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        From: ANN

In reference to a post dated 5/5/98:
There were some Sellers families listed in Graves Co., KY.  One of those
my great-grandfather.  Here is my line:

ANDREW JACKSON SELLARS, b. Dec. 25, 1815(place unknown), d. Feb. 16, 1883
Graves Co., KY, m. Margaret BROWN, Feb. 16, 1883 in Graves Co., KY.
b. Oct. 6, 1825 (place unknown), d. Feb. 9, 1897 Graves Co., KY.
1. Andrew Washington Sellars - b. Aug. 22, 1861, Graves Co., d. Sept. 29,
   Graves Co., KY.
2. Edward C. Sellars - b. May 17, 1863(Graves Co.,KY) - d. Nov. 30,
1935(Graves    Co., KY), m. 1st Florence Drew, 2nd Ellen Tilley.
3. Willie Norton Sellars(my grandmother) - b. Oct. 21, 1865, Graves Co.,
d.    Oct. 18, 1942, Detroit, MI., m. David Alexander Nall on Aug. 31,
4. Joseph Thomas Sellars - b. Nov. 17, 1866 (Graves Co.,KY), d. July 4,
   (Graves Co., KY), m. 1st May Etta Mason, 2nd Minnie Sheridan
5. James Charles Sellars - b. Jan. 30, 1870 (Graves Co., KY), d. Sept. 23,
   (McCracken Co., KY), m. Ida Mae Futrell on Dec. 12, 1890.

A. J. (Andrew Jackson) SELLARS is found first in the KY 1860 West Census
listed as Andrew Sellars in McCracken Co.
He is on the 1870 Graves Co. Census as follows:
SELLARS, Andrew J.  54  Farmer   (born) TN
         Margaret   44              "   TN
         Edward      7              "   KY
         Willie      5              "   KY
         Joseph      2              "   KY
         James       6 mos.         "   KY

Graves Co. KY Census of 1880, Haynes & Pottsville Dist.
SELLERS, A. J.     70  Head   Farmer      VA
         Margaret  55  Wife   H.K.        KY  VA  TN
         Edward    19  Son    Farm hand   KY  VA  TN
         Willie N. 14  Dau.   Ast. H.K.   KY  VA  TN
         Joseph    12  Son    Farm hand   KY  VA  TN
         James     10  Son    Farm hand   KY  VA  TN

Note:  In the 1870 Census Andrew J. states he was born in TN and in the
it states he was born in VA.  I have not been able to determine who his
parents were but he was in Dickson Co., TN before moving to Graves Co.
According to the 1880 Graves Co. Atlas he purchased land there in 1849 and
it stated he was from Dickson Co., TN.  There was a Samuel Sellars in
Dickson Co. in the 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 & 1860 Census.  In the 1850
it states he was born in SC but in 1860 it states he was born in GA.  In
1820, 1830 & 1840 censuses he had a son that would fit A.J.'s age.

I have another Sellars line but since this is rather lengthy I will put
in another post.  If anyone can help on this line it would be greatly
appreciated as I have reached a dead-end.  Can't find a will for Samuel
Sellars in Dickson Co., TN.

Have enjoyed reading all the Sellers/Sellars posts, keep hoping one will
connect to my lines.

Ann Wallace
Radcliff, KY


             "WILLIAM L. WALLACE" <>

Marie and all,
In the family of Samuel Sellars that Frank sent, the John C. is my
g-g-grandfather.  I had estimated his birthdate as 1807 but have been
unable to find proof of either his birthdate or his parents.  I have
checked the census records of Dickson Co., TN, and found Samuel Sellars
in 1820 with a child in John C.'s age group.  I have also found William
who married Elizabeth McCrory, they lived in Graves Co., KY, for awhile
and have three children buried on the Nall family farm.  John C.'s
daughter, Susan, married John S. Nall.

I didn't know about the other siblings of John C., although I have seen
a marriage record of Ruth Sellars and James Brown.  Wasn't sure of the
connection.  It's interesting because John C.'s son David Crockett
Sellars married Margaret Brown, could possibly be a brother to James.
Margaret later married Andrew Jackson Sellars who I mention below.

