I was considering joining the Sellers family mailing list and was searching
for my Sellers information on the archives before making my decision. Well,
your entry swayed me.

Jacob and Nancy Ayers Corl are my husband's gg grandparents. As I'm sure
have experienced at one point or another, I just flipped when I saw the
obituary for Annie Mary Corl Bowers.

We are also attached to the Cassidys from that area. I have many
of Jacob and Nancy through their daughter Jennie (Nancy Jane) Sellers
If you are interested, I am happy to share information with you.

If you have any information on Jacob and Nancy or any of their parents or
children, I would love to see it--they are as far back as we have gotten on
that line. And we never knew that Jennie had any siblings, so I am so
to learn of you.

Please contact me if you are willing to share information or if you have

Amy Horgas

AMY, Welcome - Let us know what county/state and some ages and will see
what we
have. marie, iowa

Here is a descendant list for John Sellers. As you can see, I have lots of
his descendants, including the direct line to my husband and sons. So, I am
of course much more interested in John's siblings, if any; parents, if
any other ancestors; time and circumstance of immigration, if known.

I hope that I haven't sent too much, but at least you'll know where his
progeny have gone.

Thanks for your interest.

Amy Horgas

Descendants of John SELLERS - May 18 2000

1.  John SELLERS was born in 1832.  He died in 1919.  He has reference

Susan Burnett SELLERS died in 1915.  John SELLERS and Susan Burnett SELLERS
had the following children:

    2   i.  Margaret SELLERS (THOMAS HALL).
    3   ii. Anne SELLERS STONEBROOK.
    4   iii.    George SELLERS.
    5   iv. James SELLERS.
    +6  v.  Harry SELLERS.

6.  Harry SELLERS was born in Jun 1858.  He died in 1937.  He has reference
number 78Y06M00D.

Laura Corl SELLERS (daughter of Jacob CORL and Nancy Ayers CORL) was born
Aug 1857.1  She died in 1925.  She has reference number 67Y04M00D.  Harry
SELLERS and Laura Corl SELLERS had the following children:

    +7  i.  Jennie (Nancy Jane) Sellers HOOVER.

7.  Jennie (Nancy Jane) Sellers HOOVER was born in Nov 1880 in Freedom
Blair County, PA.2,3  She died in 1955.  She has reference number

She was married to Leo John (Francis?) HOOVER Sr. (son of Adam Joseph
II and Mary McGraw HOOVER) in 1899 in Blair County, PA.3  Leo John
HOOVER Sr. was born on Apr 1 1879 in Blair Twp., Blair County, PA.3  He
in 1948.  He has reference number 68Y07M29D.  Jennie (Nancy Jane) Sellers
HOOVER and Leo John (Francis?) HOOVER Sr. had the following children:

    +8  i.  Jean Marie Hoover LEOPOLD.
    +9  ii. Adam Joseph HOOVER IV.
    +10 iii.    Thomas Edward HOOVER.
    +11 iv. Harry Germaine HOOVER Dr..
    +12 v.  Elizabeth Hoover TAYLOR.
    +13 vi. Margaret Hoover DAHL.
    +14 vii.    Regis A. HOOVER.
    +15 viii.   Leo John HOOVER Jr..
    +16 ix. Roger HOOVER Sr..
    +17 x.  Mary McGraw "Mollie" FRIEDMAN.
    +18 xi. Gerald Francis HOOVER Sr..

8.  Jean Marie Hoover LEOPOLD was born in Sep 1899.

  Jean Marie Hoover LEOPOLD and Louis LEOPOLD Sr. had the following

    19  i.  Louis LEOPOLD Jr..

9.  Adam Joseph HOOVER IV.

  Adam Joseph HOOVER IV and Anne Yingling HOOVER had the following

    20  i.  Mary Jean HOOVER.
    21  ii. Adam Joseph HOOVER V.
    22  iii.    Betty Ann HOOVER.
    23  iv. Harold HOOVER.
    24  v.  Christine HOOVER.
    25  vi. Martin HOOVER.
    26  vii.    Loretta HOOVER.
    27  viii.   Joan HOOVER.
    28  ix. Margery HOOVER.
    29  x.  Gertrude HOOVER.
    30  xi. Annette HOOVER.
    31  xii.    Shirley HOOVER.

