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Let me first begin with the family of Alfred Sellers and Elizabeth
  Alfred Sellers son of William Sellers Sr.
  Born   1800/1810,Jefferson,Co.Ga.
  Died before 1850 Coosa Co. Ala.
  Married 2nd Dec 1818 Jefferson Co. Ala. to Elizabeth Anderson
         She was born 1796, probably in  Richmond Co. Ga.
         She died before Dec 1856 Coosa Co. Ala.
         She was daughter of Elijah Anderson and Lavinia Brack,Anderson
 Notes taken from :1)Jefferson Co. Ga.1820 census,page 284:  2)1830
census,Coosa Co.Ala.    page 201:  3)1840 census Coosa Co. 33 [
Provided by Bobbie Jones Mclane, 222 McMahan Dr.  Hot Springs Ark. 71931.
Elizabeth and her husband were married in the same ceromony with her sister
Lavinia who married William Calvin Sellers Jr. a brother to Alfred.
Elizabeth and her husband came to Ala. with husband and the large Sheppard
clan from Jefferson Co. the 1820''s.
 Probate Records: (1)  2 March 1812 ,Book A,page 231; "It appearing to the
court that Elisha Anderson and Willaim Sheppard have regularly applied for
Letters of Administration on the estate of Elijah Anderson,late of Richmond
Co. deceased,it is therefore ordered that Letters of Administration do
Probate Records: (2)  21 Jan 1817 ,probate book B,page 35{Which yields
proof of Elijah's children}"On the application of of Elijah
Anderson,William Shepard,Charles Frtwell,Young Allen,Eleazor
Anderson,Benjamine Perdue,Lavinia aanderson Sen,.....for herself and as
guardian of Elijah Anderson,Nancy Anderson and Sally Anderson and Elizabeth
Anderson  Levinah{sic}Anderson,Junr.and James Hammet all heirs and legatees
of Elijah Anderson,deceased,for an order to divide the personal estate of
said deceased....therefore divided......and it appearing to
the courts that the Negroes are incapable of being divided between said
heirs,for there being a greater numbers of heirs than Negros......ordered
that said Negos be sold.{copy from Bobbie Jones Mclane}
 Land patent records; The earliest land records of Alfred Sellers was 1829
when he purchased 80 acres in Sec18 Twp 14 rng 20 at Cahaba,on Febuary
2,1829,recorded ;Vol.II,page 392,Patented 16 Nov. 1830.Montgomery
Co.Ala.:and later when he purchased 29 acres of land on 14 Dec.1846 in
Coosa Co. Ala.{Sec 12,twp.18,rng.20 . Alfred was apparently deceased by
1850. The 1850 census of Coosa Co. Ala.shows his widow in the household
headed by her son Alfred M. Sellers,{copy from Bobbie Jones Mclane}.
OTHER PROBATE RECORDS;  (1) Probate book E&D,Coosa Co. Ala.pages 342
-344,concerning hte estate of  Elizabeth Sellers, which nmames her sons
,James W;Elisha A.:William Sellers ;and sons-in-laws, Alexander Wright and
Alexander Osborn. Her will was probated on 6 Dec 1856 by Stephen A.
Percy.It names the same children and sons-in-laws above Same probate book
pages 342-344.
1. James W. Sellers b. 1823,Ga.
2. Lavinia Ann Sellers,b.1824 Ga.
3. Alfred M. Sellers b.1829,Ala.
4.Elisha A  Sellers b. 1833,Ala.
5. Elizabeth Sellers b. 1836 Ala.
6. William Sellers,b. 1838,Ala

Beginning Part IIThe earliest generation of Sellers is given by,Carl V.
Wright as William Sellers of Tarboro NC.saying he was the father of Elisha
Elisha Sellers ,the next generation,was the father of Alfred Sellers and
William Calvin Sellers Sr.,b. ca.1760 NC.d.NC.
William Calvin Sellers Sr,(1) entered the Revolutionary War at the age of
16 and fought for 6 years and at one time was a prisoner of The
Tories.Similar records were found on Elisha Sellers,and several persons
have joined the DAR on his records.
An article in Memorial Records Of Ala. states that William Calvin Sellers
Sr. lived to be 100 years old,also that he died in NC.
His widow came to Ala. William Calvin Sellers Jr. and Alfred Sellers,who
married Elizabeth Anderson the sister of Lavinia ,who marriedWilliam Calvin
1750,compiled by Clark H. Watters and Elizabeth Stone Watters....copied by
Dan Neal from Birmingham Public Library. NOTE: The watters knew nothing
about Alfred Sellers.
 William Calvin Sellers II,was born ca.1750,went to Griffen,Ga.and later to
LowndesCo. Ala.settling at Morganville. William Calvin and Alfred Sellers
married in Jefferson Co.Ga. to sisters Lavinia and Elizabeth Anderson"

