By Carol Sellers Herbert (Viola Carol Sellers, born 1943), Daughter of George Grover Sellers, born 1907, Son of Daniel Crawford Sellers, born 1885. Compiled  August, 2010


Daniel Crawford Sellers, born 1885

My grandfather is Daniel Crawford Sellers, born16 Mar 1885 in Johnston County, North Carolina, and died 28 Nov 1949 in Johnston County, North Carolina. He married, first, Viola Capps, born 1892 in Johnston County, North Carolina, and died in childbirth 12 Sept 1930. They had one son, my father, George Grover Sellers, born 3 March 1907 in Johnston County, North Carolina.


Daniel Crawford Sellers and Viola were divorced after the son’s birth.  Daniel Crawford married Smithie Pittman in 1909.  They had 13 children.  Viola then married Ed Orrell and had 12 children. Viola Capps line is traced to the original immigrant in Jamestowne, Virginia.


The above is documented by both family and County records of births and marriages and divorce.


George William Sellers, born 1858 

George W. (William) Sellers was the father of Daniel Crawford Sellers. George W. Sellers was born 7 April 1858, in Johnston County, North Carolina. He died 12 July 1922, in Johnston County, North Carolina.


George W. Sellers married. Elizabeth Catherine Futrell, who was born 30 Oct. 1859, in Johnston County, North Carolina, and died 8 November 1948, in Johnston County, North Carolina. She was the  daughter of Daniel Crawford Futrell and Pachie Caroline Peeden.  Both the Futrell and Peeden lines have been traced to the original immigrants to Virginia. The Peedens were in Isle of Wight, Virginia, in the 1600’s and 1700’s and interacted there with the Sellers, Edwards, and Gurleys in land transactions, will, and marriages.


The children of George W. and Elizabeth Catherine are

1. Viola Maud, b. 6 Feb. 1880 m. Mal Richardson

2. Reneaton (Male) b. 2 Dec 1882, died as a child

3. Martha b. 24 Oct 1884 m Leroy Hatcher

4. Daniel Crawford, b.16 Mar 1885 m. Viola Capps

5. Undine b. 9 Nov. 1888 m. Nerry Hatcher

6. Jessie (Male) 18 Dec. 1890 m Iode Bradwell  

7. Eula b. 23 Feb 1893  m. Willie Wood 

8. Minnie b. 27 Dec 1894 m. Bennie F. Nicholas  

9. Patience b. 2 July 1897 m. Captain Flowers

10. Kate 24 June 1899, died as a child   

11. Mary Noble, 1 June 1902  m. Alonzo Z. Thompson


The above is documented by family records and Johnston County records of birth, deaths, census, marriage, and Court Minutes.


Daniel Sellers, born 1828 

George William Sellers' father was Daniel Sellers. Daniel Sellers was born 10 September 1828, in Johnston County, North Carolina.  He died 6 September 1884, in Johnston County, North Carolina (from gravestone in Selma City Cemetery, Selma, Johnston County, North Carolina, also "husband of Sarah" on gravestone).He married 13 October 1856,  Sarah Ann Blackman who was born 9 Jun 1834, in Johnston County, North Carolina. She died 5 Jan 1888 (from gravestone in Selma City Cemetery, Selma, Johnston County, North Carolina also "wife of Daniel" on gravestone). The Blackman line is traced to the original immigrant.


The children of Daniel and Sarah are

1. George William Sellers b. 7 Apr. 1858 m. Elizabeth Catherine Futrell

2. Nancy b. 1858 ( a twin)

3. Mary Winnie b. 11 Apr. 1861

4. John H. b. 27 Aug 1863 m Mary Carter (?)

5. Laurendie b. 21 June 1866   

6. Sally b. 8 Oct 1868 ("sister" of George W. in 1880 Census in George W.'s household)


Documentation for Daniel follows:


Daniel Sellers b. circa 1828

Johnston County, North Carolina


Daniel Sellers and his wife Sarah were buried in the Selma City Cemetery. Daniel’s gravestone shows a birth date of 10 September 1828, a death date of 6 September 1884, and is inscribed “husband of Sarah.”  Sarah’s gravestone shows a birth date of 9 June 1834, a death date of 5 June 1888, and is inscribed “wife of Daniel.”

Census Records

In the 1880 Census Daniel (51) and Sarah (45) appear with their unmarried children: Nancy A., Winnie, John H., and Laurendia.

In the 1870 Census Daniel (39) and Sarah (30) appear with all their children of record: George W. (my ancestor), Nancy A., Mary W. (Winnie), John H., Laurendia, and Sally. 

Daniel (24) and Sarah (26) first appear together in the 1860 Johnston County Census with twins: George William Sellers (my ancestor) and Nancy A., both born in 1858.  Cemetery records establish their date of birth as 7 April 1858.

In the 1850 Census there are two Daniels, one age 18 (or 28) and one 22.

Daniel, age 18 (or 28) is living in the household of Penelope Holt (38), her 6 children, and apparently another boarder John Hollowell (33), an ostler.

Daniel, age 22, is living in the household of William H. Sellers (24), Faithey Sellers (75), Martha Sellers (23).

The 1840 Census shows two household from which these young Sellers boys could have come:

1. Maria (Moriah) Sellers: 2 M 10-15 (Daniel and William H.), 1 F 30-40 (Moriah), 1 F 50-60 (Faithey)

2. Benjamin Sellers: 2 M under5 (Richard and William Benjamin), 1 M 5-10 (Daniel), 1 M 10-15 (Alsey), 1 M 50 to 60 (Benjamin), 1 F under 5 (Lucretia) , 2 F 5-10 (Mourning and Betsey), 2 F 10-15 (Luvenia and Martha), 1 F 40-50 (wife Sally Taylor).

Marriages in Johnston County

Johnston County Marriage Bonds show a record of Daniel Sellers to Sarah Ann Blackman  13 Oct. 1856.

Johnston County Marriage Records show a marriage between Daniel A. Sellers and Patsy Jane Peeden 30 June 1859. An Augustus (31) and Patsy (20) appear together with no children in the 1860 Census. So this Daniel A. who married Patsey Jane Peeden must be Daniel Augustus Sellers.

Two Daniels

One is the Daniel who marries Sarah Ann in 1856 (my ancestor) and the other is Daniel Augustus who marries Patsy Jane Peeden in 1859.

In which household in 1840 did each young Daniel live?  Benjamin’s or Maria (Moriah)’s?  We will distinguish them by referring to them as “Daniel” and “Daniel A.”  Daniel is my ancestor, not Daniel A.

Johnston County Deeds

1.       From “The Heritage of Johnston County,” pub. 1985, p. 77-78:

“Late in 1866 Col. John W. Sharpe came to Mitchner’s Station looking for naval stores for a Virginia Company.  He was impressed by the tar and turpentine available in the rich pine forests of central Johnston County and decided that the station would be a good site for a town.  Upon investigation of the Mitchner property and titles, it was found that minor heirs were involved, and it would take quite some time to unravel the tangle, so he met with Daniel Sellers, another local land owner and purchases 50 acres of land.  He convinced the North Carolina Railroad to move their depot and train stop to this location and named it Selma, possibly after the Alabama town of Selma, his hometown.  The land was surveyed and plotted by Charles Massey, the Johnston County surveyor.  On May 1, 1867, a sale of lots was held at the station on its new lot.  Very few lots brought as much as $100.”