10.  Thomas Edward HOOVER.

  Thomas Edward HOOVER and Madaline Weiss HOOVER had the following

    32  i.  John HOOVER.
    33  ii. Joanne HOOVER.

11.  Harry Germaine HOOVER Dr..

  Harry Germaine HOOVER Dr. and Emily Patton HOOVER had the following

    34  i.  Alan HOOVER.
    35  ii. Anna Jean HOOVER.
    36  iii.    David HOOVER.
    37  iv. Molly HOOVER.

12.  Elizabeth Hoover TAYLOR.

  Elizabeth Hoover TAYLOR and Ronald TAYLOR Sr. had the following children:

    38  i.  Nancy TAYLOR.
    39  ii. Kathleen TAYLOR.
    40  iii.    Ronald TAYLOR Jr..
    41  iv. Stephen TAYLOR.

13.  Margaret Hoover DAHL.

  Margaret Hoover DAHL and George DAHL had the following children:

    42  i.  Susan DAHL.
    43  ii. Kristin DAHL.

14.  Regis A. HOOVER.

  Regis A. HOOVER and Kathleen Murray "Sis" HOOVER had the following

    44  i.  Murray HOOVER.

15.  Leo John HOOVER Jr..

  Leo John HOOVER Jr. and Fanny Waxler HOOVER had the following children:

    45  i.  Nancy Jane HOOVER.
    46  ii. Amelia Ann HOOVER.
    47  iii.    Leo John HOOVER III.
    48  iv. Jeanne HOOVER.
    49  v.  Mary HOOVER.
    50  vi. Andrew HOOVER.
    51  vii.    Stephen HOOVER.

16.  Roger HOOVER Sr..

  Roger HOOVER Sr. and Lilian Downing HOOVER had the following children:

    52  i.  Priscilla HOOVER.
    53  ii. Mark HOOVER.
    54  iii.    Roger HOOVER Jr..
    55  iv. Jennie HOOVER.
    56  v.  Laura Margaret HOOVER.
    57  vi. Molly HOOVER.

17.  Mary McGraw "Mollie" FRIEDMAN died before 1957.

18.  Gerald Francis HOOVER Sr. was born on Jan 1 1903 in Hollidaysburg, PA.
He died on Dec 21 1957 in Hollidaysburg, PA.  He has reference number

He was married to Martha Elizabeth Diehl HOOVER (daughter of Jerome DIEHL
Mary Elizabeth Berkey DIEHL) on Jul 20 1923 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Martha
Elizabeth Diehl HOOVER was born on Jan 9 1904 in Duncansville, PA.  She
on Oct 15 1982 in New Monmouth, NJ.  She has reference number 78Y09M06D.
Gerald Francis HOOVER Sr. and Martha Elizabeth Diehl HOOVER had the

    +58 i.  Gerald Francis HOOVER Jr..
    +59 ii. Patty Jane Hoover HORGAS.

58.  Gerald Francis HOOVER Jr..

  Gerald Francis HOOVER Jr. and Margaret Lewis HOOVER had the following

    60  i.  Gerald Francis "Jeff" HOOVER III.
    61  ii. Lawrence HOOVER.
    62  iii.    Scott HOOVER.
    63  iv. Nancy HOOVER.

59.  Patty Jane Hoover HORGAS was born on Sep 20 1932 in Hollidaysburg, PA.

She was married to Joseph James HORGAS (son of Joseph James HORGOS and
Agatha Filakovsky HORGOS) on May 29 1954 in Harrisburg, PA, St. Francis of
Assisi Church.  Joseph James HORGAS was born on Feb 14 1929 in Clairton,
Allegheny County, PA.  Patty Jane Hoover HORGAS and Joseph James HORGAS had
the following children:

    +64 i.  Joseph Mark HORGAS.
    +65 ii. Thomas Janos HORGOS.
    +66 iii.    Ann Louise HORGAS-MARSISKE.
    +67 iv. Patricia Jo HORGAS.
    +68 v.  Jay Matt HORGAS.

