State of Kentucky

County of Kenton


On the tenth day of January 1853 personally appeared before me James Kelley a Justice of the Peace in and for said county duly authorize to administer oaths Samuel Hughey who being duly sworn according to law declares that he is ninety eight years of age, that he was intimately acquainted with Michael Sellers from the first settlement of Kentucky until he died and that he was also acquainted with his wife Catherine Sellers, and knew her before she became his wife in Bourbon County, Ky., and that her name before her marriage to Michael Sellers was Catherine Dillman- that she was the daughter of Henry Dillman of Bouron County, Kentucky, and that she was married to Sellers soon after the organization of Bourbon County, Ky. which was in 1785.  That Michael Sellers always bore the reputation of having been a soldier of the Revolutionary War for 7 years.  That it seemed to be a well known and undisputed fact among his acquaintances who were living in Bourbon County and who had known him before in Virginia that the said Michael and Catherine Sellers had a large family of children, seven of whom are still living and whose names and places of residence are as follows-George Sellers, the eldest in Ripley, Ohio, Polly Shane, Bracken County, Ky., Henry Sellers, Bourbon County, Ky. Sarah McDonald in Augusta, Ky., Phillip Sellers, Michael Sellers and Catherine Perry in Covington, Ky.  That he has frequently heard said Michael Sellers recount his trials and hardships during the war of the Revolution that he has heard him speak of having been in the battles of Brandywine, Monmouth, Germantown and other battles during that war, and that he has no doubt whatever that he did serve throughout the whole of the Revolutionary War.  That he has heard him state that he was in the Eighth Regiment of the Virginia Line, and has also heard him say what company he served in but cannot now recollect the name of the captain.


That the said Michael Sellers died in Bracken County, KY on June 1836, leaving the said Catherine Sellers his widow, who still continues the widow of said Sellers.


That he has no interest in the application of Catherine Sellers for a pension, and does not know or believe that Sellers ever received a pension during his life time.   




                                          Samuel Hughey


Sworn to me subscribed before me this day and year above mentioned, and certify that the above named Samuel Hughey is a person of good moral character, and that his statements are entitled to credit and belief.                 


                                                            James Kelley, J.P.