In fact, the deed recorded 20 April 1867 was for 219 acres sold by Daniel Sellers and his wife Sarah Ann for $3100 to John W. Sharpe. This property was subdivided in the deed and became the town of Selma. Adjacent land remained in the hands of Daniel and Sarah Ann. Daniel states in this deed that the land was part of the lands conveyed to him by G.W. Collier 28 February 1850 and by J.T. Linch 25 September 1855.  I have copies of this deed and the following one to Cynthia, wife of Alsey.

Daniel Sellers Selma Deed 1.jpeg

Daniel Sellers Selma Deed 2.jpeg

Daniel Sellers Deed 3.jpeg

On the 29th of January 1868 Daniel and Sarah sold land adjacent to the above property to Cynthia Sellers, wife of Alsey, “as her sole and separate property free of the liabilities of her husband Alsey.”

Daniel Sellers to Cynthia (Alsey's wife) 1.jpeg

Daniel Sellers to Cynthia 2.jpeg This deed indicates a close relationship between Daniel and Sarah Ann with Alsey and his wife. This Daniel and Alsey are probably brothers. Alsey (25) appears in the 1850 Census, married to Cynthia(23) with two small children.  There is a marriage record of Alsey Sellers to Cynthia Milliner 13 June 1846. He is also in the 1860, 1870, 1880 Censuses.

Johnston County School Reports 1841

School District No. 16: Moriah Sellers-William Henry and Gusten

Johnston County Court Minutes by W. Haun

Vol. 16 p.78 1841 Ordered William H. Sellers and Augustus Sellers to be brought to the next court to be bound out.

Which Daniel is Daniel and which is Daniel A.?

The above Court Minutes and School Reports are the most significant clue to sorting out the Daniels. William H. and Daniel Agustus (Gusten) live in Moriah’s household.  The two boys, 10-15, living in Maria (Moriah)’s household in 1840 do not have a male in the household. This is one situation that gave rise to boys being bound out.  By identifying William H. (14) and Augustus (12) together the court also helps us place these two boys in the household of women, Maria (Moriah)’s rather than in Benjamin Sellers’s household. It is Daniel Augustus who is the brother of William H. and is in the 1850 household with cousin Martha and Great Aunt Faithey.  This is the same household headed by Cuzzy/Casa Sellers (widow of Sampson) in 1810, 1820, 1830. The location is the same…same district and same neighbors, and ages of household members are consistent between 1830 and 1840.

The Daniel who acquires property and later marries Sarah Ann Blackman is living in Penelope Holt’s household. Penelope Holt is the daughter-in-law of Etheldred Holt, who is the brother of William Holt.  The Holt’s land joins the Howell and Massey land.  These families have had relationships as neighbors, in land transactions, and even as marriage bondsmen with Sampson Sellers and his sons, including Benjamin Sellers. 

The father Benjamin Sellers disappears from official records after 1840 except for his home being mentioned as the place of Richard Sellers’s marriage and his mortality record at age 90 in Selma in the 1870 Census and Mortality Records. Maria (Moriah), the other head of household in 1840, appears in the 1850 Mortality Record.  She died in 1849 at age 45 of a “nervous fever.”  Thus, we are relying on land and court records to determine which Daniel is in which household.



1.Daniel Sellers who married Sarah Ann Blackman is the brother of Alsey and one of the sons of Benjamin, son of Sampson and Cuzzy..  The Daniel A. Sellers who lives with William H. is a son of Moriah ( wife of a brother of Benjamin who died prior to 1830 is indicated by the DNA Footnote below) and grandson of Sampson and Cuzzy.

2.The above conclusion and the composition of the households in 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840 account for all the Sellers that appear in Census, land, and marriage records of Johnston County in 1850, 1860, and 1870.


Footnote: Confederate War Records

The Daniel Sellers who married Sarah Ann Blackman did not serve as a soldier in the Confederate Army.  However, he supported the war effort by selling supplies to the Confederacy.  There are records of his animals and crops that were sold to the Army. 

Daniel Sellers War 1.jpeg

Daniel Sellers War 2.jpeg

Daniel Sellers War 3.jpeg

Daniel Sellers War 4.jpeg

William H. and Daniel A. both enlisted in the Confederate Army. 

William H. Sellers became an officer. He never appears in another land or Census record in North Carolina.  I have not been able to locate his wife and children.  It is possible that after the War they went west with the thousands of other soldiers who chose to go. Perhaps one of his descendants will trace this line.

Daniel A. Sellers (in Richard Wright’s Battalion of North Carolina) died 19 September 1863 of chronic diarrhea in General Hospital #2 in Wilson, North Carolina.  I am not able to positively identify this Daniel A. as the Johnston County Daniel A.  However, Daniel A. and Patsy Jane appear in no more North Carolina records that I have found.  If the Daniel A. who died is not the Johnston County Daniel A., perhaps he and Patsey Jane moved with William H. after the War.



Footnote: DNA records

My brother Steve (George Stephen Sellers, born January 31, 1944) did the DNA testing with 67 markers.  This DNA sample is almost a perfect match with a descendant of Alsey Sellers. 

There is a Bastardy bond which shows Daniel A. Sellers as the named father of a child by Zilpha Pace.  A descendant of this son, McDaniel Pace, has been DNA tested.  This DNA sample is a close match to Steve’s, though not as close as the Alsey descendant.

These results are another piece of evidence that Daniel and Alsey are brothers, cousins of the William H. and Daniel A. Sellers in the household of Maria (Moriah) and Cuzzy.

See the DNA Records included in the Appendix.


Benjamin Sellers II, born circa 1780

Benjamin Sellers II was the father of Daniel Sellers.  Benjamin II was born circa 1780, based on Census, Military, and Marriage records, in Johnston County, North Carolina.  He died in August 1870 at the age of 90 years old in Selma, Johnston County, North Carolina.  He married Sally Taylor, 5 August 1820, in Johnston County, North Carolina.  Her line has not yet been traced (as of July 2010).  They had 11 children, according to Census records.  The children are named below in the documentation.

Documentation regarding Benjamin Sellers II and his children follow:

Benjamin Sellers II, b. circa 1780

Johnston County, North Carolina

Benjamin II appears by name in Johnston County in the Johnston County North Carolina Militia in the War of 1812, along with John Sellers (probably Benjamin's brother), Second Regiment, Eighth Company, detached from the Johnston Regiment. (Johnston County Militia Records, War 0f 1812.)

Johnston County Marriage Records

He married Sally Taylor, 5 August 1820, with Adin Powell as bondsman. George Sellers(probably Benjamin's brother) paid poll tax in  Capt. Adin Powells District during the years 1802-1805.

Johnston County Census Records

Benjamin II does not appear in the 1820 Census.  However, he is in the 1830 Johnston County Census:  1 M 40-50 (b. 1780-1790) dates that are consistent with Benjamin II, 1M under 5 (b. 1825-1830), 1 F 30-40 (Sally, b. 1790-1800), 2 F 5-10 (b. 1820-1825), 2 F under 5 (b. 1825-1830).

