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Below is a list of the graves in the Sellers Cemetery in Miller's Ferry, Alabama:

Samuel Sellers
Born Sept. 23, 1788
Died Aug. 23, 1852
63 Years, 11 Mos., 2 Days

Ailie Sellers
Born June 23, 1788
Died Feb. 7, 1847
58 Yrs., 7 Mos., 12 Days
She died a member of the CP Church.

Martha Sellers
Daughter of Samuel and Ailie Sellers
Born Nov. 18, 1825
Died Aug. 3, 1835

Joseph Sellers
Son of Samuel and Ailie Sellers
Born March 1830
Died May 1830

Margaret Ann Sellers
Daughter of Samuel and Ailie Sellers
Born June 3, 1831
Died Sept. 10, 1834

James Sellers
Son of Samuel and Ailie Sellers
Born March 13, 1813
Died March 1832

to the memory of
Calvin C. Sellers, Sen.
who was born
in Chesterfield District, S.C.
September 30, 1811
was married
to Eliza A. Howell
of Wilcox County, Ala.
June 12, 1836
and died March 22, 1852
in the 41st year of his age.

My husband's to his grave consigned,
Beneath this block of stone;
Another tie doeth strongly bind
Me to the heavenly throne.
Dear husband, in thine earthly cell,
Rest 'till we meet again
In heaven, where every tongue shall tell,
That all is free from pain.
Farewell dear husband, be at rest,
Beneath this silent sod;
Till you shall go among the blest
To your Creator God
-Erected by His Widow

William James Sellers
Son of Calvin C. and Eliza A. Sellers
Born June 22, 1838
Died June 9, 1839
11 Months, 17 Days

Daughter of Calvin & Eliza Sellers
Born June 30, 1841
Died July 5, 1854

William J. Pritchett
Born Nov. 27, 1810
Died Nov. 1851

William James Pritchett
Son of William J. & Harriett Pritchett
Born March 12, 1844
Killed Athens, Ala.
Jan. 26, 1864

Harriett W. Pritchett
Daughter of W. J. and Harriett Pritchett
Born Jan. 3
Died July 23, 1852


Cemetery is located on property owned by the Henderson family.

CP Church = Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

If you notice what appear to be discrepancies, you will have to go to the cemetery. I am not likely to return there.

Calvin Cook Sellers was the son of Samuel and Ailie Cook Sellers.

Harriett Sellers (1821-1897) was the daughter of Samuel and Ailie Sellers. She is not buried in the Sellers Cemetery but with her second husband, John Robert McDowell, in the Capell Cemetery in Wilcox County.

The obituary of Calvin Cook Sellers stated that he died on March 20, 1852, and that his father Samuel survived him.

These grave stones were broken by cattle trodding thereon.

This information was recorded in 1980 by Joan Sellers Johnson, great-great-great granddaughter of Samuel Sellers.


The Sellers Cemetery list contains the inscriptions found on the markers themselves. I have added a few notes for clarification. For example, the grave marker of Calvin Cook Sellers gives the date of death as March 22, 1852, and the newspaper account gives March 20, 1852, as the date of death. As far as I can determine, no one knows which is correct. I do not live in Alabama and have no plans to return to the cemetery that I first visited in 1980. I cannot spare the time to answer inquiries about the posting. One must do his/her own research. I just checked my road atlas and found Miller's Ferry to be on the map. It is situated on the Alabama River in Wilcox County.

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