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  [TNGIBSON] Biggs, Watson, Fletcher

I'm looking for information on the descendants of Reuben Biggs (1775-
ca1858), who came to Gibson County around 1825.  He was born in
Martin Co NC and lived in Beaufort Co NC before coming to Stewart
Co TN in 1818.  He's listed as a head of household in the
Stewart County 1820 census.

Reuben's first wife, Sally Watson, died sometime after the birth
of her last child, who was born around 1811.  If she's the
oldest female in Reuben's household in 1820 and her age is
recorded correctly on the census, she would have been born before 1775.

Reuben's second wife, Matilda, was born in NC around 1783,
according to the 1850 Gibson County census.  Her maiden name may
have been Fletcher or she may have had a daughter who married a
Fletcher.  Listed in Reuben's 1850 household with him and
Matilda were Lucy Fletcher 37 NC and Martha Fletcher 18 TN.

In listing Reuben's children, "History of Tennessee and
Tennesseans" states "The maiden name of his first wife was
Watson, who was the mother of all his children, his sons being
James, Kader, Luke, Amariah, Nehemiah, Zach and William."  All
were evidently born in North Carolina.  The book lists no
daughters, but census records suggest Reuben may have had at
least three, born between 1794 and 1810.

The sons:

1. James, b ca 1796
2. Kader, b ca 1797, married Mary Morgan
3. Luke, b ca 1798, married Marina Bennett
4. Amariah, b ca 1802
5. Nehemiah, b ca 1808, married Jemima Ringgold in Gibson Co in 1842
6. Zachariah, b ca 1809, appears to have been married 1st to
Sally Dunnagen in 1829, 2nd to Martha Penney in 1837, 3rd to
Elizabeth Perteat or Partiel in 1840.
7. William, b ca 1811, married Elizabeth Sellers in 1830.

Would like to hear from descendants, and to learn anything about Sally
Watson or her ancestors.  Her parents may have been from Beaufort Co or
Martin Co NC.

Does anyone know of a connection between the Fletchers of Stewart Co and
Gibson Co?  Where and when did Reuben marry Matilda?  Where are they
Does anyone know who might have Reuben's family bible?

Any help would be very much appreciated.  Thanks.

Andy Anderson