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             Sharon Schmidt <sschmidt@southeast.net>

C.E. Sellars                            M.E. Hoyt
R.D. Sellars                            Venette T. Pritchett
A.J. Sellers (Andrew Jackson)   Mary A. (Alice) Granger 1/22/1882
Ashley B. Sellers                       Martha J. Pritchett
Autsin J. Sellers                       Arilla G. Pritchett
B.F. Sellers                            R.E. Langston
Bailey C. Sellers                       Epsey N. McCardel
Benjamin B. Sellers                     Fenly ? A. Jacobs
C.P. Sellers                            Lela L. Duncan
C.S. Sellers                            L.E. Trimnell
Calten E.                               Mellissa Dardin
Frank Sellers                           Mary Tindell
Henry J. Sellers                        Mary M. Moor
J.S. Sellers                            R.F. McCardle
James Alvin Sellers                     Viola Brackin
John E. Sellers                         Elizabeth Granger
John H. Sellers                         Caroline V. Granger
John L. Sellers                         Lela Peters
L.D. Sellers                            Lizzie McClendon
Mathew Sellers                  Mary Cawley
Mathew Sellers                          Mary Collie             License:

Milton B. Sellers                       Sucey Olive
N.M. Sellers                            Ella Brown
Norman L. Sellers                       Sarah F. Faircloth
Norton M. Sellers                       Mittie McCardle
O.J. Sellers                            Lucy E. Brown
Ck1880 Red River, Louisiana

Rilah Sellers                           E.W. Byrd

Arma E. Sellars                         J.C. Thagard
Alice M. Sellers                        J.B. Burnett
Amanda Sellers                          M.W. Langston
Belinda A. Sellers                      Thomas Collins
Carrie C. Sellers                       H.J. Hardy
Clara Sellers                           George W. Hobbs
Eliza Sellers                           Ashley Simms
License: 5/1/1865
Elizabeth J. Sellers                    Richmond G. Spurlock
Elizabeth J. Sellers                    Lewis E. McCardle
Joe A. Sellers (Miss)                   William I. Atkinson
Laurann Eliz. Sellers                   James C. Glass
Lenora Sellers                          James L. Tucker
Lilla Sellers                           William H. Merritt
Lucinda A. Sellers                      George H. Armstead
Lula Sellers                            B. Frank Maxham
M.M. Sellers                            E.V. Burkett
M.M. Sellers                            J.N. Paulk
Martha E.C. Sellers                     Thomas Hall
Mary Sellers                            F.M. Dison
Mary Ann Sellers                        William B. Thomas
Matilda V. Sellers                      Dempsey H. Guy
Missouri A. Sellers                     Reuben F. Harrison
Missouri A. Sellers                     Leroy Olive
Nancy Sellers                           Joseph Hewett
Nettie S. Sellers                       William W. Hutto
Ola L. Sellers                          George M. Greshaw
Pokie Sellers                           W.D. Harrison

             Re: Sellers marriages of Henry Co, AL and,
             Thu, 13 Jul 2000 21:50:37 -0400
             "Ron Hall" <phillhall@email.msn.com>

I recently asked someone to check on a Sellers marriage for me in Henry Co,
AL, and that sent me a whole list of them. I'm posting them here, along
some additional information. All of it is followed with a question that
proposes something of a long shot. Please hang on until the end.

Sellers Marriages - Henry Co, AL (with some annotations)

Bride                  Groom                     Date
Sellers Arma E   Thagard, J C       Feb 15, 1891
 Alice M              Burnett, J B        Jul 6, 1899
 Amanda             Langston, M W   Jun 23, 1881
Belinda A (1)       Collins, Thomas  Jun 19, 1861
 Carrie C             Hardy, H J          Sep 10, 1896
 Clara                  Hobbs, George W Mar 13, 1892
 Eliza (2)              Simms, Ashley  May 1, 1865 (license only)
 Elizabeth J (3)     Spurlock, Richmond G Nov 17, 1859
 Elizabeth J          McCardle, Lewis E Nov 14, 1878
 Joe A (Miss)       Atkinson, William I Dec 25, 1900
 Laurann Eliz.       Glass, James C  Aug 31, 1866
 Lenora                Tucker, James L  Dec 24, 1882
 Lilla                     Merrett, William H Dec 16, 1894
 Lucinda A (4)       Armstead, George H Apr 11, 1860
 Lula                     Maxham, B Frank Aug 12, 1897
 M M                     Burkett, E V  Dec 18, 1887
 M M                     Paulk, J N  Jun 1, 1890
 Martha E C           Hall, Thomas  Nov 15, 1866
 Mary                    Dison, F M  Sep 29, 1881
 Mary Ann              Thomas, William B Mar 15, 1843
Matilda V               Guy, Dempsey H  Dec 19, 1875
Missouri A (5)         Harrison, Reuben F Oct 4, 1865
Missouri A (6)         Olive, Leroy  Aug 7, 1888
Nancy                    Hewett, Joseph  Sep 17, 1834
Nettie S                  Hutto, William W Nov 21, 1897
Ola L                      Greshaw, George M Apr 17, 1898
Pokie                      Harrison, W D  Aug 10, 1898