Benjamin II  is also in the 1840 Census:  1 M 50-60 (b. 1780-1790), 1 M. 10-15 (1825-1830), 1 M under 5- 10 (b. 1830-35), 2 M under 5 (b. 1835-1840), 1 F 40-50 (Sally b. 1790-1800), 2 F 10-15 (1825-1830), 2 F 5-10 (b. 1830-1835), 1 F under 5 (b. 1835-1840).  The two females shown in the 1830 Census b. 1820-25 are no longer in the household.  Are their marriages in Johnston County for two Sellers' girls between 1835-1840?

Johnston County Deeds by W. Haun

Benjamin II witnesses two deeds from Powell's to Stephens in 1820, and in 1823 he witnessed an estate transaction by William Pilkington in the Estate of Joseph Edwards.  

Tax Records by W. Haun

Benjamin II  appears in the following Johnston County Tax lists:

1.            Capt Alfred Whitley's District 1813 (1WP) near Allen Collins, Thomas Edwards, Ingram, Powell, Joshua Creech Jr. & Sr., William Massey, William Teal. These families all live near the Sampson County line (in same area as Sampson Sellers and Benjamin (B) Sellers I. 

2.            Capt. William H. Guys District 1816 (1WP).  Same people as above.

3.            Capt. Daniel Boons District in 1817 (1WP) near Ralph Massey, William Massey, Edin Rhodes, Mill Creek area  John Sellers with Benjamin.

4.            Capt. Daniel Boons District 1818 (1 WP), Same area as above. John is still with Benjamin.

5.            Capt. William Brady’s District in 1819. Joseph Farmer (neighbor on 1830 Census) paid 1 WP for Benjamin near Jacob Daughtry, Collins, Edin Rhodes (Mill Creek, Bentonville area).

6.            Capt. William Brady’s District in 1820. Benjamin (1WP).  James is with him.  Same people and area as above.  Since they (Benjamin and John) are both paying poll tax, they are under age 45.  This places them born circa after 1775.  This is consistent with other records

Benjamin is clearly in Johnston County during the years from 1812 to 1823 even though he does not appear in the 1820 Census.

Johnston County Court Minutes by W. Haun

Vol. 1823-26 #10  1823 Benjamin Sellers wit. Charles Stevens,   adm. of John Farmer

Vol. 1823-26 #81 Benjamin Sellers proved deed Willie Atkinson to Joseph Edwards (same location as Abraham and James on tax lists)

Vol. 1827-1830 #102 1829 Benjamin Sellers took oath of insolvency in case Oliver Williams vs. Benjamin Sellers; same court Jonathan Britt vs. Benjamin Sellers-Sellers in custody of Sheriff.

Vol. 1835-1838  #148 1838  State vs. Benjamin Sellers for petty larceny. 20 lashes on back.

Vol. 1835-1838 #154 1838 Benjamin Sellers in prison for the petty larceny.

Other records

There are only two appearances of Benjamin II in Johnston County records after 1840:

1. 16 May 1855 Richard W. Sellers marries Elizabeth Hedgepeth at Benjamin Sellers's, performed by William H. Sellers J.P.

2. Mortality Record August, 1870: Benjamin Sellers dies in Selma, North Carolina (where Daniel and Alsey live) in 1870. The record states “ b. ca 1780, 90 years old, WM, cancer.”


1.            Benjamin II has to be the son of Sampson Sellers and Cuzzy, as there is no other Sellers with sons in Johnston County at this time. Benjamin I has only daughters in his household in 1787, and he does not appear in the 1790 Census.

2.            Benjamin II  lives in the same area as Sampson.

3.            Benjamin has relationships with the same families as Sampson and the earlier Benjamin.

4.            Benjamin probably supports the household of his mother Cuzzy and the daughters and grandchildren living with them.  That he is financially strapped is evidenced by his conviction and punishment for petty larceny in 1835-38.

5.            Benjamin was well thought of by his neighbors.  He witnessed deeds; Joseph Farmer paid poll tax for him, and his children lived with and married among the local families in the 1840' and 50's.

6.            Based on Census and Marriage records, Benjamin's children were probably

(1)          F Unknown, b. 1820-25 (out of household in 1840)

(2)          F Unknown, b. 1820-25 (out of household in 1840)

(3)          Alsey Sellers, b. 1824 m. Cynthia Milliner 13 June 1846. In 1850,60 etc. Census with wife and children.

(4)          Martha Sellers, b. 1827 m. Jonathan Colyer 1866 (brother Richard bondsman)

(5)          Daniel Sellers b. 1828 (per gravestone) m. Sarah Ann Blackman 13 Oct 1856 (Adin Powell bondsman).

(6)          Luvenia Sellers b. 1831 m. Herrin Creech 1 Mar 1849.

(7)          Betsey Sellers b. 1830 m. John Sasser 9 Dec 1846.

(8)          Mourning Sellers b. 1833 m. Isaac Stallings 13 Apr 1854

(9)          Richard W. Sellers b. 1835 m. Elizabeth Hedgepath 16 May 1855

(10)        Lucretia Sellers b. 1837 m. James Peeden 16 May 1854

(11)        William Sellers  b. 1840 (living with Daniel in 1860-20 yrs) or Benjamin Sellers (1870-30 yrs) m. Minerva. It is possible that both of these were sons, but census records show that at least one was a son.

Sampson Sellers, born circa 1747

It is probable that Sampson Sellers, born circa 1747, probably in Northampton County, North Carolina, is the father of Benjamin Sellers II.  He died after 1798 and before 1810, according to land and Census records.  He married Cuzzy (Casa) circa 1779 or 1780, based on their having two sons in 1784-87 Tax List and Census of Johnston County, North Carolina.  Cuzzy’s surname is unknown at the present time (July 2010).

Documentation for Sampson, Cuzzy,  and for their other sons (Benjamin I’s is above) follow:

Sampson Sellers, b. circa 1747

Johnston County, North Carolina



 The first mention of a Sampson Sellers in North Carolina is as chain carrier on a survey crew in Orange County (just to the east and North of Johnston County) in 1760.  He buys property in Johnston County in 1768.

In the 1784-87 Johnston County census and tax list Sampson appears, age 21-60 (b.1727-61), with 2 boys under 21 and 1 female. He has 640 acres of land.  He owns no slaves. Benjamin Sellers appears on this same record with 1 M over 21, 7 F.  He is probably Sampson’s  older brother.  In the 1790 Johnston County Census Sampson appears, age over 16, with three boys under 16 and 1 female. Benjamin does not appear in this Census. He probably died before 1790.

 A Sampson also appears in the 1790 Richmond County Census, age over 16, 3 boys under 16, and 3 females. He owns slaves.

There are no Sellers that can be read in the 1800 Johnston County Census.   This census is badly fragmented and what there is is hard to read.

 However, there are two Sampson Sellers in 1800 Richmond County.  Sampson (1) age over 45(b. before 1755), with 2 boys under 10, and 1 female over 45. He owns 6 slaves.  Sampson (2) age over 45(b. before 1755), 1 boy under 10, 2 boys, 10-15, 2 females 26-44, and 1 female over 45. He owns 4 slaves.

In 1810, the only Sampson Sellers in ANY Census is Sampson Sellars in Montgomery County, bordering Richmond on the northeast, 1 M over 45 with 3 slaves.  After that the only Sampson Sellers I could find is mulatto living in South Carolina just below the Richmond County boundary.  Is this the son of one of the Mongomery County/Richmond County Sampson and a slave whom he has freed?

Since the 1810 Johnston County Census is clear and readable, it is likely that the Johnston County Sampson died prior to 1810.

