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        June 29, 1853- Murder of Young George Sellars

   From: DENNIS

      I was going through my papers last night, and I found the article
about the murder of young George Sellars, son of our George and Phoebe
Sellars of Green County Pa. As you know that this murder took place in
County Ohio. I being the new kid on the block, I don't know if you ever put
this story on the net. Myself, I found this story very interesting, and I
believe that there are many Sellers out there in Web land, that have never
heard of this tragedy. But this is your web site, and you might not think
that this would be appropriate to place on the web. But this is part of our
Sellers heritage, be it sad stores as this certainly is, or amusing ones,
the story was told by the Great Grandson of Samuel Sellers, that years
Samuel's death in Clay County Ill. That Samuel had a casket in his home,
that when his Grandchildren came to visit him, he would raise up and down
of it to scare the Grandkids. That when he died, they had to replace it,
because Samuel had worn the lining out. I am inclosing the article, and you
do what you think is best.-----------------
                                        Brownsville Ohio
Thursday, June 29, 1853
Murder--a brutal murder was committed in Benton Township in this county on
Wend. Evening last. A company of men numbering some 6 or 8 had been down on
the river in Washington County harvesting and on their return in the
neighborhood of Brownsville, fell in company with a young man named Daniel
Salisbury.  In the company of the harvesters was a young man about 17 years
old named George Sellars, who has always been considered a very inoffensive
youth.  Toward evening in seeking their homes, Salisbury and Sellars got
company and were last seen together.  The next morning Sellars was found
his skull mashed and his throat cut from ear to ear, and the pocket of his
pants which contained only $3.00, had been cut off.  Salisbury is about 22
years old, dark complected, black hair and eyes, about 5 "10" high and
nearly 180#. When he escaped he had on a black coat and green pants and was
bareheaded and barefooted.  A liberal reward is offered for his

Oct, 26, 1853.
MURDER TRIAL; The trial of Daniel Salisbury for the murder of George
in June last was concluded after some 4 or 5 hours. The jury returned a
verdict of guilty in the 2nd degree and the prisoner was sentenced to the
penitentiary for life.-------------
Nov, 2, 1853.
Trial of Daniel Salsbury for the murder of George Sellars.  Daniel Salsbury
is a young man of some 19 or 20 years of age, rather good looking, stout
build, black hair and dark complexion.  His demeanor during the whole trial
was self-possessed.  Counsel for the state were D.H.Wire, Prosecuting
Attorney, assisted by E, H, Archibald, Esq. For the prisoner were J,
and J, W, Okey, Thos., McMahon, Joshua McElfresh, Josial Massie, John
Maffitt, John Goudy and Wm. McMullen.  The prisoner was charged with 4
counts--killing George Sellars by striking him with a club on the forehead
and by inflicting three cuts in the throat by a knife. Catharine Hutcherson
was the first witness, It was pointed out that there were two Daniel
Salisburys, called Young Dan and Old Dan, by Thomas Murphy, Esq.  Mrs.,
Sellars, mother of the deceased, was a witness, DR, Josiah Wilson was
to examine the body on the 22nd of June, and in the examination. Lucinda
Salsbury was another witness, and she said that she saw the prisoner, and
told her he was going to her grandfather Myers in Virginia. Nancy Sheets
testified that the prisoner was at her house on Wed, morning about 8 'o'
clock. Mr., Sheets had died the Thursday previous on the 16th of June, and
the following Wednesday, the prisoner was at my house, "He bore the
appearance of a man who had been running very fast," Lucinda was in the
and said that she asked Dan "what's up" and he replied nothing, that he was
going to Marietta. Joseph Haught was also a witness and he testified that
"George Sellars, myself and several others had been at Bemont Hubbards
reaping and came home past Joshua Canary's and the prisoner was there. We
went to George Salisbury's and stopped to get money changed. In the company
were Noah Haught, Jesse Haught, Jackson Haught, John Hensel and George
Sellars. The prisoner and the deceased appeared quite friendly and we left
them talking together when we went away. Noal Haught was also a witness.
Joseph Haught testified that he was the constable who took the prisoner at
Myers' in Virginia and that Samuel Haught and Henry Winland were also
present. Abraham Rouse was also a witness, his two little girls found the
body. Daniel Weddle, son of Peter Weddle, was a witness for the defense. He
testified that Daniel Salisbury Sr, was his uncle by marriage and also the
uncle of the prisoner.

    fdh. Dennis