64.  Joseph Mark HORGAS was born on Aug 14 1955 in Highland Park, Illinois.

He was engaged on Dec 26 1989 in 241 E. McCormick Ave., State College, PA.
He was married to Amy Louise Clarke HORGAS (daughter of Thomas Noble CLARKE
and Linda May Cooper CLARKE) on May 26 1990 in 709 E. Howard St.,
PA, Clarkes' back yard.  Amy Louise Clarke HORGAS was born on Oct 7 1963 in
Centre Co Hosp, Bellefonte, PA, Centre Co.4  She was christened on Apr 5
in St. John's Lutheran Church, Linn St., Bellefonte, PA.  She graduated in
Jun 1981 in Bellefonte High School, Bellefonte, PA.  She graduated in May
1985 in Clarion U of PA, Clarion, PA.  Joseph Mark HORGAS and Amy Louise
Clarke HORGAS had the following children:

    69  i.  Stefan Thomas HORGAS was born on Nov 3 1994 in Centre Comm.
Hosp., State College, Centre Co., PA.  He was baptized on Sep 3 1995 in St.
John's Lutheran Church, Bellefonte, PA.
    70  ii. Brendan Frederic HORGAS was born on Dec 12 1997 in Centre Comm.
Hosp., State College, Centre Co., PA.  He was baptized on Feb 8 1998 in St.
John's Lutheran Church, Bellefonte, PA.

65.  Thomas Janos HORGOS was born on Mar 30 1957 in Bellefonte, Centre
County, PA.  He NamCh From Thomas Horgas to Thomas Janos Horgos in 1997 in
Salt Lake City, Utah.

He was married to Wendy Leppert HORGOS on Jun 21 1997 in Tatoosh Meadows,
Packwood, Washington.5  Wendy Leppert HORGOS was born on Jan 5 1962.
Janos HORGOS and Wendy Leppert HORGOS had the following children:

    71  i.  Josef Mark HORGOS was born on Sep 28 1997 in Salt Lake City,
    72  ii. Petr Jacob "Jake" HORGOS was born on Nov 22 1998 in Salt Lake
City, Utah.

66.  Ann Louise HORGAS-MARSISKE was born on Mar 23 1959 in Harrisburg, PA.

She was married to Michael MARSISKE on Jun 2 1991 in University Park,
County, PA.  Michael MARSISKE was born on Jun 4 1965 in Ontario, Canada.
Louise HORGAS-MARSISKE and Michael MARSISKE had the following children:

    73  i.  Lucas Adam MARSISKE was born on Aug 24 1995 in Detroit,

67.  Patricia Jo HORGAS was born on Aug 27 1962 in McKeesport Hospital,
McKeesport, PA.

Patricia Jo HORGAS had the following children:

    74  i.  Julian Robert KLUTZ was born on Jul 21 1993 in Virginia.
    75  ii. Evan Alexander KLUTZ was born on Feb 15 1995 in Virginia.

68.  Jay Matt HORGAS was born on May 8 1964 in Pittsburgh, PA.

He was married to Raeann Marie Sober HORGAS on Jun 26 1999 in Good Shepherd
Catholic Church, State College, PA.  Raeann Marie Sober HORGAS was born on
Jul 10 1970.


2.  1900 Blair Co. Freedom Twp. Census.
3.  IGI/Internet/LDS.

AMY - Thank You - Do you have an obit or death certificate on JOHN SELLERS
OR do we know Where HARRY SELLERS 1858 was born?
It doesn't look like John Sellers was here in 1850, so maybe born somewhere
We Only have an Index for names in 1860 and don't think here either. Any
marie, iowa