Secretary of State Land Office Records: Land Warrants, Plats of Survey, etc.

Orange County:  1760,1761 Survey of 700 acres owned by Benjamin Landrum. Orange County: Mill Creek, Rocky River Plat.  Chain carriers: Timothy Terrell and Sampson Sellers.

Johnston County: 1778, 1779 Land Warrant to Sampson Sellers, 2 sections on Black Creek.

                                1779, 1782 Land Warrant to Sampson Sellers, 2 sections on Hannah Creek

                                                   and Mill Creek.

Richmond County: 1795, 1797 Land Warrant to Sampson Sellers, 2 Sections on Big Buffalo                                                     Creek

Montgomery County: 1803,1807 Land Warrant to Sampson Sellers on Mountain Creek.               


Johnston County Deeds by W. Haun:

Vol. II, p.310 1768 Sampson Sellers purchased land from Thomas Chambers.  Both men of Johnston County.  John Tines and Nathan Gurley wit. (Sampson must be at least 21, b. by 1747)

Vol. 1, p.531   4 Feb 1771 Sampson Sellers of Johnston County sold land to William Davis.  100 acres NE Neuse River, SS Bawdy Swamp, part of a grant to Thomas Chambers (FH: land near William Capps). Wit. Nathan Gurley, William Capps.  William Capps purchased this land from Thomas Chambers.

Vol II, p. 434  1783 Sampson Sellers sold land to George Fields, both of Johnston County, land on Hannah's Creek, joining John Blackman, Sampson(S) Sellers.  (FH: Hannah's Creek-Mill Creek same location Eden Rhodes.  My ancestor had land on both creeks at Bentonville).

Vol. III #619 &621 1781 Sampson (7) Sellers dealing with Nicklas Farmer. SS Neuse River. (In 1820 John Farmer paid tax for Benjamin).

 Vol.III #889 (839?) 1781 Sampson from Nicklas Farmer. James Farmer a wit.

Vol. IV #542  1784  John Faile to Nathan Williams SS Neuse River joins Thomas Lee and Arthur Blackman.  Wit. Sampson (7) Sellers and David Lee.

Vol. IV #598 1783  Sampson Sellers to Mary Ballenger. Sampson (S) Sellers.  SS Neuse River. Part of 100 acres James Farmer.

Vol. IV # 676 1779 Joseph Bridgers to Joshua Johnson.  Stones Creek along Sellers Line. Wit. Sampson (no mark) Sellers (did he write name?), Mary Bridgers. (Stones Creek is above Bentonville, SS Neuse River).

Vol. V #23 1789 Jeremiah Lee from Lemuel Lee SS Mill Creek, etc. where Sampson Sellers now lives.

Vol. V #74 1790 Sampson Sellers to Nathan Allen.  Stone's Creek pat. To Edward Lee (no mark…he wrote?)

Vol. V #371 1791 Stephen Lee to Sampson Sellers. Land on Stones Creek.(No mark…he wrote?)

Vol. V #374 1796 Sampson Sellers to Isaac Powell above land. Blackman wit. Sampson Sellers (no mark…he wrote?)

Vol. VI 1798 Sampson Sellers a Wit with new mark that looks like a small j.  This was probably a son of older Sampson.

Johnston County Court Minutes by W. Haun

Nov. 1784 Court, Priscilla Capps (sister of Milbury, and possible daughter of William Capps II) was bound to Samson Sellers until she reached the age of 18, being age 14 at that time.

Vol. 1781-1807 p.1, 1781 Estate of John Ingram-Sampson Sellers, Powells, Lees, John Faile, Farmers, Blackman.

Vol. 1781-1807 p.29, 1795 Estate sale of Nicholas Farmer- Sampson Sellers, Collins, Foxly, Powells, Bryans, Farmers.

Militia List

1777 Sampson (and Benjamin) on Johnston County, North Carolina, Militia List.




1.            Sampson Sellers first appears in Johnston County, North Carolina buying land in 1768. If he was 21 at that time, his birth year would have been 1747 or earlier.  It is likely that he is a young man at this time because in the 1784-87 Tax List and Census he has 2 boys under 21, and in 1790 Census he has three boys under 21.  Since he and Benjamin appear on the 1777 Militia List, he is likely that he got caught up in the Revolutionary War and married late. Two boys in 1784-87 indicates a marriage in 1779 or 1780.

2.            Land records indicate that he settled with his family on land bordered by Stone Creek, which is just above Bentonville.

3.            He seems closely associated (through land, estate records, and court minutes) with the other families who settled the Bentonville area and also the Boon Hill area on the NS of the Neuse River: Capps, Gurley, Farmer, Powell, Collins, Foxley, Lees, Blackman, Faile, Ingram, Johnson, Ballenger, Bridgers, Rhodes.

4.            His neighbors on the 1784-87 Tax List and Census are John Rhodes (father of Eden Rhodes who owned land at Bentonville), Lee, Bryson, Nicholas Farmer, Blackman, Linch, Faile, Powell. His neighbors in 1790 are John Rhodes, Andrew Collins, Lee, Blackman, Powell. The location of these neighbors and the land records show a close association with these families.

5.            Sampson's wife Cuzzy (Cassa) appears on the 1810, 1820, 1830 Censuses in this same area with the same neighbors.  See “Cuzzy Sellers” for her records. Cuzzy could not have been the wife of Benjamin because of both her age and also the fact that neither he nor she are on the 1790 Census.  Since Sampson has clearly died prior to 1810, this is the first census where she appears as head of household.

6.            The Johnston County Sampson is clearly distinguished from the Richmond/Montgomery County Sampsons by the fact that they were engaged in land and estate transactions at the same time in different places.  The Johnston County Sampson was not a slaveholder, and he had extensive land which was not sold in his lifetime.  Also, since he was the only head of household male Sellers in Johnston County from approximately 1790 to 1810 , he had a large family of sons and daughters who lived in this same area and had associations with the same families above.

7.            Sampson probably died before 1805 based on the estimated ages of his children, and the facts that he doesn't appear in land or estate records after 1800 or on the 1810 Census.

8.            The children of Sampson and Cuzzy Sellers from Census, Land, Court, and Marriage records are probably

(1)          Benjamin Sellers, b. circa 1780 m. Sally Taylor 1820.  See Benjamin b. circa 1780.

(2)          John Sellers b. 1782, no marriage record, appears in 1830,40 Census with no wife or children.  John appears on numerous land and tax records alone or with brothers. See John, born circa 1782.

(3)          George (X) Sellers b. circa 1784, no marriage recorded, no Census, appears in tax and land records only with no evidence of spouse or children. See George b. circa 1784.

(4)          Sampson (j) Sellers b. circa 1787 , probably died young or left County.  Appears in only one land record with brother George

(5)          James Sellers b. circa 1790 m.Elizabeth Collins 13 Aug 1819. See James b. circa 1790.

(6)          Abraham Sellers, b. 1793 Appears only on tax and land records with brothers.  No census or marriage record.  It is possible that he is a Sampson County Sellers who has moved to Johnston…but unlikely because of location and family associations.See Abraham b. circa 1793.

(7)          Fanny Sellers, b. circa 1795 m. David Watkins26 Feb. 1812.