Groom                    Bride                 Date
Cellers William        Ducker, E S     Mar 3, 1881
Sellars C E              Hoyt, M E       Jul 22, 1895
 R D (7)                  Pritchett, Venette T Dec 28, 1869
Sellers A  J              Granger, Mary A  Jan 22, 1882
 Ashley B (8)           Pritchett, Martha J Jul 5, 1874
 Austin J (9)             Prittchett, Arilla G Mar 11, 1897
 B F (10)                  Langston, R E  Mar 31, 1881
 Bailey C                 McCardel, Epsey N Dec 23, 1897
 Benjamin B             Jacobs, Feraby A  Nov 21, 1861
 C P                        Duncan, Lela L  Apr 22, 1900
 C S                        Trimnell, L E  Sep 23, 1900
 Calten E  (10)          Dardin, Mellissa  Nov 5, 1866
 Frank                     Tindel, Mary  Dec 28, 1884
 Henry J                  Moor, Mary M  Jun 8, 1890
 J S                         McCardle, R F  Nov 14, 1878
 James Alvin             Brackin, Viola  Feb 10, 1901
 John E                    Granger, Elizabeth Apr 11, 1900
 John H                    Granger, Caroline V Nov 30, 1873
 John L                     Peters, Lela  Mar 18, 1894
 L D                         McClendon, Lizzie Jun 1, 1893
 Mathew                  Cawley, Mary  Jul 20, 1837
 Milton B                   Olive, Sucey  Aug 26, 1897
 N M                          Brown, Ella  Jul 5, 1896
 Norman L (11)           Faircloth, Sarah F  1867
 Norton  M                  McCardell, Mittie Jan 23, 1900
 O J                           Brown, Lucy E  Aug 24, 1869
 Rilah                         Byrd, E W  Dec 19, 1858
 Thomas M (12)          Jones, Frances  Oct 28, 1867

(1) Belinda Sellers (whose name appears at times as Melinda in various
documents) was the daughter of Benjamin B Sellers. Thomas Collins was her
first husband. She would remarry in 1876 to Zachary Pridgeon, my second
great granduncle.
(2) Eliza (Jane) Sellers was probably the daughter of Joseph W. Sellers.
(3) I'm not sure whose daughter she was, but Elizabeth, like Belinda
Sellers, may have been widowed during the war. In 1880, she appears in the
household of Thomas M Sellers with two apparent sons, John and James.
(4) Lucinda Sellers is probably the daughter of Joseph W. Sellers.
(5) The Missouri Sellers who married Reuben Harrison could have been the
daughter of either Samuel Wright Sellers or Thomas M Sellers.
(6) The Missouri Sellers who married Leroy Olive was probably the daughter
of Rufus Daniel Sellers. Leroy Olive was a widower. His first wife was
Savannah Temperance Jones, the niece, by marriage of Rufus Daniel and his
brother, Samuel, and my 2nd great grandaunt.
(7) R(ufus) D(aniel) Sellers took Venette Pritchett as his second wife. His
first was Amanda Caroline Jones, the daughter of Elbert and Susannah Jones
of Walton Co, FL. Susannah and her younger children are shown in the
household in 1850. Rufus' brother, Samuel, married Amanda's sister,
Temperance. A third sister, Nancy, married my third great grandfather,
Bethel Jones.
(8) Ashley B Sellers was of the son of Rufus Daniel.
(9) Austin J Sellers was the son of Benjamin B.
(10) B(enjamin?) F Sellers may have been the son of Thomas M. or Samuel
Wright Sellers.
(11) Calten Sellers was the son of Benjamin B.
(12) Thomas M. Sellers - as Marie informed me recently, the Thomas of Henry
Co was probably the Thomas M of the 1850 Pike Co census where he was shown
with wife Maria (Moriah Jane Sellers, his thrid cousin according to other
researchers) and children Frances, Richard, and Missouri.
In the 1860 census of Henry Co, Thomas is shown with an apparent wife,
Eliza, his children J. R(ichard?) E., Missouri, and B.F. Moriah Sellers
have died, possibly giving birth to her last child, the B. F. of the 1860
census. (Confusingly, two children of the same names and ages are shown on
the previous page with a Samuel Sellers, age 66 - Samuel Wright, I assume.)
Also in the house of Thomas Sellers are three children by the names of
Amanda, Leonidas, and Nancy J. Cohron.
I'm certain the Eliza here is my GG-grandmother, Eliza Cohron. The widow of
William Leonidas Cohron, she appeared in the 1850 census of Chambers Co,
having come there from Troup Co, GA after 1840.
I don't know what became of Eliza after 1860. According to one family Bible
record, she lived until 1903. Assuming she and Thomas M were married (and
I've found no record thus far), they must have divorced before Thomas'
marriage in 1867 to Frances Jones. On the other hand, if she lived that
long, what did become of her?
Someone has suggested to me that Eliza was not Thomas' wife, but his
and that I should be looking for a Cohron-Sellers marriage in Georgia. I
haven't found such as yet.
However, I did find a Hiram Sellers listed in the 1830 census of Troup Co,
GA, where Eliza was living with her husband and first child in 1840.
So, finally to get to the point, does anyone know anything of this Hiram
Sellers. I've not a chance to take a look at that 1830 census to see if he
was married with a daughter born about 1820 - Eliza's approximate birth
Any clue would be welcome.
Ron Hall

Spouse 1: Crawford Lewis
  Spouse 2: Eady Jones
  Marriage Date: 28 Jun 1832
  Marriage Place: Henry
  Surety/Bond Date:
  Performed By: J. P.
  Surety/Perf. Name: Wm. W. Cawthen
  OSPage: 18