(There appears to be some confusion between the William Calvin Jr and
Sr.with regard to their births,because the next info gives conflicting

William Calvin SellersJr.{Veteran of Indian wars 1836-1837}
born.1790 NC
D.1848,Lowndes Co,Ala.
Married 1st: 2 Dec 1818,Jefferson Co. Ga,Lavinia Anderson, 1798
NC.d.1843,Morganville,Lowndes Co.Ala.age 45,both were members of the
Protestant Methodist Church.
Lavinia Anderson was the daughter of Elijah Anderson b.1750,Onslow
Co.NC.d.after 4 July 1807 Jefferson,Co.Ala was married to Lavinia
Brack, 1763 d.before Nov. 1844,Montgomery Co.Ala. Lavinia came to
Montgomery 1820's from Jefferson Co. GA.
Married 2nd:  Mariah A. Trotter d/o Joseph and Martha Trotter,b.17 April
1825,d.1Jan 1813,Montgomery Ala.
  NOTE that Martha Trotter was b,14 May 1792 and d. 18 OCt 1878.and is
buried in the Carmel Cemetery.Joseph and Martha Trotter were married in
Edgefield Co.SC.Martha was a sister to William Calvin Sellers' daughter in
law,Harriet Trotter Sellers. After the death of William Calvin Sellers,
Mariah married 2nd to S.F. Johnston.
Issue of Lavinia Anderson Sellers and William Calvin SellersJr.
1. James Anderson Sellers b.26 Sept 1819.Ga.m: Harriet Trotter
2. Elizabeth 1820 Ga. M. Robert Walton
3. Rebecca L. Sellers b.17 Dec 1822 Ga.
4. William Calvin Sellers III,b. 20 Sept 1825 Ga.
5. Lavinia J. Sellers ,b.24 Sept 1827 Ga.
6. Anderson Mosely Sellers ,b.8 Jan 1829 Lowndes Co. Ala.
7. Frances Ann Sellers,b. LowndesCo, Ala.
8. Major Holcomb Sellers b.?
9. Mary Sellers b.?

Issue of Mariah Trotter Sellers and William Calvin Sellers:
 1. Thomas Jefferson Sellers,b.8 June 1848,Lowndes Co. Ala.

In part 3 ,I want to discuss sisters Lavinia and Elizabeth Anderson who
married Sellers brothers. Each had Cherokee Blood on the paternal and
maternal side. They had two grandmothers who were of the Cherokee Tribe on
their fathers side that made their Father half Cherokee. They also had
Cherokee blood on their mother's side too,having at least one grandmother
of Cherokee orgin,making their grandmother Lavinia Brack at least one
quarter blood Cherokee. Alfred Sellers himself may have had Cherokee Blood
too. His paternal grandmother Mary Willis was probably a member of the
Cherokee tribe,and his ggrandmother may have been a full blood Chrokee .
Her name is unknown
Here is a brief direct lineage on the Anderson  side ,beginning with the
earliest known by Carl V. Wright

1. Edmond Anderson,b.? m.?NC, Sarah (probably full blood cherokee
Cherokee-not proven)d,1742N.C.
2.Elmore Anderson ,b.1720m;Rebbeca Holmes (probably halfblooded
Cherokee)d.1772 N.C.
3.Elijah Anderson ,b.1750 Onslow Co. N.C.m; Lavinia Brack (1/2 blood)d/o
Eleazor Brack and Ester Doty,1802,Jefferson Co.Ga.
4. Elizabeth Anderson,b.1796{probably Richmond Co. Ga} m; 2 Dec
1818,Jefferson Co. Alfred Sellers d.1856.Coosa Co. Ala.
5. James Wesley Sellers b. 1823 Jefferson Co. Ga.

Steve says: I will mention that it is thru Lavinia Brack and her Mother
Ester Doty that we can trace our line back to Edward Doty ,of the
Mayflower,and thence to the European lines of royalty back 33 generations
to "Alfred The Great"and even earlier. Also the Holmes line is traceable
back in Europe over 14 more generations,but all this is clearly beyond the
scope of email messages of this sort.
I would hope you will provide me with a descendant genealogy of your
husband's family from James Wesley Sellers to your family.

Lou that is about all I have gotten from Steve, I will try to contact him
again. I did send him a package like I sent to you,with no comment as of
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