Samuel is listed in the 1850 Dickson Co., TN, census (age 80) but lists
only a son, Thomas J. 23, in the household (I assume it's a son) but
there is a wide age difference.  Samuel is also listed in the 1860 TN
census in the household of of Thomas and his family.  If Samuel's wife,
Susannah, was still living I don't know why she wasn't listed in the
1850 census.

John C. died in Williamson Co., TN, in 1853 - his wife, called Milly,
was still living in the 1860 census but I can't find her later than

I have been trying to find out the connection between John C. and Andrew
Jackson Sellars, born 1815 and was my great-grandfather.  I have two
Sellars lines in my family.  Andrew Jackson Sellars moved to Graves Co.,
KY in 1849.  It's a very tangled web but I hope you can make sense out
of it.  I wish I could find proof that Samuel was John C.'s father and
also proof of his wife's name.  I have been to Dickson Co., TN and
couldn't find a will or any type of estate settlement for Samuel..

This is probably thoroughly confusing but if you need any more
information please let me know.  These Sellars' have been my brick wall
for several years.

Ann Wallace

Michael D. Brown,
I was quite surprised and excited when I saw your list of John Squire
Brown's children.  The Margaret Brown married to David Sellers is my
great-grandmother.  She and David married in Dickson Co. on Oct. 20,
1845.  They had a son, John J., born in 1846 and died in 1856. Sometime
before 1850 Margaret and David moved to Graves Co., KY - they are on the
1850 census there.  They had a daughter, Mary E., born 7-14-1853.  I
don't know what happened to her as she isn't on the 1860 census, David
evidently died between 1853 and 1860 and Margaret married again in 1860
to Andrew Jackson Sellars, my great-grandfather. I haven't determined
the relationship between David and Andrew as yet but David was the son
of John C. Sellers of Williamson Co.  I think John C. and Andrew J. may
have been brothers but don't have anything to prove that.  I have
another Sellars line in my family, John C.'s daughter, Susan, was my
great-grandmother.  She married John S. Nall from Williamson Co., TN.

Margaret Brown Sellars died in 1897 in Graves Co., KY.  Margaret and
Andrew had 5 children, the oldest died at the age of 3.  My grandmother,
Willie Norton, was the only girl.  I've often wondered where her middle
name came from - I remember reading an e-mail that mentioned Nortons in
Dickson Co. and wondered if they were neighbors of the Browns.

Will be glad to share what I have on Margaret Brown and the Sellars
family and would like any other information you or anyone else may have
on the Brown family.

Ann Nall Wallace

   From: (Michael Brown)

Dear Ann,

Did David Sellers know the Jacob LUTHER
Family, who moved to Cuba, Graves, KY
in 1853???  His brother, John Wesley
LUTHER remained in Dickson County, TN
and married Laura Mothershed ANDERSON.

Too, I just may have located Squire BROWN's
father, John Andrew BROWN (1767NC-
June,1850-Burns, Dickson, TN). You
will need to write for this, as it isn't proven
yet. I will be glad to share what I am
currently working on--what a project!!

Glad you liked the sibling list on Squire


Michael David Brown

Thought I would write a note to you personally to let you know that I will get some of the information I have on John C. Sellars transcribed as soon as I can.  This week is rather busy with doctor and dental appointments.
I should have transcribed all the paperwork I received from Williamson Co. into my Family Tree Maker program but I got sidetracked onto some other family lines and didn't get around to it.  And too, during the last year my husband had two surgeries and there were a lot of doctor appointments for him.  He died on June 11th so I haven't been doing much genealogy since then, just haven't felt up to it.
I never did send for the Administrator's settlement for William Morris, he evidently didn't have a will.  John C. Sellars was the administrator for his estate.  I really need to send for that because it might give me some more clues about the Morris family.
I just wanted to let you know that it might take me awhile but I do want to get everything transcribed so I can send it to the Sellers list.
Ann Wallace
Wiliam L. Wallace [] (Aug, 2002)