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Hi List, I am looking for books which have been written on our SELLER or
SELLERS or SELLARS family and the author if known. Thank you. Ann

ANN - there are several books written on SELLERS, etc - most pertain to
certain areas of the US.
Can you tell us what states or counties your SELLERS are in and perhaps we
could recommend something or perhaps we have others working in these areas.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

Hi Marie, my error, Sellers from NC time1800s. My grandmother's sister was
Marie Sellars . The farthest back I have is Phillip A. Sellars 1820, Anson
Co. NC. Hope we can help each other. Ann

ANN - please send a small chart of the child of PHILLIP SELLERS you connect
and who they married and went.
Some of our members are working on these lines - which are so hard to trace
between Anson Co, NC and Chesterfield Co, SC -
A member sent us Hardy's Will which helped Very Much and we have posted
some of
the SC minutes, but, we need more.
Thanks for sharing, marie, iowa

 I have the book "Some Descendents of William Sellers who was in
Tarboro, NC in 1750." this is compiled by Clark and Elizabeth Watters in
1974. I will do lookups for you, but I haven't put the info out on the
Sellers list :
Kahn, Anne Brinkley Hunt m. AJKahn. Anne is d/o James Dion Hunt
HUNT, James m. Annie L. Brinkley. James is s/o James K.and Annie McLeod
Sellars HUNT
HUNT, Sellars , Annie McLeod is d/o William Brooks Sellars and Mary Elimira
SELLARS, William Brooks is the s/o Philip A. Sellars and Martha BROOKS
BROOKS, Martha is the d/o William Brooks and Sarah PRATT
PRATT, Sarah is the d/o Samuel and Clainda Ann TEAL
PRATT,Samuel is the s/o William and Sarah Thomas PRATT.
This was the descendency I qualified under for Daughters of the American
I will appreciate any help on the SELLARs  and PRATTs.
Thanks, Anne

ANN - Thanks! - Any info/documents you have or find on ANY SELLERS family
can be
sent to us and will post it on the county/state contributed by you.These
includes census on the SELLERS gals also - We must follow up on their
and where they went. marie, iowa

Ann Kahn wrote:

> Marie, your site is fantastic and I do appreciate your sharing with me.
> can I help the list?Ann

 ANN - Thank You - I am sure several of our members will appreciate the

 ANN and SAMANTHA - try and send copy of first letter = explaining the
kids, etc
to our SELLERS LIST - As they are the ones who help us collect the
Enjoy - marie, iowa
============ wrote:

> Anne,
> Hi cousin! yes we are related in some way. My  ggg Grandfather is Phillip
> His daughter Dora is my gg Grandmother. So William must be Dora's
> Please write and share info with me.
> Nice to meet you.
> Samantha

Keep us updated -
marie, iowa
Ann Kahn wrote:

> Hi Marie, could you post the email address for Samantha? She was going to
> share much info she has on our Philip A. Sellers, if she wants my snail
> address I need her email address.Thanks, Ann