(8)          Sally (Cally) Sellers b. 1798 m. Barna Lovett 17 Feb. 1816

(9)          Polly Sellers b. 1800 m. Warren Collins 26 Mar. 1822

(10)        Betsy Sellers b. circa 1802 m. John Sasser 9 Dec. 1846 (1850 Census Elizabeth is 48, John is 50)

(11)       Daughter-in-Law (Husband not identified) or unmarried daughter.  Maria (Moriah) b. circa 1804 d. Aug. 1849 ( according to Moriah's Mortality record 1850 “Died Aug. 1849 of nervous fever”).  She appears as head of Household in 1840 Census with two boys.Prior to 1840 she appears in household of Cuzzy with the two boys.  By Court records of 1841, William H. Sellers and Augustus (Daniel A.) to be brought into next court to be bound out.  In the 1850 Census, after her death, these two boys, William 24 and Daniel A. 22, Martha 23 (Benjamin's daughter) and Faithey 75 (Benjamin's sister) are living together in same household in same area as Sampson, Cuzzy and Moriah (from 1790-1840) near the residence of 1840 Benjamin.

Cuzzy/Cassa Sellers, wife of Sampson Sellers


I believe that these names designate the same woman who appears as head of household in these Johnston County Census Records: 1810 "Cuzzy"  1820 "Cassa"  1830 "Cuzzy"?


What are the possibilities for Cuzzy’s husband, since there is not a marriage record or a deed to rely on?  Following are all the men who appear in Johnston County records during this period:

1. Benjamin Sellers (1) dies or disappears between 1784 and 1790.  He does not reappear in any other location. There are seven females in his household in 1784/87. Therefore, Cuzzy could be his wife.  However, her age in subsequent Censuses might indicate that she is too young to be the mother of six before 1784/87 and live until after 1830 with children and perhaps grandchildren in her home.  Also, she does not appear in the 1790 Census as head of household (although Benjamin is dead).  She does not appear as head of household until the 1810 Census.

2. Since the Johnston County Sampson Sellers (b. circa 1747) had two boys in 1784/87 and another boy by 1790, his wife was still bearing children. The age of this woman (b. after 1755) is more consistent with Cuzzy. Also, Sampson’s wife apparently continued having children (See Sampson Sellers b. circa 1747) until as late as 1802.  Sampson probably died between 1800 and 1810.  Cuzzy first appears as head of household in 1810. It is likely that Cuzzy is the wife of Sampson.

3. James (1) is married to Faithey and he appears in the 1810 Johnston County Census with his wife and children, the first census that Cuzzy appears in as head of household.  Cuzzy could not have been his wife.

4. George Sellers (b. before 1778) appears in tax lists, paying a poll tax between 1802 and 1805.  He appears in land transactions in Johnston County in 1798 and 1803.  He appears in no other records, census, marriage, military, etc.  A George Sellers appears in the 1810 Cumberland County Census with a wife and young child.  It is unlikely, but possible for George to have his first child at age 35 and live with a wife in the 26-45 year range. This George is too probably too young to be the Johnston County George.  Therefore, it is unlikely that Cuzzy is the wife of George.

5. John Sellers is in the census as a single male in 1830 and 1840.  There is no reason to believe that he evr married.  Cuzzy could not have been his wife,


Therefore, I conclude that Cuzzy is the wife of Sampson b. circa 1847.


NO SELLERS APPEAR IN THE 1800 CENSUS  although land and tax records establish that the Sellers men were in the County shortly before and shortly after 1800.  The 1800 Johnston County Census is seriously degraded and fragmented.  What is there is very difficult to read. Therefore, the fact that Cuzzy is not in the 1800 Census is no way indicates that she and her husband were not in Johnston County during this period.


In the 1810 Census Cuzzy appears as head of household (F over 45) with a M and F, both born between 1784-1794, and 2 girls under 10.  This M fits the age of Benjamin(2) exactly.  So Cuzzy is living with her son Benjamin(2) and three daughters.


In the 1820 Census Cassa (in the same district of Johnston County) F over 45, appears with 1 F 26-45 and 2 F 16-26.  The daughters are still in her household.

Benjamin marries Sally Taylor in August of 1820.  The 1830 Census indicates that Benjamin's wife was born between 1790 and 1800. 


In the 1830 Census, Cuzzy appears for the last time.  The original Census shows her age as between 70 and 80. I have reviewed the original 1830 Census to determine the age markings for the Females in Cuzzy's household which appeared to be mismarked  or omitted in the index and the Johnston County Genealogical Society Summary of Johnston County Census records..


The original census record shows a F 70-80.  This is entirely consistent with Cuzzy's appearances in Census records as the wife of Sampson and the head of household in 1810 and 1820.


Also in the 1830 Census, there are two "new" women in Cuzzy's household: F 30-40 and F 20-30 with 2 M under under 5.  Because of the ages of these women in 1840 and 1850, I believe that the age of F 30-40 is mismarked.  In 1840 this F is 50-60, and in 1850, assuming this is the same household this F is Faithey at 75.


The F 20 to 30 in 1830 is Maria 30 to 40 in 1840 and shows in the 1850 Mortality Record as Moriah, a widow, dying at age 45 of a "nervous fever."  Therefore, her two boys, under 5 in 1830, 10-15 in 1840, are Daniel Augustus 22 and William 24 in 1850 living with Faithey 75 and Martha 23.  It is likely that Martha is one of Benjamin's daughters, a first cousin who has joined the household at the death of Maria/Moriah.


Maria/Moriah may be an unmarried daughter of Cuzzy and Benjamin with two boys.  Or, more likely based on DNA of descendant of her son Damiel A. Sellers, she is a daughter-in-law, wife of young Sampson, who has died or disappeared.  She appears as parent of “William Henry and Gusten” in a Johnston County School Record in 1841, School District #16.  Court Minutes of 1841 indicate that the Court has ordered William and Augustus to appear to be bound out.  There is no further record showing any Court action.  It is likely that their Uncle Benjamin took the two boys in hand since they appear together in this same household with Faithey and Benjamin’s daughter Martha after their mother Moriah died in August 1849.  See DNA records of Daniel A. Sellers son, McDaniel Pace (Bastardy Bond by Zilpha Pace against Daniel A. Sellers).




John Sellers b. circa 1782, son of Sampson Sellers

Johnston County, North Carolina

This John Sellers is to be distinguished from John Sellers of Nash County with wife Cloey, who appears in Nash County 1800 Census as M over 45, and from Sampson County John Sellers with wife Ann who appear consistently in 1820, 1830, 1840 Sampson County Censuses.

This John first appears in the War of 1812 North Carolina Muster Rolls of Soldiers in the Second Regiment, Eighth Company, detached from the Johnston District, along with Benjamin Sellers.

Johnston County Court Minutes by W. Haun

Vol. 15 p. 44 1836 John Sellers and William Ashford purchased land from Robert H.Holme.(Thomas and wife Elizabeth Ashford (from Sampson County Wills) have a son William Ashford. . . should be on 1850 Census)

Vol. 15 p. 96 1837 Ordered property of John Sellers be entered on Johnston County Tax records.

Vol. 16 p. 27 1839 John Sellers exempt from paying double poli tax.

Vol. 17 p. 67 1843-46 John Sellers vs. John B. Allen, adm. Of William Allen dec’d. Found for plaintiff.

