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april 2006

Source: The Trail of THE HUGUENOTS in Europe, the United States, South Africa and Canada by G. Elmore Reaman--Thomas Allen Limited, Toronto Canada 1963

pg. 134: "The Zeller (Zelaire) family came from Strasbourg to London in 1708-09. Clothilde de Valois Zeller came to America with her two sons settling at Livingstone Manor, New York, then Schoharie and later in Pennsylvania, at Newmanstown, and Womelsdord in 1723."

pg. 301: "The claim that the Zeller family was founded by Clothilde de Valois Zeller, of Huguenot origin, is a pleasant day dream. There is an implication in The Compendium of American Genealogy, vol. III, 1928, p. 641, that "Lady Clothilde de Valois belonged to the former French royal house of Valois. This is nonsense; in spite of this statement and that in John A. Zeller's A Brief History of the Zeller Family (1945), p. 13, Clothilde De Valois Zeller NEVER EXISTED. My friend, Dr. Albert H. Gerberich, the leading authority on Pennsylvania German genealogy informs me that "Clothilde de Valois'" real name was Anna Catharina, and her maiden surname is unknown. She died at Tulpehocken, in Berks county, near the Lebanon County (Pennsylvania) line, in 1749."

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