from  GINA
Glenn & Gina Schiazza []




JAMES SELLARS, MARRIED JAN 11, 1812 AL (no county given) POLLY SHORT

Believe this IS proven to a county later? msh


Marriage Records of Pike County, AL 1830-1849 by Nell Bass Riggs, p. 33,
copyright 1983 Pub. by Stewart Univ. Press, P. O. Box 295, Centra, AL 35960,
Library code: 976.135
Sellers, Benjamin--Mary Ann Edge  26 Jan 1839
Sellers, Calvin--Elizabeth Talbot 18 Mar 1841
Sellers, Etheldred--Julia Ann Stephens 13 Aug 1836
Sellers, Jacob--Hepsybeth Griffin 16 Feb 1843
Sellers, James H.-- Molsey Wilson  15 Aug 1846
Sellers, John--Mily Ann Collins 07 0ct 1837
Sellers, John W.--Lyria J. Godwin 22 Nov 1845
Sellers, Joseph W.--Jane Baker 22 May 1842
Sellers, Joseph--Mary Ann Fryer 23 Nov 1848
Sellers, Julius--Eliza Reeves 13 Dec 1837
Sellers, Matthew--Mary Edge 11 Feb 1838
Sellers, Philip W.--Lydia Eddins 13 Jan 1838
Sellers, Samuel J.--Rebecca Fowler 15 Mar 1835
Sellers, Thomas M.--Marish Jane Sellers 25 Jun 1836
Hope this helps someone!!  Will be glad to help with AL research!!

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LuJuana Cartwright Lipscomb []


EARLY AL MARRIAGES, 1991, Family Adventures, San Antonio, TX, software by Altan Kartaltepe


Sellers, Alexander  to White, Sarah  12/27/1838  Clarke Co.

     Andrew to Watkins, Martha Elizabeth 11/29/1849  Coosa 

     Asa T. to Wilson, Mary J.  10/10/1871  Jefferson

     Benjamin to Edge, Mary Ann  1/26/1839  Pike

     Benjamin B.  to Jacobs, Fenly Ann  11/18/1861 Henry

     Burwell to Newman, Mahala  3/9/1829  Blount

     C.C. Jr.  to Vaughan, Martha  11/20/1882  Wilcox

     C.G. to Laney,  Minnie  6/20/1905  Lee

     C.M. to  Middlebrook, Nancy M.  7/20/1875 Butler

     C.W.  to Wicker,  Nancy  4/9/1871  Bullock

     Calvin to Martin, Harroet  11/7/1841  Clarke

     Calvin to Talbot, Elizabeth  3/18/1841 Pike

     Calvin C. to Howell, Eliza A.  6/12/1836  Wilcox

     D.B. to Parker, Margaret  2/1/1858  Butler

     D.B.  to Vickery, Evie  11/4/1908  Butler

     D.E. to Oden,  Pearl  3/14/1910  Butler

     D.F.  to Mize, Martha  1/2/1912  Randolph

     D.K. to Booker, Lillie  10/14/1911 Butler

     D.T. to Pearson, Mary C. 8/21/1894  St.Clair

     D.W. to Bryan, J.E.  5/11/1899  Coffee

     Dan to Beck, Fannie  5/7/1890 Coffee

     Daniel C. to Hill, Eliza P. Mrs. 11/11/1868  Wilcox

     Daniel R. to Story,   Mary  2/3/1860  Marshall

     Daniel T. to Gulledge, Nancy J. 2/18/1884  Blount

     Ducan T. to Brooks, E.J.  3/2/1869  Butler

     Duncan to Womack, Catherine  11/12/1858  Lowndes

     Duncan F.  to Robinson, Narcissa L.  2/6/1866  Butler


These have not been proofread, and I found two, Harroet and Ducan.  This set was donated to the gen. library, old and very used, original price was about $1,795.


Vol. 31-35=no Sellers



Vol. 37-47=No Sellers


Vol. 48, pg. 19,  Madison Co.:

     Sellars, Frances P. to James J. McMillan, 5/31/1848, solemnized 

     9/7/1848 by John Wright,  J.P.


Vol 49-53=no Sellers


Vol. 54, pg. 97:  Huntsville Newspapers-1/12/1869 on Monday the 24th at residence of bride's father, Hon. James Williams by Rev. James Cox,  Mr. W.H. SELLS to Miss M.M. Williams.


Vol. 55-57=no Sellers


Vol. 58, pg. 97, Jefferson Co.:  Sellers, Simon, 24 yrs. to Cintha Lawson,

     11/6/1857 (return dated 8th) by John G. Cowan, J.P. at "my office"; parties of age;  William C. Bird, Security.