It is likely that every mention of “John Sellers” in these Court Minutes refers to the Sampson County John Sellers because the other parties are Sampson County, and also because the Johnston County John Sellers pays only a W poll tax and no taxes on property.

Tax Records by W. Haun

He appears in the Johnston County tax lists, paying 1 poil tax:

1816 Capt. John Crawfords District, near Samuel Lee, Eden Rhodes (same neighbors of Cuzzy in 1820)

1817 Capt. Daniel Boons District (along with Benjamin Sellers) Ralph Massey, William

Massey, Eden Rhodes (Mill Creek area)

1817 John Eason’ s District Robert Gurley paid 1 WP for John Sellers

1818 Capt. John Crawfords District near Samuel Lee, Eden Rhodes (Cuzzy’ s neighbors)

1819 Capt. John Crawfords District (same as above)

Estate Records by E. Ross

p. 71  1820 John Sellers at Estate Sale of Isaac Powell. John Farmer and William Capps also at Sale. (Cuzzy’s area)

Census Records

John does not appear in a Census until the Johnston County 1830 Census: 1 M 40-50 with no wife or children. This places his birth between 1780-1790. Sampson is the only head of household with sons during that period. He appears in the 1840 Johnston County Census, but the information is not readable.


John is probably a brother of Benjamin, a son of Sampson and Cuzzy. He is in the Johnston County Militia in the War of 1812 with Benjamin. He appears with Benjamin on tax lists and in the same area as Cuzzy on both tax lists, estate sales records, and census records.

I speculate that he is a brother of Benjamin Sellers, apparently about the same age, who never marries. It is probable that he is one of the Sampson Sellers’ boys. Since he apparently had no children, there is no one to trace his heritage.

GEORGE SELLERS b. circa 1784, son of Sampson

George Sellers appears in no census records in Johnston County, North Carolina.


Johnston County Court Minutes by W. Haun

Vol. 6 #151, 1801,  George Sellers appears.  This shows George Sellers 1 year before the tax records below.


Estate Records by E. Ross

Vol. 1781-1807, p. 55, 1803.  Estate Sale of William Farmer. George Sellers, Powell, Blackman, Farmer, Aden Powell, Bryan.


Deeds by W. Haun

Vol. 6 #103 15 Apr.1798 Samuel Herrel of Green Co., Georgia  P.q.A. (?) to Jenkins Farmer. Nickolas Farmer dec., dau. Mary Farmer.  SS Neuse River joins Collins. Wit. William Guy and George Sellers (mark “X”)

Vol. 6 #465 14 Oct 1799 Adin Powell to William Farmer NS Neuse River. Wit. Benjamin Farmer (j) and George Sellers (x).

Vol. 6 #556 20 Feb1802 Sheriff property of Jesse Lee for taxes. SS Mill Creek.  Farmer paid tax on 240 acres of 950 acres.Land on Mill Creek.  George Sellers (x) Wit.


Tax Records by W. Haun

George Sellers appears in the following Johnston County tax lists, paying only a poll tax (meaning he is over 21 and under 50):   1802,1803, 1804, 1805.  He is in Capt. Adin Powells District (with Needham Capps, Ralph and William Massey, Farmers, Guys)all four years. If he is under 50 in 1805, he could not have been born before 1755. So his birthdate range is 1755 to 1780.


Other Counties 

A George Sellers is in the Cumberland County 1810 Census:  1 M 26-45 (1765-1784), 1 F 26-45, 1 F under 10.  He is in no Cumberland County Census's before or after that. His birth range would fit the Johnston County George and it would be more likely that he was a son rather than a brother of Sampson


On the Sellers site (sellers-sellars-zellers-etc) there is posted "Muster Rolls of the War of 1812."  There is a George Sellers on the Muster Rolls from Lincoln County.  However, I can't find him in any War of 1812 records on ancestry or rootsweb.  Lincoln is west of Cumberland and closer to South Carolina. He appears on the Lincoln County Census in 1800. 


One question raised by reviewing Lincoln County records is whether  this Johnston County George is the same as the Johnston County George?  Since the George in Johnston County appears on land and tax records in 1798, 1799, and 1802, etc., he could not be the George in Lincoln who has a family there and owns land.




It is most likely that this Johnston County George is a son of Sampson: his age is right; he appears associated with land in the exact area of the County where Sampson owned land and resided, and he is on land records witnessing transactions by families with whom Sampson was closely associated.


Abraham Sellers b. circa 1793, probable son of Sampson

Johnston County, North Carolina

Abraham Sellers b. circa 1793 in Johnston County is probably a son of Sampson Sellers b. circa 1747.

Abraham appears in 1819 on Capt. Brady's District Tax list, according to W. Haun.  He is in this Bentonville District with James and Benjamin, probably brothers.

According to Johnston County Court Minutes by W. Haun, Abraham Sellers was found insolvent in the year 1819 by oath of William Holt, a deputy collector of taxes for Capt. Raiford's District.  William Capps Jr (son of William and Zilphia Bulls Capps) and Isaiah Massey were also found insolvent in this year and District.

Since Abraham Sellers is a prominent name in Sampson County, it might be assumed that our Abraham is a Sampson County Sellers.  While this is possible, it is unlikely because of his location in paying (and not paying) taxes, and his appearance with other sons of Sampson.

It is likely that Abraham is a son of Sampson.


James Sellers I b. circa 1765, son or nephew of Sampson

Johnston County, North Carolina 

I believe that the James Sellers in Johnston County and the one in Nash County are the same person.


Nash County Court Records by Stephen Bradley 

The first mention of James Sellers is in Nash County Court Minutes: August 1791 the Court orders that Catherin, the orphan of John West, be bound to James until she is 18. She is 11 (b.1780).

James Sellers and his wife Faithfull are ordered to Court in May of 1792 in reference to the orphan. Assuming they are both at least 21 by 1791, they would have been born before 1770.

In 1798 by deed in Nash County and confirmed by the Court in 1799, James Sellers and wife Fatha sell property that was Fatha's dower from her deceased husband John West.


Census Records

James is in the 1800 Nash County Census:  1 M 26-45 (1755-1774), 1 M under 10 (1790-1800), 1 F over 45 (before 1755; this is probably an error and should have been 26-45 to be consistent with 1810 and 1850 data about Faithey), 1 F 10-16 (1784-1790), 1 F under 10 (1790-1800).


James is in the 1810 Johnston County Census: 1 M 26-45 (1765-1784), 1M under 10 (1800-1810), 1 F 26-45 (1765-1784), 1 F under 10 (1800-1810), 1 F 10-16 (1794-1800), 1 F 16-26 ( 1784-1794). These children are consistent with the Nash County children: the young male in 1800 is no longer in the household.


It seems necessary to point out here that living near James in Johnston County in the 1810 Census is a household headed by a female, Cuzzy/Cassa. In her household, there is a M 16-26 (1784-1794), 1 F over 45 (before 1765), 1 F 26-45(1784-1794) 2 F under 10 (1800-1810). who will be discussed in Benjamin Sellers II. Cuzzy, wife of Sampson, could be James’ mother or aunt or mother-in-law.


Land and Tax Records 

James Sellers appears in no land transactions in Johnston County.  However, he appears in one tax list of Johnston County: 1803 in Captain Irwin Pierce Company District.



