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I have 3 Jones Lines, One is a very strong quaker line that originated in
Pennsylvania, then
to North Carolina, from there they went to Georgia and back up to,
Indiana, Ohio and Iowa.
Another line went south around Missouri etc. This one that has Erasmus,
started around Bucks
Co. and Philadelphia Co. Pennsylvania, Erasmus' parents went to Maryland
then Virginia, his
father Samuel was a Revolutionary war officer, he went back to Washington
Co. Pa after the
war, where he died. His children with the exception of a couple all went
to Ohio, Erasmus'
nephew Jefferson Harrison Jones was a very close friend of James A.
Garfield, he was Garfields
chaplin in the Civil War, they were very close, both were ministers with
the Disciples of
Christ movement, JH Jones married James and Lucretia Garfield and one of
his granddaughters
married Garfields son. Garfield tried to get JH to come to DC and be on
his cabinet, JH
refused, he felt his ministry was more important. When Garfield died JH
was the last minister
to speak a eulogy for Garfield. JH was my ggggrandfather. I have 9 Samuel
Jones from the 3
lines. If you want to send me the names of the Jones you are looking at
with a little info if
you have it, I can probably help you with them. I have gotten the most
important info for the
Sellers done and will be sending right after this one. If you are
interested in descendants, I
am putting that into the Family Tree Maker and when I have them done I can
copy the report or
outline and send it to you. Unless you have the FTM, then I can send you a
file and save you
some typing. Nice visiting with you I have met some really nice people
today!! The Seller
descendants are great folks!
Take Care

 I am not a Sellers descendant, but I have just acquired about 10 pages
 of information about the Sellers family (about 40 pages in all with
 descendants),  from it appears about 1620 to  descendants to about 1935.
 Some of the early names are George, John, Elizabeth, Samuel and Sarah,
 they are all the children of Thomas and Elizabeth Sellers "of an old
 and well connected family of Derbyshire, England whose ancestors had
 held position for  generations"  Source quoted, "Encyclopedia of
 Pennsylvania Biography" by John W. Jordan, Vol. XII. p210 of "Compendium
 of American Genealogy" published by Virkins & co. Vol. I, II, III, IV
 "Records of various friends's Monthly Meetings and Records of Will and

  I acquired the information with my Jones Family research, Mary Sellers
 married Erasmus Jones and Erasmus is a brother to one on my ancestors.
 The pages are full of information, almost every name has dates, there is
 quotations from wills etc.
 I received this info from a very kind lady who knew I was researching
 this Jones family, I have not met her, but she found this in the
 Virginia State Library while researching her family. She is not in any
 way related to me, she just did this out of kindness, now I am returning
 the favor. If this info seems to fit your family, or you want me to do a
 look up in it I will be glad to share it with anyone who could benefit.
 I know how hard it has been to find any information about this Jones
 family, I don't know whether or not  the Sellers family has been
 difficult to find, but the info is here if you think it will help  you.
 Ann e-mail Please be sure to put SELLARS INFO in
 the subject line or it may get deleted.
 Brief Idea of what some of it  says, Samuel and George came from Belfar,
 Derbyshire England in a ship with William Penn.
 Samuel  and wife Anna Gibbons had the following children
 Sarah m. Ashmead
 Mary m. Wm Marshall (1) Vernon(2)
 Samuel m. Sarha Smith
 Anna m. Pritchard

 Samuel and Sarah Smith Sellers Children
 Samuel III m. Jane Woods
 Hannah m. Lewis Davis
 Elizabeth m. John Hunt
 Mary m. Richard Loyd
 Joseph m. Hannah Paschall
 John m Ann Gibson

 Samuel III and Jane Wood children:
 Hannah m. Isaac Pierce
 Samuel Iv m. Mary Taylor
 Sarah m. Abel Wickersham
 Mary m James Trimble
 Ann m. John Taylor
 Jonathan m. Deborah Taylor

 Samuel IV and Mary Taylor  Sellers Children
 Samuel m. Sarah Pennoch
 This is just a small portion of what is in here.

See Ann's Contribution at  SAMUEL SELLERS 1655

ANN - Thank You For Sharing - We have some extractions on these families,
but, Not
connecting to next family , etc with dates and places and never had where
we could
copy/paste the family history to make a page!
Your Erasmus JONES and Mary SELLERS - ages/places/kids and Where did they
Thanks, marie, iowa