first grade certificate, and when not employed as teacher works upon and
 manages his farm. He is secretary of the Benton County Sunday-school Association, a member
 of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. member of Bentonville Lodge No. 56, A. F. & A.
 M., justice of the peace of Osage Township, in which capacity he is now serving his fourth term;
 is Democratic in his political views, and is true to his honest convictions, but opposed to bigotry
 and ultraism in all things. 

Benton County Arkansas Cemetery Index
SELLARS           MARY A.      1833 1870               BETHEL
SELLARS           ROBERT L.    1870 1870               BETHEL
SELLECH           WILLIAM      1890 1957               RUDDICK
SELLERS           DORA         1898 1974               GENTRY
SELLERS           JOEL F.      1812 1887               MAYSVILLE
SELLERS           LYDIA        1863 1951               MAYSVILLE
SELLERS           MARTHA       1840 1928               MAYSVILLE
SELLERS           MARVIN       1904 1958               BUTLER CREEK
SELLERS           ROBERT B.    1883 1905               SILOAM SPRINGS
SELLERS           SALLIE       1870 1872               BLOOMFIELD
SELLERS           WESLEY E.    1879 1876               BLOOMFIELD
SELLERS           W.C.         1861 1925               MAYSVILLE
The Benton County Record And Democrat Est. 1885
Vol. 40-No. 41 Bentonville Thursday,August 2,1934

Several Maysville people went to picnic at Jay Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Neal SELBY and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton SELBY are here from
California visiting relatives.

Mrs. Lydia SELLERS and Mary Lou TRONE are visiting relatives at Westville
this week.

FEB 2004

My grandmother lived in Benton County, Arkansas. When she passed away, I recieved some very old pictures that she had. One of then was of a man, woman, baby and girl and on the back was "Dr. & Mrs. Sellers, Nina & Yell". The photography info on the front says "C. L. Oxford, Traveling Artist, Goshen Arkansas." The picture looks like it could have been taken around the late 1800's or early 1900's.
E-mail me if these names are familiar to you as I have no idea who they could be. My grandmother's name was Mary Ellen (Bruner) Hayes and she lived near Siloam Springs in the Robinson Community.


Thank You for Sharing.

don't see these SELLERS in this time frame/area.

born =
married =
Parents =
Brothers/Sisters =

KIDS born when/where?

SHARE what you can =

THANK YOU for sharing  SELLERS



My grandmother, Mary Ellen Bruner, was born in 1871 at Robinson, Arkansas.  She was married in 1902 to Fletcher Hayes at Robinson.  Do you think you might have a connection to her?



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Missouri Cavalry CSA

From "Family History – Morris/Sellars/Morgan/Cooper"

by Thomas Earl Morris, Grandson


When Carrell Sellars moved his family to Benton County, Arkansas, his son William Thomas was 17 years of age. In early 1861, when William Thomas was 19 and Sarah Leticia Ingle was 15 years of age, they met and fell in love; but the war clouds were gathering. The Civil War broke out in the spring and, like most young men his age, William Thomas shouldered a rifle, and upon departing kissed Sarah Leticia, the one and only time prior to their marriage.The war touched practically all families in the South. William Thomas and his brother Fayette Sellars fought side by side from the beginning of the war to the end. They were with General Price in his raid on Missouri through Warsaw (140 miles north of Benton County, Arkansas), when they whipped the northern forces; on through Sedalia, Missouri, where they won again and to a spot near Kansas City, where they suffered reverses at the hands of the Federals and had to retreat 180 miles south and into Arkansas. Thomas Ingle, brother of Sarah Leticia, also fought side by side with William Thomas Sellars.At the time the Confederates captured Warsaw, Missouri, the Federals were stabling their horses in the Christian Church, a building which earlier had served the Federals as a hospital until smallpox broke out among the patients. Then the patients were removed and horses were stabled in the building. It was at this time that William Thomas Sellars and Thomas Ingle were making raids on Federal property and were leading Federal horses one night from this same Christian Church, when a Yankee officer sleeping on the porch awakened and discovered what was going on. Sellars was leading the horse and Ingle was behind him with his hands on the animal’s hips trying to ease him along silently. The awakened Federal was about to shoot Ingle in the back when Sellars beat him to the draw and shot the officer just to the left of the middle of the forehead, stunning him but not killing him.

Years later this officer (in 1879) took dinner with the William Thomas Sellars family in Bloomfield, Arkansas, and at which time the shooting was a lively but friendly topic of conversation.

Contributed by the written permission of W. Cody Martin, great-great-great-great-grandson of William Thomas Sellars, to the Hood County Genealogical Society on August 15, 1999. A copy of "Family History – Morris/Sellars/Morgan/Cooper" by Thomas Earl Morris is located in the Hood County Library.