I speculate that James died sometime after 1810 and before 1820, and that Faithey remained in Johnston County where she may appear in the 1850 Census at the age of 75 living with three young single Sellers, William, Daniel, and Martha. Faithey West (widow of John West who married James Sellers) may be James cousin, daughter of Benjamin I, brother of Sampson. This would explain her close relationship with Cuzzy, Moriah, and the children of Moriah and Benjamin II in 1850..



James Sellers II, b. circa 1794, possible son of Sampson

Johnston County, North Carolina


This young man appears in one Johnston County Census: 1820 1 M 18-26, 1 M under 10, 1 F 16-26.  Young James and Elizabeth apparently left North Carolina before the 1830 Census


I believe I have seen a record of them in Tennessee on the Sellers site.  Is that correct?  Is there any chance that they went to the same area as Jordan or Gurley or Emanuel Sellers (Nash County Sellers who left North Carolina about this time)?




There is a Johnston County North Carolina Marriage Record: James Sellers married Elizabeth Collins 13 Aug. 1819.


Tax Records by W. Haun

Vol 3 #1104 1819 Capt Brady’s District (Bentonville area) James and Abraham are together, each paying 1 WP

Vol. 2 #736 1820 Capt Brady’s District  (Bentonville area) James and Benjamin together, each paying 1 WP.


Estate Records by E. Ross

p. 62 1819 James Sellers at Estate Sale of Oliver Rains (Princeton area family)

p. 99 1821 James Sellers at Estate Sale of Edward Lee (Bentonville family)




James Sellers II may be the Son of James Sellers I, the M under 10 living with him in 1800 Nash County Census who doesn’t appear in the 1810 Census James household or he is a son of Sampson.  The area in which the young James lives and his appearance with Abraham and Benjamin on the tax records and his marriage into a prominent Bentonville family make it more likely that he is another of Sampson’s sons or a grandson or even a close nephew.


Benjamin Sellers I, born circa 1740,  Of Johnston County

Benjamin Sellers I, born circa 1740, probably in Northampton County, North Carolina, lived in Johnston County at the same time and in the same area as Sampson.  He died before 1790. It is probable that he was an older brother of Sampson because the age difference is not enough for him to be Sampson’s father.

 Documentation on Benjamin Sellers follows:


Benjamin (B) Sellers I b. circa 1740

Johnston County, North Carolina 


Benjamin Sellers, b. circa 1740 served in the Revolutionary War. He and Sampson (his brother) are listed in the Militia from Johnston County in 1771. 


Johnston County Land Grants

Benjamin (B) Sellers of Johnston County received by land grant from the State of North Carolina 150 acres in 1782 and 200 acres in 1778.  He sold the 150 acres in 1784 to Brian Medlin and the 200 acres in 1782 to John Whitley.


Census and Tax Records 

Benjamin probably married before the War, between 1765 and 1770..  He is on the first Johnston County Census and tax list, dated 1784-87.  In his household are 1 M 21-60 (1724-66) and 7 Females.  Apparently, he had no sons unless they were out of his household prior to 1787.


He is not recorded as paying any taxes or owning land on the 1784 tax list.


Benjamin does NOT appear in the 1790 Census.


Other Land Records

He appears in the following land records:

1768 Edgecombe County :  Arthur, Benjamin (B), Joseph Sellers


Johnston County Deeds by W. Haun

7 Sept. 1771  Frederick Gurley of Edgecombe County to Nathan Gurley of Johnston County land on NS Neuse River NE of Moccasin Swamp Wit. Benjamin (X) Sellers, Arthur (A) Sellers, Joseph (J) Sellers. (This Benjamin is likely the son of Arthur or Joseph, as his mark (X) is different from the Johnston County Benjamin who signs (B).

Vol. II, #54 (?) 21 Oct. 1782 Grant to John Whitley, joins Benjamin Sellers and Capps (this is near Sampson County).

 Vol II, #24 21 Oct. 1782 N.C Grant to Benjamin Sellers on NS Bawdy Swamp, joins John Whitley, Col. Benj. Williams, Joseph Edwards. This is near Capps and Bulls land.

Vol. II #538  Benjamin sold this land to Brian Medlin.  Signed his name (B) mark.

Vol. III #448 12 Dec 1778 Grant 200 acres Neuse River near William Capps.

Vol. III #865  29 May 1781 Sold above land to John Whitley.  Signed Benjamin (B) Sellers.


Benjamin (1) appears in no more census records, tax lists, or land transactions that I have found.



It is likely that the following are among Benjamin’s daughters since there are no other Sellers men in Johnston County with daughters during this period (this is the data reflected on the 1784-87 tax list and Johnston County Marriage and Land Records):

1.      Faithey, born circa 1775, who married John West, then James Sellers (her cousin?).     

2.      Unknown F, born circa 1777

3.      Winnifred, born circa 1778 (m. Nathan Lee 20 July 1796)

4.      Sally, born circa 1780 (m. Robert Massengil 15 Aug. 1798)

5.      Unknown F, born circa 1782

6.      Unknown F, born circa 1784.


George Sellers, born circa 1718, Isle of Wight


Based on Land records, relationships  with families that migrated from Isle of Wight through Southampton, and Northampton to Nash County and Johnston County, I speculate that George Sellers, born circa 1718, Isle of Wight, is the father of Sampson and his older brother Benjamin.  George married Faithey Gurley, according to George Gurley Sr.’s 1768 Will in Southampton County, Virginia. Faithey’s Uncle Frederick and his son Nathan migrated to Nash County and Johnston County and appeared in land transactions with both Sampson and Benjamin as well as Arthur and John Sellers in Nash and Edgecombe County. The Gurley family is traced to the original immigrant.

Other Isle of Wight Families migrated to Nash and Johnston and remained interrelated with the Sellers in these locations:  Peeden, Edwards, Boon, Strickland, Braswell, among others.

DNA results support the conclusion that Nash County Gurley Sellers and Johnston County Daniel Sellers are very closely related. See DNA Appendix.  It is likely that George Sellers and Faithey Gurley or George’s parents, William Sellers and Providence Gurley are the common ancestors.

Documentation on George Sellers Family in Northampton County follows:



Northampton County Deeds by M. Hofmann

On 28 November 1744 George Sellers purchased from Joseph Strickland, both of Northampton County 150 acres south side of Meherrin River joining Horsely Pocasin. Coreroy Swamp,  Miry Branch, part of patent to Thomas Boon 1723. Wit. Robert Rawlings and Thomas Crew.

28 March 1745 Arthur Sellers of Isle of Wight purchased from Thos. Wall 100 acres, part of patent to Thos. Wall 1742/43 on South East side of Coreroy Swamp, joining Miry Slew, Thos. Boon and said swamp. Wit. John Wade and George X Sellers.

11 September 1746 George Sellers sold to Jacob Strickland 234 acres on South Side of Wildcat Swamp, joining Miry Branch, other lands of George Sellers and said swamp, all horses orchards, gardens, etc. Wit. John Wade, William Carter.

29 December 1747 George Sellers purchased of John Wade 100 acres on Coreroy Creek, joining a marsh, Jacob Strickland, the creek being the upper part of a patent to Nicholas Tyner 1742. Wit. Joseph Strickland, Jacob Strickland (?), and William Sellers. 

This William Sellers is without doubt the father of George and Arthur. 1743 William is in Isle of Wight.  He cannot be the William Sellers 1790 Nash County Census.  He has 1 Male in his household over 16 (b. circa 1770-74).  William was b. circa 1745-49.  He is only one with a son 16 and up.

