Angela Melton

                 Thomas Sellers,,, deadend,, need help

    I really need help, I'm stuck,,, Thomas Sellers married a Mary Ann Kimsaul, we think,
    children are Joseph Earl Sellers, possibly more this is the only one I've found, Joseph married a Mary Jane Lewis, this was
    her second marriage, they had Aaron Monroe Sellers, John Thomas Sellers, Joseph Earl Sellers, Julia Ann Sellers, Amanda
    Jane Sellers.
    Aaron Monroe Sellers married a Stewart we think, Ozie, don't know if this was a first or middle name, they ahd several
    children, one was J.D. Sellers born 04/19/1905 he married Lula F. Posey they had 4 children, Ozie Dell Sellers, Daisy
    Sellers, Dathean Sellers, Jack Sellers. Any leads or help with my tree would be greatly appreciated, I also have a good
    branch of Mary Jane Lewis'family tree... would be willing to share,,

   ANGELA, Thanks for sharing your family.'
 WE also need help in this area = DALE CO,AL?

 WE need documents from this area in 1850 = names and ages of kids and maybe 1840

 NOW, Joseph SELLERS was born =
 MARRIED when , where=
 AARON or any child was born WHEN and WHERE=

 WE had a couple working on this area and then just NO follow ups.
 PLEASE, try and send info on DATES and PLACES
 WE will link YOUR info to the STATES and COUNTIES you send us info on.

 THANKS, we need help in this area.
 marie, iowa

Hi, I found TONS of information,, on my branch of Sellers last night,,, here is were I found it. In the Sellers Family Genealogy
Forum.. Post #981.... it was posted by Joe Sellars, in reply to: Re: Martha Ann Sellers of Coffee Co.,Ala. by Tammy Fraser...
there is one correction in this information that I would like to point out.. Thomas Sellers and Mary Ann Kinsaul's son was named
Joseph Earl Sellers, not John Joseph Sellers, he was married to Mary Jane Lewis..,,
Here is the information I have on Aaron Monroe Sellers, and his descendants that you won't find in that post,,,

1. Aaron Monroe Sellers b. 02/13/1875 in Coosa Co. AL d. 01/04/1950 in Slocomb, AL
....+Ozie O. Stewart,, married Abt. 1890-1897
..2. J.D. Sellers b. 04/19/1905 in Alabama
d. 12/1984 in Bonifay, FL
....+ Lula Francis Posey b. 03/05/1900
d. 02/14/1980 in Jackson Co. FL, they married 3/29/1925, they were married on the Alabama, Florida state line in the center of the
highway, since neither would compromise on the location of the wedding..(just some interesting trivia)
...3. Dathene Elizabeth Sellers b. 08/04/1926
still living,,
....+ Floyd Sillas
....4. Joseph Sillas
....4. Joyce Sillas
....4. Elaine Sillas
...3. Daisy Louise Sellars b. 02/19/1929,
still living,,
....+ Dwight "Bubba" Clanton
....4. Samuel Russell
....4. David Earl Russell
....+ Carol Russell (Daisy's 2nd husband)
....4. Daniel Russell
....4. Norman Russell
....4. Carolynn Russell
...3. Ozie Dell Sellers b. 10/09/1931, still living
....+ Willie Frank Cole b. 1926 d. 1976
....4. Lula Adell Cole b. 06/15/1956, Bonifay, FL
....+ Berny P. Smith 7/21/1940 California,
.....5. Angela Victoria Smith b. 08/14/1974 in Columbus, GA
.....5. Kenneth Daniel Smith b. 04/08/1983 in Dothan, AL
....+ George Hillman Harrison(Lula's 2nd husband)
.....5. Dwayne Cory Harrison b. 09/16/1988 in Columbus, GA
....4. Aaron Jackson Sellers b. 11/13/1936, still living
..2. Pearlie Sellers
..2. Thelma Lee Sellers
..2. Alma Sellers
..2. William Sellers
..2. Willis Sellers
..2. Wilburn Sellers
..2. Frank Sellers
..2. Rudolph Sellers
..2. Clyde Sellers
..2. Yule Sellers

Hope this can help someone..