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    My Sellers line goes back to a Abraham Lenda (Jesse) Sellers.    They
eventually settled in the northeast corner of Georgia.   My g-grandfather
was James Leonard Sellers.   Does anyone have info on this line? 

AKENT - We could use the childrens names, who they married and went!
Is this Habersham Co, GA? We have some census info and links back to
Haywood Co, NC to Conrad Sellers born 1760.
Do you know where he came from?
Seems the history on Abraham listed some of the children to Rockingham Co, VA.
Where the name of Conrad SELLERS was common . Many church records, but
haven't really proved one his age.- born 1760-
We need more work on Abraham Sellers and who he is - have you traced him
in NC?
Appreciate any info you can send us on James Leonard SELLERS family and
any documents you have found on the older lines. Thanks, marie, iowa

AKent - We could use a list of Henry SELLERS 1825 children or if you
don't have , a list of his son Benjamim Franklin SELLERS 1872 children,
who married and went where.
And we can link your name to the Habersham Co.,  GA page and others can
locate you easier. Would appreciate you sending us the info you have on
AND if you have extracted the census from Habersham Co, GA, we sure
could use them!

I can see this family in Rockingham Co, VA /marriages and son John
states born 1785NC-
Where? and where is this family in 1790 to 1810?
Seems this history should list some sources of proof ?
Have you found them? Thanks for any help, marie, iowa


> Hi Sellers Clan.    Our Sellers family begins with Abraham Lenda
> (Jesse) > Sellers (b. 1730 in Pa).    We don't have any information any further
> back.
> Abraham's son, Francis Conrad Sellers (b. 1760 in NC) .  Francie
> Conrad's son,
> John "Blacksmith" had a son,  Henry (b.1825 in NC).   Henry's son,
> James > Leonard (b. 1852 in Habersham Co., Ga) is my g-grandfather.   His son,
> Benjamin Franklin (b.1872 in Habersham Co., Ga).  Does anyone on the
> list have
> a connection to this line?   Please let me know.   thanks.

ANN - not that I remember. I would say Carole or Keith would be more likely
to have on their web pages . You probably have Carole's - Well , she would
and Keith's is =
marie, iowa

AKent616@aol.com wrote:

> Marie and All:     Carole Walker remembers seeing somewhere on this list
that > there might be a photo of John Sellers.   Does anyone remember or know
where > a photo might be of him?     We would appreciate any help at all.
> Ann Kent

  oct 2003

 I've recently heard from a cousin that our ancestor, Abraham Jesse/Lenda Sellers, born in Pennsylvania, either he was the immigrant, or his father

was...but that the original name was von Scheller of Germany.. and it was changed

to Sellers in America.     Now, the question is, has anyone on the list also

heard this?    Also, could the name have been also Zeller, Keller,

Ciller...etc?      I'd be interested in hearing some discussion along these lines.


Ann K.


My experience has been that if the name was originally 'Zeller' prior to becoming 'Sellers', then it designated that the line was of German descent.  That is the case for my line as my 6 Great Grandfather was Heinrich Zeller.  Born in Mottgers, Hesse, Germany in 1704, he and the family emigrated to America in 1738 when they landed in Philadelphia.

My same experience has been that if the name was Sellers when they arrived in America, then they were usually of Anglican descent from England, Ireland, Scotland, etc., ie, non-German.


I've seen the name misspelled in various records as Siller, Sellar, Keller, Ciller, etc.  Personally, I've never seen nor heard of the name "von Scheller", but stranger things have happened ...


Michael Sellers

Sellers.Michael [msellers@acresgaming.com]

ANN, thanks for sharing.


I would just ask cousin/etc for their documentation = how proven, etc.

OR check out Von Scheller family .

Was VON SCHELLER the immigrant? what ship and when?


WE have ZELLER immigrants proven to GERMANY and FRANCE by church records.


WE have immigrants on diff ships from ENGLAND, etc =

SEVERAL SPELLINGS = check the ship lists

AND we do NOT have all ship lists.


NO place of birth shown.

YOU need the church/etc records to PROVE.

WE are MISSING these documents.


KELLER was a spelling for SELLER (K for S) and we don't have much info on = believe certain country spelling used K or S?


SEVERAL changed names in US (OR used name spelling here)

 THE ship, census/tax/info takers Spelled by their SOUNDS, SO you are following these Documents by way THEY spelled it NOT our ORIGNAL families names.




WE probably do need more work on spellings,

BUT, where/when they came from would help solve.

Thanks for sharing ideas.


marie, iowa

MARCH 2004


Descendants of John SELLERS - 23 Mar 2004




First Generation


1.  John SELLERS was born in 1770 in North Carolina.  He died in 1840 in

North Carolina.


John SELLERS had the following children:


2 i. Robert SELLERS was born in North Carolina.  Moved to Alabama


3 ii. Joseph SELLERS was born in North Carolina.  He died in Western



Went to western Tennessee and died there.


+4 iii. James SELLERS.

+5 iv. Abraham SELLERS (born in 1799).

+6 v. Isaac SELLERS (born in 1800).

7 vi. Joshua SELLERS was born in North Carolina.  He died in Iowa.

8 vii. Mary SELLERS was born in North Carolina.

+9 viii. Sarah SELLERS.

+10 ix. Margaret SELLERS.

+11 x. Hannah SELLERS.



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Ann, I am interested in your John Sellers (1770-1840). Do you have a birth

place and where he died? Do you know of any other children of his? My

GG-grandfather James Sellers (1806-1843) in McMinn Co. TN was the son of


Ed Sellers [edsellers1@cox.net]

Thanks Ann, I think my John Sellers is not the same as yours.

Thanks again,

Ed Sellers