The Arthur on the 1790 Nash County Census has to be Arthur II.

29 May 1749 Arthur Sellers sold the above 100 acres he purchased of Thos. Wall in 1745. Wit. William and Owen Burr (Bunn?) and John Wade.

26 November 1751 George Sellers sold to John Scammel of Southampton County, Virginia, the above 100 acres he purchased of John Wade with all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. Wit. James Washington Jr. Henry Crafford (Crawford?).

12 March 1753 George Sellers wit. A deed between John Bryant and Benj. Cobb.  Thos. Boon also witnessed that deed, indicating that George Sellers and Thos. Boon are still neighbors.

6 March 1754 Arthur Sellers (A his mark) witnessed a deed between George Rachel of Edgecombe County and Benj. Deberry (?).

28 …1755 George Sellers witnessed a deed along with Thos. Boon between Wm. Moore and wife Ann to James Hough of Isle of Wight, land joins Wild Cat Swamp.

7 Feb 1756 George Sellers and wife Faithey Sellers sold 150 acres to Jesse Lassiter “my plantation” on south side of Coreroy Swamp joining the Miry Branch and said swamp.  This is the 150 acres George purchased 1744 from Joseph Strickland. Witnessed by Arthur Sellers and John Turner.

5 March 1756 Arthur Sellers sold 90 acres tp Benj. Deberry (?) located on Wild Cat Swamp joining Mendes (?), Thos. Boon and said swamp. The only land mentioned in the Deeds of Wild Cat Swamp is George Sellers’.  George gave or sold land, probably 90 acres) to Arthur, but there is no record of this transaction.  Could be, and probably were, grants.



Northampton County Deeds 1759-1774

22 August 1765 Thos Strickland sold 184 acres patented by George Sellers and signed over to Joseph Strickland who willed it to Evan (Erin?) Strickland who had no issue and the said Thomas Strickland was his eldest brother’s son and inherited the land.

There is no deed activity or witnessing by George and Arthur Sellers during this period except for references to land they once had owned.

There is a deed by Henry Crafford (Crawford?) in 1760 land on south side of Meherrin River, County Line, joining John Sellees.  Another refers to a patent by Henry Crafford, patent 1739/40 north side of Meherin River joining John Sellers.  Also one referring to Matthew Sellers south side of Meherrin River.

This is William’s family without doubt. This land is referred to years after the land was sold and the owners had moved on:  Benjamin Sellers of Johnston County, Sampson Sellers of Johnston County, John Sellers of Nash County, William Sellers of Nash County, and Arthur Sellers of Nash County.

Joseph Selah on the 1790 Nash County Census is not a Sellers.  That is a Virginia surname, distinctive from Sellers.

There is no question in my name that the above Sellers are sons of George and Arthur and grandsons of William.  The strong connection to the Gurleys, the Boons, and the Stricklands who settle in Johnston County at the same time as the above Sellers appear in Johnston and Nash County (which join each other) is further evidence.  Also, the interconnection of the land transactions with these families in Johnston County is more evidence, albeit circumstantial.

The Arthur Sellers(II) or John Sellers or William Sellers  who names a son Gurley could be a son of Arthur I, or of John or of Benjamin or Sampson.  He most surely is a grandson of William.  Further evidence of ages could help.  The miracle of a Family Bible could help solve this family.  This appears to be one of those times when we are left without direct evidence and must depend on circumstantial evidence through land records and family connections to determine lineage.

We have no way of knowing how many other grandchildren  of William’s left the state.

It is likely that George Sellers and Faithey Gurley  were parents of

1.       Benjamin Sellers b. circa 1740

2.       Sampson Sellers b. circa 1747, wed Cuzzy            

3.       William Sellers b. circa 1750, wed Martha

4.       John Sellers b. circa 1756, wed Cloe Braswell

See more documentation of research by Jack Sellers  and James Marlowe in Appendices.


William Sellers, born circa 1690, Isle of Wight


William Sellers was father of George Sellers. William married Providence Gurley.

Their children were likely

1.       Elizabeth Sellers b.circa 1715 m. Thomas Moore

2.       John Sellers b. circa 1720

3.       Arthur Sellers Sr. b. circa 1720

4.       George Sellers b. circa 1718 m. Faithey Gurley

See documentation of research by Jack Sellers  and James Marlowe in Appendices.

John Sellers, born circa 1665, Isle of Wight


John Sellers was the father of William Sellers.  John married Elizabeth, surname unknown.

See documentation in research by Jack Sellers and James Marlowe in Appendices.

 It is this generation where James Marlowe, Sellers researcher,  believes  Matthew, father of Benjamin whose children went to Brunswick County, connected.  He believes Matthew was the second son of John.  However, DNA evidence indicates no close connection between these two lines.  The line of William, father of George, and of Matthew are distinctly different.  This researcher believes that Matthew was either an immigrant whose records are lost or the son of another immigrant to the Albemarle area of North Carolina or to an immigrant who followed the Albemarle migration route.  It is clear from land records that George and his father William and their brothers occupied land in the Isle of Wight where William Sellers Sr. originally immigrated.

            William Sellers, Sr. born circa 1640 Immigrant


William Sellers Sr. was the father of John Sellers.  William married Sarah Harrison (likely daughter of Josiah Harrison), after immigrating to Isle of Wight, Virginia, in the 1650’s 

Again, see research of Jack Sellers and James Marlowe in Appendices.

Some documentation done by Frances Howell follows:


                Cavaliers and Pioneers, Virginia Land Patents

Volume I 1623-1666

p. 363  1657  William Sellers imported by Christopher Reynolds by a patent of land record in Isle of Wight, Virginia.

Volume II  1666-1695     

p. 117  1672 Wm. Elliot patent joins Thomas Sellers, Queen’s Branch, ? , Richard Carew, George Armstead, John Seton, and Boswell.

Volume 3  1695-1732

p. 53   1701 John Saxon New Kent County branch of Panuckey (?) River transported Nicholas Sellers.

p. 68  Jacob Sellers patented 323 acres in King William County,Pamucskey (?) Neck beginning at Yarbourgh’s line for transport of 7 persons.

p. 74 1703 Thomas Perring (Perrins) patented land in King William County.  Imported Thomas and Mary Sellers.

p. 127  1712 John Higgson patent King William County, St. John’s Parish near Thos. Hancock’s near Sellers Race Round.

p. 128  1713 Thomas Johnson patent King and Queen County Co. Mattspony (?) River joins James Edwards, Andrew McAllister, Rollins, and Sellers Race Round.

p.250  1723 John Whitehead patent King William County Mattspony (?) River, St. John’s Parish, “Sellers Old Line.”

p. 295  1731 Richard Vicks patent Isle of Wight south side Nottoway River joins William Sellers and Richard Braswell.

p. 296 26 June 1731 William Sellers patent 200 acres south side Nottoway River.

Neither Richard Vicks or William Sellers on 1704 tax list of Isle of Wight.

                Certificates and Rights Accomack County, Virginia 1663-1709

p. 9  18  October 1664 Certificate granted Capt. John Savage 4200 acres for transport of persons including Robt. Sallers.

p. 47 7 March 1671/2  Certificate granted Deverox Browne for 4750 acres for transport of persons including Elenor Seller”