Vol.59-60=no Sellers


Vol. 61, Limestone Co., pg. 4 & 5:  Sellers, Eliza and George.  Sally Childress,widow of Rep. O. Childress, late of TN, dower in Limestone Co., AL to Rufus M. Childress, Eliza Sellers, wife of George Sellers, Maniva, wife of Giles A. Reynolds and Demarus Childress, being all the children of my dec'd husband that is now of lawful age; to give me a 9th part of the proceeds of a certain tract; quit claim to above; and William H. Childress, Rebeca B. Childress, Marion Childress and James Childress, being all children of my dec'd husband that have any interest in my dower.  8/11/1834


Index to AL Wills-1808-1870 by AL Society of the DAR, Genealogical Publishing Co.,  Inc., Baltimore, 1955 & 1977:


Selers, Calvin C.   Wilcox Co.   Will 3   1826-1858   p. 114

Sellars, Katherine   Lowndes Co.   Will Book B   1830-1859   p. 110

Sellers, Cornelia   Bullcock Co.   Will Book A   1868-1902   p. 35

             Samuel   Pike Co.,   Will Book A   1845-1864   p. 55

             William   Clarke Co.,  PRL   1861-1864   p. 58





LuJuana Cartwright Lipscomb []

SELLERS marriages E – J.W

From early Alabama Marriages by Family Adventures, 1991









LuJuana Cartwright Lipscomb []


I recently purchased a book with abstracts of notices from early Alabama
newspapers (1819-1893).  Here are the entries for SELLERS:

"D. SELLERS, member, Committee of Vigilance (among many other names)." Dated
7 Oct 1835, The Democrat, Huntsville, AL

"Married on 27th by REV. M. SELLERS, Mr. James Snow, aged 14 years, to MRS.
MARIA EDGMAN, aged 35, all of Roane County, Tennessee." Dated 30 June 1852,
The Memphis Eagle.

"Married at Springhill, on the 5th by Rev. Mr. Chalon, Vicar General, ABIN
(Author's Note: or ADIN) SELLERS to JOSEPHINE, youngest daughter of E. De
Vendel, Esquire."  Dated 21 May 1857, The Southern Advocate, Huntsville, AL

"Married on 11th by ELDER T.G. SELLARS, Mr. H.B. Vaughn of Gallatin (Sumner
Co), Tennessee to Mrs. Mary A. Irvin of Athens, Alabama."  Dated 20 Feb 1856,
The Southern Advocate

"Married in Athens on 2nd, by REV T.G. SELLARS, Mr. Dudley S. Harris to Miss
Ann F. Thompson."  Dated 9 Oct 1856, The Southern Advocate


 Martha Frances SELLARS married Lonnie BOGGS on May 13, 1906, Geneva County, AL

 Sellers of Coosa County Alabama, marriage records.
         From: KATHY
    I have connected some of these Sellers to my family.  I thought I would
post all that I have on the Sellers to list.  Maybe it will be helpful to

>From the Book Coosa County marriages from 1834 to 1865.

Andrew J Sellers and Martha Elizabeth Watkins married Nov 29, 1849 by J.H.
Mithchel, Minister.  Note in 1860 he was 38 born in Georgia and she was 27
born in Kentucky.  They were living next door to Abel Sellers.

Hansford D. Sellers married Sarah E Harvell on Jan 26 1847 by William
Richard, Justice of the Peace.

Thomas A. Sellers married Elizabeth L. Hagan Jun 11 1857.

John Richard Hardy married Martha E (Mattie) Sellers on Jan 5 1891.

Elizabeth Sellers married Alexander Osburn on Nov 24 1854, by Robert
* Arma E. SELLARS married J.C. THAGARD on 2/15/1891 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Alice M. SELLERS married J.B. BURNETT on 7/6/1899 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Amanda SELLERS married M.W. LANGSTON on 6/23/1881 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Belinda A. SELLERS married Thomas COLLINS on 6/19/1861 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Carrie C. SELLERS married H.J. HARDY on 9/10/1896 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Clara SELLERS married George W. HOBBS on 3/13/1892 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Eliza SELLERS married Ashley SIMMS on License: 5/1/1865 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Elizabeth J. SELLERS married Richmond G. SPURLOCK on 11/17/1859 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Elizabeth J. SELLERS married Lewis E. MCCARDLE on 11/14/1878 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Joe A. SELLERS (Miss) married William I. AATKINSON on 12/25/1900 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Laurann Eliz. SELLERS married James C. GLASS on 8/31/1866 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Lavina SELLERS to Seaborn ANDERSON, 22 Dec 1844, Lowndes Co., Ala. <>
* Lenora SELLERS married James L. TUCKER on 12/24/1882 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Lilla SELLERS married William H. MERRITT on 12/16/1894 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Lucinda A. SELLERS married George H. ARMSTEAD on 4/11/1860 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Lula SELLERS married B. Frank MAXHAM on 8/12/1897 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* M.M. SELLERS married E.V. BURKETT on 12/18/1887 in Henry Co, Alabama
* M.M. SELLERS married J.N. PAULK on 6/1/1890 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Martha E.C. SELLERS married Thomas HALL on 11/15/1866 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Martha Frances SELLARS married Lonnie BOGGS on May 13, 1906, Geneva County, AL <>
* Mary SELLERS married F.M. DISON on 9/29/1881 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Mary Ann SELLERS married William B. THOMAS on 3/15/1843 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Mary Ann Francis SELLERS married Felix McConell RIDDLE-14 Jan 1867 in Coosa County, Alabama
* Matilda V. SELLERS married Dempsey H. GUY on 12/19/1875 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Missouri A. SELLERS married Reuben F. HARRISON on 10/4/1865 in Henry Co,
Alabama <>
* Missouri A. SELLERS married Leroy OLIVE on 8/7/1888 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Nancy SELLERS married Joseph HEWETT on 9/17/1834 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Nettie S. SELLERS married William W. HUTTO on 11/21/1897 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Ola L. SELLERS married George M. GRESHAW on 4/17/1898 in Henry Co, Alabama <>
* Pokie SELLERS married W.D. HARRISON on 8/10/1898 in Henry Co, Alabama <>