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My name is Anita MacFadden. I too am a descendent of Kelly Sellers.  My
great-grandmother was Berta Sellers Hewett, daughter of Washington
Sellers.  Her son William Irdle, "Buddy", (not Iredell as shown on your
web page) was my grandfather.  His only daughter, Betty Anne, is my

I wanted to make another correction to your information, based on a
Journal by Coyet Hewett Gray.
Clemetine Columbia Hewett was Washington
Seller's first wife.
Arnetta Stalling was his second wife and was still
alive for the wedding of Berta to Henry White Hewett.

Some dates:

Berta Sellers Hewett  b. Jan 11, 1882,  d. Nov. 4, 1960

Marinda Sellers  b. Oct 27, 1852,  d. Jan 27, 1927

I can supply other dates within this family, if you are interested.

Also, my mother lives in Myrtle Beach, SC and can look up other dates.  A
great deal of this family is buried in Galloway Cemetary in Supply, NC.
Coyet Hewett Gray is still living and could possibly be a source of
information to you.  She still lives in the Supply, NC area and is still
active in her antique business.

If you would like to email my mother, her address is

Anita MacFadden
Mesa, Az